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IGNOU BA 2024: Syllabus, Fees, Eligibility, Admission

May 20, 2024 40K Reads

Bachelor’s in Arts; BA is a very popular course amongst the students who just passed 12th. BA is a course that covers different subjects, all of them opening a new line to a different domain.

Good news for the students waiting for the IGNOU admission. IGNOU admission for the July 2024 session has been started and the last date to apply for the same is 30th June 2024. To apply for admission to the new session candidates can visit the online admission portal of IGNOU i.e. SAMARTH Portal. For more info Click here.

IGNOU BA Course Overview 2024

Degree Bachelors/Undergraduate
Full Form Distance BA (Bachelor’s in Arts)
Duration Duration of the course is up till 3 years minimum and 6 years maximum
Age No age limit specifically
Requirements +2 passing certificate in any relevant stream from a recognized board
Fees Structure  INR 6, 000 (total amount)

As an individual BA covers five different subjects that are strictly theoretical and logical. The required skills one should have while thinking to pursue BA as an undergraduate are; to be a good reader and writer, strong logical reasoning, fluent, inquisitive, curious and so on.


However, someone who is likely to have an interest in general knowledge is also making the right choice by going for this course. The course is vast and offers a wide scope for the future in different areas.

The subjects covered under BA are History, Geography, English, and many other such subjects with a theoretical approach. Other than that, there are different specializations that BA offers in both program and honours mode.

It is a 3 year-long undergraduate program with six semesters and has been offered in the distance mode of education as well. For the students preparing for Civil Services or some other competitive exams, distance BA is the best option for them.

What Are the Benefits of Doing BA from IGNOU through Distance Education Mode?

IGNOU, known as Indira Gandhi National Open University, is a government institution made solely for the purpose of distance learning. IGNOU is a globally recognized university by the UGC-DEB.

It was established in 1985 by the Act of Parliament and is known to have 67 regional centres across the country. The university offers more than 200 programs with distance modes of education.

The university is known to have a team of 800+ faculty members and therefore, has an exceptional faculty. Along with UG and PG courses, it also offers a variety of specializations in PG Diploma and other short certification courses.

  •  IGNOU being an old and authentic institution holds credibility and therefore, any course degree from there will be termed as very valuable.
  • Distance BA is one of the highest-selling courses among the students from IGNOU. The university offers BA in different domains and therefore, gives many choices to the students.
  • IGNOU aims to promote distance education in a way that it reaches every corner of the country. The university aspires to make distance education an available option for every person who wishes to study irrespective of any circumstance.
  • The university also serves a placement cell known as the Campus Placement Cell. The CPC was started in the year 2005 and benefits the students with the placement options as well.
  • IGNOU offers many specializations under the degree of BA, be it program or honours. Some of the specific domains are English, Hindi, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.

IGNOU Distance BA Syllabus

  •  IGNOU serves different specializations under BA and has an abundance of subjects in every domain. It offers specializations in 12 different domains. Being a course for 3 years, it comprises 6 semesters. To complete the course, there is a certain scheme that follows.
  •  The scheme to complete the course is to score a certain number of credits under each category. There are 72 credits of Core Courses, 24 credits of Discipline Specific Electives, 8 credits of Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, 16 credits of Skill Enhancement Courses and 12 credits of Generic Electives.
  • The School of Social Sciences offers BA courses that work on the choice-based credit system.
  • The syllabus of the different domains will vary according to the specializations you opt for.

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IGNOU Distance BA Fees Structure 2024

IGNOU offers a nominal fee structure for all the courses so that it benefits the students having better financial stability.

The courses offered in the distance mode of education are comparatively cheaper than the regular model. Considering this, it is a preferable option for the students.

The fee structure for BA (Bachelor’s in Arts) is INR 6, 000 overall for all the 3 years of the degree. The course has a minimum duration of 3 years and maximum it can go up till 6 years. The fees for the course are nominal and are easily affordable for every student. Read: LPU Online BA Programme!

