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iim online certificate in marketing and sales

Updated at : February 20, 2024

IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales

The IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales is an advanced program carefully designed for top marketing and sales professionals. It gives you a deep learning experience focusing on long-term and short-term business problems. Participants gain advanced knowledge and skills in marketing planning, execution, and analytics through a mix of engaging workshops, real-life business use cases, and chances to network. This IIM marketing certificate uses the newest teaching methods and tools, such as learning-by-doing tasks and LIVE lectures on a cutting-edge Interactive Learning platform.

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IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales Program Overview

The IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales is a model of excellence in marketing education. It is designed to help top marketing professionals learn in a way that changes their lives. This IIM Marketing and Sales Online Certificate program covers the strategic and tactical aspects of marketing in great detail. It gives trainees a full picture of how marketing and sales work today. Through a unique mix of engaging classes, real-life business use cases, and a four-day campus immersion module, participants start an immersive learning journey that encourages them to work together, share ideas, and learn from each other. Innovative teaching methods used in the program, such as learning-by-doing activities, LIVE lectures, case studies, and group talks, make the learning setting fun and active. 

Who Should Pursue an IIM Marketing and Sales Certificate?

Participants learn advanced skills in marketing planning, execution, statistics, and leadership. This makes them expert marketing and sales managers who can drive growth and innovation in their organisations. Thanks to lessons on a cutting-edge interactive learning platform, participants can access material on any device anytime. After finishing, participants are given the prestigious IIM Alumni standing, which boosts their professional reputation and opens up networking opportunities in the marketing field. 

Key Highlights of IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales In India

  • This course is meant to cover advanced marketing ideas and tactics and is only for senior marketing and sales professionals.
  • The IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales Program offers many opportunities to learn and improve your skills and knowledge.
  • The IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales Program also grants you four campus visits, allowing you to meet business professionals and other students in the same field.
  • Focus on real-life business situations to help you understand and use marketing and sales ideas in the real world.
  • It is a very involved way of teaching that uses technology and various teaching tools to make learning fun.
  • Classes and sessions are held on a cutting-edge interactive learning  IL Platform that makes them flexible and easy to access.
  • This IIM Marketing and Sales program uses analytics to improve marketing measures and return on investment (ROI), which helps solve modern marketing problems.
  • IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales Program helps you improve your leadership skills and lead creative teams that help the company grow.
  • Graduates are given the prestigious IIM Alumni status, which boosts their professional reputation and opens up networking opportunities in the industry.

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IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales Course Subjects/Syllabus

The IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales syllabus covers various topics to give experienced marketers more advanced knowledge and skills. The program's content is meant to give students a full understanding of strategic and tactical marketing problems, focusing on real-life examples and uses. Some important parts of the course are: 

Marketing Strategy Roadmap Fundamentals

  • Develop Strategic Plans for Marketing
  • Market Sizing and New Market Demand
  • Scanning Environment Strategically
  • Market Disruption and Digital Business Models

Segmenting Customers for Profit

  • Segmentation for B2C and B2B
  • Creating Consumer Persona
  • Cluster Analysis (use case and R)

Demystifying Data-driven Marketing Research and Analysis

  • Research Process, Designing A Questionnaire
  • Data Cleaning and Editing, Estimating Sample Size, Hypothesis Testing
  • Data Visualisation and Storytelling
  • Setting Up Experiments and A/B Testing

Product and Brand Management

  • Product Consumer Insight and People Consumer Insight
  • Concept and Product Testing
  • Conjoint Analysis for Product Management
  • Brand and Product Line, Branding New Products
  • Measuring and Understanding Customer based Brand Equity

Understanding Marketing Communications

  • Crafting Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Art and Science of Marketing Message
  • Media Planning Strategy
  • Writing Winning Positioning Statements

Digital Marketing for Consumers

  • Designing and Building Web-owned Presence
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Sales and Distribution for Maximising Revenue

  • Designing Incentives and Rewards for Sales Team
  • Recruiting and Managing Performing Sales Teams
  • Sales Forecasting Techniques
  • Distribution Management (Marketing Channel Members, Types, Functions and Design)
  • Channel Intensity, Costs and Margins
  • Managing and Calibrating Channel ROI

Understanding B2B and Services Marketing for Senior Managers

  • Services Marketing Mix
  • After Sales Services
  • Segmentation, B2B Marketing in Online Context
  • 1-1 Marketing, Managing Key Opinion Leaders
  • Pipeline Management, Strategies for Key Account Management (KAM)
  • Delivering Value in B2B Context: Developing an Optimal Sales Proposition

The Need for Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Analytics: LTV, CAC, Conversion Ratio, RFM
  • Using Customer Data for Designing Offers
  • Evaluating Customer Profitability
  • Selecting the Right CRM Strategy, Tools and Implementation
  • Leveraging Buzz and Viral Marketing

