89 Distance/Online/Correspondence B.Tech Colleges In Odisha – A Complete Guide
B.Tech for Working Professionals

89 Distance/Online/Correspondence B.Tech Colleges In Odisha – A Complete Guide

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Top Governemt/Private/Distance/Part-Time/Lateral Entry/ Correspondence BTech Colleges In Odisha


Name of InstitutionsApproved By


1Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT BHUBANESWAR), BhubaneswarAICTEGovernment
2National Institute Of Technology, RourkelaUGC AICTEGovernment
3International Institute of Information Technology, BhubaneswarGovernment of OdishaGovernment
4Bhubanananda Odisha School of Engineering, CuttackAICTEPrivate
5Ajay Binay Institute of Technology, CuttackAICTEPrivate
6Samanta Chandra Sekhar Institute of Technology and Management, KoraputAICTEPrivate
7Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, BhubaneswarUGC AICTE NAACDeemed to be University
8Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement, BhubaneswarAICTE NAAC NBA ISO DSIRPrivate
9C. V. Raman College of Engineering, BhubaneswarUGC NBA NAAC AICTEPrivate
10Odisha Engineering College, BhubaneswarNBA AICTEPrivate
11Silicon Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarUGC AICTE MHRDPrivate
12National Institute of Science and Technology, BerhampurNAACPublic
13TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering, KhurdaAICTEPrivate
14Balasore College of Engineering And Technology, BalasoreAICTEPrivate
15Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
16Seeman Engineering College, MayurbhanjAICTEPrivate
17Gandhi Institute of Advanced Computer & Research, RayagadaAICTEPrivate
18College of Engineering & Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEGovernment
19Capital Engineering College, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
20Government College Of Engineering, KeonjharAICTEGovernment
21Roland Institute of Technology, BerhampurAICTEPrivate
22Synergy Institute Of Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
23Swami Vivekananda School Of Engineering & Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
24Synergy Institute Of Engineering & Technology, DhenkanalNBA ISO NAAC AICTEPrivate
25Gandhi Engineering College, BhubaneswarAICTE NAACPrivate
26Gandhi Institute for Technology, BhubaneswarAICTE NAAC NBA SIROPrivate
27Trident Academy of Technology, BhubaneswarAICTE NAAC NBA DSIRPrivate
28Centre for Management Studies – Odisha Engineering College, KhurdaAICTE UGCPrivate
29Purushottam Institute of Engineering & Technology, RourkelaAICTEPrivate
30The Techno School, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
31Apex Institute of Technology and Management, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
32Raajdhani Engineering College,BhubaneswarNAAC AICTEPrivate
33Indus College Of Engineering, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
34Bhubaneswar Engineering College, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
35Modern Institute of Technology and Management, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
36Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, BhubaneswarAICTE, NBA, NAACPrivate
37Padmanava College Of Engineering, RourkelaAICTEPrivate
38Bhadrak Institute of Engineering & Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
39Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
40Ghanashyam Hemalata Institute of Technology and Management, PuriAICTEPrivate
41Gopal Krishna College of Engineering & Technology, KoraputNAAC AICTEPrivate
42Jagannath Institute of Engineering & Technology, CuttackAICTEGovernment
43Majhighariani Institute Of Technology & Science, RayagadaAICTEPrivate
44Nalanda Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
45Konark institute of science and technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
46Kalahandi School of Engineering & Technology,KalahandiAICTEPrivate
47Krupajala Engineering College, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
48Suddhananda Engineering & Research Centre, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
49SUBAS Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
50VITS Engineering College, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
51Sundargarh Engineering College, SundergarhAICTEPrivate
52KMBB College of Engineering and Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
53Centurion University of Technology and Management, ParalakhemundiUGC AICTEPrivate
55Modern Engineering and Management Studies, BalasoreAICTEPrivate
56Government College of Engineering, KeonjharAICTEGovernment
57Eastern Academy Of Science And Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
58Sophitorium Engineering College, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
59Oxford College of Engineering & Management, KhordaAICTEPrivate
60Aum Sai Institute of Technical Education, GanjamAICTEPrivate
61Padmashree Krutartha Acharya College of Engineering, BargarhAICTEPrivate
62Radhakrishna Institute of Technology and Engineering, KhurdaAICTEPrivate
63Hi-Tech Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
64Kalam Institute of Technology, BerhampurAICTEPrivate
65Gandhi Institute for Education and Technology, KhurdaISO AICTEPrivate
66Satyasai Engineering College,BalasoreAICTEPrivate
67NIGAM Institute of Engineering & Technology, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
68Gandhi Institute of Excellent Technocrats, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
69Hi-Tech College of Engineering, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
70Srinix College of Engineering,BalasoreAICTEPrivate
71Vedang Institute of Technology, KhurdaAICTEPrivate
72Shibani Institute of Technical Education, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
73Spintronic Technology and Advance Research, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
74Aryan Institute of Engineering & Technology, BhubaneswarNAACPrivate
75Adarsha College of Engineering, AngulAICTEPrivate
76Einstein Academy of Technology and Management, BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
77Black Diamond College of Engineering & Technology, JharsugudaAICTEPrivate
78Eklavya College of Technology & Science, KhurdaAICTEPrivate
79Centurion University of Technology and Management, BhubaneswarUGC NAAC AIU AICTEPrivate
80Gandhi Institute of Science and Technology GIST, RayagadaAICTEPrivate
81KIIT University, BhubaneswarUGC AICTE NAAC NBA BCI AIU ACUPrivate
82Utkal University, BhubaneswarNAACGovernment
83Driems Group Of Institutions, CuttackAICTE NAAC ISOPrivate
84NM Institute of Engineering and Technology (NMIET), BhubaneswarAICTEPrivate
85GIET University, GunupurUGC AICTE NAAC NBAPrivate
86Xavier University Bhubaneswar, BhubaneswarUGC AICTE NBAPrivate
87Shri Venkateshwara Univerity, Odisha Admission PointNAAC, UGCPrivate
88Lingayas University, Odisha Admission PointUGCPrivate
89BITS Pilani, Odisha Admission PointUGCPrivate

