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Online MBA Fees 2024– Affordable Online MBA Colleges List

Dec 9, 2023 15.6K Reads

Online MBA fee is one of the primary reasons why not just working professionals but even freshers prefer to pursue MBA in online mode. Online MBA has become quite a popular course not just in India but worldwide as it offers an MBA degree at a much lesser cost. 

Online MBA Fee Overview 2024

The myth that an online MBA is not as good as a regular MBA has been busting recently with the amazing ROI it provides against the small amount of fee it takes. However, you must be very careful between an online MBA and a distance MBA. 

The fee for a distance MBA is even less than an online MBA but that is because there are no classes. You are just provided with the books and other study material and then you just have to come for the offline exams. On the other hand, an online MBA offers live classes or recorded lectures along with study material which you can access at any time and from anywhere through the online Learning Management System (LMS). The exams for online MBA are also conducted online. 

Hence, the fee for an online MBA is a little more than a distance MBA, but for all the right reasons as there are additional benefits like online webinars, interactive sessions, industry-oriented projects, etc that provide the right exposure needed for an MBA.   

What is the Fee for Online MBA?

The fee for an online MBA varies depending upon the institute and the type of services that it offers. There are certain prestigious universities like IIM Ahmedabad that offer online MBA but at a similar cost as their regular MBA program. But there is no need to worry as there are other top colleges that offer online MBA in various specialisations but at a much much lower fee than the regular MBA. 

The fee for online MBA ranges from INR 1.5 lakh to 2.6 lakh for most universities. These universities offer the facilities of online live/ recorded lectures and study material to be accessed at any time. There are also networking facilities like webinars, online interactive sessions with industry veterans, real-world projects, placement and other career support. All of these facilities are included within this fee. There are no other additional fees. Hence, the popularity of online MBA. 

Further we have discussed the detailed fee structure of some of the universities that provide the best online MBA curriculum in the country for you to get a clearer idea.    

Most Affordable Online MBA Universities – 2024

Being Affordable is not the only factor that we must look upon while choosing an online university. The university must offer a good online MBA curriculum as well which is worth the time and money of the students. We have described the detailed fee structure for the most affordable online MBA program at various top universities in India one by one below.

Most Affordable Online MBA Universities

NMIMS University

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies offers an online MBA for 2 years as well as an Executive MBA for 1 year.  The detailed fee structure for both of them is as follows:

Online MBA (2 years)

The admission processing fee is INR 1,200/- which is to be paid during registration. As for the tuition fee, there are three ways to pay- 

  • Semester-wise payment
  • Year-wise payment
  • One time payment of the entire program fee

The students get a discount if they pay the tuition fee year-wise. They get an even greater discount if the entire tuition fee is paid at once. The details are as follows. 

  Pro Mode (live classes + video recorded lectures) Prime Mode (only video recorded lectures)
Fee per Semester (in INR) 41,000/- 35,000/-
Total  1,64,000/- 1,40,000/-
Fee per Year (in INR) 77,500/- 65,500/-
Total  1,55,000/- 1,31,000/-
One time Fee Payment  1,44,ooo/- 1,20,000/-

Online Executive MBA (1 year)

The application fee for online Executive MBA at NMIMS is INR 1500/- which is to be paid at the time of registration. The program fee for the same is INR 4 lakh. The tuition fee is the same regardless of how you pay it, whether semester-wise, year-wise, or at one time. 

Amity University

Amity University offers an online MBA (2 years) in General and in 5 different specialisations as well. There are three ways in which you can pay the program fee- 

  1. Semester-wise
  2. Year-wise
  3. One Time Payment 

At Amity University Online MBA, you get a discount if you pay the fee year-wise, and you get an even greater discount if you pay it in one go. The detailed fee structure for the same is as follows:

Semester Fee 1st Semester ₹70,000/-
  2nd Semester ₹70,000/-
  3rd Semester ₹70,000/-
  4th Semester ₹70,000/-
  Total ₹2,80,000/-
Annual Fee 1st Year ₹1,32,000/-
  2nd Year ₹1,32,000/-
  Total ₹2,64,000/-
One Time Payment Total ₹2,55,000/-

Lovely Professional University (LPU)

Lovely Professional University (LPU) located in Jalandhar is one of the rising universities in India and they have maintained the same standard in their online programs as well. The university provides first-class facilities at a minimal cost. The university even gives discount benefits to students who decide to pay the fee lumpsum, which means the entire program fee can be paid in one go. All the details regarding the fee structure are as follows.

