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Distance/Correspondence B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility, Career Options (Valid?)

Dec 9, 2023 11.7K Reads

by Pavan Vadapali

What is B.Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering?

Does a fast-running car ignite your mind? Or a 6-speed gearbox of the bike of your dream fascinates you?  If you love automobiles and are always intrigued by these fantastic machines this branch of engineering is for you. Automobiles are the driving force behind the economy as every movement in this modern world has automobiles behind it.

The proper definition of [Distance/Correspondence] B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is the study of automobiles and their functioning. B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree is the study, design, development, research, construction, and testing of automobiles such as cars, trucks, buses, bikes, and every vehicle propelled by an engine. The branch of engineering that uses applied physics, maths, and material science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain Automobiles.

Being one of the most dynamic branches of bachelor engineering- [Distance/Correspondence B Tech] Mechanical Automobile engineering has a wide range of applications that are important for a system to work because it is the most advanced and evolving branch of this modern era. Btech Mechanical Automobile engineering includes the study of designs of chassis, engines, aerodynamics, transmission, braking, and implementation of electric circuits in automobiles.

As everyday technology is evolving [B Tech Online/Correspondence] Mechanical Automobile Engineering has also evolved through ages. From the steam engine that drove automobiles to power twin-cylinder twin spark engines, automobiles have made life easier and faster.

To make Mechanical Automobile Engineering updated, the use of computers has played an evident role. Many automation and system software are taught in the course such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Ansys that makes automobile engineering more accessible and comfortable with minimal human intervention.

B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering course is a vast pool of engineering that is related to each and every part of our life. Automobile engineering marvel evolved through the ages.

Let’s dive into this blog on B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering/Distance Mechanical Automobile Engineering/B Tech in Mechanical Automobile Engineering Correspondence Course further to clarify the doubts of yours that are holding you back to become a Mechanical Automobile Engineer. Do read ahead…

Correspondence/Distance Learning B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Course (Valid?)

Correspondence/Distance Learning B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering has a large volume of searches on the internet. So College Vidya has included this topic in the blog. The reality of Distance Learning BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is that it is an invalid course. The Supreme court of India has declared any distance BTech program invalid thus making  BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering invalid.

AICTE has also made the Correspondence/Distance Learning B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering invalid or void. College Vidya has written this topic so as to spread awareness about the invalidity of the Distance Learning BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering. So if you are falling in the trap, for the Distance Learning B.Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Btech do not fall in the trap.

There are some colleges that offer Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering which is illegal. Investing time and money in these courses will only fetch you a worthless paper on which you have wasted your time and money.

But there is an option if you want to pursue Btech in Mechanical Automobile Engineering but cannot pursue in the regular mode. AICTE has come with different Btech programs such as Evening, Part-Time, or Weekend that have the same value but is an alternative to the regular BTech.

So from the above paragraph, we have made you clear about the validity of Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering and what are other options for you.

Part-Time BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree

Part-Time Mechanical Automobile Engineering is a course especially fabricated for working professionals who cannot attend the Regular Mechanical Automobile Engineering classes. Part-Time b tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree is the evening or weekend or morning batches of Mechanical Automobile Engineering that are conducted so that working professionals can go for it. Though Part-Time Mechanical Automobile Engineering has been categorized as different, they have the same value when you go on the battlefield of jobs.

The syllabus of the part-time Btech in Mechanical Automobile Engineering is the same as the regular Mechanical Automobile Engineering subjects. The subjects of Btech Mechanical Engineering are done in six semesters in three years for working professionals who have done a diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

This is so because they have learned the first year of Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering in the diploma. The Part-Time Mechanical Automobile Engineering course gives an extra added advantage to the working professionals who have secured a diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

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Online B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Course

Online b tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Courses in India are the same as the distance Mechanical Automobile Engineering Courses. As already discussed in the above sections of Distance/Correspondence or Online Mechanical Automobile Engineering Courses is invalid in India.

AICTE notice has made clear about the validity of the Online b tech Mechanical Automobile engineering Course. As the Supreme Court has stated that Btech is a degree that requires practical knowledge that cannot be delivered Online. So Online BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering course is invalid. The universities offering Online Mechanical Automobile  Engineering Course are just offering you just a piece of paper and nothing more.

The online bachelor of technology/bachelor of engineering Mechanical Automobile Engineering course degrees is not considered of any value in the national and international job market. You cannot pursue post-graduate studies in BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering because of the invalidity of the degree.

Here we are going to discuss the Online B TechMechanical Automobile Engineering courses which are conducted to give extra skills that will make an aggressor in the job market.

These are the design and analyses course which provide certification and online learning about the latest software in Mechanical Automobile Engineering, that helps an engineer to be the best in the field. Here is the list of Online B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Course that provide you the latest knowledge of designing and analysis:

  • Solid Works
  • Auto CAD

Due to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic, these Mechanical Automobile Courses are taught an online mode of teaching. Online Mechanical Automobile Courses are providing an extra edge to the students in this pandemic.

So, there is a difference between Online Mechanical Automobile Courses and Online Mechanical Automobile Engineering classes.

