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About Executive Programs In Operations

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur is a premier institution in India offering quality education in the field of management. The institute is known for its executive programs tailor-made for working professionals. IIM Kashipur offers Executive Development Programs in Operations in different specializations to help professionals enhance or build relevant knowledge and skills in the field of Operations Management. 

With the evolving landscape of how companies operate, this course has been curated with insights into Operations Management according to the latest trends. The curriculum has been designed by experienced professors and expert industry practitioners so that the students get relevant exposure to real-world challenges. The institute offers two specializations for this course namely- Advanced Supply Chain Management and Analytics, and Operations Management with Six Sigma. 


The course is delivered in a blended mode of learning with live online classes through a digital platform along with campus visits to IIM Kashipur. The classes are conducted on the weekends to offer flexibility to the students who are full-time working professionals. The aim of the programs is to help professionals grow higher in their careers without having to leave their jobs for pursuing higher education. 

  • Blended Learning for flexibility 
  • Certificate from IIM Kashipur
  • Hands-on Industry Exposure

Course Benefits

  • You will receive an executive development program certification from IIM Kashipur. This certificate is very valuable for your resume as IIM Kashipur is one of the best management institutions in the country.
  • The course will be taught directly by the professors of IIM Kashipur which are amongst India’s top faculty in Operations Management.
  • The curriculum includes various case-studies which is vital for exposure to real-world problems and challenges. These case studies are discussed by industry professionals with hands-on expertise in the field.
  • The course is conducted on weekends with live online classes to provide complete flexibility to working professionals. The classes are interactive and you can directly communicate with the professors.
  • The curriculum includes a 2-day campus immersion program with a visit to IIM Kashipur towards the end of the program.
  • You will get to work on a project relevant to your specialization under the guidance of a mentor at IIM Kashipur.

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Who Can Apply?

The eligibility criteria for admission to the executive development program in operations have been described in the points below. Only those candidates who fulfill the following conditions will be eligible for admission at IIM Kashipur for this course. 

  • The candidates must have either a diploma (10+2+3) or a bachelor’s degree or equivalent (10+2+3/4) or a 2 years master’s degree or equivalent, all from a recognised university in any stream. 
  • The candidates with at least 3 years of work experience are preferred for the course. 
  • The candidates who are not currently working but fulfil the above mentioned conditions are also eligible for the course. 


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Executive Programs In OperationsOperations Management with Six Sigma

Executive Programs In Operations

Operations Management with Six Sigma

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Executive Programs In OperationsAdvanced Supply Chain Management & Analytics

Executive Programs In Operations

Advanced Supply Chain Management & Analytics

Right Choice for Right Education

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Executive Programs In OperationsAdvanced Project Management

Executive Programs In Operations

Advanced Project Management

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Specialization Wise Updated Fees 2024

Operations Management with Six Sigma70,000 (Full Fee)6 Months
Advanced Supply Chain Management & Analytics70,000 (Full Fee)6 Months
Advanced Project Management80,000 (Full Fee)6 Months

Sample Certificate from IIM Kashipur

  • Degree equivalent to a regular on-campus degree
  • Globally Recognized Degree
  • Learn from the highly experienced faculty
iim kashipur sample certificate..

IIM Kashipur EMI Details

You get the following options for fee payment:

  • No Cost 6 Months EMI Option available for loan
  • Loan option with interest available in 9 & 12 EMIs  
  • EMI dates may vary on a case to case basis
  • 1% + GST* processing fees will be charged by the loan partner in 6/9/12 months EMI

IIM Kashipur Admission Process

The following steps are usually included in the admission process for the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur (IIM Kashipur):

Step 1 - You must first review the qualifying requirements established by IIM Kashipur for the specific program to which you desire to apply.

Step 2 - Take a national-level admission test, such as the Common Admission Test (CAT) offered by Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Step 3 - Within the stipulated time, complete the online application form accessible on the official website of IIM Kashipur.

Step 4 - You will be shortlisted for the next step of the selection process based on your CAT score and other qualifying requirements.

Step 5 - Your performance in the CAT, WAT, GD, PI, academic background, job experience, diversity criteria, and other vital indicators will determine your ultimate selection.

