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MCA Full Form: Courses List, Subjects, Colleges [2024]

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What is the full form of MCA?

Master’s in Computer Applications is the full form of MCA. It is a course that involves a deeper and advanced study of computer applications and technology. This course develops the students’ personality for the IT sectors of the companies. The course covers various aspects of the information technology field such as implementing programming languages. The course also involves internship and training programs at the end of the last semester. The course holds 4 semesters and is of a time period of 2 years.

The degree is offered in order to give the information technology industry an abundant number of professionals in the field of computer sciences. The program is provided in both regular and online modes of education. Moreover, the course revolves around both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure which is required by the candidates when they go out in the actual world. The course covers a number of specializations which involve equal levels of value and importance in the technology world. The course offers job opportunities such as Software Developer, System Engineer, System Administration, Software Engineer, and many more.

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Types of MCA Course

MCA is a master’s level program in computer applications and this program is offered in 3 different modes, in other words, 3 different types of MCA programs. 

Types of MCA Course

Types of Master of Computer Application (MCA) Courses Available

Online MCA

Part-Time MCA

Distance MCA


  • Regular MCA/Full-Time MCA: Regular MCA aka Full-time MCA is a program which is specially designed for students who have done graduation and are willing to dedicate whole 2 years to their master’s. Students are required to attend regular classes offline and have to be present for internals and final examinations. This is the traditional form of learning and all the universities that are providing MCA will provide regular MCA programs. 
  • Distance MCA: Distance MCA is not a new form of learning but is still struggling to gain complete acceptance. Distance MCA is basically for the students who are unable to pursue their higher studies in the regular mode. Distance MCA helps students in pursuing their degree without attending regular lectures in the campus of the university. Students get self-learning material and they have to study on their own, however, virtual lectures are optional and depend upon the university. 
  • Online MCA: Online MCA is a professional degree course just like distance and regular MCA. However, in this course, students are required to attend virtual lectures and submit assignments on their modules. Online MCA is different from both regular and distance MCA because in this course you do attend lectures but online and your exams are also online. 
Types of MCA Duration  Eligibility Mode of Learning Top Colleges  Entrance Exams 
Full-time/Regular   3 Years  Graduation + Entrance marks Offline Indraprastha University, National Institute of Technology, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), etc.   Universities conduct their own entrance exams
Online MCA 3 Years Graduation  Online  LPU, Manipal, Amity, Jain, etc.  No entrance
Distance MCA 3 Years Graduation  Online  Sikkim Manipal University, Andhra University, etc.  No entrance 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for MCA Programs?

In order to be eligible for MCA programs, the students should keep some basic pointers in mind. For the regular MCA degree, the candidate should keep in mind the following requirements: 

  • The candidates must have an undergraduate degree in BCA from a recognized university. 
  • The candidates must also have scored 60% as minimum aggregate marks in their bachelor’s degree. 
  • Also, the students who are in their last year of bachelor’s degree can also apply for MCA programs.

However, the distance mode of learning for the same course is not that complicated with the eligibility criteria. The eligibility requirements are pretty simple; the candidates just have to have a bachelor’s degree in any relevant domain from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate percentile. 

Should I even pursue MCA?

Master’s in Computer Applications; MCA is known to have a very bright career. The field is directly into the field of technology, expanding towards the IT sector. The field has a high scope in both the private and public sectors. Moreover, the job profiles under this course have an exceptionally high salary package.

Reasons to pursue MCA

The digital sector is pretty vast and there are a plethora of job opportunities when it comes to MCA graduates. Information Technology, Networking Consultancy, Software, and Programming, are some areas of work which offer competitive salary packages to the freshers. And further, the packages get higher when one keeps on enhancing their skills. So, considering MCA as an option to study is always a better and more worthy choice. 

Does one require work experience to be eligible for MCA?

There is no compulsion to have work experience when one wants to apply for MCA. However, having a work experience for even one year can actually benefit you in understanding your interests and your work field. Other than that, not having work experience and going for MCA is also not a problem.

In that way, you will be able to figure out what suits your capabilities and will shape you into that particular field while also giving you time to explore. Either way, there is no compulsion for the students to have work experience in order to be eligible for the particular course.     

