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Is NMIMS Good for a Online/Distance MBA in Marketing? Detailed Guide 2023

Jan 30, 2023 10.4K Reads

NMIMS Online/Distance MBA in Marketing Management is a master in Business administration degree in marketing management that is a two-year degree that includes a study in overall management as well as skills that can improve marketing techniques.

It forces you to develop a detailed understanding of marketing techniques as well as a clear understanding of the subject matter. NMIMS is one of the best Universities offering distance MBA in marketing management programs available.

Distance and online MBA in Marketing enables the candidates to have various career opportunities in top MNCs and other private as well as government sectors. It acquires one of the best programs when it comes to talking about management courses.

Being a distance and online MBA in Marketing program you will get a job in every field of education. Since most aspirants choose to work and learn at the same time, a distance/online MBA in Marketing Management is one of the best programs for them.

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Also, some working professionals began their careers shortly after graduation, and now, after a few years of training, they are trying to add additional credentials in order to expand their employment prospects.

Why Only NMIMS Is the Best University For Distance/Online MBA In Marketing?

NMIMS offers a distance/online learning platform to its different aspirants under the banner of ASCE. It is a deemed-to-be university that was established in Mumbai in 1981 and now has Regional Centers in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

NMIMS offers a legitimate distance/online MBA in Marketing Management program since the university is UGC-DEB accredited and has earned NAAC accreditation with an ‘A+’ grade. It is one of the best universities in the world, providing all distance MBA programs with excellent learning opportunities and placement assistance to its students.

Distance/online MBA in Marketing Management from NMIMS University is one of the best choices taken by candidates as the university provides a great learning experience with extraordinary experienced faculty.

In NMIMS we have overall 600+ faculty members with 80+ PhD teachers, 400+ years of altogether experienced teachers, and 800+ industry experience combined faculty that are going to take live lectures, real-time experience, and also give you practical knowledge of the program.

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Also, the faculty is being qualified from the best institutes named IIM, and IIT. It is a category 1 UGC approved university, and 13000+ Alumni with their own experience in NMIMS University and how they started their success story with NMIMS University. Distance MBA in Marketing Management is one of the most famous programs and offers the highest paid job opportunities.

Benefits Of Distance/Online MBA In Marketing Management

  • Time Management– The course route for this distance MBA marketing management program is one of the most time-efficient programs available, allowing you to save time by not having to attend courses until you’ve enrolled. Furthermore, you can keep your schedule open when gathering some field experience.
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) provides an x-factor to distance learning since it includes features such as video recording courses, live lectures, E-books, and an electronic library, among others. As a result, with the excellent learning environment and the most recent updated curriculum, teaching becomes simpler and more advanced.
  • NMIMS provides placement support to all students pursuing a distance MBA in Marketing Management. This university offers almaconnect, a service that allows students to interact with seniors or alumni and hear about their accomplishments.
  • The fee structure of the campaign management gap is budget-friendly. It is not prohibitively costly to obtain an MBA. Distance learning courses are inexpensive in terms of both price and quantity, and most people in India can afford them.
  • Industry-Relevant Education– Since the Marketing Management Program’s distance is made up of a review of all aspects of marketing, both advanced and basic, students can have a thorough understanding of the entire curriculum.
  • Built for Working Professionals– Since a distance MBA in Marketing Management does not require daily college attendance and can be done online at any time and from any location, it is suitable for working professionals who wish to continue working while taking courses.

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Career Opportunities By Doing Distance/Online MBA In Marketing Management

Distance MBA in Marketing Management comprises various career opportunities with positions in top companies. If you wanted to make a career with the highest-paid job then marketing is the best move for you to take.

​Market Analyst
​Sales Manager
​Public Relations Director
​Brand Manager
​Product Manager
​Marketing Strategist
​Digital Marketing Executive
​Market Research Analyst
​Brand Manager
​Media Planner
​Advertising Manager

​Hiring Partners Of NMIMS For Distance/Online MBA In Marketing Management

Here is the list of top companies that hire candidates from NMIMS University for several positions. This list only can show why NMIMS University is best for the aspirants to do a distance MBA in marketing management.

​Goldman Sachs
​J.P. Morgan
​ITC Limited
​Asian Paints

NMIMS Distance/Online MBA Other Specialisations

By the read on this blog, you must have understood the value of a distance MBA in Marketing management and why NMIMS is one of the best universities to do the program. We tried to cover all the aspects that need to be taken while hustling for the right decision to make. Now it’s your decision to stick on it or can do more research.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, MBA in marketing management is one of the top programs as mostly chosen by the aspirants. It also allows you to have a high salary and secure jobs in top companies.

MBA in Marketing Management course students can get starting salary of approximately Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 11, 00,000 per annum.

MBA in marketing management is a field that has the highest job opportunities in the industry. Other than that we have MBA in finance, hr, business management.

MBA in Marketing is interesting for the candidates who have an interest in making a career in marketing and learning business as well as management skills.

Yes, NMIMS is a very good university for program Marketing management. The university is UGC-DEB approved and NAAC ‘A+’ accredited.

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