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Distance/Correspondence B Tech Computer Science Engineering Courses, Admission, Syllabus, Eligibility, Career Options (Valid?)

Jan 30, 2023 11.8K Reads

What is B. Tech CSE (Computer Science Engineering) [Distance/Correspondence]?

If the virtual world is your second house and you spend most of your time remotely then [Distance B Tech] CSE is the course for you. Interested in knowing bottom to top about computers. Love to talk in computer language or you like programming. Computer Science engineering degree is the study of algorithms, computation, programming languages, program design, computer hardware, computer software, etc.

In [Distance/Correspondence B Tech] Computer Science Engineering Degree candidates learn about the designing, software, hardware, programming, computer language and so on of computers. As the whole world is on computers now be the masters of computers.  It has always been in the top list of engineering programs because of which it has been opted by many of the aspirants every year. b tech CSE even has a high merit list due to high demand and being a technical course.

At the time of pandemic we realize the importance of computers and its programs as the whole world starts working on computers staying safe at their home. B Tech CSE (Computer Science Engineering) has always played an integral role in the advance era in the field of upcoming career options.

Correspondence/Distance Learning Computer Science Engineering Course Valid?

Correspondence/Distance B. Tech [CSE (Computer Science Engineering)] is invalid as per the AICTE norms & condition. As all the engineering programs required full-time regular classes because it is a technical program that needs face to face classes for better understanding.

College Vidya is writing it to help you with the information so that no university, institute, or any fake entity will provide you the B. Tech distance program. AICTE and UGC clearly confirm that correspondence/distance B. Tech is an invalid course to pursue.

AICTE’s new guideline says that all nomenclatures used earlier, i.e. first shift, evening shift, weekend, part-time, etc. have been dispensed. Regular are the classes in which education is held in the face to face mode.

All the classes held whether on the evening weekend or part-time are to be taken as regular as long as the student has registered for the course as per the university curriculum, and classes will be arranged for all students according to their availability.

In the name of B. Tech evening, one can pursue the program now whether they are working professionals or diploma holders and want to enhance their skill parallel with the job they are holding and can join the classes on weekend or evening classes as per their preferable time.

If you’re in search of online computer Science engineering degree courses then there is no such program in the market as it is not possible to pursue the online computer Science engineering course because it’s a technical course and one cannot understand it by just taking online classes. For that one needs to attend regular classes whether on weekends or part-time or weekdays.

Part-time B Tech Computer Science Engineering Degree  

Part-time B Tech Computer Science Engineering Degree is a program that can be done as a part-time course. There are most of the candidates who want to pursue a bachelor of engineering program while they are working due to some personal conditions can opt for the part-time computer Science engineering program which will not affect their current job and only can add on some benefits in their career.

If you’re looking for promotions or appraisal in your current job and not getting it because you’re just a diploma holder or you start working after 10+2 and don’t have time to attend regular classes because you’re a regular employee in some organization.

B Tech Computer Science engineering with a part-time mode will be the best choice for you. By which you will not get disturbed or affected and at the same time can up-skill your knowledge and career.

There are many engineers working only on the basis of their knowledge and skills and not by holding a degree. For them, it’s the degree of giving them a win-win situation where they can hold the degree and experience together. They can easily grow their business or career with a professional degree in the same domain.

Even as per the AICTE guidelines a Regular classes are those where classes are held face to face so now part-time or evening classes are also taken as regular if the classes have been held face to face. As long as the student has registered for the course as per the university curriculum, classes will be arranged for all students according to their availability whether the evening or weekend.

BE (Bachelor Of Engineering) Computer Science Engineering

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) is a bachelor’s in engineering which is basic computer Science engineering.  BE and B. Tech course files are similar to the subject material and the course is about engineering.

There are many universities that provide BE in engineering rather than B. Tech basic computer Science engineering. These universities are all over India and even abroad. In India, some of the famous universities are in Bombay, Madras, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, and so on.

The only minor difference between BE and B. Tech in terms of study is that B. Tech is all about the practical knowledge of the course whereas B.E, is about the theoretical knowledge which is useful for developing electronic devices, equipment, etc.

It is a 4 year undergraduate engineering program which is a degree course. It is a course which basically teaches about the algorithms, computation, programming languages, programme design, computer hardware, computer software etc.

Subjects taught in the BE computer Science engineering are Operating System, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Programming Languages, Microprocessor, Computer Software, Database Management System, Mobile Communications, Cryptography and Network Security, Performance Evaluation, etc. one can pursue the course only after completing its 10+2 with Science as the main subject.

