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10 Best Courses After B.Tech with Placement & High Salary 2024

Jun 4, 2024 1.3K Reads

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is the most popular program in the Indian subcontinent. The popularity of this program has never settled. Students are entitled to the “Engineer” tag after completion of this course. 

B.Tech is a four-year undergraduate program that offers a comprehensive understanding of engineering principles and their practical applications. Mathematics, physics, and computer science are the core subjects of this program.

This program offers specializations in numerous disciplines in engineering such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Apart from theoretical Knowledge, students also engage in various practical aspects of this program.

This offers them the foundational and basic conception of engineering.  The program also incorporates courses on economics, communication, ethics, etc. that help in the personality development of the students.

Though this course offers a wide spectrum of knowledge in engineering the understanding level is still fundamental and elementary.

With this degree, students only manage to get entry-level jobs in the corporate sector. To get a job at a higher level with a good salary, one must pursue courses that may help broaden the career prospects.

Top Courses after B.Tech 

A list of top courses that a student can pursue after completing his Bachelor of Technology degree is mentioned below -

1) Master of Technology (MTech)

Master of Technology (MTech) is a natural progression that students can opt for after completing their  Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech). With the foundational basis in B.Tech, a Master of Technology offers advanced and in-depth knowledge and expertise through specializations in various engineering disciplines. 

The duration of this program is two years offering comprehensive coursework, research techniques, and specialized subjects in an array of specializations, including computer science, electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, and many more. 

Students enrolled in this program participate in intensive research projects, seminars, and coursework that usually concludes with a thesis or dissertation. Students of this advanced degree have enhanced career opportunities in fields including software engineering, automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications by gaining specific knowledge and abilities.

Additionally, the M.Tech  program offers a strong emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of the students.

They are well-equipped in the rapidly developing engineering and technology sector for academic pursuits as well as leadership and research roles.

Working professionals with a BTech degree who want to pursue an MTech degree but cannot leave their jobs to join regular college can pursue MTech Programs for Working Professionals. This program offers flexibility to manage an MTech degree with the professional journey.

Job Profiles in MTech after After BTech

Some of the top job profiles after completing a Master of Technology are -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary 

Senior Engineer

INR 12.50 LPA

Design Engineer

INR 5.50 LPA

Software Engineer

INR 10.00 LPA

Project Manager

INR 20.00 LPA 

2) Master of Engineering

After completing the Bachelor of Technology, students are also eligible for a Master of Engineering (M.E) program. This is an additional master's degree in engineering apart from M.Tech.

This master's program stretches for two years.  The M.Eng degree enables specialization in subjects related to engineering and the development of new skills. The program covers in-depth knowledge in technical fields including computer, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering.

Unlike M.Tech which is based on practical aspects of engineering, the Master of Engineering solely focuses on the theoretical knowledge in engineering. The program provides advanced knowledge in the field of engineering.

The knowledge obtained from this program can be applied to numerous sectors in modern technology-led industries. Students also have room for research which lets them refine their understanding of engineering principles. 

This program enables students to contribute to various industries with effective measures to overcome real-world challenges. Students become competent enough to offer sustainable solutions to the complexities in the engineering discipline which offers them career advancement.

They are also equipped with skills like leadership, innovation, and problem-solving during the coursework offering leading them to overall personality development. Students can see rapid growth in their careers upon completion of this program. 

Job Profiles in M.E After BTech

Some of the top career opportunities after completing Master of engineering are -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Application Engineer 

INR 9.37 LPA

Structural Engineer 

INR 6.62 LPA

Process Engineer 


Product Engineer 


3) Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Opting for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after a Bachelor of Technology is a strategic move to advance career prospects.

The majority of students who do not wish to continue their studies in technology and engineering,  opt for an MBA program. The program stretches for 2 years which provides a distinctive opportunity to amalgamate technical expertise from B.Tech with business perception.

An extensive apprehension of business principles, management strategies, and leadership skills is provided in this program. 

The curriculum comprehensively covers subjects like finance, marketing, management, operation, and organizational behavior which constructs a path for diverse career options for the students.

Students also acquire analytical thinking, problem-solving, and technical proficiency through the blend of knowledge and expertise in B.Tech and MBA.

Online MBA is also offered to students and working professionals who are unable to join the program in regular mode. The online mode offers flexibility to manage the time for academic learning and other obligations.

