MA Distance Education: Fees, Syllabus, Colleges, Admission 2022
Online and Distance MA

MA Distance Education: Fees, Syllabus, Colleges, Admission 2022

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Distance (MA) master’s degree of arts is a postgraduate program of 2-years. It is a program in which we study all the subjects related to the arts. It is a program of 4 semesters in which the whole syllabus is divided into semesters. A distance master’s degree of arts can only be done after doing a regular BA or distance BA or any other stream of graduation.

Why MA Course through Distance Education?

A distance master’s degree in arts is basically a master’s in Arts by distance education where you have the flexibility of learning in your own comfort zone and spare time. There are a lot of benefits of doing an Online master’s degree in art mode as it gives you much time to prepare and no more attending long lectures regularly.

It is flexible and saves time. A Master’s degree in arts through distance mode is the best for working professionals who want to gain experience and continue their higher studies at the same time.

The aspirant’s distance education provides opportunities to enhance their skill and degrees with growth in career, and credentials. A distance master’s degree in arts is pocket friendly as it is favourable for the candidates who don’t have much to spend due to some financial or personal issues with no age bar restrictions.

Who should apply for a distance MA

Are you interested in historical literature or like to use literary terms, love to follow your culture and language, or are influenced by the works of great poets and writers like Surdas, William Wordsworth, Chaucer, Shakespeare,  Kabir, Premchand, and so on, then an online master degree in arts is the best program?

Always up for giving political views and habitual of reading newspapers early morning, keen to know about historical India, love to keep count over money, and looking yourself as an Entrepreneur in the future.

Wants to serve people and the government or loves playing with numbers. If any of these is a matter of interest to you then opting for higher studies with a particular subject of your choice is the smart move to enroll in an online or distance master’s degree in arts.

Tangled with two of the subject of your choice then, know as per the UGC Guidelines one can easily continue studies with two modes of education, let’s assume an individual wants to pursue a distance master’s degree in political science as well as sociology then they can enroll in both of the courses at the same time with a different domain.

Distance Education has merged school and home life by learning in the comfort of your home. Exposing students from real-life classes to reel life learning is a part of modernization to inculcate digitization which is a new normal. Coming back from school and doing nothing is no longer acceptable. Home has now become a new learning environment. Read: UGC Approved Online Master of Arts Degree Courses In India!

Eligibility & Entrance Examinations for Distance MA

  • The eligibility criteria to enroll in an online master’s degree in arts is a program which can only be done after graduation.
  • Graduation from any stream BA/BSc/B.COM, etc, can pursue the program online master’s degree in arts.
  • Aggregate 50%in graduation or qualifying score in entrance exams students are eligible for an online master’s degree in arts.

Duration of Distance Master Degree in Arts

  • The duration of the course MA (Distance master’s degree) in arts is of 2-years that consists of 4 semesters.
  • Distance master’s degree in arts completed the whole course in those 4 semesters.

Fee Structure of Distance MA Course

The fee structure of a distance master’s degree in arts varies from 5000 to 18000 per annum,  depending on various universities and colleges and their norms and conditions.

Courses offered In Distance Master Degree In Arts

The complete distance master’s degree of arts course is structured in 2-years. Aspirants seeking an online master’s degree in arts will do specialization in only one subject offered in the MA of their choice which is divided into various categories according to the subject.

One can do it as a part-time or full-time course. The course deals with the detailed study of a particular subject and covers all sub-content be it major or minor. Also Read | MA Full Form!

MA in EnglishMA in Political scienceMA in Hindi
MA in Public AdministrationMA in EducationMA in Sociology
MA in EconomicsMA in MathematicsMA in Business Administration
MA in Commerce

MA Distance Education Subjects

The subjects including the distance master’s degree of arts in English are as follows:-

Introduction to LinguisticsPoetry I (Chaucer to Blake)
Drama I (Marlowe to Wilde excluding Shakespeare)Prose
Linguistics and English Language TeachingPoetry II (Wordsworth to Arnold)
Drama II (Shakespeare)Fiction I (Defoe to Hardy)
Poetry III (Hopkins to Ted Hughes)Drama III (Twentieth Century Drama)
Literary Criticism & Theory 1Indian Literature in English I/American Literature-II
Fiction IILiterary Criticism & Theory II
Indian Literature in English II/American Literature IIIndian Literature in Translation/New Literatures in English/Women Writing

MA Distance Education Syllabus 2022

The syllabus of distance master’s degree in arts is divided into 4 semesters within 2-years.