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Online Degree/ Courses

B.Tech Computer Science engineering online degrees/courses are the courses which take you to the top-notch in the industry. Btech computer science engineering online degree/courses brings up extra knowledge in a particular topic and enhances your skills. It will expand your horizon and career scope.

There are some top b.tech computer science engineering online degree/courses that make your career extraordinary and some jobs need the knowledge of such courses. Some of the courses are mentioned below:-

  • Python
  • Java
  • Hadoop
  • As-400
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Algorithm
  • programming

Know More – B. Tech For Working Professionals 

[Distance/Correspondence] B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Courses 

As we all know [Distance/Correspondence] B Tech computer Science engineering courses emphasize the structure of algorithms, computation, programming languages, program design, computer hardware, computer software, etc.

It is one of the bygone programs in engineering and it is a very huge program which involves the knowledge about various computer languages and designing of programs as mentioned above.

It is the course that needs modern thought and designs according to the new age of modernization. As the population increases, we need more facilities related to computer knowledge and employability needs to be increased. For that Computer Science Engineering is the best course to opt for.

[Distance/Correspondence] B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligibility criteria for [Distance/Correspondence] b tech computer Science engineering to pursue is mentioned below for your reference
  • The candidate must have passed its 10+2 i.e. intermediate with a minimum of 50% marks and subjects should be physics, chemistry, and mathematics as the main subject.
  • Diploma holders can also pursue the course which will enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Working professionals who have completed their diploma or started working just after completing their 10+2 can also pursue the program.

Top Entrance Exams for [Correspondence/Distance] B.Tech Computer Science Engineering

  • [correspondence/distance] B Tech Computer Science engineering is one of the oldest programs in engineering. It is always high on demand and has many competitions.
  • One of the most important and known exams for entrance in any engineering program is IIT, JEE Mains, Nits, and other state engineering entrance examinations such as UPTU, MHT, KCET, etc.
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs across the whole world.
  • The candidates who have completed intermediate or any online certification course related to computer science engineering can apply for the course BTech computer science engineering correspondence/distance.
  • You can give these exams after giving examinations of 10+2 and the aspirants who want to enroll themselves with the engineering programs.

[Correspondence/Distance] B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Syllabus/Subjects

The Computer Science Engineering program is a 4-year program which is divided into 8 semesters. It has a vast syllabus and consists of various subjects which is divided into semester bys. All the subjects are mentioned within the 8 semesters:

Semester I Semester II
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Biology
Physical Chemistry Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming
Computer Programming and Utilization Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations I
Calculus Workshop Practice
Engineering Graphics and Drawing Electricity and Magnetism
Quantum Physics and its applications __
Semester III Semester IV
Discrete Structures Digital Logic Design
Data Structures and Algorithms Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Analysis and Interpretation The logic for Computer Science
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits Computer Networks
Semester V Semester VI
Computer Architecture Automata Theory
Database and Information Systems Implementation of Programming Languages
Operating Systems Artificial Intelligence
__ Numerical Analysis
Semester VII and VIII
Machine Learning
Natural Language Programming
Cryptography and Network Security
Digital Signal Processing
Computer-Aided Geometric Design

Computer Science Engineering Certificate Courses

Computer Science Engineering Design Courses are used to design, analyze, and help computer tools, languages, and programming. The idea of these courses in BTech Computer Science Engineering is to inculcate extra knowledge of the subject and expertise in a particular topic to make their career as a Computer Science Engineer.

These courses bring deep knowledge about the topic in comparison to the curriculum of degree course as in degree course you learn it as a whole but not deep knowledge of the particular topic, it will definitely make you extraordinary with more information and career cope. Such courses enhance skills in students such as 2D and 3D design and languages, programming, software, hardware, artificial intelligence, etc.

The industry opens the door for various certification courses on computer Science engineering to upskill the horizon of an individual. The purpose of certification courses is to make you certified about a topic. Some of the courses are mentioned below as per their need:-

  • MY SQL
  • AS 400.
  • C++
  • JAVA

[Distance/Correspondence] B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Degrees

[Distance/Correspondence] B Tech Computer Science Engineering Degree of B. Tech is the degree earned after the completion of the whole 4-year degree program. The applicant has to clear all the internal and external exams and also the practicals to gain a b.tech computer science engineering degree.

After the submission of all the projects and assignments and clearing exams, the Computer Science Engineering degree will be completed. A candidate is either get the degree of B.tech Computer Science Engineering or BE Computer Science Engineering degree depends as per their enrollment.