Students can easily pursue this program without altering their predestined schedules

Top Specializations 

The specialization offered in Master of Business Administration (MBA) is identical for both online as well as regular mode. The specializations are - 

  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA  Data Science and Analytics
  • MBA  Information Technology Management
  • MBA  International Business Management
  • MBA  Retail Management
  • MBA Supply Chain Management
  • MBA Operations Management

Job Profiles in MBA after BTech 

Some of the top job profiles after an MBA are-

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Marketing Manager

INR 13.76 LPA

Operations management


Financial Management


Sales Management


Project Manager

INR 19.5 LPA 

4) Master of Sciences (MSc)

Pursuing a Master of Sciences (MSc) after completing a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a progressive move for career progression and extension of knowledge and skills.

Students who want to deepen their knowledge in various domains of science with the blend of technological perception from BTech can pursue this program. 

The curriculum of this program is designed to equip students with the advanced analytical, research, and problem-solving skills that are necessary for a flourishing career in numerous roles in industry, academia, or research institutions. Students explore diverse areas of technology and sciences to match their career aspirations. 

Overall, pursuing MSc after BTech leads students to exciting career opportunities, fostering their intellectual growth and positioning them at the forefront of the diverse scientific and technological business landscape. 

Job Profiles in MSc After BTech

Some of the job profiles that students can join after completing their M.Sc are -

Job profiles 

Average Salary

Technical Consultant

INR 11.3 LPA

Quality Control Executive


Industrial Engineer

INR 5.28 LPA

Quality Manager

INR 11.4 LPA

5) PG Diploma in Management 

PG Diploma in Management is an alternative to MBA.  Pursuing a PG diploma in Management after completing a Bachelor of Technology is a very smart move to advance your career in business management with a solid foundation of technical expertise.

The duration of this program is 2 years equipping students with a comprehensive conception of business fundamentals, leadership, and strategic management. 

Students possess significant analytical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation skills which they acquired during B.Tech course period, helping them to excel in an array of industries ranging from technology and engineering to manufacturing and consulting. Students can secure top managerial positions in these industries upon completion of this program. 

Students can also join Online PG Diploma in Management which is highly flexible and affordable as compared to regular mode. Students can save significant time to manage their other commitments. 

Job Profiles in PG Diploma in Management After BTech

Some of the most popular career opportunities after PG Diploma in Management are -

Job Roles 

Average Salary

Management Consultant

INR 27.7 LPA

Portfolio Manager

INR 17.74 LPA 

Financial Analyst

INR 6.20 LPA 

Operations management

INR 9.55 LPA

 6) PG Diploma in Data Science 

Presently the world is driven by data. Global economies, business organizations, and every industry are more or less dependent on data. With this dependence on data, it becomes a very dominant domain to build a career. It offers a wide range of career opportunities to the students.

A Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that help in navigating the enormous business landscape.

Students develop an in-depth understanding of data analytics, machine learning, and statistical analysis which are some of the latest developments in data science. 

The curriculum of this program extensively covers topics such as database management, data visualization techniques data manipulation, data interpretation, etc which trending in the industry.

These topics make the students industry-ready with hands-on training in data science. Students become proficient in solving complex data challenges and contribute positively to the growing domain of data science. 

Online PG Diploma in Data Science is also available to the students which offers flexibility and time management with an affordable fee structure. 

Upon Completion of this program, students are competent to excel in a wide range of data science jobs with competitive salary packages and great career progression. 

Job Profiles in PG Diploma in Data Science 

Some of the most popular job profiles in Data Science are-

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Database Administrator

INR 8.50 LPA

Data Scientist

INR 13.50 LPA

Data Engineers

INR 9.41 LPA

Data Architect

INR 27.50 LPA

7) PG Diploma in Project Management

Students who are willing to specialize in the constantly evolving field of Project management after completing their Bachelor of Technology degree (B.Tech) degree can enroll themselves in the PG Diploma program in Project Management.

With a thorough understanding of project lifecycle phases from inception to conclusion, this curriculum enables students the tools they need to lead and manage projects in an array of industries. 

The curriculum of this program is designed to offer industry-standard project management methodologies with practical training in relevant project management software such as Microsoft Project and Jira.

It also includes topics like project planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and stakeholder communication. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on leadership development that promotes an ability to lead and guide project teams toward effective results. 

Students who want an affordable option that offers flexibility in learning can opt for an Online PG Diploma in Project Management. Students can easily manage their time for academic learning and other commitments. 

The combination of technical expertise from a B.tech degree and proficiency in project management positions the students as a valuable asset in the present competitive industry. 

