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online ba in psychology

Updated at : February 26, 2024

Online BA In Psychology

An online BA in psychology is a comprehensive undergraduate program that gives students a full understanding of how people think and act. Students learn about various topics, including abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and study methods, through interesting courses and hands-on experiences. The flexible program is delivered online so students can study while handling other obligations. It's a great choice for people who want a rewarding job in psychology because it gives graduates useful skills and information that can be used in many fields.

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Course Duration

3 - 6 Years


12th pass out or Equivalent

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Online BA in Psychology Program Overview

The Online BA in Psychology program aims to give students a strong background in psychological ideas, study methods, and real-world uses. Students learn about different areas of psychology through interesting classes, such as abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, study methods, and more. The program ensures high-quality education and accreditation standards are met by having experienced staff members who are experts in their areas. 

The program is completely online, so students can access course materials, lectures, and tasks at their own pace and ease, which is one of the best things about the program. This allows students to balance their studies with other obligations, like family or work duties. The demanding program that is in line with accreditation standards ensures that the quality of education is not affected by the fact that it is delivered online. It also includes a lot of hands-on activities like jobs and study projects that give students real-life experience in the field of psychology. Students can use what they've learned in the classroom in real life by doing these hands-on activities. 

psychology careers with high job growth

Throughout the program, students can interact with classmates from various backgrounds through online forums, discussion boards, and group projects. This joint learning space encourages students to share their thoughts, experiences, and viewpoints, making learning fun. Graduates of this program are ready to do well in the ever-changing field of psychology because they have a strong background in psychological theory, study, and practical application. 

Key Highlights of Online BA in Psychology In India

  • The Online BA in Psychology program has full coursework that covers many areas of psychology, such as study methods, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology.
  • The program allows students to access course materials, classes, and tasks at any time to study at their own pace and when it's most convenient.
  • Students benefit from being taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their areas and can give them useful advice and tips throughout the program.
  • Internships, study projects, and other hands-on activities are part of the program to give students real-life experience in psychology, which helps them learn and improve their skills.
  • The program is approved by UGC-DEB, which means it provides a high-quality education and adheres to strict standards. This makes the degree more credible and valuable.
  • Through online forums and group projects, students can interact with peers from different backgrounds, which creates chances to work together and make connections.
  • Because the program is online, students can access course materials from anywhere with an internet link. This makes school easier for more students to get into.
  • The program gives each student individualised support, such as academic guidance, job guidance, and technical help, to ensure a good and rewarding learning experience.
  • The Online BA in Psychology program gives learners the skills to continue their education and advance in their careers. They can study at a higher level or specialise in certain areas of psychology.

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Online BA in Psychology Course Subjects/Syllabus

An Online BA in Psychology program's course outline usually includes many areas so students can learn much about the subject. Here is a summary of the course material: 

Introduction to Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

Biological Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Social Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

Personality Psychology

Online BA in Psychology Eligibility & Duration

People who want to get an online BA in psychology need to have finished 10+2 education and have a high school degree or an equivalent. The 10+2 degree must be from a recognized board. Some universities/institutions may also need standardized tests like the TOEFL or IELTS to show that candidates can speak and write English well. Some Online BA in Psychology programs may also have specific standards for admission, like a certain GPA or courses in psychology or similar fields that must be taken before applying.

Duration for Online BA In Psychology

The duration of the online BA in psychology program usually depends on the university's academic schedule, the number of classes taken, and the student's study speed. Programs like these are usually meant to be finished in 3 years by full-time students. However, part-time choices may also be available, letting students stretch their studies to fit in with other obligations like work or family duties. 

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Program Fees for Online BA in Psychology

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹5,000 - ₹1,02,000

Low Cost EMI Available


Between INR 60,000 and INR 1,50,000 is how much it costs to get an online BA in psychology. This range can change based on several factors, such as the university's name, the length of the program, and any extra fees for tools or support services. Some universities may help qualified students pay for school by giving them financial aid or grants. Prospective students must check the university's official website to know the fees and other program costs to ensure they can afford them.

Online BA in Psychology Admission Procedure

There are usually a few steps in the admissions process for an online BA in psychology to ensure that candidates meet the standards for enrollment. Usually, people must fill out an online application form with personal information, academic records, and other necessary documents. Some universities may also ask candidates to send in letters of support or a statement of purpose explaining their academic goals and why they want to get a psychology degree. People who want to apply may also undergo an interview or aptitude test to see if they are a good fit for the program. After sending in and reviewing all of the application materials, those who are accepted will be sent an offer of acceptance and directions on starting the online BA in Psychology program. 

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Online BA in Psychology

Many universities/institutions that offer online BA in psychology programs make it easy for students to pay for their tuition by letting them pay in Equal Monthly Installments. With EMI, students can pay their tuition in smaller, monthly payments over a certain amount of time. This makes college more available and cheap. This choice gives students more financial freedom while studying to achieve their academic goals without worrying about money immediately.

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Is Online BA in Psychology Worth it?

Getting an online bachelor's degree in psychology can be worth it for people who are interested in learning how people behave and who want to find satisfying work in various fields. Students finish this program with basic psychology information, the ability to think critically, and research tools for various situations. After graduating, people can work as counsellors, social workers, human resources workers, researchers, teachers, and in many other fields. 

The program is also beneficial as it is delivered completely online and gives people working or having personal obligations more freedom. But, it's important to consider the program's accreditation, reputation, and job chances after completion. A BA in psychology is a good start, but for some careers, you may need more education or specialisation. 

Ultimately, getting this degree relies on your personal and professional goals and ability to use the skills and information you gain to be successful at work and happy in your personal life. Before pursuing an Online BA in Psychology, interested people should carefully examine the program, their goals, and the possible return on investment. 

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Job Opportunity after Online BA in Psychology

Graduates of the program are well-equipped with useful psychology skills and information that can help them get jobs in mental health, social services, education, research, and human resources, among other areas. Here are some of the possible job prospects after this program: 

Mental Health Technician

Human Resources Specialist

Case Manager

Rehabilitation Specialist

Social Services Assistant

Research Assistant

Substance Abuse Counselor

Career Counselor

Community Outreach Coordinator

Educational Assistant

Top Recruiters for Online BA in Psychology

Top companies that hire people with a BA in psychology come from a wide range of fields, including education, mental health services, human resources, social services, and healthcare. Hospitals, clinics, schools, counseling centers, research institutions, non-profits, and government offices may be some of the biggest jobs. Graduates can find work as community advocates, researchers, teachers, counselors, or human resource specialists, depending on their skills and job goals. 

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Let's clear up some doubts about Online BA in Psychology

Yes, many online universities let students from all kinds of academic backgrounds in and offer basic psychology classes to help students learn more.

Depending on their skills and specialisation, graduates can work in therapy, human resources, social services, research, education, and other fields.

It is important to pick a university approved by well-known accrediting groups like UGC-DEB to ensure you get a good education and can study further or get a license.

Many programs offer internships, field placements, or research projects that allow students to use what they learn in the classroom in the real world. However, it depends on the university providing the program.

Most online BA in Psychology programs use a mix of live or recorded classes, discussion boards, interactive tasks, and virtual labs to make course material flexible and easy to access.

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