After completing the whole procedure of admission and clearing all semesters examination the student becomes an engineer and is all set to work as BTech Computer Science Engineer. After BTech in computer science degree, it is better to pursue M.tech or Mba to take your career to the heights.

diploma holder of Computer Science Engineering has to follow the same procedure with a little bit of difference. They will get admission directly in the second year and rests the procedure is the same to obtain the Computer Science Engineering Degree of B. Tech or M. Tech.

[Distance/Correspondence] B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Career

After you graduated as a B. Tech Computer Science Engineer by completing the Computer Science Engineering course you will have numerous career options in the industry. Best of the career options after BTech computer science engineering are available for you

• You can join private firms after you graduated from B.Tech Computer Science Engineering. Some of the positions are R&D, Design, programming, languages. Manager, coder, cyber cell, cyber inspector, etc.

One can have jobs in various industries such as Cyber cell, International, and National companies. the top companies that hire BTech Computer Science Engineer at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Various of the government departments where there is a need for Computer Science Engineering graduates. Such departments as PWD, Indian Railways, The Indian Army, etc. have vacancies for Computer Science Engineers. High demand computer science engineering job options are:-

  • Blockchain Developer/Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator

PSU’s such as IOCL, BARC, ONGC, POSOCO, DRDO, etc are other great options for Computer Science Engineers. These PSU jobs are much more comfortable and high packaged jobs. It also provides a lot of facilities to its employees.

B. Tech Computer Science Engineering graduate can also apply for higher studies. Either M.tech or Mba and then-doctoral will definitely make you the best in the industry.

Know More – B.Tech Correspondence

[Distance/Correspondence] B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Salary 

In India, and [Distance] in abroad B.Tech Computer Science Engineer is what offers you a good salary package along with perks. If you’re in a good university the salary package will approximately start from 5lakhs/annum in BTech computer science engineering. 

The career of Computer Science Engineers rises as he starts gaining experience. As day by day, the need for Computer Science Engineers is increasing the salary status of Computer Science Engineer.

It’s one of the best engineering courses one can opt for so don’t wait and grab the opportunity.

Know More – Distance/Correspondence B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science  Engineering

The aspirant who has done 10+2 from Science can go for a Diploma in Computer Science  Engineering. It is a job-oriented course that understands your problems and becomes pocket friendly. A diploma in Computer Science Engineering also brings up an opportunity for pursuing B.Tech lateral Entry programs that will take your career to the pinnacle. It is worthy to do a Diploma in Computer Science  Engineering.

Best University for  B.Tech Computer Science Engineering

Some of the best institute/University for B. Tech  Computer Science Engineering are listed below:

  • IIT’s
  • NIT’s
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • BITS Pilani
  • Abdul Kalam Technical University (UPTU)
  • SRM University
  • VIT, Vellore
  • Lingayas University
  • UPES University, Dehradun
  • SV University

Know More – Distance M.Tech In Computer Science

NOTE: B.Tech in distance education mode is invalid as declared by the Supreme Court of India. But distance BTech has the highest search volumes on the internet, that's why college vidya has covered. The motive to cover distance B.Tech. is not to promote it but to spread awareness about the invalidity of distance B.Tech.College Vidya does not promote engineering distance education by any means.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As per the AICTE and UGC guidelines, distance/correspondence courses in engineering are invalid.

College Vidya is trying to spread awareness amongst the people that all engineering courses through distance/correspondence are invalid as engineering courses need regular face to face classes.

Computer Science Engineering is a course related to computer programming, languages, designing, algorithms, etc.

The best colleges for Computer Science Engineering are:-

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Delhi

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Artificial Intelligence

After you get enrolled in a B. Tech course in Computer Science Engineering, you can become its engineer.

A Computer Science Engineering degree is not hard for deserving and your interest.

Computer Science Engineering course is about programming, computer language, algorithms, computer hardware, software, etc.

B Tech Computer Science Engineering is always on the top list of engineering courses. Also as per the modern technical shift it has a vast number of computer options.

Yes, a BTech Computer Science Engineering degree is worth the high demand of CSE professionals.

In BTech CSE you will learn about its programming, designs, software, hardware, language, etc.

A BTech CSE can take courses like MATLAB, C++, JAVA, BIG DATA, HADOOP, etc.

It is divided into various categories of programs as follows:-

  • Programming
  • Algorithms
  • Operating system
  • Software
  • hardware

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