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Online/Distance PGDM In Information Technology Management – Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

Dec 11, 2023 11.9K Reads

What is Online/Distance PGDM in IT and System Management?

PGDM in Information Technology is a postgraduate course which is designed to manage Information Technology and Systems. This a two-year course that deals to impart knowledge about analyzing, managing, and solving issues both managerial and technically. Distance/Online PGDM in Information Technology is divided into 4 semesters in which the first two semesters are focused on general management studies which are irrespective of any specialization. The second-year or the last two semesters are heavily focused on developing the skills related to IT and system management.

Topics such as IT project management, IT Security and Risk Management, BPO management, IT Infrastructure Management, e-business, etc. are taught so as the students get the proper and deep knowledge of IT systems, its operation, and management. The world is now on computers. Everything is being managed and operated on computers and the computer and networking system forms an intricate department. The department related to information technology ranging from computers, the internet, data management, and cybersecurity, everything is to be managed with perfection so that the whole company functions butter smooth.

The IT systems, networking and database management systems are the backbone of the companies and if not properly managed, the efficacy of a company decreases. So, the professionals who are managing the Information Technology and System of any company hold an important responsibility in the company. That is the reason why IT managers are subjected to higher salaries and good perks in any company. Also Read: NMIMS Online/ Distance Learning PGDM Admission, Fees, Review, Placement [2021].

The course is getting popular day by day as the service sector in India is on the boom. With the development of many cyber hubs in many cities like Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon the need for IT and System Managers are increasing at an exponential rate. PGDM in Information Technology focuses on preparing students with the necessary skills and knowledge in the dynamic and fast-paced information technology job landscape.

Please note that there are few major differences between online & distance education, thereby they are not the same.

– Major differences between them are: NAAC, UGC & NIRF approvals are needed for Online universities whereas UGC-DEB approvals are needed for distance universities.

– Secondly, the examination mode differs, in online mode you give examinations online, in distance mode you give examinations by going to the examination center.

– The third difference is its learning mode, online universities will have LMS (Learning Management System) whereas distance universities will have textbooks sent to you.

*Syllabus, duration, eligibility & job opportunities will remain the same but only fees might differ.

Distance/Online PGDM IT and System Management Eligibility

As the name suggests as Post Graduate Diploma in Management, the minimum requirement for taking admission in the course is under graduation. A student who has done any bachelor’s degree irrespective of any course is eligible for PGDM in Information Technology and System Management. This course is best suited for the professional with a background in computer studies such as BTech in Computer Science, BCA or for the students who have an inclination towards Information Technology, Computers, Networking, and Data Analysis.

Online and Distance PGDM in Information Technology and System Management doesn’t have any entrance examination. One can directly take admission in the course just by applying in the course. Student Also Ask: NMIMS PGDBM (Information Technology and Systems Management).

Best Specialization for Online and Distance PGDM 2024

PGDM In Marketing Management PGDM In Financial Management
PGDM In Business Management PGDM In Supply Chain Management
PGDM In Operations Management PGDM In Retail management
PGDM In Human Resource Management PGDM In International Trade Management
PGDM In Banking And Finance Management  

Duration of Online & Distance PGDM in Information Technology & System

Generally, the Post Graduate programs are a two-year course and so is the course of PGDM in Information Technology and System Management. The whole course is divided into 4 semesters dedicated six months to each semester. But online and Distance PGDM offers flexibility and learning at their own pace. Thus, the student can complete the online/ distance PGDM in 5 years at max. Some universities offer the Diploma in Information Technology and System Management after the students complete the first two semesters of the course.

Syllabus of Distance/Online PGDM in IT & System Management

The syllabus of Online and Distance PGDM in Information Technology and System Management is divided into 4 semesters over two years. The first two semesters of the course consist of general management topics and the last two semesters are heavily focused on the specialization.

