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PGDM Online/Distance Learning – Two Years Programme

Dec 9, 2023 13.4K Reads

The distance or online learning PGDM is similar to regular PGDM. The curriculum, the syllabus, and the validity of the course in both distance learning and regular learning are the same.

There are lots of things that you will learn from the online or distance PGDM course about management that you can use in your ongoing job to better thrive. In this Blog here is the whole information that one should know about the PGDM online/distance course. Before stepping into it give it a read.

What is Distance/Online Learning PGDM?

Online/distance PGDM is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programme. This course can be done by distance learning or online mode. Distance/online PGDM is designed for the students who are enrolled in jobs or any activity related to their career and don’t have time to do post-graduation after graduation.

They want to grasp more knowledge for a better career. The online/distance PGDM course is specialized in management topics like Marketing Management, Organizational Behaviour, Business Economics, etc. The course will help students to think logically and practically at the same time.

This improves the power of thinking of the candidate that will help them to intensify their path of career. Post-graduation is a diploma based course that can boost the career of a person at a high speed.

The PGDM distance/online education course is a 2 years professional postgraduate diploma basis course and can be completed in 4 years. The candidate must complete their graduation in any field from a recognized university to get admission to the PGDM course.

The procedure of admission in online/distance PGDM is based on a graduate degree of at least 50%.

The candidate needs to clear any of the entrance exams for regular PGDM courses like CAT, XAT, MAT, and GMAT to take admission to the PGDM course.

The best part of opting distance/online PGDM course is you can pursue this course for completing post-graduation, no matter what was your field at the time of graduation. Whether you are from the Humanities field or the commerce field you can choose the PGDM course.

After doing the distance PGDM course the student will be able to describe and analyze the critical problems related to business management and can get the solutions for those critical problems effortlessly.

The study of management can change the lifestyle of a person in the professional world. They become more diplomatic, and professional, their writing and oral skills become more proficient, their presentation will be augmented, etc.

This course will help you to make the decision wisely. Distance/online learning is great for doing PGDM as you can pursue this course along with your jobs. Doing Job and learning management simultaneously can help you to get up to grade about all the things related to management.

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Distance/Online PGDM Courses 2024

Distance/online PGDM courses are similar to regular PGDM courses. The main topics that are covered in PGDM courses are Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, and Business Analytics.

After completing this course candidates can go into the field of marketing, sales department, financial analyst, business administrator, product manager, etc. Online/Distance PGDM course is divided into 2 years course subdivided into 4 semesters.

​Online/Distance PGDM Eligibility 2024

The eligibility criteria for the Distance/Online PGDM course is the candidate must have the degree of the bachelorette in any field from a recognized university with 50% or above marks. The minimum marks criteria are based on college to college and there is also relaxation for the reserved category candidates.

Depending on colleges and universities the candidate needs to clear the entrance exam namely CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, CMAT, any of them.

Some of the universities conduct the written examination for the entrance and personal or face to face interviews of the candidates for admission in Distance/online PGDM courses. Fundamentally admission for this course depends on the colleges or cut-offs of one of the above-written entrance exams.

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Distance/Online PGDM Specializations 2024

Some specialized courses come under the online/distance Post-Graduate Diploma in Management that candidates will choose in the PGDM online/distance course. These courses are specialized in different fields. Candidates can choose one of them according to their interests. The list of these courses are listed here:-

  • PGDM in Marketing
  • PGDM in Finance
  • PGDM in Human resources
  • PGDM in Operations
  • PGDM in Information and Technology
  • PGDM in Research and Analytics
  • PGDM in International Finance
  • PGDM in Enterprises Management
  • PGDM in Supply Chain and Logistic
  • PGDM in International Business

​Online/Distance PGDM Course Structure/Syllabus 2024

The structure and the syllabus of the distance/online PGDM course are similar to the regular PGDM course. The distance/online PGDM is a 2 Years duration course that is subdivided into 4 semesters.

In the first year, the student will gain knowledge about all the aspects of management and then in the second year, the student has the choice to select the specialized courses according to their interest. This is the whole structure of the distance/online PGDM course.

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There are different subjects every semester based on the main topics Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, and Business Analytics. The whole syllabus is listed below semester wise:-