Distance BTech is a 4 yearly undergraduate course pursued by the students after completing 10+2 from a science stream. The course provides the basic knowledge and skills of engineering. The course is specifically designed for the students who are seeking for engineering course but could not attend the daily classes.

BTech Lateral Entry and BTech for working professional courses are also designed for students who are not able to attend regular classes. So if you are confused about whether the distance BTech is valid or not you can pursue the Btech for Working Professional and BTech Lateral Entry Course.

Top Government/Private/Distance/Part-Time/Lateral Entry/Correspondence BTech Colleges In Odisha – NIRF Ranking

College Name

NIRF Ranking 2020NIRF Ranking 2019Change

Average Annual Fees

NIT Rourkela16160INR 1,78,000
IIT Bhubaneshwar2217-5INR 2,13,500
Siksha `O` Anusandhan3432-2INR 2,45,000
KIIT Bhubaneshwar4248+6INR 4,29,000
CV Raman Global University, Bhubaneswar9394+1INR 1,19,000
Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla119126+7INR 1,70,000
Silicon Institute of Technology (SIT), Bhubaneswar179NPINR 97,000

Eligibility Criteria Of Distance/Part-Time/Correspondence BTech In Odisha

The distance BTech course is not a valid course for those who can choose a BTech Lateral Entry in the place of the Distance BTech course. For taking admission to the BTech Lateral Entry course every student needs to follow certain eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria of the B.Tech Lateral Entry course are very simple and straightforward. The eligibility criteria are mentioned below for the reference of the students.

  • Students are required to pass their higher secondary education from an affiliated board.
  • Students also need to have a 3-year diploma completed from a recognized institution.
  • Some universities also conduct Entrance examinations for accepting admission in B.Tech. The candidates need to pass the entrance to reach the assigned cut-off to get admission.
  • Students who want to achieve more knowledge in the field of engineering should definitely apply for this course.

Admission Process of Distance/Part-Time/Correspondence BTech in Odisha

The admission process of Distance/Part-Time/Correspondence/Lateral Entry/Working Professional BTech in Odisha are the same and easy to follow. First of all, you need to visit the official website of the college in which you are going to take admission.

For admission, you need to register yourself on the official website and follow the procedure. Then you need to upload the required documents on the website and submit the fees according to the course. After that, the university will verify your documents and send you a confirmation message or mail. Some universities also demand the score of the entrance examination at the time of admission.

Career after Distance/Part-Time/Correspondence BTech in Odisha

Career scope is really good after completing the BTech course through distance/part-time/correspondence in this field. Depending upon your skills and knowledge, and the specialization in which you have completed the BTech you will get plenty of jobs.

In India, there are many top-notch private companies that are recruiting a large number of engineers in various sectors. Jobs are also available to the public after completing the course.

If you are capable of opening your own setup then you can also go for it and become an entrepreneur. Many talented B Tech degree holders are working on their own startups nowadays.

Distance BTech Colleges In Odisha

Conclusion Of Distance/Part-Time/Correspondence BTech In Odisha

So, I have mentioned all the top Btech colleges in Odisha in this blog. At last, I want to state that the Distance BTech degree is not valid as the guidelines of the University Grant Commission.

Also, the Supreme Court of India has declined to accept the Distance BTech degree in the job market. If you are looking for a distance BTech course then you can go with the BTech Lateral Entry and Btech working Professional course which is valid and helps you to get better job opportunities in various sectors.

Distance/Part-Time/Correspondence BTech In Odisha (FAQs)

Is BTech through distance mode of learning valid in Odisha?

No, the BTech course through distance mode of learning is not a valid course declared by the Supreme Court and University Grant Commission.

Which is the easiest course in BTech?

There is no branch difficult in Btech. Difficulty or easiness depends on your interest.

How many BTech colleges are there in Odisha?

In Odisha, there are 89 BTech colleges established for providing the various BTech courses in different modes of learning to teach students.

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