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Online/Distance PGDM In Banking And Finance Management Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility And Career Options

Dec 9, 2023 11.6K Reads

What is Online/Distance PGDM in Banking & Finance Management?

Online/Distance PGDM in banking and finance is a 2-year diploma program in which there are 4 semesters of 6 months each.  It is a course that will inculcate the knowledge of understanding banking and finance skills to run your own business or work for the companies and various banks. Online and Distance PGDM in banking and finance trains you with the advanced and basic banking skills and other quantitative techniques to get the job in the same field.

It inculcates various changes in the economy and helps in understanding the change with the change in the economy for the finances. Distance/Online PGDM in banking and finance is a course that can be enrolled after completing a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 45-50% of marks in the bachelors.

Distance and Online PGDM in banking and finance is been researched to be the most growing industry that requires fresh graduates to work for the industry and become the helping hand for the development. As the whole world is dependant on the rapid change in finances. So it ensures you to understand various methods of handling finances with the economical change too. Through the course, one can have a variety of career options in the field of both banking and finance together.

Online and Distance PGDM in banking and finance can make you the analyst in which you and analyze the finances and consult others for the investment purpose and numerous investment policies. Becoming a banker and grab the opportunity such as manager or finance manager or cashier. In banks, there are a vast number of opportunities.

Please note that there are few major differences between online & distance education, thereby they are not the same.

– Major differences between them are: NAAC, UGC & NIRF approvals are needed for Online universities whereas UGC-DEB approvals are needed for distance universities.

– Secondly, the examination mode differs, in online mode you give examinations online, in distance mode you give examinations by going to the examination center.

– The third difference is its learning mode, online universities will have LMS (Learning Management System) whereas distance universities will have textbooks sent to you.

*Syllabus, duration, eligibility & job opportunities will remain the same but only fees might differ.

Online and Distance PGDM In Banking and Finance Course

The PGDM in banking and finance course contains various of the subjects where you will have a deep study over the topics by the 2-year program of 6months duration of each semester. This course makes you study the principles of banking initially so as to make you understand the basics of the course and then marketing of the finances to manage that in future for the firms or your own businesses.

It makes you understand various laws of handling the business, the legal& regulatory aspects of banking. Economics has also been played a vital role when it comes to talking about finances and banking. You will learn about the taxes and retails of the finances and the business etiquettes. The course also enables you to have many of the certified courses. The short-term courses will get you a job in banks and other financial firms within a very less time span.

Best Specialization for Online and Distance PGDM 2024

PGDM In IT Management PGDM In Financial Management
PGDM In Business Management PGDM In Supply Chain Management
PGDM In Operations Management PGDM In Retail management
PGDM In Human Resource Management PGDM In International Trade Management
PGDM In Marketing Management  

Online/Distance PGDM In Banking & Finance Eligibility

  • The Eligibility criteria of the program PGDM in banking and finance vary from university to university. Each university has its own eligibility criteria for admission.
  • For the program PGDM in banking and finance, one should have cleared its 10+2 from a recognized board also aspirants having a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • The required percentile should be within 45-50% marks so as to get admission.

Online and Distance PGDM In Banking & Finance Syllabus

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Management Theory & Practice Business Communication Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI International Banking and Foreign Exchange Management
Organizational Behavior Essentials of HRM Cost and Management Accounting Treasury Management in Banking
Marketing Management Business Law Retail Banking Insurance & Risk Management
Business Economics Strategic Management Corporate Finance Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk
Financial Accounting & Analysis Operations Management Marketing of Financial Services Research Methodology
Information System for Managers Business Science Financial Institution of  Markets Project

Benefits If Distance/Online PGDM In Banking & Finance

There are numerous benefits to doing PGDM in Banking and Finance as it’s a program that contains your career in various fields both in banks and finance companies and also it’s one of the most demanding programs in order to consider the need of the diploma holders in the same domain. Some of the key benefits of doing online/distance PGDM in banking and finance are as follows:-