Benefits of Distance/Online PGDM 2024

  • The distance/online PGDM is preferable to the regular PGDM course. The distance courses make it convenient for the candidates who are engaging in jobs and other activities along with the education to pursue further studies after graduation. The degree is the same for both distance learning and the regular course so it will upgrade their path to success.
  • PGDM distance/online learning course is profitable as it is a cost-effective course. The regular PGDM cost is higher than the distance PGDM course and some candidates could not afford that much. So distance learning makes it facile for those candidates who can’t afford that much fees to pursue further studies.
  • Contrasting from the regular classroom education PGDM online/distance education is more flexible than taking classes on the regular basis. There is time flexibility for the learners in distance learning education. Learners have this facility to learn whenever and wherever they want.
  • The PGDM course is another step of the stair of your career. This course will give a boost to your career as it will build up your knowledge about management and business. That will help you to get a good salary package even if you can start your own business by using the strategies that you will learn in the PGDM course.
  • The PGDM course is for all the students whether they are from a commerce background or an art background. Students can choose this course according to their interests. If the students are interested in doing the PGDM course they just need to crack the entrance examinations and then they can go for it.
  • According to the new guidelines, you can pursue two courses together. If you are doing online/distance learning PGDM you can pursue the regular course in another subject along with that. In the old guidelines, it was the drawback that if you are doing a regular course coupled with the distance learning course that will be not valid. But now that is resolved and the candidate can pursue both distance and regular courses of different subjects together.
  • After doing the PGDM course there are lots of job opportunities that will open for job seekers. They can go abroad for the job at the post of Business Analyst, Financial Manager, Business Administrator, Marketing Analyst, Management Consultant, and many more. The PGDM course is a good option for job seekers.

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Regular PGDM Vs Distance/Online PGDM

The post-graduation diploma in management can be done on a regular or distance or online basis. There is a quite difference in both regular and distance/online basis. During the regular course, students need to attend regular classes and attendance is compulsory.

On the other hand in online/distance learning the PGDM course, there is no need to take regular classes and you have time flexibility to take the classes. The fees difference is also there.

The fees of regular PGDM are higher than PGDM distance/online learning. You can’t do the job when you are in the regular PGDM course however you can do that with the distance/online learning PGDM course.

​Online/Distance PGDM Fees

The fees of the online/distance learning PGDM are different in different colleges. The distance PGDM learning course fees are less than the regular course. The estimated amount is 20,000 to 1,00,000 approx.

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Career Opportunities After Completing PGDM Online/Distance Education 2024

Before starting any course the first question that arrives in our mind is what career opportunities we can get after finishing this course? Here is the answer to your question.

Post-graduation diploma in management is the course that is already designed to build-up your career at a particular height. There are many scopes of a career that one can go with to live a successful lifestyle.

If one is already in the job by doing this course he or she can upgrade his or her post with the existing company or can apply for another job to a better post. If someone wants to research any specific topic of management studies or wants to pursue a doctorate, they can pursue further for Ph.D. studies after doing a distance PGDM course.

There are many fields like Business managers, Marketing Managers, Financial Managers, Business Analysts, Foreign trade experts, Financial analysts, Business consultants, Human Resources, Banking, Accounting, Insurance, etc which students can apply for after getting the degree of PGDM.

  • Business Manager- The role of Business managers is to administer and lead the organization’s employees. They create the tasks for the employees, make strategies for ensuring productivity, and implement those strategies to the employees.
  • Marketing Manager- The job of marketing managers is they, need to create marketing policies and strategies for the companies product in which they need to create demand for the product of the company, set price limits, and monitoring the marketing trends to maximize the profit of the company.
  • Financial Manager- Financial Managers are making decisions on the transactions of the company, they make the budget for the company and support the executive team.
  • Business Consultant- Business consultant gives the consultancy for the organization to improve its performance and efficiency. Their work is to analyze the business and gives the solutions to their problems.
  • Human Resources Management- Their work is to recruit employees for the company and take care of the facilities they should have during the job. They need to maintain the record of the employees of the company.
  • Public Relations Officer- The role of public relations officer is to maintain the reputation of the office in the eyes of the public. They should have good influence power so that they can influence someone easily.

Distance PGDM universities not only give you knowledge instead but they have the facility of placements based on your performance. They have good connections with the top hiring companies like VIVO India, Tata Communications, Bajaj Electricals, HCL, Michelin, etc. in which the university will send your profiles and give you the placements at the good posts.

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Average Salary of PGDM Professional in India

Generally, salary packages are not similar in all companies. It is based on your post. After completing distance/online PGDM you can get a good post that will automatically provide you with good salary packages as it gives you a vast knowledge about the management that companies need the most. The estimated salary package is about 50K to 5L approx or above based on your knowledge.

Best Universities Offering PGDM Online/Distance Education Courses in India

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, PGDM and MBA are not properly the same. They have some dissimilarities. Their degrees are not the same. The MBA degree is different and the PGDM degree is different. Also, their validities are different from each other.

Yes, post-graduation Diploma of management students can apply for the UGC net.

Firstly you should search for both the courses. The distance PGDM course has fewer subjects then the MBA. The subject of both courses is quite different. Then, you should go according to your Interest.

Yes, you can do PGDM through distance learning. There are lots of universities providing PGDM through distance learning.

For joining the PGDM course candidate must have a bachelorette degree in any course with minimum marks of 50%. They need to clear the entrance exam and then they can join the PGDM course.

The estimated salary package after doing the PGDM course is about 50,000 to 1,00,000 approx.

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