IGNOU Distance BA Study Material

IGNOU being highly recognized strives to offer the best faculty and education to the students while they sit at their homes in the most comfortable zones.

IGNOU serves the study material to the students in both online and offline mode. For the students who face issues studying through the online material, they can go for the offline material that is available in the regional centres.

The university organizes its virtual classes on two different online platforms known as eGyanKosh and Education Broadcast. Also, the university offers an application for a series of question answers or other doubts and queries.

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IGNOU Distance BA Prospectus 2024

The university has its own prospectus available at its official website of the university. The prospectus IGNOU consists of all the required and important information needed for a candidate to know before he/she applies for any course.

The prospectus is available on the main admissions website of the university, the candidates can visit the admissions website and go through all the necessary information.

The prospectus will contain the course details, the fee structure of all the courses, the information about the faculty, the details about eligibility and the admission procedure.

The prospectus will also have information regarding the online study material and the platforms & mobile applications for online classes. Read: BA Economics Distance Education

How to Apply for Distance BA at IGNOU? – Admission Procedure 2024

The admission procedure for BA at IGNOU is clear and simple. The admissions take place in the months of January and June as two academic sessions.

Before the admission procedure, the candidate needs to fulfill the application form and pay a nominal amount of registration fees that is INR 200. After that, the admission will take place in the online mode.

However, some centers at IGNOU are offering offline admissions as well. After the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria, the candidate will be able to apply for BA at IGNOU.

The candidate also needs to pay the admission fees along with the registration fees when they match the eligibility criteria.

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What is the Eligibility for IGNOU Distance BA Courses?

  • The minimum to the maximum requirement for any individual to be eligible for distance BA at IGNOU is to have a 10+2 passing certificate in any relevant stream from a recognized board such as ICSE, CBSE, etc. with a minimum aggregate of percentile scored.
  • Also, there is one more way that a candidate can be eligible at IGNOU for distance BA. The candidates with a degree in Bachelor’s Preparatory Program (BPP) are also eligible for distance BA at IGNOU.
  • There is no age bar to be eligible for the distance BA program at IGNOU. The university has set no age bar considering they prioritise education beyond age.
  • The duration of the program is for 3 years (minimum) or 6 years (maximum) with six semesters overall. The course has different specializations and therefore, the subjects vary according to that.

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BA Specialization Courses offered by IGNOU Distance Education

IGNOU has a number of specializations for different courses. IGNOU has a variety of areas to explore and therefore, the university always ends up giving options to the students.

If we solely talk about BA, it comes with different domains and in both program and honours mode at IGNOU. Some specializations offered by IGNOU under BA are:

Bachelor’s in Arts (General) BA (Honours) in History
BA (General) in English BA (Honours) in Sociology
BA (Honours) in Psychology BA (General) in Hindi
BA (Honours) in Economics BA (General) in Urdu
BA (Honours) in Political Science BA (General) in Sanskrit

These are the specializations that IGNOU covers under distance BA. The variety of subjects offered under these courses is also a lot to explore.

IGNOU BA Assignment

IGNOU has an assignment system that is necessary. The students are asked to download and submit the assignments so as to be eligible to sit in the Term End Examination (TEE). The students who do not submit the assignments will not be allowed for the examinations.

IGNOU BA Psychology

  • IGNOU has different areas of specialization under BA. BA Psychology being one of them.
  • Psychology is being offered in the Honours mode at the university.
  • Psychology is a 3 years long undergraduate program offered at IGNOU, consisting of six semesters.
  • Psychology is a branch of studying human behaviour and the mind. This branch of science deals with different human behaviours and the working of the mind of people in different situations.
  • The course is offered at IGNOU for INR 11, 600 at a distance mode of education. The duration of the course is 3 years minimum and 6 years maximum.
  • The eligibility requirement for this course is to have a 10+2 passing certificate in any relevant or in equivalent with minimum aggregate marks from any recognized board.
  • There are a variety of subjects covered in this course. Let us have a look at the subjects:-
Year 1
  1. General Psychology
  2. Development Psychology
  3. Research Methods
  4. Statistics Psychology
Year 2
  1. Theories of Personality
  2. Social Psychology
  3. Practicals in Psychological Testing
  4. Practicals in Psychology
Year 3
  1. Practicals in Clinical Psychology
  2. Internship in Psychology
  3. Application-oriented course
  4. Other Discipline Course
  • The admissions take place in the months of January and July. The students can apply accordingly.