What is the average salary after the completion of MCA?

The average salary for the fresh graduates of MCA is 3 to 5 lakhs per annum. However, be it any field or stream, the salary packages get higher once the individuals develop higher skills in a particular field along with a good amount of experience. The salary packages for MCA graduates are expected to increase from INR 9 -10 lakhs per annum and still has a scope for betterment. 

average salary after the completion of MCA

Do I need to give any Entrance Exams for MCA?

Certain entrance tests are required for MCA eligibility, by some known universities. AIMCET (MCA entrance exam), BHU PET MCA, JECA, JNU MCA, MAH MCA CET), PAMCAT, LUCSAT and other competitive entrance tests are examples. Most institutions require a passing score on one of these entry exams. These are some well-known entrance examinations that are required for the eligibility of MCA.  

What are the different types of MCA Specializations?

There is an abundant number of specializations under MCA which can be explored and give the students a wider scope in the computer sector. Different types of MCA specializations are: 

Systems Management Management Information Systems (MIS)
Systems Development Systems Engineering
Networking Application Software
Software Development Internet Working
Troubleshooting Hardware Technology

What are the best-known Specializations of MCA?

Some of the MCA specializations are known to be the best. There are some of the specializations that are the most renowned and the most asked for by the students. Given below is the list of the best-known MCA specializations:

  1. Software Development: Software Development is a very famous course that deals with programming, designing and documenting, testing and bug fixing along with creating software applications and managing the software components. This course is in demand and serves really high salary packages as job options for the students.
  2. Networking: MCA in Networking is a branch of studying where there is an exchange of ideas and information among people with the same profession. However, computer networking is the main branch of study under MCA that takes the individual into the study of computer networks and tailors the course with the understanding of better working of all the networks.
  3. Application Software: MCA in Application Software is a specialization that mainly focuses on the mobile application softwares. This domain is really interesting and is highly demandable in the IT sector. The jobs under this domain offer high salary packages along with a scope for excellence and continuous success. The courses are made for those who have an inclined interest in making apps. 
  4. Systems Development: MCA in Systems Development is a study in the designing, defining, implementing and managing new programs and softwares. This branch of study is known to be in the area of development of the technological areas of the IT sector. To overlook if there are continuous implementations of new ideas or not. This field helps the student to work on the productivity of the sector.

What is the Course Curriculum of MCA?

The course curriculum of the MCA program is mentioned in the table below yearly wise: 

MCA First Year MCA Second Year MCA Third Year
Fundamentals of IT Theory of Computation Linux Programming
Operating Systems Object Oriented Analysis and Design Electives
Data and File Structures Design and Analysis of Algorithms Enterprise Computing with Java
Object Oriented Programming in C++ Data Warehousing and Data Mining 6-month Internship
Programming in C Computer Graphics Software Testing
Software Engineering Computer Networks
Computer Organization Data Communications and Networking
Database Management Systems Web Technologies
Discrete Mathematics Java Programming

How to get into top Universities for MCA?

  • There are many universities offering MCA with excellent faculties. However, in order to get into these universities, the students need to be thorough with the eligibility criteria of the universities. 
  • The students should keep in mind that they match the eligibility criteria of the university so as to get into the top universities. Moreover, the students should also keep their percentile at least to a minimum aggregate of 50%. 
  • The aggregate will help the students to get noticed by the top universities and therefore, will help them grab a seat there. Other than that, a full research about the university is a must before stepping into them. 
  • The research will only help them with the details of the university and hence, they can shape themselves accordingly.  

What are the famous Universities for MCA?

There are a lot of famous universities for MCA with brilliant faculties. However, there are some universities that offer the best MCA programs. Given below is a list of universities offering MCA programs:

  1. Department of Computer Science, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra
  2. School of Computer and Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  3. School of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
  4. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  5. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
  6. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
  7. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad
  8. Christ University, Bangalore
  9. P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore

What are the famous universities for online MCA?

Online learning is not just in trend but also it is a need of all the working students. This form of learning actually helps you in gaining both practical exposure and theoretical knowledge. You can check the following universities to pursue an online MCA: 

The famous Universities for MCA

LPU Online Manipal Online
Amity Online Jain Online
Chandigarh Online Hindustan Online
Manav Rachna Online Amrita Ahead Online

Can I pursue MCA after 30?