Step 6 - The institute publishes a final merit list of chosen candidates based on the cumulative scores acquired in the several selection phases.

Step 7 - If you are offered admission, accept the offer by paying the requisite acceptance fee and appropriate papers by the deadline.

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Executive Programs In Operations Syllabus

View Syllabus

Syllbaus of EDP in Operations Management with Six Sigma

Module Name


Paradigms of Operations Management 

  • Nature of Operations
  • Visualising Challenges
  • Strategies for operational competitiveness

Design of Products and Services 

  • Describe the concepts of Product Design
  • Understand different product design criteria (QFD, VA)
  • Describe the concepts of Service Design

Capacity Planning 

  • Describe the concept of capacity management
  • Understand the concept of economies and diseconomies of scale
  • Apply break-even analysis for capacity planning

Understand the concept of MRP 

  • Understand the concept of Master Production Schedule
  • Develop a system structure for MRP

Project Management 

  • Project Planning
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • CPM & PERT

Demand Forecasting in SCM

  • Characteristics of forecasts
  • Classification of forecasting methods
  • Measures of forecast error
  • Solving forecasting problems using Excel

Inventory & SCM 

  • Role of Inventory in SCM
  • Inventory Control systems
  • Inventory Review Systems
  • Managing Uncertainty in SCM

Sourcing Management 

  • Sourcing Strategy and its alignment to Business Strategy
  • Total Cost of ownership
  • Strategic Sourcing Process & Elements
  • Risk Management in Sourcing
  • Supplier selection & evaluation
  • e-Procurement

Designing Supply Chain Networks 

  • Role of network design in supply chains
  • Factors influencing network design decisions
  • Framework for network design decisions

Managing Information Flows and Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain 

  • Understand important supply chain strategies like postponement, risk pooling

Understand the Analytics Framework 

  • Decision Domain in Supply Chain Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics Process Framework
  • Contemporary Analytics Framework

Supply Chain Analytics Modelling

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning in Analytics

Decision Modelling 

  • Introduction to steps in problem solving
  • Quantitative analysis and decision making
  • Models for decision- making
  • Introduction to Linear Programming

Logistics Management 

  • Distribution, Transportation, Warehousing, Information technology
  • Logistics integration, Outsourcing
  • Omni-channel logistics; Downstream Management; End Consumers; Logistics restructuring

Transportation and Assignment Problems 

  • Formulation and Solution to Transportation problems
  • Formulation and Solution to Assignment problems

Quality Overview 

  • Defining the Quality
  • Phases of Customer Satisfaction
  • TQM Models
  • Quality Management Gurus

Quality Management System 

  • Using Process Approach to build Quality Management System
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001/Quality accreditation systems

Understanding Lean and its Applications 

  • Introduction to Toyota Production System
  • History, Philosophy and Applications across various sectors and domains
  • Flow Efficiency Vs. Resource Efficiency
  • Lean Vs Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma
  • Types of Waste MUDA, MURA, MURI
  • Value Stream Mapping

Six Sigma Overview 

  • Six Sigma Philosophy
  • Origin of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Evolution
  • Six Sigma Approaches

Recognise Phase 

  • Create Organization for Six Sigma
  • Create Project Hopper
  • Select a Project
  • Project Prioritization Matrix

Define Phase 

  • Ensure that the project is important
    • Project Charter
  • Identify the stakeholders and understand their concerns/ requirements connected to the problems
    • VoC/ VoS
    • Kano Model
    • VoS Template
  • Define the measures to represent the concerns/ requirements in terms of Critical to Quality (CTQs)
  • Map the macro-level process which consists of the causes and the effect
    • SIPOC

Measure Phase

  • Introduction to basic Statistics
  • Process Stability Analysis - Normality
  • Data Collection Planning
  • Collection Methods
  • Theory of Sampling
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Measurement System Analysis

Analyse Phase 

  • Analyse the problem to ascertain the status of the problem as chronic, sporadic and unstable
    • Control Charts-Variable, Attribute
  • Analyse the process to identify process flow relate real causes
    • Process Maps

