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Types of Careers with A Doctorate of Business Administration

Apr 23, 2024 1.2K Reads

DBA or Doctorate in Business Administration is the highest academic degree offered only by foreign universities. It is a globally recognised degree. The Doctor of Business Administration course online is in high demand and is pursued mostly by experienced working professionals looking to upskill their knowledge and career scope. The opportunities are vast for people with skills, practical knowledge and a recognised degree. 

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The speciality of DBA is about applying the knowledge on the practical ground rather than just reading and researching which happens in a typical PhD.

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The students get to see through the strategies and the market requirements and become better at taking up senior-level positions. So today in this blog let's get to know about the job and career opportunities after completion of the DBA(Doctorate of Business Administration) and after its various specialisations. 

1 ) Business Consultant

 They are also known as Management Analyst or Management Consultants. These people work closely with the seniors of the company on particular projects. They analyse the company’s data and all other information and on the basis of those consultations give useful recommendations to the company. 

The job roles are divided into two parts: analysing & reviewing the information and data available and the other is looking into making new strategies for future growth and better revenue. As per the latest reports of The Bureau of Labor Statistics management analyst opportunities will grow by 14% from 2020- 2030.  The salary of a business consultant on average is INR 13 Lakhs per year. 

2 ) C-suite Executive Roles

C-suite Executives are the professionals who handle senior-level positions and usually have adequate experience to handle teams and organisations. The roles taken include Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Chief Operations Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, CHRO, and many more. The skills that are required in a C-Suite Executive are Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, data sciences, and other technical skills. 

As per The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a growth of 8% between 2020 to 2030 in the executive roles. The average salary for the person handling an executive position is $185.950. In India, the executive can earn as much as INR 19,51,447 per annum. 

3 ) Professor

After completion of DBA, you can also apply for the role of professor. The professors or researchers can take up jobs either in academic institutes or universities to teach the students. They are well acquainted with topics like business practices, ethical leadership, and management skills. There will be growth for postsecondary teachers by 12% as per BLS from 2020 to 2030. The average salary of a professor in India after completion of a DBA is around INR 1,28,914 for a month. However, salary depends on various factors like skills of the individual, geographical area of work, and type of institution. 

4 ) Healthcare Management Roles 

Are you interested in healthcare management roles? After completing a DBA in healthcare management you can get amazing job opportunities. A doctorate in business administration in Healthcare management is a combination of offering advanced business and management knowledge with expertise in the healthcare domain. The course is specially designed for working executives who are willing to take leadership roles in the healthcare sector and academia. 

Usually, The DBA program in healthcare management teaches topics related to healthcare policy & regulations, strategic planning, healthcare finance, healthcare marketing, and leadership strategies and challenges in healthcare settings. IN DBA students have created original unique research work based on healthcare management areas like ways to improve the healthcare delivery systems, refining the operational efficiency, and addressing disparities. 

Job Opportunities after a DBA in Healthcare Management are given here below :

Job Role



Healthcare Executive 


INR 20 Lakhs- INR 1 Crore


INR 15 lakhs - INR 50 lakhs

Vice President of Operations

INR 10 lakhs - INR 30 lakhs


INR 15 lakhs - INR 50 lakhs

Director of Strategic Planning

INR 10 lakhs - INR 30 lakhs

Healthcare Policy Analyst

Healthcare Policy Analyst 

INR 5 lakhs - INR 15 lakhs

Director of Health Policy

INR 10 lakhs - INR 40 lakhs

Healthcare Consultant

Senior Healthcare Consultant 

INR 10 lakhs - INR 50 lakhs

Healthcare Consulting Director

INR 15 Lakhs- INR 75 Lakhs



Depends on Success 

Healthcare Quality Improvement Specialist

Quality Improvement Manager

INR 6 lakhs - INR 20 lakhs


Vice President of Quality and Safety

INR 15 lakhs - INR 50 lakhs


Director of Quality Improvement

INR 8 lakhs - INR 30 lakhs

*Note the salary estimation given depends on various factors like

  • Type of Industry(Public or Private)
  • Location of the company
  • Skills & Knowledge of Individual

5 ) Supply Chain Management Roles 

You can pursue a DBA in Supply Chain management to get into this career option. A Doctorate of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management is an advanced degree that highly focuses on managing the goods and services from manufacturers/ suppliers to the consumer. The student gets to learn about various aspects like supply chain strategy, inventory management, logistics management, sustainability in the supply chain, risk analytics, supply chain analytics, global supply chain operations, studying about the emerging technologies related to supply chain management. There are various amazing job and career opportunities after completion of a DBA in Supply Chain Management.  