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BE (Bachelor Of Engineering) Mechanical Automobile Engineering

The course of four years is the Bachelor of Mechanical Automobile Engineering course or BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering is same as Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering mostly. With only very little between each other, there are universities and Institutes that offer BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering in India.

BE in Mechanical Automobile Engineering is inclined more toward the theoretical side of Mechanical Automobile Engineering. On the other hand, B. Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering focuses more on the practical approach of engineering. The syllabus of BE Mechanical Automobile and BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is more or less with a very minute difference.

There is a negligible difference in the syllabus and curriculum of BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering and BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering. The pass-outs of BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering are focused their career on continuing higher studies such as MS in Mechanical Automobile Engineering and then Ph.D. in Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

But both degrees of BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering and BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering are treated the same in the job market as they have approved by AICTE. BE in Mechanical Automobile Engineering is also a prestigious degree that will give a certain boost to your career.

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[Distance/Online] B.Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Courses

[Distance Online] Mechanical  Automobile  Engineering Courses are categorically divided into eight semesters over 4 years to give a deep knowledge about the understanding of engines, transmissions, and braking system of an automobile.

These courses are fabricated and planned for [Distance/Correspondence B.Tech] Mechanical  Automobile  Engineering Degree to study the design, development, research, construction, and testing of automobiles. Also use of computer software such as Auto CAD, SolidWorks, etc to impart the knowledge through computers.

If you are a Diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering this is the most viable alternative for you. After completing a Diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering you have studied [Correspondence/Distance] Mechanical Automobile engineering courses on the basic level. So you this will help you jump the first year of Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering because you would have already been through the basics of Mechanical Automobile Engineering in the Diploma of Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

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[Distance/Online] B.Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering Eligibility Criteria

To apply for [Distance/Online] BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering a student must have the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate should have completed class 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • The candidate should have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in class 12th.
  • They should have scored at least 60% marks in class 12th. Some relaxation is provided to the reserved categories usually by government institutes.
  • The candidates who have done a 3-year diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering from a recognized university can apply for lateral entry or working professional programs.

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Top Entrance Exams for [Distance/Online] B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering

[Distance/Online/Correspondence] B Tech Mechanical Automobile engineering is one of the most advance and highly pursued programs in engineering. The demand for Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is high and the competition is fierce in it.

One of the most important and known exams for entrance in any engineering program is are IIT, JEE Mains, Nits, and other state engineering entrance examinations such as UPTU, MHT, KCET, etc. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs across the whole world.

You can appear in these after giving examinations of 10+2 from Physics Chemistry and Maths. The students who want to take admissions in the  [Online/Correspondence/Distance] B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering programs can follow the above steps. We have also made a separate blog on the admissions in BTech.

[Online/Distance] Mechanical Automobile Engineering Syllabus/Subject

The entire [Distance] B Tech Mechanical Automobile course is divided into 8 semesters over 4 years. You will have to go through various semesters’ exams and study various subjects that will make you a perfect Mechanical Automobile engineer. Here is the list of subjects that you will have to study in [Distance B Tech] Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree:-

Semester I Semester II
Technical English – I Technical English – II
Mathematics – I Mathematics – II
Engineering Physics – I Engineering Physics – II
Engineering Chemistry – I Engineering Chemistry – II
Engineering Graphics Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Fundamentals of Computing and Programming Engineering Mechanics
Semester III Semester IV
Transforms And Partial Differential Equations Statistics And Numerical Methods
Engineering Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
Automotive Engines Strength of Materials
Mechanics of Machines Electronics and Microprocessors
Production Technology Automotive Chassis
Semester V Semester VI
Environmental Science and Engineering Principles of Management
Design of Machine Elements Automotive Engine Components Design
Automotive Transmission Automotive Chassis Components Design
Automotive Electrical and Electronics Two and Three Wheelers
Vehicle Design and Data Characteristics Finite Element Analysis
Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Composite Materials
Semester VII Semester VIII
Engine and Vehicle Management System Vehicle Body Engineering
Vehicle Dynamics Marketing Management
Vehicle Maintenance Automotive Safety
Automotive Pollution and Control
Automotive Aero-dynamics

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Final Year Project for [Distance/Online] B.Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering

In the final year project of [Distance] B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering, a student has to submit a project which must be related to the subjects that he learns in the seven semesters.

The project must be a working model of a theory that is applied. This final year project has the maximum marks in the last semester. The project exam is the thorough viva on the project by an external examiner and a report is submitted in the end.

Mechanical Automobile Engineering’s final year project holds an important part of Btech in terms of the assessment of an engineer. Some of the top Mechanical Automobile Engineering course final year projects that students can pursue are:-

  • Four-Wheel Active Steering
  • Waste Plastic Fuel Engine
  • Zero Turn Vehicle
  • Two-stroke engine torque modification
  • Mechanical Spider Robots

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Mechanical Automobile Engineering Certificate Courses

Mechanical Automobile Engineering Design Courses are used to design, analyze, and study of automobiles and its part. These certification courses in BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering give some advantage to students who are in the process of making a serious career in Mechanical  Automobile  Engineering.