Category Fee 
Program Fee (per sem) ₹35,000/-
Exam Fee (per sem) ₹4,000/-
Total (per sem) ₹39,000/- 
Total Program Fee ₹1,56,000/-
Total Fee (if paid lumpsum) ₹1,42,000/-
Early Decision Benefit 
Program Fee (per sem) ₹26,250/-
Exam Fee (per sem) ₹4,000/-
Total (per sem) ₹30,250/- 
Total Program Fee ₹1,21,000/-
Total Fee (if paid lumpsum) ₹1,07,000/-

Chandigarh University (Online)

Chandigarh University with its online MBA program offers a great opportunity to students who are looking for an affordable yet good online MBA degree. Here, you have the option to pay the program fee in two ways. You can either pay semester-wise, or you can make a yearly payment. The details for the same are as follows.    

Fee  Semester Fee 
Program Fee (per sem) ₹50,000/-
Total Program Fee ₹2,00,000/- 
Program Fee (per year) ₹1,00,000/-
Total Program Fee ₹2,00,000/- 


The UPES University located in Dehradun offers numerous specialisations for their online MBA program. The fee structure is different for different specialisations. Given below are the details for the same. 

Specialisation Fee per Semester (in INR) Total Program Fee (in INR) 
Human Resource  33,750/- 1,35,000/-
International Business
Logistics Supply Chain Management 
Business Analytics 
Oil and Gas  37,500/- 1,50,000/-
Power Management 
Aviation Management 

Jain University (Online)

Jain University is another good university that offers an affordable online MBA (2 years). The university offers a good variety of MBA disciplines with a total of 14 specialisations. The program fee for online MBA at Jain Online University is as follows.

Fee per Semester (in INR)  Total Fee (in INR)
35,000/- 1,40,000/-

Manipal University

Manipal University (online) offers an online MBA program in 8 different specialisations. Fee payment options offered by Manipal are quite flexible to allow students to pay in instalments semester-wise or through other options such as zero-cost EMIs. The fee structure for online MBA at Manipal university is given below. 

Fee per Semester (in INR)  Total Fee (in INR)
37,500/- 1,50,000/-

Online MBA Fee Payment Options 

It is quite easy to pay the program fee for an online MBA as the online universities provide different options for the benefit of all their applicants. There are usually two options provided by the universities. 

  • Online

One is the online payment method. With this method you can pay the fee using Internet Banking or by using other online payment options like UPI. This method allows you to make the payment comfortably from home with just a few clicks. 

  • Demand Draft

The second method is paying the fee through a demand draft. The bank details of the account where you have to transfer the money is provided on the university official website (online). For this method, you have to go to the bank to process the payment.     

Online MBA Placement

All the top universities that offer online MBA have tie-ups with big companies to help their students with their placements. As per recent trends, the average package of students who completed their online MBA degree from good online universities was between INR 5-6 lakh. Besides, a great escalation was seen in the salaries and promotions of working professionals. Read: Online MBA Salary.

The universities provide full assistance to their students during placement drives in the following ways.

  • Helping to build an outstanding CV and Cover-letter
  • Helping students to identify their career path and then guide them on the same. 
  • Providing customised attention to each student through one-on-one doubt sessions and mock interviews. 
  • Helping build a better network by organising webinars with industrialists from around the world, alumni meets, and real industry projects.  

Online MBA ROI

As already discussed above, the average package of online MBA graduates is between INR 5-6 lakh against the program fee that ranges from INR 1.5-2.5 Lakh. So naturally, the Return on your Investments (ROI) is enormous as it is almost double the initial investment. This is the primary reason why online MBA is in demand today. 

The prejudice that online MBA is not worth your time and investments has been proven wrong because of the advancements in the technological world in recent times. Earlier it was difficult to connect and communicate with a large group of people online, but today, due to the sudden pandemic hitting the world, numerous online platforms came up with solutions to this problem. Read: Is Online MBA Worth It?

Today, you are facilitated with all the necessary guidance you require just like in a regular MBA. The only differentiating factor is that everything is completely virtual. The online MBA can be considered a blessing in disguise as you have the chance to connect with people sitting on the other side of the planet virtually. The world is evolving and so are the education systems. 


With all that being said, there is one thing that the aspirants must remember. All the information and insights given in this blog are true for only authentic online universities and not the numerous fake ones. It is crucial to be wary of such fake online universities. You can visit the College Vidya website and find all the authentic online universities. There are more than 50 online universities for you to discover and compare until you find the one that is right for you!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The online MBA fee is different across colleges. The total fee for an online MBA lies between 1.5 lac and 2.5 lac.

The average package of online MBA graduates is between INR 5-6 lakh against the program fee which ranges from INR 1.5-2.5 Lakh. So naturally, the Return on your Investments (ROI) is enormous as it is almost double the initial investment. This is the primary reason why an online MBA is in demand today.

NMIMS and Jain online university offer the cheapest and great quality online MBA programs in India. 

Some of the best as well as most affordable online MBA colleges in India are- NMIMS, LPU, Amity, UPES, Jain online, Chandigarh online, and Manipal online.

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