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Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Top Subjects & Syllabus [Updated 2024]

Apr 23, 2024 1.3K Reads

DBA or Doctorate in Business Administration is a three-year doctorate program offering in-depth knowledge about business administration's essential areas. The students get expertise in various domains like Finance, Marketing, leadership and strategy, research, and business analytics. After completion of the course, students get various job opportunities, not just in India but abroad.

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Now, graduates with four-year undergraduate degrees can apply for a PhD program directly via UGC-NET ( National Eligibility Test), click here to know more details.

If a candidate is interested in a research-oriented study of business administration they can pursue a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration). This is a 3 to 5 years duration that is completed after the completion of the dissertation. It is opted for by working professionals as this course gives the flexibility to study from anywhere and balance job and studies. Enroll Today - Doctor In Business Administration Online Course!

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Today, in this blog we will discuss all the essential aspects of the syllabus of DBA be it core courses, dissertation research, or other optional courses. 

DBA Eligibility Criteria for Working Professionals

Here we have mentioned essential eligibility criteria that are required to be fulfilled by the candidates. 

  • The candidate applying must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized institution. It is essential to have work experience. So working executives can enroll in DBA courses. 
  • The candidate with a master’s degree from a recognized institution can also apply.

Syllabus of Online Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Here we have given an overview of the Curriculum of the Online DBA-

Foundation Course

Doctoral Research and Writing

Quantitative Research and its Method


  • Financial Theory and Applications
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance


  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing and News Media
  • Consumer Behaviour

Business Analyst

  • Data Study and Analysis
  • Application of AI in Solving Business related problems. 
  • Operations Performance and Management

Leadership & strategy

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leadership Theory, Research, and Application
  • Leading complex change


Let us discuss the in-depth information about the Syllabus of Doctorate in Business Administration. There are various subjects that students get to learn about like-

  • Research Methods

The method of studying design, data collection, and analysis of all the existing data is taught in DBA. It is done by learning the methods to formulate research-based questions, taking a suitable question, and methodologies, and later using the statistical tools to analyze the collected data. 

  • Leadership and Management

This is an essential part of the DBA program. This skill is important for all the people who are pursuing the course as it helps them land in some of the top companies and organizations at higher positions and senior level positions. The course covers all the information from theory aspects to practical job-oriented skills. Students get the chance to learn about the various types of leadership styles, effective decision-making strategies, communication skills, effective team-leading qualities, and many more. Such things boost the confidence of the students and later help them to get managerial roles and posts. 

  • Strategic Management

DBA covers the topic of strategic management and planning that help organizations to survive in the global business market. Through this program, the students get the chance to learn about the various analytical tools and other techniques to improve their strategic planning skills. Strategic planning helps define the path that a company can follow to achieve its targets and goals. This ensures that the student with the balanced skills of collaboration and responsibility.

  • Organizational Behaviour

DBA covers the topic of human resource management. This course provides in-depth knowledge about people's behavior in the workplace and how it can impact the work output. The skills to handle the human resources at an institution are also essential to get better and more effective results. Organizational behavior skills include the study of the behavior of individuals or groups in the workplace. So, in the DBA Course, the students get to learn about this essential aspect as well, which can impact the growth of an organization at an exceptional level. 

  • Marketing Management Skills

This is the most essential skill that is the backbone of any business in this digital age. Reaching the target audience through various aspects of marketing is also a big challenge that can be converted into a big opportunity. There are various ways of reaching the audience, be it through digital platforms or retail marketing. Any method of marketing can boost the profit of any level at an amazing level. In DBA, the students learn about various topics related to marketing like consumer behavior, product development, market research and analysis, and many more. 

  • Dissertation Research

This allows the students enrolled in DBA to work on fresh research from the existing work. This helps and supports the academic areas. Also, this part of DBA lets you pursue professorship jobs in the future. The students get the opportunity to work as researchers in institutions. 

Some Popular Specialisations of Doctor of Business Administration(DBA) and Syllabus-

Doctor of Business Administration Popular Specialisations

Some courses are compulsory for all DBA specializations. Apart from the core subjects, here is the list of the subjects that are included in varied specializations that are-

DBA Specialisation



  • Innovation Management 
  • B2B Marketing 
  • Entrepreneurial Finance

Healthcare Management

  • Healthcare Managerial Decision Making
  • Managing Healthcare Delivery Systems 
  • Law and Ethics in Healthcare Management 

Human Resource Management

  • The New HR: The Savvy Strategic Partner 
  • Succession Planning: A Survival Tool of the Fittest 
  • An HR Plan for Organizational Agility


  • Change Management
  • Sustainability
  • Multicultural Management

Energy Management

  • Energy Production Analysis
  • Energy Delivery Analysis
  • Business Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis


  • Law and Compliance
  • International Finance 
  • Entrepreneurial Finance 

Global Supply Chain Management 

  • Global Supply Chain Management 
  • IT for Competitive Advantage 
  • Multicultural Management 


  • Entrepreneurship  
  • Human Resource Management  
  • Healthcare Management 
  • Leadership 


  • Managerial Accounting 
  • Accounting-Based Performance Evaluation Systems 
  • International Aspects of Managerial Accounting 

Homeland Security

  • Impact of Homeland Security Policies on Business Continuity 
  • Homeland Security—Business Planning 
  • Business Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis 

Information Systems Management

  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation Management 
  • IT for Competitive Advantage 

Popular DBA Specialization In the World

DBA In Supply Chain Management Online

DBA In Artificial Intelligence Online

DBA In Human Resource Online

DBA in Emerging Technologies Online

DBA Vs PhD: What is Better? 