Career Opportunities in DBA in Supply Chain Management : 

Job Role

Salary(per annum)

Supply Chain Director

INR 10 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs

Supply Chain Strategist

INR 6 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

Supply Chain Consultant

INR 8 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs

Supply Chain Researcher

INR 6 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

Executive Roles

INR 20 lakhs to INR 1 crore

6 ) Job Roles in Generative AI

Are you someone interested in the techy world then you can pursue a DBA in Generative AI. The degree is an amalgamation of both skills and innovation. It is the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence and Business management. The course offers a deep understanding and knowledge of advanced machine learning & deep learning technologies, natural language processing, image and video synthesis, Generative Adversarial Networks, and Ethical implications.

The course can help you get into senior leadership roles and positions in top companies in India as well as abroad. The course is highly valued due to its rich curriculum and the way of teaching students. The course lets you get into both the aspects be it knowledge and application of the knowledge on the practical grounds. The candidates have to create a unique work related to the Generative AI and tech field. After the completion of the program, the candidates can get various job and career opportunities. 

Career Opportunities after DBA in Supply Chain Management :

Job Roles Salary(Per Annum)
AI Research Engineer INR 8 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs
AI Advisor INR 8 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs
Data Scientist INR 6 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs
AI Product Manager INR 10 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs
AI Researcher INR 6 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs

7 ) Human Resource Management  Roles

If you have prior experience in the Human Resources area the students can enrol in the DBA in Human Resource Management. A Doctorate of Business Administration in Human Resource Management is the combination of understanding all the concepts related to human resources and business and management. The curriculum includes topics like Strategic human resource management, Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies, training and development, organisational behaviour & leadership and many more. Such a curriculum makes the candidate the best fit for getting senior-level positions with a high salary package in top companies be it in India or abroad. This gives them exposure to work at top positions and lets them get knowledge about topics like resource management, developing and implementing creative strategies, and attracting and recruiting top talent. The average salary of a director of HR in India is usually INR 37,55,000 per annum. 

Career Opportunities after DBA in Human Resource Management :

Job Roles


HR Manager

INR 8 lakhs - INR 20 lakhs 

HR Director

INR 15 lakhs - INR 40 lakhs

Organisational Development Specialist

INR 8 lakhs - INR 20 lakhs 

Training Manager

INR 6 lakhs - INR 18 lakhs

Employee Relations Manager

INR 8 lakhs - INR 20 lakhs

Executive Leadership (CHRO)

INR 25 lakhs - INR 80 lakhs

Assistant Professor 

INR 6 lakhs - INR 15 lakhs

8 ) Finance Jobs 

You can take up roles in the finance sector as well if you have prior work experience in the field. Most working professionals pursue a DBA in Finance that helps them achieve job opportunities. Doctorate in Business Administration in Finance is the highest academic as well as a professional degree which is mostly pursued by the candidates with the finance and banking background. Candidates can apply to this program if they are looking to get better jobs and career opportunities in the same sector. 

The students can get senior managerial posts as well as other opportunities in India as well as abroad. The course can be pursued in online mode by the students in 3 to 5 years. The students pursuing a DBA in Finance are in high demand by the organisations as they are the building block for organising the company’s value and overall revenue. You can become an economist after completion of the DBA in Finance. 

The role of economists is to look after the various responsibilities and roles in an organisation like Market Research Analyst, Financial analyst, policy analyst, risk analyst, business strategist, corporate planner and many more. Economist helps in managing and making decisions related to market ups and downs, policy effects, and analysing the latest economic trends. The average salary of the economist ranges between INR 75,001 - and INR 2,87,500. As per the BLS, there will be an annual growth in the salaries of economists by $108.350. 

Top University for Doctorate Programs

Golden Gate University Online, USA

ESGCI School of Business Online

Rushford Business School Online

Swiss School of Business and Management Online

In this course, the students learn about topics like banking and finance intermediation, capital structure and corporate control, and market microstructure. Job opportunities after completion of the DBA in Finance are given here

Career Opportunities after DBA in Finance:

Job Roles 

Salary Range(per annum)

Corporate Finance Manager

INR 12 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs 

Financial Analyst

INR 6 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

Investment Banker

INR 15 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs

Risk Manager

INR 8 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs

Financial Controller

INR 10 lakhs to INR 35 lakhs

Financial Consultant

INR 8 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs

There are enormous job and career opportunities that can be taken up by you too after completion of DBA. Closely analyse your skills and career goals and based on the result you can enrol in DBA Specialisation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can earn a salary of INR 450,000 on average per annum after completion of DBA.

Yes, DBA is a valid degree recognised globally including in India.

Yes, after the completion of my DBA(Doctorate in Business Administration), you can add Dr. with the name.

You must have the following requirements to enrol in the DBA program-

  • Must have a masters in the business and management field or master's in any other field from a recognised institute with work experience.
  • Candidates with a bachelors can also apply, but they must have relevant work experience in the field.

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