IGNOU BA English

  • English is a vast subject to study and explore. The university offers BA in English in the General mode.
  • BA in English is a course that revolves around the world of literature and drama. The students with an interest in writing and reading are best suited for this course.
  • The course goes into a deeper knowledge of ancient and modern literature along with drama and poetry.
  • The duration of the course is 3 years and can extend up till 6 years with overall 6 semesters.
  • The fee structure of the course is also pretty nominal, i.e., INR 8, 100 for all the six semesters.
  • The candidate will be eligible for this course if he/she has a passing certificate for 10+2 with a minimum aggregate percentile from any recognized board.  The candidates with a degree from Bachelor’s Preparatory Program (BPP) will also be eligible for the course.
  • The subjects covered under the course are:-
Semester 1 
  1. Indian Classical Literature
  2. European Classical Literature
  3. Environment Studies
  4. Indian Society: Images and Realities
Semester 2
  1. Indian Writing in English
  2. British Poetry and Drama: 14th and 17th Century
  3. English Communication Skills
Semester 3 
  1. American Literature
  2. Popular Literature
  3. British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 16th Century
  4. Tourism Anthropology
Semester 4
  1. British Literature: 18th Century
  2. British Romantic Literature
  3. British Literature: 19th Century
  4. Managing Stress
Semester 5 
  1. Women’s Writing
  2. British Literature: The Early 20th Century
  3. Understanding Prose
  4. Understanding Poetry
Semester 6
  1. Modern European Drama
  2. Postcolonial Literatures
  3. Understanding Drama
  4. Understanding The Novel
  • The university is known to have an excellent faculty for BA English and is an outstanding course for those who wish to go more into the art of literature.

IGNOU BA Sociology

  • BA Sociology is a vast subject that deals with the numerous aspects of social issues and understanding the psychological behaviours of men and women in society.
  • IGNOU offers distance education for this course in the honours mode for BA Sociology.
  • The duration of the course is of 3 years and can be extended up till 6 years with six semesters.
  • The fee structure for the course is reasonably affordable as well i.e, INR 9, 600 overall for the whole course, and INR 3, 200 for each year.
  •  The eligibility criteria for the course is just to have a passing certificate from 10+2 with a minimum aggregate marks from any of the recognized boards in any relevant stream.

IGNOU Distance BA Placement

  • IGNOU runs its own placement cell known as the Campus Placement Cell (CPC). The university started this cell in the year 2005 considering the concern of placements of the students.
  • Distance BA in different domains offers different job opportunities. The most reliable future option after BA is to apply for MA. Masters in Arts in the domain that you have already studied in undergraduate or something different. Mastering a subject will always be a door to an amazing future.
  • Most of the students that study BA have the ambition to go for Civil Services or other government competitive exams. You can also try in the public sector as a future option after BA.
  • Other than that, the job opportunities and placement areas differ according to the domain or area of specialization.

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Bachelors in Arts offers an abundant amount of areas to explore and considering that it becomes a course that is one of the highest-selling courses. IGNOU being a recognized institution offers an authentic degree of BA and therefore, maintains its worth.

The university also lays out options for placements for the students along with offering brilliant faculty with all the required material. Hence, IGNOU becomes a university best suited for distance BA.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

IGNOU offers many specializations for BA such as English, Sociology, Economics, Arts (general), Hindi, Psychology, History, and Political Science.

Being a recognized university, IGNOU holds a certain credibility. BA degree from IGNOU will have the same recognition and value as any other regular degree.

The fee structure for BA Psychology at IGNOU is INR 11, 600.

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