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Is Online Degree Valid for UPSC IAS Exams? [Latest 2024]

Mar 8, 2024 2.4K Reads

Yes, an online degree from a recognized university degree is acceptable by the government for all purposes like higher education, jobs, and exams as well. Many people were curious whether the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) accepts the online degree or not. This commission conducts a variety of exams to hire people for Indian government positions.

UPSC karo with a Plan B Aur Suno Experts ki

In recent times, a rapid growth in online education, and people have been curious about the validity and acceptability of an online degree for these exams. So, the online degree is accepted by all government exams. Various aspects such as recognition, and program choice ( like medical and engineering programs are not allowed in online degrees), and many more. Those need to be considered and checked before enrolling in an Online Course. However, we will discuss all the aspects in this blog.

Union Public Service Commission Exam

The Union Public Service Commission Exam is also known as the UPSC exam. That is considered one of the most notable and competitive exams conducted by the Indian government. For those who want to enter the esteemed civil services of the nation, it acts as a doorway. The purpose of the test is to choose the right applicant for various administrative jobs, including Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Indian Police Services (IPS), and Indian Administrative Services (IAS)

The UPSC exam may be thought of as a tough exam that candidates must pass to be considered for important government positions. These positions require making crucial choices that can affect the whole nation, such as overseeing many ministries or speaking on behalf of India on the International stage. The examination is renowned for being difficult and demanding, and those who pass are seen to be some of the greatest and most intelligent people in the nation. It so functions as a key to some of the most significant and prestigious positions in the Indian government.

Eligibility Criteria for the UPSC Exam:

UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India and millions of students appear for the exam every year. To appear for the UPSC exam, people need to register for the application by filling in the eligibility criteria of the exam. The eligibility criteria might vary on various aspects as this exam is held across the nation. Some of the basic eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

  • Nationality Eligibility criteria:

The aspirants taking the UPSC exam for the IFS, IPS, or IAS must need to fulfill the nationality eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  1. Candidates must be a citizen of India
  2. A citizen or subject of Nepal/Bhutan
  3. Rufee from Tibet permanently settled in India on 1 January 1962
  4. Any Person of Indian origin who shifted back to India from Pakistan, Zambia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia, Vietnam.
  • Age Eligibility Criteria:

To apply for the UPSC exam, an individual must need to fulfill the basic age criteria, the basic eligibility for the UPSC exam is between 21 to 32 years and varies. Some of the Age Eligibility for various categories.

  1. The maximum age limit set for the OBC categories is 35 years.
  2. The maximum age limit set for the Sc and ST categories is 37 years
  3. The maximum age limit set for the PwD categories is 37 years
  4. The maximum age limit set for the ex-militarians who got early retirement due to any injury during their duty or war is 40 years.
  • Education Qualification Criteria:
  1. The basic education criteria for the UPSC exam is to have a bachelor’s degree from any government-approved university. The Online degree is also valid if the university is recognized by government councils. 
  2. Final Year students can also apply for the UPSC preliminary exams and after clearing the exam can submit the graduation result proof.
  3. Students who have degrees in ICAI, ICWAI, and ICSI from a recognized council can also apply for the exam.
  4. Final-year students of Medical courses who completed their MBBS degree and left with the internship can also apply for the UPSC exam.

If you fulfill all the eligibility criteria for the UPSC exams but have no graduate degree. Then, you can obtain the Online degree as it contains the same  Validation and acceptance. There are various online and distance universities, that are approved by the government education councils.

Can I apply for UPSC Exams with my Online Degree?

Yes, you may apply for UPSC examinations if you have finished an online degree. Applicants for the UPSC examinations might come from a variety of educational backgrounds. You can apply regardless of how you completed your degree online or through any other more conventional method as long the university is recognized by the government councils. Rather than the mode of education, UPSC aspirants place greater emphasis on the quality and recognition of the degree. Thus, you may apply for UPSC examinations with confidence and start your path to a career in public services provided you have successfully finished your online degree and fulfilled the other criteria required for the exam.

Why should go for an Online Degree?

Obtaining a degree online is similar to attending classes virtually.  You learn and receive your education through your device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone not by regularly sitting in a classroom. With this mode of education, you may attend classes from any location or preference with the help of an Internet connection. 

You may interact with your professors online, Complete your assignments, and attend lectures. You may set your studying hours and complete your coursework at your own pace, making it an adaptable method of earning a degree. Therefore, obtaining an online degree is like receiving an education over the Internet, allowing you to study and graduate without attending a traditional classroom.