Semester 1Semester 2
Literature in English:1550 – 1660 (Part 1)Literature in English:1550 – 1660 (Part 2)
Literature in English: 1660 – 1798 (Part 1)Literature in English: 1660 – 1798 (Part 2)
Literature in English: 1798 – 1914 (Part 1)Literature in English: 1798 – 1914 (Part 2)
Literature in English: 1914 – 2000 (Part 1)Literature in English: 1914 – 2000 (Part 2)
Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 1)Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 2)
Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 1)Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 2)
Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 1)Study of a Genre (Option-1) Fiction (Part 2)
Semester 3Semester 4
Critical Theory (Part 1)Critical Theory (Part 2)
American Literature (Part 1)American Literature (Part 2)
Indian Writing in English (Part 1)Indian Writing in English (Part 2)
Colonial and Post- Colonial Studies -1 or English Language -1Colonial and Post- Colonial Studies -2 or English Language
Literature and Philosophy-1 or Literature and Gender-1 or New Literatures -1Literature and Philosophy-2 or Literature and Gender-2 or New Literatures-2

Popular Distance MA Colleges In India

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)​Karnataka State Open University​JNU
Osmania UniversityKurukshetra UniversityAlagappa University
University of Mumbai​​Sikkim Manipal University​Andhra University- School of Distance Education
Madurai UniversityLPU Distance Education

Key Benefits of MA Distance Education

  • Vast subject Knowledge- A distance master’s degree in arts is remote learning where you get all the classes online and vast information about the particular subject that is available online.
  • Financial Barrier- A distance master’s degree in arts is inexpensive as compared to regular courses so it is favourable for the students who can’t afford the regular mode fees structure.
  • New exposure- master’s degree in arts through distance mode gives you online exposure which is beyond classroom learning, where you have numerous options to grab the information and answers to all the queries.

​The flexibility of Distance MA

Online master’s degree in art provides you with the flexibility of learning hours where you can take classes whenever and wherever you want and also it’s recorded so one can watch it as many times.

Personal Attention

There is no classroom disturbance where there are numbers of students sitting together, the online master’s degree in arts runs virtually where you get personal attention with no peer interference.


It is best for the working professional where they can take the classes in their spare time and even on weekends. Also quite accessible for the students who are unable to attend regular classes due to some personal, physical, or family issues. A distance master’s degree in arts gives you immense knowledge about the subject matter as it’s online where you find the answers to all the questions and it is productive in terms of the subject matter.

A distance master’s degree in arts where you concentrate on a particular subject and should have the knowledge from basic to advanced which requires time and concentration so if you opt for distance mode then it will be fruitful will all your comfort level. Also Read | Top 9 Distance MA Colleges In India!

Programme Structure & Scope of Distance MA

The whole syllabus of Distance MA is designed in such a way that the syllabus is covered in two years. Whether regular or Distance MA  is to be covered in two years divided into 4 semesters.

There is a huge scope for an online master’s degree in arts as it opens the door to both private and government job opportunities. Generally, students preparing for government jobs do Masters in Arts be it to become IAS, IPS, IFS lecturer, teacher or Researcher, online master degree of arts allows time to prepare and helps to ace the goal.

There is a vast career scope in the field of education and in politics too for the aspirants who have done their online master’s degree in arts. One can even apply for higher studies like doing a PhD or doctorate and becoming a professor.

Career Opportunities After Completing MA Degree through Distance Learning

The career opportunities after doing an online master’s degree in arts have a vast career scope in the field of both the private/government sector:-

What can you do after MA English

TeacherEditorCommunications Officer
Human resourceProfessorCivil Services
JournalismSocial servicesArchaeologist

FAQs About MA Distance Education

⭐  Can I do an MA from Ignou?

Yes, we can do MA from IGNOU university as IGNOU is the first-ever national open university in India that provides many of the distance learning valid courses.

⭐  Best universities for MA Distance?

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU)
  • Jaipur National University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Osmania University

⭐ Is Distance MA equal to Regular MA?

As per the norm of UGC, a Distance MA is equal to a regular MA  if the university is AICTE, UGC-DEB approved.

⭐ What is the eligibility criterion of Distance MA?

You have to be a graduate with minimum of 50% marks.

⭐ Is there any entrance examination for taking admission in MA Distance?

There is no entrance examination to get enrolled in an online master’s degree in arts. You just need to score a minimum percentage in graduation to get enrolled in MA distance learning.

⭐ What is the examination mode of the semester examination of Distance MA?

The mode of the examination depends on the various universities. Some universities offer online examination mode while some have offline examination centers.

⭐ What is the duration of MA Distance?

One can complete the Distance MA within 2 to 5 years.

⭐ Doing BA before MA is compulsory?

No there is no compulsion of doing BA to get enrolled in MA, students with the background of science or commerce stream can also do MA. Having an arts background helps but not necessary.

⭐ Can we do MA in correspondence?

Yes, we can do the masters of arts degree in correspondence with any of the specializations. MA degree can be done in both regular and private mode.

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