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online bsc program

Updated at : April 4, 2024

Online B.Sc Program

The Online B.Sc Program, or Bachelor of Science, is a 3-year undergraduate degree program that lets students earn a Bachelor's degree in various scientific fields through online learning tools. This way of learning has the same content and academic rigour as standard B.Sc programs in college, but it also gives you the option to study from home.

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3 Years

Eligibility info

12th pass out or Equivalent

Higher education has changed significantly with the rise of online learning tools and the Online B.Sc. Program is at the forefront of this change. This new way of teaching has gotten much attention because of how flexible, accessible, and varied its program is. Students in online B.Sc programs can use digital tools to get course materials, lectures, homework, and engaging activities. This makes it easy for students to fit their studies into their plans, which is great for people who work, have families, or have other responsibilities.

Online B.Sc programs cover a wide range of science topics, such as Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Environmental Science, and Psychology, but not just those. The practical parts of these programs, like virtual labs, exercises, and hands-on projects, ensure that students learn theory and practical skills in their field.

Why Online B.Sc?

Online B.Sc graduates get the same degree and academic recognition as those who went to school on campus. Institutions with a good reputation that offer these programs have high educational standards and are often accredited. This lets students know that the education they get is good and reliable.

Pursuing an online B.Sc program offers an array of benefits to individuals. Not only can we manage our work life and studies, but we can also pursue other things simultaneously. Online learning has always served an individual with a range of benefits. So, let’s know about some of the benefits of this program.

  • Learn while earning: The major benefit of pursuing an online course is learning the core of their subjects and earning professional experience. The same is the case with this program; also, one can easily manage their learning along with their job due to the flexible learning environment provided.
  • Study at your own pace: While pursuing the online B.Sc course, due to easily accessible self-learning materials, one can learn at their own pace. There is no hustle present in the case of this mode of learning.
  • Learn from your comfort: There is no rush of waking up early to rush to the college or relocate from your home to a college as online mode provides the student with the benefit of learning from their comfort and space. There is no need to roam around or stress about the traveling and lodging charges as it gets automatically covered in this learning mode.
  • Affordable learning: The courses offered via online mode are provided at quite affordable prices that suit everyone’s budget. So, it is a great advantage compared to the regular B.Sc programs.

So, one must try out the online B.Sc programs to avail of their varied benefits. One can visit the College Vidya Portal to choose and compare the colleges and universities offering this course online.

Who Should Pursue Online B.Sc?

Online BSc programs are a flexible learning method that can help many people. The following groups of people should think about getting an online BSc:

  • Recent High School Graduates or Working Professionals: An online B.Sc gives people who just passed their 12th or already have jobs the freedom to move up in their careers by getting new skills or accomplishments without taking time away from work.
  • People who want to be scientists and researchers: Anyone who loves science, whether it's biology, chemistry, or physics, can get an online B.Sc to prepare for future scientific study or graduate school.
  • Change Your Career: If you want to change careers, an online B.Sc degree can give you the skills and credentials you need to switch easily.
  • Busy Parents: Parents who have to take care of their kids and do housework can benefit from the freedom of online learning, which lets them reach their educational goals while doing these things.
  • Geographically Restricted People: Online B.Sc programs provide a good education for people who live in rural places or can't get into traditional colleges.

When to do an Online B.Sc?

For each person, the best time to start an online B.Sc program is one that is open and fits their goals and circumstances. Many students start their Online B.Sc studies right after finishing high school. This starts them on their path to becoming scientists early in life. People who are already working often choose to get an online B.Sc while working to improve their skills and job possibilities.

Some people choose to get an online B.Sc later in life to study a new interest, change careers, or improve their lives. Students can choose a time that works for them based on their life stages, goals, and the need to learn about science because online education is flexible.

Key Highlights of Online B.Sc In India

  • Online B.Sc programs allow you to access classes, study materials, and projects when most convenient. This makes them suitable for people with different schedules.
  • Geographical borders are broken so students can participate in prestigious schools worldwide without moving.
  • Tailored learning choices, self-paced classes, and personalized suggestions make for a unique and effective learning trip.
  • Many online B.Sc programs, like virtual labs and exercises, have hands-on parts that help students learn real-world skills.
  • Students and teachers can connect worldwide through interactive talks, group projects, and virtual meetings.
  • Online B.Sc programs are cheaper because you don't have to pay for transportation or school resources.
  • Graduates easily learn how to use digital tools and online platforms, which are important skills in the digital age we live in now.
  • Graduates from approved schools get the same degree and academic recognition as their on-campus peers.
  • Online schools with a good reputation stick to high educational standards, which keeps the quality of education high.
  • Online B.Sc programs cover various science fields, so students can choose an area that fits their hobbies and job goals.