Though these courses are extra for a student the training of the student with the newest software courses to give them an advantage in the resume. These courses impart skills to students such as hardware and software testing, Automation, Network Analysis, etc. Some of the famous design courses are:

  • Autodesk
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • 3Ds Max

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[Distance/Online/Correspondence] Mechanical Automobile Engineering degrees

[Distance/Online/Correspondence] Mechanical Automobile Degree of BTech is awarded to the student after the completion of all semesters. A student is subjected to various exams of theory and practical which he has to clear. Internal Exams, practicals, and external exams are the exams that a student has to face every semester.

The rigorous training through theory and practical classes and industrial visits, project submission everything is done by a student to become an allrounder engineer. After the submission of the project in the final year, a student completes the Mechanical Automobile Engineering degree. A student can get [Distance] BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering or [Distance] BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering that entirely depends on the university.

After completing the Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree, a student becomes a certified engineer and is ready to work in the technical grounds of Mechanical Automobile Engineering. If a students want to go for higher education such as M.Tech or MBA after the completion of a Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree he can go for it.

A diploma holder of Mechanical Automobile Engineering has to follow the same procedure with a little bit of difference. He is given admission directly in the second year and rests the procedure is the same to obtain a Mechanical Automobile Engineering Degree of BTech or MTech.

[Distance B Tech] Mechanical Automobile Engineer Career

As you graduate from Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineer after completion of the [Distance B Tech] Mechanical Automobile Engineering course an engineer is ready to dive into the sea of opportunities. Here is brief summary of it:

  • Jobs in Top private firms: In the departments such as Research and Development, Design, Transmission, Control and Instrumentation, Engine development, Chassis development, etc a Mechanical Automobile Engineer is recruited. Some top private firms that have offer joining to Mechanical Automobile Engineering are Hyundai, Bajaj, TATA, Renault, Mahindra, Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Audi, etc.
  • Higher Studies: Higher studies in the field of BTech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is always an option. An engineer can pursue Mtech or MS from Mechanical Automobile Engineering. He can work as a processor after completing a master’s degree in Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering. Also, he can be a research scientist if he further continues his studies in the same field. To enter in a Techno-Commercial genre of jobs he can do an MBA and become successful managers and other white collared positions in top companies.

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[Distance] B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineer Salary 

In India, a [Distance] Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineer is provided with a good salary and extra perks along with perks. On average a Mechanical Automobile Engineer gets a starting salary of up to 5lakhs/annum.

The career of B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineers rises as he starts gaining experience. As the automobile sector in India is advancing day by day, the need for Mechanical Automobile Engineers is increasing the salary status of Mechanical Automobile Engineer.

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Best university/colleges for Mechanical Automobile Engineering

Some of the best institute/ University for Btech Mechanical Automobile Engineering are listed below:

  • IIT’s
  • NIT’s
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • BITS Pilani
  • Madras Institute of Technology
  • Abdul Kalam Technical University (UPTU)
  • SRM University
  • VIT, Vellore
  • Lingayas University
  • UPES University, Dehradun
  • SV University

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NOTE: B.Tech in distance education mode is invalid as declared by the Supreme Court of India. But distance BTech has the highest search volumes on the internet, that's why college vidya has covered. The motive to cover distance B.Tech. is not to promote it but to spread awareness about the invalidity of distance B.Tech.College Vidya does not promote engineering distance education by any means.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As per the AICTE and UGC guidelines, distance/correspondence courses in engineering are invalid.

College Vidya aims to spread awareness amongst the people that all engineering courses through distance/correspondence are invalid as engineering courses need regular face to face classes.

The course about the study of automobiles, its study, designs, manufacturing, and testing is called Mechanical Automobile course.

The average fee structure for a B Tech Mechanical Automobile engineering degree is up to Rs.1, 81,500.

SAP course adds extra skills in a b tech mechanical automobile engineer for the production planning, Quality Management, etc. So a mechanical automobile engineer can do an SAP course.

For Mechanical Automobile engineering one has to pass out its 10+2 from PCM as the main subject.

The best courses for Mechanical Automobile engineering are as follows:

  • Autodesk
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • 3Ds Max

The Mechanical Automobile engineering course for B. Tech is of 4years of duration and for M. Tech it is 2 years course.

B tech Mechanical Automobile engineering courses need to understand the fieldwork and to observe how things work.

The Mechanical Automobile engineering course is of 4 years for undergraduate and 2 years for postgraduate.

Yes, a Mechanical Automobile is eligible to do a CDAC course.

Mechanical Automobile engineering is all about field work and observing things of how it works. It is not hard if you’re interested in the same field.

Mechanical Automobile engineering course is not hard for the aspirants who are interested in the same field.

Mechanical Automobile engineering course is one of the most interesting courses in engineering which has been chosen immensely throughout.

Mechanical  Automobile engineering course is all about is the study, design, development, research, construction, and testing of engines, and chassis and braking system and transmission.

Yes, Mechanical Automobile engineering is a good course for aspirants interested in designing, research and development, analysis of automobiles.

There are numerous courses in Mechanical Automobile engineering from which some of them are mentioned here for your reference. :

  • Autodesk
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • 3Ds Max

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