Analyse Phase 

  • Conclude real causes with estimated confidence
    • Test of Hypothesis
    • Steps for Test of Hypothesis
  • Normality test, 1 Sample-t-test, 2-Sample-t-test, One-Way ANOVA,; Chi-square test

Control Concepts 

  • Confirm Improvements: Before-After:
    • Test of Hypothesis
    • Process Capability
    • Pareto Diagram
    • Control chart
    • Process Map
      • Ensure on-line control of improved status
      • Ensure on-line control of improved status
    • Document, Standardise & Integrate


Syllbaus of EDP in Supply Chain Management & Analytics

Module Name 


Introduction to SCM & Inventory Management 

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics
  • Role of Cycle Inventory in a Supply Chain
  • Lot Sizing for a Single Product – The EOQ MODEL
  • The Role of Safety Inventory
  • Cycle service level (CSL)
  • Impact of Supply Uncertainty on Safety Inventory
  • Newsvendor model


  • Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain
    • Classification of forecasting methods, Measures of forecast error

Sales and Operations Planning 

  • Developing Sales and production plans
  • New product development
  • Inventory planning and strategic initiatives related to supply chain

Strategic Sourcing & Logistics Management 

  • Introduction to Sourcing and its contribution to business performance
  • Sourcing Function and how it works
  • Purchasing Policy and Procedures
  • Supplier Selection and Evaluation
  • Supplier governance & risk management
  • E-Procurement /Reverse auction
  • Managing the contract and supplier Relationship
  • Global Sourcing

Service Supply Chain Management 

  • Introduction to Service Operations Management
  • Service Supply Relationships
  • Introduction to Service Operations Management
  • Service Supply Relationships
  • Forecasting Demand for Services
  • Service Design
  • Service value proposition
  • Delivering service guarantee
  • Services and branding

Supply Chain Coordination and Contracts 

  • Double-marginalisation in a supply chain
  • Wholesale price contract, Buyback contract, Quantity discount contract
  • Revenue-sharing and Cost-sharing contracts
  • Portfolio contracts and risk trade-offs

Lean Supply Chain Management 

  • Lean, Waste, Toyota Production System, Just-in- Time (JIT)
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die, Kaizen, Kanban
  • Strategies for designing a lean supply chain
  • Risk Pooling
  • Agile & Resilient SC

Descriptive Analytics for Supply Chain Management 

  • Analysis of historical and current trends
  • Report generation, dashboards and KPIs
  • Visualisation techniques in supply chain

Prescriptive Analytics-I: Optimisation Techniques for Supply Chain Analytics 

  • The Concepts of Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics in Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to Generic Parameters of a Decision-making Problem
  • Introduction to Linear Programming and its Applications
  • Sensitivity Analysis and its Significance
  • Formulation and Solution to Transportation problems
  • Introduction to Integer Programming and its Applications

Prescriptive Analytics- II: Distribution Network Optimisation, Goal Programming 

  • Prescriptive Analytics for Distribution Network Optimization
  • Goal Programming for Supply Chain Optimization, Multi-objective vs. Single-objective Optimization Problems
  • Managing Information Flows and Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains: Analysing the Effect of Service Level and Centralised Information

Introduction and application of MCDM techniques 

  • Introduction to Multi-criteria Decision Making
  • Introduction to Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Supplier selection using AHP
  • Supply Chain Risk Analytics

Predictive Analytics for Supply Chain Management 

  • Solving prediction problems using Linear Regression and Regression Trees
  • Solving classification problems using Logistic regression, Classification trees
  • Solving clustering problems using k-means clustering

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics using Bi Data 

  • Building Predictive Models
  • Optimization techniques for Supply Chain Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Management 

  • Current trends in Digital Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain 4.0 and its benefits
  • Industry 4.0 trends
  • Use of Blockchain technology
  • Sustainable supply chain

Tools to be used  

  • SPSS
  • IDS

IIM Kashipur Examination Pattern

The examination pattern typically comprises online tests, proctored exams, study material, assessment and grading, pass criteria, and retake rules. The tests are given online using a digital platform and include a variety of questions. To preserve integrity, proctoring may be used. Participants are given study materials, and tests are graded by IIM Kashipur staff or designated evaluators. There may be a minimum pass condition, as well as retake policies. To understand the actual test format and criteria, study the program specifics and rules for the individual certification program.