  • Distance and Online PGDM in banking and finance is a program in which you have the benefit of taking a dual degree at the same time. One can do one regular course and can do the online/distance course at the same time with the validation of the educational higher authorities.
  • Distance and Online PGDM in banking and finance allows you to attend online classes without affecting your current career as one can do their job as well as the course in parallel.
  • In this course, you will learn about the online and distance PGDM in banking and finance of various subjects such as banking, law, economics, retail banking, etc.
  • In the program online and distance PGDM in banking and finance, you will enhance both of your skills. That is a hard skill and soft skill. It works on the complete personality of an aspirant. It prepares you to face interviews by working on your communication skills both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Also enhances your knowledge of the core subject.
  • It improves your skills on how to handle your savings and finances. How to do the correct investment and to choose the best industries.
  • Distance/Online PGDM in banking and finance allows you to have many top job opportunities in various industries such as HCL, Apex, Genpact, TATA, Wipro, etc.
  • The top job opportunities you will have by doing PGDM in banking and finance are investment banker, securities analyst, internal Auditor, Recovery Agent, etc.

Career Opportunities After Completing PGDM In Banking & Finance

Distance and Online PGDM in banking and finance is a program that enables you to have various career options in banks and other industries. Online/Distance PGDM in banking and finance opens up doors in numerous industries where you can make a high-profile career with a good salary and position.

Banking has always been in the boon as most people are very much comfortable in doing a job as a banker similarly finance has a vast career scope in the top industries such as Credit Administration, Auditing Departments, Banking Sector, Financial Consultancies, Corporate Banking, Financial Consultancies, etc. It offers job types like Banking Professional, Financial Consultant, Loan Counselor, Credit Manager, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, etc.

PGDM in banking and finance is a program that offers you to have numerous career options in the topmost industries. You can have jobs in various top MNCs, Private and government sectors, and also abroad. Some of the top industries and top job opportunities are mentioned below such as

Top Job Opportunities For PGDM In Banking & Finance

Commercial Banking Finance Analyst
Credit Analyst Finance Consultant
Banker Investment Banker
Internal Auditor Securities Analyst
Recovery Agent Project Finance
Wealth Management

Top Industries

Angel Broking IBM iGATE
Jubilant Chenosys TCS HCL
Union Bank Bank of Baroda Bajaj Allianz
Bharti Axa Life Insurance Exil Wipro
TATA Citi Bank

Average Salary of Online/Distance PGDM Banking & Finance Management

One of the fast-growing sectors in India is the PGDM in banking and finance. After this course, students can earn a higher wage by acquiring combined financial and banking skills. The course allows students to speed up their careers by receiving a high standard of pay.

The PGDM salaries in banking and finance are estimated at approximately 2,00,000 to 15,00,000 a year. These data demonstrate the strong demand from the world’s banking and financial professionals. You get jobs in a top bank and insurance recruitment firms.

Best Universities PGDM Banking & Finance Distance/Online Course In India

There are many universities that offer PGDM in banking and finance as it has a boon in the industry and high demand. Also, it’s one of the most chosen courses by the student as students are more interested in making their career in the same field. The best online/distance PGDM in banking and finance universities in India are as follows:-

IMT Amity University
Symbiosis Madurai Kamraj University
MIT- School of distance education Sikkim Manipal University
NMIMS All India Management Association (AIMA)


Through this blog, we tried to tell all the needed information about the course PGDM in banking and finance. Here we answered all the queries whether it is about the eligibility criteria, benefits of the course, or what the course is exactly about. By this blog, you must have decided to enroll in the program.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

After doing PGDM in Finance one can opt for various job opportunities in MNCs, Banks, and other industries. Also, you can opt for higher studies.

Banking and Finance Management is a program in which you will get to know the various financial functionality with banks and other stock markets and accounting.

For the diploma in Banking and Finance management, one should have completed its 10+2 or bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.  After that, you can get yourself enrolled in a PGDM course in banking and finance from the universities offering the same.

There are several types of banking courses such as:-

  • PGDM in Banking Management
  • PGDM in Banking & Financial Services
  • Short-term Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Banking (PGDRB)
  • Short-term Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations

Banking and Finance is a program that can be done in PGDM which is a 1-year program.

Yes, Banking and Finance is a good career for the aspirants who want to make their career in banking and finance in industries and banks.

Finance has become the foremost important thing for any firm, institute, industry, or any part of life. So because of that can get various career options for the same.

There are various good entry-level finance jobs such as:-

  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Banking
  • Data Analyst
  • Economist

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