Job Profiles in PG Diploma in Project Management After BTech 

Some of the most popular job profiles in project management are-

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Project Manager

INR 20.00 LPA

Project Coordinator

INR 6.7 LPA 

Project Director

INR 30.00 LPA 

Project Scheduler

INR 8.50 LPA 

8) PG Diploma  in Full Stack Development

Pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Full Stack Development after completing a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) proves to be a strategic move for students who are willing to advance their knowledge and expertise in software development.

Students can implement the learning of BTech as a foundation in this program to acquire a comprehensive understanding of both front-end and back-end development. It covers languages, frameworks, databases, and tools that are essential for creating dynamic web applications.

The curriculum of this program incorporates intensive training in programming languages. Students learn and practice several programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA, and Python during the course period.

Students also learn to work with databases like MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL. They also become proficient in deployment tactics, version control systems, and other important facets of contemporary software development practices. 

Upon Completion of this PG program, students are open to a pool of career opportunities in full-stack development which is highly demanded in the industry. With better compensation and top jobs, they can excel in their careers. 

Job Roles in PG Diploma in Fullstack Development After BTech 

Some of the top job profiles after completing a PG Diploma in Full Stack Development are-

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Front-end Engineer

INR 11.3 LPA

Back end developer

INR 8.86 LPA

Web designer

INR 7.49 LPA

Database Administrator

INR 8.50 LPA

9) AI and Machine Learning

 With the growing popularity of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, pursuing a diploma or PG diploma can be a smart move. These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Students will be able to learn essential concepts, algorithms, and applications of AI and ML. 

These Diploma and PG diploma programs span from 6 months to 24 months. Students are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise that makes them competent to develop AI solutions, data analysis, and build predictive models. 

The curriculum of these programs is relevant and incorporates the latest trends such as neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning.

These courses offer outstanding opportunities for better career prospects with the growing demand for Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

One of the most convenient methods of mastering AI and  ML is Online Mode. There are several universities offering courses in this field.

Job Roles in AI & ML after BTech 

Top Job profiles in AI and ML are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary

Data Science

INR 13.50 LPA

ML Engineer

INR 11.50 LPA 

AI Engineer

INR 11.04 LPA 

Computer Scientist

INR 27.88 LPA 

10) Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is the biggest issue in the contemporary world. With the increased dependence on technology, cyber crimes have become a common phenomenon. To save data and information from theft, there is a huge demand for professionals who can secure data.

The knowledge and expertise required to save data can be acquired from courses in Cybersecurity. There are several diplomae and PG diploma courses in cybersecurity that equip students to comprehend the challenges and complexities of cybersecurity. 

Pursuing Diploma and PG diploma courses in Cybersecurity after completing B.tech boosts the career prospects by advancing the previous knowledge and skills of the students.

Upon completion of these programs, students can dive into an ever-demanding career with a great salary package. 

Job Profiles in Cybersecurity after BTech 

Some of the most demanding job profiles in Cybersecurity are -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

IT security specialist

INR 15.00 LPA

Security Engineer

INR 11.89 LPA

Security consultant


Information security analyst

INR 9.62 LPA


Considering all these courses after completing your Bachelor of Technology will help you to advance your previous knowledge and skills which will lead you to a diverse range of career opportunities in the industry. You will be able to excel in this ever-evolving tech lead in the industry with the help of these courses.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Completing a Bachelor of Technology degree offers you foundational knowledge and expertise in engineering through various specializations. If you want career progression and personal and professional development you will need a degree that offers you advanced knowledge and skills. Pursuing courses after BTech fulfills the requirement of the advanced degree.

Both Master of Technology (MTech) and Master of Engineering (M.E) are both postgraduate degrees in engineering. The difference between these degrees is concerned with their practical impact. The MTech degree is more concerned about the practical aspects of engineering while the M.E is more concerned about the theoretical aspects of engineering.

Yes, you can pursue an MSc after completing a Btech degree. You can advance your knowledge and skills in technology with the extensive curriculum of a master's degree. With the wide range of specializations, you can broaden your understanding of science and technology.

Yes the blend of technical knowledge from Btech and Management expertise from MBA proves to be a milestone in career development. At present the industry is driven by two things; Technology and Management and pursuing an MBA after BTech presents you as the most qualified professional in this diverse business landscape. 

Yes, You can effectively manage your job as well as a master's degree with online programs. You can enroll in online degrees which are equivalent to the regular degrees providing you with the remarkable flexibility to manage academic learning with the professional journey.

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