Job Roles after Operations Management

Operations Manager/Director 

Supply Chain Manager/Director 

Production Manager 

Quality Control Manager 

Inventory Manager 

Operations Analyst 

Logistics Manager 

Process Improvement Specialist 

Project Manager 

Operations Research Analyst 


Operations Management is one of the most sought after specialisations in the field of Management as there are several domains with multiple job opportunities in each of them. The scope of a career in operations management is quite rewarding once you get placed at a decent company. 

Following are some of the top recruiters for operations management roles:



Procter & Gamble 


McKinsey & Company 


Tech Mahindra 


Johnson & Johnson 












IIM Kashipur Placement Partners

Regarding placement statistics for 2022, IIM Kashipur experienced an extremely successful placement season with outstanding outcomes. 

  • The average CTC provided to students was around INR 16.29 lakhs per year
  • The median CTC was approximately INR 15.40 lakhs per year. 
  • The highest CTC offered was about INR 46.50 lakhs per annum.

IIM Kashipur maintains strong links with several well-known corporations and organizations that act as placement partners for its students. These placement partners actively participate in university placement, providing students with attractive work prospects.

Our students work at

  • 50%

    Average Salary Hike

  • 300+

    Hiring Partners

  • 3X

    Increase in Interview Opportunities

  • ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank

  • Amazon


  • Ey


  • IBM


  • KPMG


  • PWC


  • Tata


  • Wipro


  • HSBC


Frequently Asked Questions?

No, IIM Kashipur does not offer an online MBA program in Operations. However, there are executive development programs in operations at IIM Kashipur which are designed for working professionals. These are blended learning programs with classes conducted on the weekends.

Yes, the executive certificate programs in operations management at IIM Kashipur are quite good and worth it for all those professionals looking to enhance their careers in the field. With the evolving landscape of how companies operate, this course has been curated with insights into Operations Management according to the latest trends. The curriculum has been designed by experienced professors and expert industry practitioners, so that the students get relevant exposure to real-world challenges.

The minimum eligibility criteria is that the applicants must have either a diploma (10+2+3) or a bachelor’s degree or equivalent (10+2+3/4) or a 2 years master’s degree or equivalent, all from a recognised university in any stream. The candidates with at least 3 years of work experience are preferred for the course. The candidates who are not currently working but fulfil these conditions are also eligible for the course.

The duration of the course will depend on the specialisation program that you choose. The course duration may vary between 6-12 months.

IIM Kashipur offers the Executive Development Program (EDP) in Operations in 2 specializations, which are: 

  • Advanced Supply Chain Management and Analytics
  • Operations Management with Six Sigma

Every query is essential.

Our team of experts, or experienced individuals, will answer it within 24 hours.

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Reviewed in India on August 16, 2023

Through industrial contacts, IIM Kashipur demonstrated its dedication to innovation and practical learning. My learning experience was enhanced by the varied peer group and committed teachers. Today, as I negotiate the professional world, I carry the principles instilled in me by IIM Kashipur.







Reviewed in India on August 16, 2023

My two years at IIM Kashipur were nothing short of incredible. The challenging curriculum, along with real-world experience, prepared me for a career in business. The tranquil location of the campus was ideal for concentrated studies and personal growth. The dedication of IIM Kashipur to developing future leaders is admirable.





Manav Kumar


Reviewed in India on August 16, 2023

IIM Kashipur was a watershed moment in my academic career. The institute's emphasis on practical learning through actual projects and industry relationships left an indelible impression. The supportive professors and close-knit student group created an environment favorable to comprehensive growth.





Aditya Anand


Reviewed in India on April 28, 2023

At IIM Kashipur, students get an overview of industry trends through application-based projects and assignments.







Reviewed in India on April 28, 2023

The university provides a ton of information not only through conventional learning methods but it also organizes many offline & online events for the personal growth of its students.





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