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Distance Learning Master of Arts (M.A) In English – Colleges & Course Overview 2024

Dec 9, 2023 19.4K Reads

Distance MA English is a master’s program for students who are willing to study literature and are willing to develop analytical and critical thinking. This program will teach you to analyse the writings of different writers and poets and then form your own insights and criticisms. Distance MA English is a program for those who are willing to pursue their career in either research or teaching.

What is Distance Learning MA in English?

Distance MA English is a master’s degree n English which is a 2-year program for aspirants who want to make their career in English. English is a subject that enables you to have numerous career options in the education industry and it is the one that helps in every aspect of life.

It is considered the second most spoken language so it has supreme value in the industry. Distance MA English is a program that consists of 4 semesters of 6 months each. Distance MA English can be done only after completing a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Distanced MA English is one of the most chosen specialized courses in the field of art education. MA English comprises the deep study of the topics such as Poetry, Prose, Drama, and linguistics. It offers you a deep study of topics from all over the world. Also Read | What Is MA Distance Education?

From that time onwards English as a subject has been created and later on people created different kinds of genres in the same. In distance MA in English, you will study different genres such as some become the poets of nature, love, hatred, or fiction, and some become the story or novel writers with a different context.

There are writers from all over the world in the program distance MA English such as there are Canadian writers, Australian writers, Poland, France, India, American, British, etc. as it is a program that has a vast curriculum or we can say it’s infinite and never-ending.

Distance MA English is a subject that enables you to gain knowledge from the earliest time to now modern literature. It also awakes us with the political and cultural changes that occur over time and the language barriers. Also Read | MA Online Program In India!

Distance MA English inculcates the history so interesting that one cannot get bored and understand even the typical things smoothly. Distance MA English offers you various job profiles in many different fields. Or one can go for higher studies, can opt for PhD programs to become a lecturer, or make a career in the research field.

MA English Correspondence Courses Details

Within the course of distance MA English, you will get to acknowledge different aspects of the topics of the subject of English. The course is from ancient times, the time of the great writer Chaucer to the modern writers of India and other countries. The course has been started from the literature of 1550- 1660 years and moving forward to 1914-2000 that is the second part. It includes critical theory and American Literature. It also makes you study both Indian and English writings. Colonial and Post-Colonial have also played a vital role in distance MA English.

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Distance MA In English Eligibility

The eligibility criteria of the course distance MA English is that one should fulfil a minimum of qualifications to get themselves enrolled in the MA English program:-

  • One should have a complete degree of graduation from a recognized university so as to get admission in the post-graduation course of English.
  • There must be a minimum of 45-50% in graduation for admission.
  • There are some universities that take entrance tests and some of them take direct admission.

Who should apply for a distance MA

Distance Learning MA English Syllabus

The syllabus of distance MA English is divided into 4 semesters of a 2-year course. The syllabus is actually from the basics to the advanced level in which you will clear all your basics in the 1st semester and then you will study it in a detailed form. Here we mention the complete semester bys topic division of the course MA English:-

Semester 1 Semester 2
Literature in English:1550 – 1660 (Part 1) Literature in English:1550 – 1660 (Part 2)
Literature in English: 1660 – 1798 (Part 1) Literature in English: 1660 – 1798 (Part 2)
Literature in English: 1798 – 1914 (Part 1) Literature in English: 1798 – 1914 (Part 2)
Literature in English: 1914 – 2000 (Part 1) Literature in English: 1914 – 2000 (Part 2)
Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 1) Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 2)
Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 1) Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 2)
Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 1) Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 2)
Semester 3 Semester 4
Critical Theory (Part 1) Critical Theory (Part 2)
American Literature (Part 1) American Literature (Part 2)
Indian Writing in English (Part 1) Indian Writing in English (Part 2)
Colonial and Post- Colonial Studies -1 or English Language -1 Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies -2 or English Language
Literature and Philosophy-1 or Literature and Gender-1 or New Literatures -1 Literature and Philosophy-2 or Literature and Gender-2 or New Literatures-2

