The Future Of MBA 2.0 : Is An MBA Worth It
Online & Distance MBA

The Future Of MBA 2.0 : Is An MBA Worth It

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The distance mode of education is picking up the pace and is going godspeed. The coronavirus pandemic has also triggered distance education and the school of distance learning is going leaps and bound.  A series of studies conducted by KPMG and Google have shown the trends that are indicating the growth of online and distance education in India.

The distance education market is expected to grow 8 times and will reach USD 1.96 Billion marks in India. India is expected to grow its consumer base from 1.57 million to 9.5 million users in 2021 which is a 44% CAGR.

Is An MBA Worth It?

This question is a burning topic among students and working professionals. Well, we will give a detailed answer to this question and we will give the answers that will clearly answer the questions.

We will present to you the current trends along with the trends for the future of MBA. The stats of the Distance MBA will surely tell you that an MBA is worth it in the distance mode.

The Elephant Of The Room: Distance Education

Online education in the Indian market is driven by demand, supply, and macroeconomic factors. Nearly 48% of the population in India 15-40 years age group with higher aspirations are going to be potential students of online education.  These are just numbers that are published pre- COVID era. Obviously, the numbers are certainly going to increase post-COVID-era.

Here is the figure that will tell you the growing size of the distance education industry in the Indian Market

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Let’s Clear Your Cloud About Distance MBA

We hope that the above paragraph must have cleared your doubts and apprehension about distance education as a whole. The outbreak of COVID has posed a challenge to top B- schools to produce the best Business graduates while maintaining social distancing.

The B-schools which provide distance education have seen a surge of 57% applications for distance MBA in various specializations in the year 2020 – 21 and the session is still yet to be closed.

The survey conducted by Associations of MBA the world has seen the growth of 24% increase in the enrolment in distance MBA programs and is going to be greater this year and next as compared to the regular MBA.

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In the employability as per the online MBA, the domain increased 54% in December 2019 against 40 the previous year. In these contemporary times, the distance MBA is picking up the pace as it gives an edge over the regular MBA as it gives a cutting edge of industry experience to you.

The study conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) which administers business school admission has revealed that you will expect an average hike of 39% after graduating from a business school.

As per the study in the GMAC survey here is the expected increase in the salary after doing an MBA:-

  • Products/Services: 59% increase
  • Nonprofit/Government: 45% increase
  • Technology: 35% increase
  • Manufacturing: 34% increase
  • Finance/Accounting: 34% increase
  • Health Care: 33% increase
  • Consulting: 32% increase
  • Energy/Utilities: 24% increase

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College Vidya: Stats Of Distance/Online/PGDM MBA

College Vidya conducted a survey on the scenario of distance education. As the survey was conducted pan India we compiled data. As India is a geographically vast country we created a data taking demographic region as a major deciding factor. The graph below shows the trend of distance PGDM in Indian demographics:-

C:\Users\user\Desktop\CV\mba pgdm.jpg

The graph above shows the percentage of students accepting online/distance MBA/PGDM all over India. The declining technological barriers and the flexibility gained from distance education is the reason that the distance MBA is seeking a surge in the acceptability of students.

The study of College Vidya also revealed the stats for the reasons people go for the online mode of MBA rather than the conventional one.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\CV\key reasons.jpg


These studies by College Vidya revealed that distance mode or online education is rapidly growing and soon will be the mammoth in education as the technologies are advancing.

So, a distance/online MBA or PGDM degree skyrockets your career while you are still in your job. The certification holds equal value in the market. An MBA with experience is in demand and a distance MBA is the best you can get while you work. You can literally go from place to place after pursuing a distance MBA.

Now, if you are wondering why your colleague got promoted to the managerial level out of blue, that must have been the distance MBA degree hidden in his portfolio. It’s time that you also become a manager.

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These Are Best B-School With Distance MBA/PGDM

Why College Vidya?

College Vidya is an unbiased education only dedicated to the distance and online mode of education. A dedicated educational platform, that aims to bring clarity to distance education in India. 

College Vidya provides online career counselling and provides free consultation about any query related to distance without any bias. We are not the sellers of any university so what we provide is the information based on facts, stats, and market research.

Thus, every consultation provided by College Vidya is truly factual and information-driven, unlike others driven by the commissions per admission given by various universities.

College Vidya is the link between student and distance university and helps you choose the best. We cut the middleman between you and your preferred university and provide you with a hassle-free experience.

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