Can I do UPSC preparation after the 12th?

Yes. You can start preparing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) test after passing your 12th grade. After clearing the 12th exam then students are eligible to start the preparation for the UPSC exam. However, they are not eligible to appear for the exam, to register for the exam students need to complete their bachelor’s degree first. You can start preparing for the UPSC after the 12th by enrolling in the online degree program of your choice and setting up a time for flexible study. Enhance your exam-taking abilities by practicing answering previous years' question papers and using dependable study tools. Participating in online platforms or coaching sessions can offer direction and understanding of the test format.

Gaining practice in writing and analysis is essential because the UPSC exam consists of both written and interview sections. A systematic approach to completing the extensive material, along with consistent work and attention, will play a major role in your success in the UPSC test. After completing the online graduation degree after 3 years they can appear for the UPSC exam as well. 

Some of the popular online graduation Degrees after the 12th are mentioned below:

Online BCA

Online B.Com

Online B.Sc

Online BBA

Online BBA Dual

Online BA

Online BA Hons

Online B.Com Hons

Online B.Sc Hons


Note:  Apart from these graduate degrees other graduates in engineering or another degree can also apply for the UPSC exams. 

Accreditations Required for Online Degree Validation?

A degree obtained online is equally recognized and accepted as one obtained through traditional on-campus instruction. Many companies educational organizations and government exams accept online degrees. They are just as important and valuable as regular degrees. But only if those online degrees are opted for by the government UGC-approved online or distance  universities. Some of the major accreditations of government bodies for online education is mentioned below:

  • UGC-DEB Approval
  • NAAC Approval
  • AICTE Approval

The University Grants Commission (UGC) plays an important aspect in overseeing and enhancing India's higher education system. They develop rules and guidelines for all modes of universities and serve as a compass for educational institutions within the system. In 2018 UGC established the basic criteria for offering online certificates, diplomas, and degrees by the online university that, they need to be authorized by UGC. Additionally, they outline the minimum standards for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, along with two-year postgraduate diplomas. The UGC functions as a regulator for higher education in regular, open, and distance learning (ODL) mode, encompassing technical education in universities and affiliated colleges. Likewise, the UGC identifies and supports recognized universities and colleges by providing funds to facilitate their educational pursuits. Here is the notice from UGC regarding the online degree validation in Government exams.

Therefore, if you’re wondering if earning a degree online is genuine, you can be satisfied that it’s respectable and acceptable. An online degree is one of the best options to fulfill your academic or professional objectives.

Which Online Courses is best for UPSC aspirants?

It is important for UPSC candidates looking for online courses to choose the best ones to improve their readiness. The best options are frequently those that cover all the topics included in the UPSC test syllabus in detail. Training programs with high-quality materials, engaging exercises, and professional advice are helpful. Platforms that facilitate effective comprehension by presenting the content in an easily comprehensible way ought to be given precedence by aspirants. 

Evaluation of one's development and preparedness for the UPSC exam can also be facilitated by courses that include frequent assessments and practice exams. The finest online courses for UPSC preparation are ultimately those that are personalized to the individual needs of the candidates, encouraging a comprehensive comprehension of the material and an organized strategy for test preparation.

While preparing for UPSC individuals might think about a second option or backup profession option for that reason they can opt for an online master's program in various subjects and earn a degree that helps them in the future get into any other professionals like banking, teachers, writer, and many more 

Some of the popular online courses are mentioned below:

Online MBA

Online Executive MBA

1 Year MBA Online

Online MCA

Online M.Com

Online M.Sc

Online MA

Online Global MBA

Online MS

Online MBA Dual

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, provided the University Grants Commission (UGC) recognizes the degree, UPSC would accept degrees earned through distance learning or online courses.

If an online degree meets the exam's educational requirements and has been approved by UGC, then it is acceptable for UPSC credit.

Yes, UPSC recognizes degrees earned through online courses as long as they satisfy the necessary educational requirements and UGC recognition standards.

No, as long as the degrees are from UGC-recognized universities and satisfy the specified qualifying requirements, UPSC accepts online degrees on par with traditional degrees.

If a degree is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), then UPSC will accept it, regardless of whether it was achieved online or at another international university

A lot of individuals choose to pursue online degrees to prepare for the UPSC. Ensuring the degree is from a UGC-accredited school and fulfills the educational requirements for UPSC eligibility is crucial.

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