Concepts you learn in MA English

MA English Distance Learning Fees

The fee structure of the course distance MA English is different for each university as all the universities have different fees and eligibility criteria. The fee structure of private and government universities is slightly different from the other. The approximate fee structure is approximately Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000 per annum. Also Read: 

Benefits of Online Masters Degree in English

There are various benefits of doing the distance MA English program as it’s a master’s degree and on the distance mode that offers you various other advantages along with the course:-

* Saves Time- It is a course in distance mode so one can take the class anytime and anywhere they want without a halt. It is a course that saves all your time so that if you’re indulging in some other activity then you can take the class anytime you want.

* For working professionals- Distance MA English a course that favors our working professionals as in this course you get the chance to continue your job along with your job. Working professionals can easily enroll in the course and job in parallel.

* Work Experience- Distance MA English allows you to do the job and acquire work experience altogether. As in this course, you can attend the classes at any time without affecting your career.

* Pocket Friendly- distance learning courses are comparatively less expensive than the courses we do on a regular basis. So the distance MA English is less expensive than the regular MA English.

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Scope/Career Opportunities after Completing Distance MA English

Distance MA English offers you numerous career options in top MNCs. Private and government sectors. As it’s an English subject which globally has become one of the most spoken languages amongst people.

The aspirants do understand the need for the subject. Distance MA also enables you to do another degree at the same time on regular mode as the course is on distance mode which is basically online classes anytime you want. Also Read | Highest Salary Jobs In the World!

So while doing distance MA English you can even do the job. Distance MA English has a vast career scope in the field of education, MNCs, foreign language, school, colleges, translators, airports, Airlines, Administration, Consultant, Corporate, Publication, Public relations, and so many other fields. Some of the examples are given below

Top recruiting companies for the course distance MA English Genpact, Essar Steel, HDFC, Evalueserve IBMDAKSH, TCS, Wipro, Indian Express, zee, IndiGo Airlines, IBM DAKSH, TCS, Wipro, Indian Express, zee, BCG, Axiom, Bloomberg JSW Steel, Kotak, NIIT, Samsung, Wipro, TCS, Kepler Cannon, Cadila, HP, Capital IQ, DHL Express, HCL, Dorling Kindersley, IndiGo Airlines, Cadila, HP, Hindustan Times, American Express, Grofers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc. Also Read | Highest Paid Jobs In India for Art Field!

The Top Profiles by doing Distance MA English:-

English Spoken Trainer Trainer Proofreader English Teacher
Communication Trainer Researcher English Lecturer Stenographer
English translator Public relation Consultant Writer/Editor

What can you do after MA English

Best Universities for MA English Distance Education

Distance MA English is one of the most demanding courses in the section of arts many students opt for English as their higher studies subject. So there are numerous universities offering the course for deserving candidates.

Here we mention some of the top universities for the program such as:-

Chandigarh University Stephen’s College Hyderabad Central University
IGNOU Jamia Millia Islamia University Christ University
Ambedkar University Jaipur National University Presidency University


By reading this blog on MA English one will definitely get to know the complete details about the course from the eligibility to duration and benefits of the course. We also have mentioned the top universities for the program for your reference to look for admission.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

One should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university to get admission in the program MA English.

There are some of the universities that offer the best MA English course such as:

Loyola College
Presidency University
Jaipur National University
Chandigarh University

For admission to IGNOU, you will have to fill the registration form and the admission is dependent on the merit list.

In the UK distance education is valid for some particular courses that are for the master’s degree and doctoral program and that too in some selected institutions.

MA in English is not tough for the aspirants who have a keen interest in reading and learning about ancient to modern stories. Persons who love to read fiction and non-fiction both.

MA English is divided into numerous categories such as poetry, prose, short stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction. The subjects included in the topic are:-

Critical theory
American Literature
Canadian Literature
Indian English
Colonial English

MA in English literature is a postgraduate program of 2-years that offers you the degree of the same. In this course you will be learning about ancient poetry, prose, novels and stories from the different parts of the world.

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