This is the syllabus of the Online/Distance PGDM in Information Technology and System Management:

Information Systems for Managers Enterprise Resource Planning
Business Economics e-Business
Corporate Social Responsibility IT Project Management
Business Communication & Etiquette Emerging Technologies: IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
Management Theory and Practice IT Infrastructure Management
Organizational Behavior Cloud Computing
Essentials of HRM Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics
Marketing Management IT Security and Risk Management
Financial Accounting & Analysis Managing Business Process Outsourcing
Strategic Management Digital Payments
Business Statistics Business: Ethics , Governance and Risk
Business Law Project

​​Benefits of Online/Distance PGDM In IT and System Management

The course itself has a higher importance in the market. IT infrastructure is a very important factor in any company and proper management is essential for the proper functioning of any company. Be it the online or distance or regular mode the course is always in demand. But the online and distance course has some advantages over the regular PGDM. Some of them are highlighted below that are unseen. Also Read: How Is NMIMS Distance/ Online PGDM In Information Technology? – Course, Fees, Admission 2021?

  • Study at your own pace: Online and Distance PGDM helps you to complete the curriculum at your learning level. The concept of the pace of your degree program is available in Distance PGDM. You are not constrained like in the standard mode to finish the entire curriculum. The length of the 2-year program can be completed in 5 years of time.
  • Affordable Program Fee: PGDM program from online/ distance education is much more affordable than usual program fees. The online/distance payments are much smaller than the regular classroom mode. Online and Distance programs have the same benefits as a regular degree and less cost in tuition fees.
  • Industry Updated Curriculum: The Online/Distance education programs are updated to meet the changing market patterns. This makes the Online and Distance PGDM program and learning compliant to the industry.
  • Students gain a greater understanding of the sector and its management in online and distance mode. Also, the working professional can relate to the learning as they can apply the theoretical knowledge, case studies insights practically in their profession. Also Read: Symbiosis Distance PGDM Fees.
  • Earn and Learn at the Same Time: You can gain experience and expertise at the same time by following MBA online and distance. Distance & Online PGDM can be studied and work can be pursued simultaneously. So, you have the right skills and experience in your profession as you move from PGDM to a higher-level job.

Career Opportunities After Completing PGDM in IT and System Management

After completing Online/Distance PGDM in Information Technology and System Management there are various profiles a pass out can go for. The career in  IT management is a progressive career and full of growth. Let’s explore some of the top profiles after completing the PGDM in IT:

  • Chief Technical Officer:  The position of Chief Technical Officer is one of the most important in any company. They are responsible for managing, research and developing the main pain points of the company’s technology resources. Technological strategies and avoiding the risks in any business.
  • Chief Information Officer:  Chief Information Officer is the chief of the IT department in any company. He is the main decision-maker in any management related to the computer system, information technology, and networking in any company.
  • IT Director: The work profile of an IT Director is to manage, strategize and execute the IT infrastructure for any organization.  Also Read: NMIMS VS SVU Distance University – The Better of the Best.
  • Information System Managers: The Information System managers are responsible to manage the work of IT professionals who are on the subordinate level such as Data Security Specialist, System Analyst, Tech Supports, etc.
  • IT Project Managers: Project Managers are responsible to handle everything IT and systems related to a specific project.

Best Universities Online/Distance PGDM in IT and System Management Distance Course

Some of the top universities in India provide PGDM in Information Technology and System Management. We only have listed the universities that are approved by UGC-DEB and are eligible to provide PGDM through Online/ Distance Learning:

Distance and Online PGDM In IT Management (Conclusion)

As the whole world is now on computers the IT systems are an integral and important part of any organization. There is a whole infrastructure of IT systems and networking that is to be managed efficiently. The professionals with knowledge of IT management are required to make a smooth operation of companies. Also Read: What Are the Fees for MBA In NMIMS Distance Learning University 2021?

As India is growing towards a service-based economy the need for professionals with IT management knowledge is increasing day by day. PGDM in IT and system management is the degree that is crucial in the near future. This is the degree of today and tomorrow.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

PGDM in Information Technology and System Management is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management in the IT systems. This degree imparts knowledge about the management of IT systems in any company or organization.

Information Technology and System Management is a very important degree in today’s scope of the market, as everything is literally on computers and the professionals with the knowledge of managing big IT systems have a very proficient future in the field.

After PGDM in IT and System Management one can get the job profile of Technical Officers, IT Managers,  Project Managers,  IT officers, etc.

In Information technology and System Management, you learn the general as well as the technical managerial skills that are required in the IT niche.

Yes, IT and System Management have very good careers. With the development of various cyber hubs in India, the scope of the course has gone higher.

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