There is a big doubt in the minds of the students who want to pursue the DBA. The first query that they get is What is the difference between a DBA and a PhD? And which of these two is better? So we have given a clear-cut difference between DBA and PhD by comparing every essential parameter.


DBA(Doctorate in Business Administration)

PhD in Business

Main Feature 

Combination of Applied Research and study of theoretical aspects related to real-time business issues. It mainly focuses on making a candidate ready to take up the job role right after the course completion with practical hands-on skills. 

The main focus is research-oriented studies by providing an in-depth understanding of the existing knowledge to create unique research work. 

Focus on

Students get Practical hands-on skills.

Candidates get an In-depth understanding of the existing work to create an original work.


It balances both applied skills and research study.

It highly focuses on research. 


The Main focus is not real-time business issues 

It emphasizes creating original research work.

Who can opt

Specially designed for working professionals in part-time mode or online mode. 

It requires students who are committed to give full time to research and studies. It can be pursued in Regular mode. 


Coursework+ Research

Research-oriented studies with fellowships and scholarships.

Career Opportunities

Academic Consultant, Research-Based Employment, Management Job Roles, Business Entrepreneur, Management Analyst, College Professor, Market Research Analyst and many more

Professorship jobs, and academic and teaching industry. 

Program Duration 

The duration of DBA is usually 3 to 5 years.

The duration for PhD is typically 5-6 years.

Admission Criteria 

Academic eligibility criteria with relevant work experience.

Academic eligibility criteria with research work and research proposal. 

Will I get the same Job Opportunities like PhD after pursuing a DBA?

Yes, the job opportunities are the same for the students enrolled in DBA or PhD as both are equally valued and carry the same status. After the completion of a Doctorate in Business administration, students get job opportunities in various areas. The students can explore many fields. Enroll Today | Doctoral Degree Online!

This course attracts business professionals from all around. They get a strong grip right from the theoretical aspects to the practical, which opens the gate to many opportunities. 

The students get the opportunity to work in various areas like: 

  • Academic Consultant:

The students can pursue DBA to continue as academic consultants. Such experts in business operations can work in the academic field as consultants. With their extensive knowledge, they can benefit the education professionals, parents, and students. 

  • Research-Based Employment:

If you are a person who is interested in research, you can get better job opportunities in universities, research institutions, and other non-university research areas. After completion of DBA enroll in some research institution that requires a candidate with the creative thinking to enhance the existing stock of knowledge and information. This process requires rigorous work of collection, organization, and final analysis. 

  • Management Job Roles:

DBA equips students with in-depth knowledge and skills that are highly required by organizations for candidates in senior positions. The DBA curriculum inculcates topics like leadership and strategy, management, and many more, that help students understand such job roles. Candidates learn essential skills like communication, problem-solving, empathy, motivation, time management, leadership, planning, strategic thinking ability, collaboration, and other technical skills.

  • Business Entrepreneur:

Candidates interested in business entrepreneurship opportunities can also pursue a DBA. After completion of the course, the candidate will be well equipped in various skills like business management, branding, marketing and networking, teamwork and leadership, communication and listening, and many more. 

  • Management Analyst:

The main role of the Management Analyst is to conduct in-depth research and then solve the existing loopholes to improve the efficiency of the organization. The role of the Management Analyst is to enhance the output of the company by working on all the existing inefficient areas. 

  • College Professor:

Doctorate in Business Administration is an expert who has expertise in topics. After the completion of the course, you can move ahead with the professorship in colleges, universities, or institutes. 

  • Market Research Analyst:

The role of the market research analyst is quite essential in all organizations. They are required by nearly all the institutions and organizations to use the data, and statistics for the enhanced output. They study the recent market trends and future threats. This is an amazing job role for the students with a good grip on research and analysis.

Doctoral Program (Working Professionals)

PhD for Working Professionals

PhD Online?

Distance PhD?

Part-Time PhD

DBA is a high-demand course that is opted for by many people who are looking to get better jobs and career opportunities in various organizations. You can opt for any Ph.D. in Business or DBA based on your career goals. Both are equivalent and add Dr. with your name and offer equal status and opportunities.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

DBA is a professional doctorate that has many specializations in its course program. 

It typically lasts for 3 to 5 years. It depends on the submission of the research papers.

Yes, a person with a DBA degree can become a professor in any university or institute.

It depends on your future goals. Students can get job-oriented and practical skills, while a PhD can be put by the students who are more aligned towards research studies.

Both are similar in the knowledge aspect but vary based on skills and market-oriented studies. Students who are interested in getting a job can opt for a DBA, however, students with research-oriented goals can go for a Ph.D.

Yes, after completion of DBA, you can add Dr. with your name.

Every query is essential.

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