Online B.Sc Course Subjects

The curriculum of an online B.Sc program depends on the area of study chosen. Still, it usually includes required classes, electives, and practical work. Here's a general idea of what you might find on an Online B.Sc program's course list:

Introduction to Programming

Data Structures


Computer Networks

Elective Courses

Practical Components

Communication Skills

Critical Thinking

Social Sciences

Technology and Tools

Top Specializations in Online B.Sc

Many different specializations are available in online B.Sc programs so that they can fit a wide range of science hobbies and job goals. Here are some of the best in-demand BSc specializations you can choose from:

Online B.Sc In Information Technology

Online B.Sc in Computer Science

Online B.Sc in Data Science & AI

Other Types of B.Sc

Certainly, in addition to online B.Sc programs, there are a variety of other types of B.Sc programs accessible, each of which provides a different set of educational opportunities:

  • On-Campus Regular B.Sc: Regular B.Sc programs offer the typical college experience. Students attend classes at a university or college, where they can talk to professors and other students in person. This format gives you a structured place to learn and gives you access to tools and buildings on campus.

Top Universities for Online B.Sc As Per NIRF Ranking 2023

Here is a list of the top best universities in India as per the NIRF Ranking 2023:


NIRF 2023 Ranking in University Category

Indian Institute of Science


Jawaharlal Nehru University


Jamia Millia Islamia


Jadavpur University


Banaras Hindu University


Manipal Academy of Higher Education-Manipal


Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


Vellore Institute of Technology


Aligarh Muslim University


University of Hyderabad


  • Part-Time B.Sc: Part-time B.Sc programs are designed for people who want to get their B.Sc degree but also have to work or take care of other obligations. These programs usually have lessons in the evenings or on the weekends so that they can work with the schedules of busy people and workers.
  • Distance B.Sc: Students who need the freedom to study from afar can enroll in distance B.Sc programs. Printed papers, online resources, and sometimes tests given in person are what they usually use. This method works especially well for people who can't usually go to classes on campus because of where they live or other reasons. But in this BSc program, students must be available at the campus for the semester-wise examinations.

Top 5 Affordable Universities for Distance B.Sc


Distance B.Sc Starting Fees


INR 5,500 - INR 14,500

LPU Online

INR 12,000

Annamalai University Online

INR 7,000

Jaipur National University

INR 17,000


INR 7,000

Each type of B.Sc program has its benefits and is made to fit the wants and tastes of different pupils. You can find a B.Sc program that fits your educational goals and lifestyle, whether you value freedom, face-to-face meetings, part-time study, or learning from home. The table below enlists the key differences between a regular, distance, online, & part-time BSc:


Regular B.Sc

Distance B.Sc

Online B.Sc

Part-Time B.Sc

Mode of Learning

On-Campus, in-person

Remote, self-paced

Online, digital

On-Campus/Online, flexible

Classroom Presence

Yes, in-person classes

No, entirely remote

No, entirely remote

Yes, in-person or online


Fixed class schedule

Flexible, self-paced

Flexible, self-paced

Evening/Weekend classes

Geographical Location

Requires physical presence

Study from anywhere

Study from anywhere

Study from campus or home


Face-to-face with peers

Limited or virtual peers

Virtual, online peers

Face-to-face or virtual

Access to Resources

On-campus facilities

Limited, primarily online

Online resources

On-campus and online

Work Compatibility

Challenging for full-time

Compatible with work

Compatible with work

Designed for working adults

Typical Duration

3-4 years full-time

Variable, self-paced

Variable, self-paced

4-6 years part-time

Online B.Sc Eligibility Requirements

The requirements for an online B.Sc program rely on the university and the field of study. Most of the time, candidates must have a 10+2 degree or the equivalent with a minimum GPA. Some programs also need you to have studied certain topics in high school or be fluent in a certain language. To ensure you're eligible for the school you're interested in, you must look at its unique requirements.

Online B.Sc Duration

Online B.Sc studies usually last 3 to 4 years, the same length as standard B.Sc programs on campus. The actual length of time can change depending on the study area, the number of points needed to graduate, and whether the student attends school full-time or part-time. Some programs may have accelerated choices that let students finish the degree in less time, while others offer open schedules for people with other obligations.

Skills Required for Online B.Sc

Getting into an online B.Sc program requires certain skills and traits to make the most of the online classroom. You need to be able to do this:

  • Since there are no class times for online learning, you need to be self-motivated and stick to a study plan.
  • Handling your time well is important to balance schoolwork with other obligations, especially if you work or go to school part-time.
  • You must know how to use computers, software, and online tools to access course materials, participate in virtual classrooms, and complete tasks.
  • Writing is important for online groups, talks, and emails with teachers and peers.
  • Many online B.Sc programs ask students to research, so it's important to find, analyze, and properly cite sources.
  • You need to think critically to solve hard problems and understand scientific ideas.
  • Because online classrooms are always changing, it's helpful to change with them and figure out technology problems.

