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Is the University of Mysore Online Good or Bad? Full Review and Facts

Jan 22, 2024 1.5K Reads

The University of Mysore is a state government university recognized by bodies like the UGC and AICTE that offers a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses to students in the online learning mode. The university is one of the most well-regarded universities in the state of Karnataka as well as across India.

If you are considering the University of Mysore as an option for higher education, you are at the right place. Find a complete review of the university and the courses here. Read to find out more.

About the University of Mysore Online

The University of Mysore has been an educational organization of repute and prestige through the decades and has now started providing full-time online courses (since 2014) to students to effectively meet the educational needs of the nation.

Difference Between Online Education & Distance Education

The University of Mysore was the first university to be established in the state of Karnataka and is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education in the subcontinent. Not only does it offer quality education to students, it does so in an affordable way so that higher education is accessible to a larger section of Indian society.

The latest education technology tools combined with years of excellence in providing education, and the online courses offered by the university are among the top options for online education in the nation.  Here are a few factors that make it a good alternative for online education in India. 

Key Factors to be Considered Before Applying for the Online University

Do you know various known or reputed regular universities have also started offering various programs in online mode due to the rapid growth of people choosing an online education? Yes, you heard it right, Institutes like IIMS also offer various programs in online mode. But, you must be very careful while selecting an online university because you can find 100+ fake online universities. To save yourself from such fraud, you must consider various factors. Some of the factors are mentioned below. Checking all these factors will ensure that you only choose a government-recognized university. 

You must check 

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • LMS 
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support Services 
  • Placement Assistance

Now, we will be discussing all the above factors in depth.

Accreditations of the University of Mysore Online

One of the prime features that you must check, because it ensures that your degree is valid. Because approvals ensure the quality education and validity of your degree, online universities must have approvals from statutory bodies like UGC-DEB, etc. 

Talking about the accreditations and approvals of the University of Mysore, it is one of the recognized universities, also known for its affordable online programs and also provides quality education. 

Approvals of mysore university

Courses offered by the University of Mysore Online

The University of Mysore offers degree and diploma programmes to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, along with a number of specializations in some of the courses.

Here are the details of the online programmes at the University of Mysore: 

Overview of University of Mysore Online

Key Features


Course Level

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Diploma Courses

Mode of Education


Approvals and Recognitions

  • AIU
  • NAAC (Rated ‘A’)
  • NIRF (Ranked 19th in India as of 2021)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Postgraduate Courses

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Diploma Courses 

  • Diploma Course in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Diploma Course in Computer Applications
  • Diploma Course in Management
  • Diploma Course in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma Course in Project Management 

The Fee Structure of the University of Mysore Online

In a nation like India, where many students still don’t have access to higher education due to financial constraints, affordability of education is one of the most important factors for building up an educated and skilled workforce. The University of Mysore offers undergraduate and postgraduate online courses at much lower costs to students as compared to other online universities and regular universities in an effort to make education pocket-friendly for students from a variety of backgrounds. 

This, combined with the expenses that are avoided due to relocation, etc. owing to the online mode of delivery, makes the courses much more cost-effective for students and working professionals alike.

All courses Fee Structure at the University of Mysore Online


Course Fee


INR 52,875


INR 34,875 


INR 52,875


INR 66,625


INR 38,625

MBA (Dual Specialization)

INR 62,625

MBA (General Management)

INR 2,02,940

MBA (Human Resource Management )

INR 92,625

MBA (Marketing Management)

INR 92,625

MBA (Financial Management)

INR  92,625

MBA (Supply Chain Management)

INR  92,625

MBA (Operations Management)

INR  92,625

MBA (Data Science and Business Analytics)

INR  92,625

MBA (Healthcare Administration)

INR  92,625

MBA (Pharma & Biotechnology)

INR  92,625

MBA (Information Technology Business Management)

INR  92,625

MBA (Entrepreneurship)

INR  92,625

MBA (Executive Leadership)

INR  92,625

MBA (Digital Marketing)

INR  92,625

MBA (Small & Medium Business Management)

INR  92,625

MBA (Hospital Administration in Strategy and Leadership) 

INR  92,625

Curriculum and Faculty of the University of Mysore Online

This is relevant in the context of online education as the pedagogy needs to be strong, well-designed, and user-friendly to ensure that the educational experience is meaningful and students comprehend the course.  At the University of Mysore, there is a dependence on multiple modes for teaching-learning, including digital learning materials, PowerPoint Presentations, e-books, open-access learning sources, etc. in addition to recorded lecture facilities that allow self-paced learning. So students can access the course conveniently at their own time and submit assignments and appear for examinations, all in the online mode, comfortably. 

Moreover, the faculty of the University of Mysore are experts in their respective fields and are well-qualified. You can easily connect with them through LMS and can resolve any doubts or issues easily. 