An MCA can be obtained by anyone above the age of 30. Age isn’t a factor, especially if you’re chasing it from afar. An MCA is always a viable option for candidates. Higher-level MCA programmes are available for working professionals. Yes, age has no bearing on the outcome. At any age, anyone can pursue an MCA; the only prerequisite is that they have a compelling reason to do so.

What is the fee of an MCA course?

An MCA program’s cost varies depending on the specialisation and university to which an applicant applies. An MCA degree abroad costs between Rs. 30, 000 to 2.4 lakh rupees in Indian rupees. Various pricing schemes apply to different specialities. It is up to the individual to make the decision.

On the other hand, distance MCA programmes may be less expensive than typical MCA programmes. The remote learning programmes were developed with the goal of making them accessible to individuals who could not afford traditional or on-campus classes.

How can I get scholarships for MCA?

Scholarships are available in India through the institutes to which one applies. Students can receive scholarships from institutes. To be eligible for the award, the student must meet specific requirements. The eligibility requirements for each sort of scholarship may vary. Additional abroad scholarships are available for MCA studies from overseas colleges.

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What are Distance and Online MCA Programs?

Distance and Online Learning have taken a huge speed in the market since the pandemic has increased. And no matter how terrifying the pandemic has been, distance learning has just been a help and nothing else in these times.  

There are various programs that are provided under the distance learning sector of education. Almost all the universities now offer distance learning programs for most courses. MCA is also being offered in the distance mode by various universities at the most affordable prices.

However, distance learning has become more advanced and this form of learning has turned into online learning these days. Distance and Online MCA are different programs and some of the major differences between distance & online MCA are:

  • Regular and timely online lectures in online MCA, whereas, there a very few universities that offer you  online lectures in distance MCA.
  • Online MCA provides online exams which is not the option in distance MCA
  • But distance MCA will be more budget-friendly than online MCA.

Online MCA would be a better option for the students who already have a lot on their plates and still don’t want to sacrifice on the value of their master’s degree. For working individuals, online MCA is the best and perfectly tailored option. 

The individuals who are gaining work experience and also want to complete their degree in the masters of their stream. When you have a working lifestyle along with a personal life to balance, studying for a higher qualification becomes a difficult option. This is when distance education becomes a saviour.  

The working professionals can complete their degree along with their jobs and will have a flexible routine too. The distance programs are tailored in a way that they don’t mess up with the already worked up schedule of the individuals. So, considering that the individuals will be provided with the weekend online classes accompanied by recorded lectures. 

Is online MCA easily affordable or not?

Distance and online programs are generally known to be very much more affordable than regular courses. One reason why distance and online learning has taken place is because of the affordable fees. Regular MCA courses are not that affordable by every class of society. And hence, the online mode of the same course is comparatively much cheaper than the regular course. Considering that, the online MCA degree is easily affordable for the students who struggle to afford regular classes.

How are Distance and Online MCA beneficial?

It is a known fact that a distance/correspondence degree is considered as valuable as a regular degree in the present times. It does not matter if your degree is in the distance mode if you have completed it from a recognized university. Distance and online MCA is absolutely a beneficial option, considering that the mode of learning offers a flexible routine, especially to the ones who have a working lifestyle too. The course is even affordable for students who face struggles in taking regular on-campus classes. 

The candidates just have to keep in mind that the university they are choosing is recognized by the UGC. The distance degrees from recognized universities are known to have the same authenticity as that of the regular degrees, so the students do not have to worry about the placements further. 

MCA full form, remember?

So, now you know that MCA is a course that will only make your future bright and will help you explore areas that suit your interest. The course is strictly tailored around the information technology sector of companies and is known to be in very high demand. Moreover, the students with a high interest in the sector that is into software development and application programming are best suited for this course. Furthermore, the distance mode of the same course is also very well beneficial. Hence, if you are planning to go for MCA, this can be the perfect choice for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The course has 6 semesters and takes around 3 years to be completed.

The best specializations for MCA are software development, networking, system development and many more.

Yes, MCA is being offered by various universities in the distance mode.

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