B.Sc Entrance Exams 2024

The following is a list of some of the most prevalent admission examinations for B.Sc degrees in India:

DU JAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test)

IPU CET (Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test)

CUET (Common University Entrance Test)

SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)

NPAT (NMIMS Programs After Twelfth)

UGAT (Under Graduate Aptitude Test)

DU JAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test)

SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)

Recommended Books:

Book Title


Introduction to Algorithms

Thomas H. Cormen

Campbell Biology

Jane B. Reece

University Physics with Modern Physics

Hugh D. Young

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering

K.F. Riley

Environmental Science: A Study of Interrelationships

Eldon Enger

Chemistry: The Central Science

Theodore L. Brown

Information Technology Project Management

Kathy Schwalbe

Python for Data Analysis

Wes McKinney

Principles of Genetic Engineering

Robert J. Brooker


Peter O. Gray

Online B.Sc Academic Fees

Online B.Sc program fees can cost anywhere from 10,000 to 90,000 INR for domestic students, and for international applicants, it usually starts to form $ 1,000. The costs change depending on things like the name of the university providing the program, the area of study, the quality of the program, and any extra costs. It's important to remember that tuition prices might not be the only cost. You might also have to pay for study tools, technology, etc. Prospective students should carefully review the institution's fee split to decide how to pay for their education.

Online B.Sc Admission Procedure

Complete the Online Application Form with the requested information to enroll in the Online B.Sc Program. After this, the university will send your login information to the email address or phone number you gave. This will let you move forward in the admissions process. Ensure you fill out the form correctly and with all the correct information. Go ahead and upload the necessary papers.

online bsc course admission procedure

Once you've finished the other steps, you can finish the process by paying the required fee. This is easy to do with Net Banking, a Debit Card, or a Credit Card. Carefully look over the whole application form before submitting it. After carefully studying and confirming the information, the university will confirm admission by phone or email.

Why Opt for an Education Loan for an Online B.Sc?

Many universities and educational institutes that offer Online B.Sc programs offer ways to pay for them, like scholarships, loans, or open EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) plans. These rules are meant to help students with their finances and make getting a good education easier. Prospective students should contact the school they want to attend and ask about financial aid and EMI choices. This will help them find ways to pay for their education and meet their other financial obligations.

Is Online B.Sc Worth It?

The choice to enroll in an Online B.Sc Program is a big one that depends on each person's goals and circumstances. Online B.Sc programs have many benefits, such as being flexible, easy to get to, and full of different learning methods. They give students the power to balance education with other responsibilities and teach them how to learn independently. Often, the curriculum is the same as that of standard schools, and it covers basic science ideas. But to succeed, you need self-discipline, good time management, and a stable internet connection.

Whether or not an online B.Sc program is worth it depends on how well it fits your learning goals and tastes. It works well for people who like technology, are self-motivated, and want freedom. Students can learn useful skills, make connections worldwide, and prepare for jobs in various science fields. Accredited classes from well-known universities guarantee a good education. Prospective students should think about how credible the program is, how they learn, and what they want to do with their careers when deciding if the program is worth it. In the end, an Online B.Sc program can be a good way for people to get a complete education while keeping up with the needs of a changing world.

Job Opportunities For Online B.Sc Degree

Graduates can access various job prospects After completing an Online B.Sc program. After finishing this, one can continue their education at a higher level or search for work in this industry. Employment opportunities may be found in a wide variety of industries and specializations, including

popular job roles after bsc online course

Popular Job Roles that one can pursue after completing this course:

Scientific Assistant

Research Scientist

Quality Control Manager

Market Research Analyst

Computer Programmers


Treasury Specialist

Software Developer

Food Inspector

Technical Writer



Top Recruiters

Top employers in many fields want to hire people who have finished the online B.Sc program. Leading technology businesses like Microsoft, Google, and IBM value the technical skills and adaptability that online science schools teach. Also, research institutions, environmental agencies, and healthcare organizations value the knowledge and experience that online B.Sc graduates bring.

Let's clear up some doubts about Online B.Sc

Yes, it is totally worth it to do this course in online mode. Online mode of learning has several benefits as compared to offline learning.

The average fee for this course ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.13,000 per semester, depending upon the university to which one wants to take admission.

The duration of this course is three years divided into six semesters, And the maximum time to complete this course is six years.

No, a science background is not necessary for pursuing this program.

Almost all kinds of programs are eligible for an education loan. Whether it is an undergraduate program, postgraduate program, training course, diploma program, or certificate course, all kinds of programs are eligible for an education loan.

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