LMS of the University of Mysore Online

A strong learning pedagogy is essential for effective learning in an online course as these courses lack the typical classroom setting which fosters spontaneous interactions between peers, and teachers. On the other hand, in an online course, students and teachers rely on the internet and electronic medium to be able to interact. As a result, a strong and user-friendly interface is required to enable the students to learn effectively.

At the University of Mysore, there is a multimodal learning pedagogy. The university provides the students with an LMS (Learning Management System) as well as facilities such as recorded lectures and access to digital learning materials in the form of PPT presentations, e-books, pdfs as well as open-source reading links. So, the learning tools have been designed keeping in mind the needs of different students, enabling them to attend lectures from any location and at any time, at their convenience and pace. 

features of online mysore university

Student Support Services at the University of Mysore Online 

In order to ensure that students can have a convenient and hassle-free learning experience during the 2-3 years of their association with the university, there are a number of student support bodies in the university. Additionally, even before admission, students can seek career and admission counseling services from the university. 

So, there are a number of provisions that students can make use of to reach out to the concerned university authorities in case of queries or grievances. The major student support facilities of the University of Mysore have been listed below:

Students Support Bodies at the University of Mysore

Admission Counseling Body

Centre for Information Science and Technology (CIST)

Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC)

Administrative Services 

Authorities of the University 

Centre for Competitive Exams 

Centre for Proficiency Development and Placement Services (CPDPS) 

Employment, Information and Guidance Bureau 

Health Centre

International Centre

Internet Access



SC/ST Cell

Students welfare Body

Women’s Facilities Centre 

Anti-Ragging Centre 

Postal Services 

Placement assistance of the University of Mysore Online

The University of Mysore offers placement assistance to students. The university is recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Bureau (DEB).

Degrees obtained from the Centre of Distance Education at Shivaji University are fully approved by UGC-DEB, adding significant value in the job market. Graduates with these degrees have enhanced job prospects.

The university goes the extra mile by providing excellent placement support. Aspirants receive training in essential skills to excel in interviews. The university also recommends reputable companies to students, guiding them on where to apply for job opportunities.

Why Choose University of Mysore

You can avail various advantages if you choose the University of Mysore. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

  • Highly Reputed organization
  • Credibility of the Course
  • Affordable Education
  • Vast Student Support 
  • LMS

Some other Universities that you can consider-

Several other online and ODL universities in India are well-accredited. Here we have listed down some of the top options for you.

Other Distance Education Universities

Kakatiya University Distance Education

University of Calicut Distance Education

LPU Distance Education

Kerala University Distance Education

CCE UPES Distance Learning

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam - DDE

Bharathiar University Distance Education

Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana

Amity University Distance Education

Andhra University Distance Education

Kalyani University Distance Education

Madras University Distance Education

Punjabi University Distance Education

Annamalai University Distance Education

Rabindra Bharati University Distance Education

Chandigarh University Distance


 the university is one of the top government universities of India and has a good repute in terms of educational services. Both graduation and post-graduation level education is provided to students at the university in the online learning mode, along with a robust technological support base. It has a number of approvals and has been recognized as a credible university to offer fully online degree and diploma courses by the UGC-DEB. Overall, it can be considered a good.

There are 3 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate degree courses offered by the university in the full-time online learning mode-  BBA, BCA, B.Com, MBA, MCA, and M.Com along with 5 diploma courses. The courses are well-structured with an academically strong as well as industry-relevant curriculum. 

The university offers LMS support to students, and access to recorded lectures and digital learning materials, allowing self-paced learning and flexibility of education. There are a large number of student support features that allow students to easily clarify their doubts and concerns when needed. 

After reading the entire blog you can directly move on to take admission to the university. Students from anywhere can take admission and can also get the benefit of campus placements and other facilities. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the University of Mysore offers fully online courses for BBA, BCA, B.Com, MBA, MCA, M.Com and diploma courses.

Yes, since the online MBA programme at the University of Mysore is approved by the AICTE and is recognized by the UGC-DEB, it is a completely valid and credible degree course.

Yes, the online division of the University of Mysore is recognized and identified by the UGC-Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB).

Yes, University of Mysore (online) has all AICTE-approved courses.

The University of Mysore, the online branch has been established in 2014 and since, has gained major accreditations such as from UGC-DEB, AICTE, AIU, NAAC, NIRF etc. It has been recognized as one of the premier educational institutions of India and offers online courses with good learning support and student support features. So it can be considered to be a good online education university.

The cost for online MBA from the University of Mysore ranges between INR 60,000 to INR 2,03,000 depending on the specialization the student opts for.  

You can apply for the online courses of the University of Mysore by visiting the official website of the university (https://www.uni-mysore.in/) and then clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ tab on the top corner of the home page. Following this, the application procedure includes signing in with the university, filling the application form, attaching the digital copies of the necessary original documents and making the fee payment for the course. The admission of the candidate is then accordingly confirmed by the university.

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