Advanced-Data Analytics in Marketing

  • Qualitative Analysis – Sentiment Analysis, NVIVO Software
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Optimisation Techniques – Media Mix Allocation Problem, Sales Force Routing
  • Using Google and Web Analytics
  • AI/ML and Big Data for Applications in Marketing

Understanding Marketing Metrics

  • Digital Marketing Channels and Metrics
  • Product Performance Metrics
  • Calculating C-SAT Scores
  • Measuring NPS
  • Profitability, NPV, IRR, XIRR
  • Marketing ROI

Developing Strategic Thinking and Decision-making

  • Developing Strategic Thinking for Senior Marketers
  • Understanding Self and Team Management
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Formulating and Implementation Strategy
  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Costing for Marketing

IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales Eligibility & Duration

Those who want to get the IIM Marketing Certificate must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Diploma (10+2+3), a Graduate (10+2+3), or a Postgraduate degree in any field from a university or school accepted by UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU.
  • Get at least a 50% average across all your study years.
  • Have worked full-time for at least three years and no more than fifteen years after finishing qualified schooling. 

(Note: traineeships and internships are different from full-time work training.)


The IIM Marketing and Sales Certificate program lasts 3 to 24 months. This allows people to make their learning fit their work schedules and the speed at which they want to learn. Participants can choose the length of the program, as the specific duration depends on the university and institution providing the program.

Benefits of learning from us

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Program Fees for IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹3,25,000 - ₹3,25,000

Low Cost EMI Available


For the IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales, you can pay anywhere from INR 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs. With this investment, people can get a complete marketing education useful to their field and taught by well-known professors and experts. The fee covers the cost of the program tools, online resources, and cutting-edge technology-based engaging learning groups. Additionally, it covers the costs of the campus immersion, which gives individuals useful chances to meet new people and learn by doing.

IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales Admission Procedure

Candidates must sign up at the official website to enrol in the IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales. After signing up, candidates must pay the basic course fee to confirm their registration. After that, their documents are checked, and if necessary, they may have to go for an interview. Candidates who are chosen get an offer letter and have to say yes to the job once the verification process ends. Finally, they finish the process and start the course.

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales

Individuals can easily afford to pursue the IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales program because it offers EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) options. With this flexible payment choice, learners can spread their tuition fees over manageable monthly payments, which is easier on their finances and lets them achieve their professional development goals. With EMI options, people can start their educational journey without worrying about finances. 

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Is IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales Worth it?

Getting an IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales is an investment that will pay off in terms of professional growth and job progress. Thanks to its well-known reputation and thorough curriculum, the program gives senior marketing workers a life-changing way to learn. The course is carefully planned to cover both strategic and tactical marketing and sales problems. It gives learners the most up-to-date information and skills they need to succeed in today's fast-paced marketing world.

The creative way the program teaches, with its engaging meetings, real-life business examples, and hands-on activities, also helps students understand marketing ideas and how they can be used in real life. During the campus training module, participants can network with peers and experts in the field, making collaborating and sharing ideas easier.

In conclusion, getting an IIM Marketing and Sales Certificate is worth it because it gives workers the information, skills, and networking opportunities to do well in the constantly changing marketing field. The program is worth the money for people who want to improve their marketing skills and advance in their jobs. It has a history of success and a dedication to greatness.

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Job Opportunity after IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales

There are a lot of different jobs available for people who finish the IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales. This is because the program covers a lot of ground and is relevant to the business. Graduates can look into a range of jobs in many fields. Here are some of the possible job prospects: 

Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Digital Marketing Specialist

Market Research Analyst

Product Manager

Advertising Manager

Marketing Communications Specialist

Sales Manager

Top Recruiters for IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales

Top employers actively seek out the IIM Online Certificate in Marketing and Sales program graduates because they know how useful it is in the real world and how many skills it teaches. Leading businesses in fields like consumer goods, technology, banking, and healthcare put a high value on hiring marketing experts from IIM. This makes graduates valuable assets in the competitive job market and opens the door to many interesting and satisfying job possibilities.

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Let's clear up some doubts about IIM Online Courses in Certificate In Marketing and Sales

The program is usually designed to be finished in between 3-24 months on average.

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university and at least 3 years of work experience in sales or marketing.

The program has an online platform that allows users to access course materials and join interactive meetings from anywhere. However, there are 4 campus immersions available in the program.

Yes, there are 4 campus immersion modules or in-person sessions as part of the program. These will allow trainees to meet new people and learn by doing.

Yes, the program is meant to give people the information, skills, and ideas they need to do well in marketing and sales, which will improve their job chances.

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