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10 Best Courses After MBA with Placement & High Salary 2024

Jun 12, 2024 1.1K Reads

Master of Business Administration is one of the most pursued master's programs in India and worldwide. Every student can pursue this program after completing his/her graduation irrespective of his discipline or subject in graduation.

The duration of this program is 2 years and is offered by some of the best universities in regular, Online, and Distance modes. This program intends to offer an in-depth understanding of the latest business management and administration practices followed in the industry. 

MBA is considered the door for a wide range of diverse management jobs in the industry. The program is focused on offering business management acumen to students to succeed in this ever-evolving business landscape. It incorporates numerous industry-relevant specialization that offers a comprehensive grasp of the particular area. 

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As we have discussed above that MBA is one of the most pursued degrees in India, and it has become a common degree for everyone. A common degree makes it very difficult for students to stand out in the industry.

This has made the job industry very complex and competitive. Either students are facing problems in getting relevant jobs or not getting promotions in their current organization.

This makes it very important for the students to pursue courses that help them stand out in the industry with relevant jobs and offer them quick promotions and appraisals in their current organizations. 

1) Executive MBA

This program is designed for working professionals who have started working in business organizations right after their graduation or MBA. This program is specifically designed for working professionals who have experience in the industry.

Those professional who wants to upgrade themselves with the latest and updated knowledge and expertise in business management get frequent promotions in their current job roles. This program helps working professionals polish their understanding of business management and administration. 

Executive MBA for Working Professionals is offered by some of the best and most prestigious universities and business schools in India. Even this program is offered by IIMs. This program does not require working professionals to leave their jobs.

They can either pursue this program from top institutions in Hybrid or Online mode. In hybrid mode, students can join the classes on weekends and holidays at the university or the center of the university. In online mode,  working professionals are not required to visit the university for the classes.

In Online mode, they can attend live and regular classes on the well-developed Learning Management System of the University with the support of their top faculty. Examinations are also held remotely through E-Proctored Software, unlike hybrid mode where students have to visit the university for examination.

The Working Professionals willing to opt for this program must have work experience of 2 to 3 years in the relevant industry. The program offers a wide range of specializations that offer industry-relevant knowledge and skills.

This helps them upgrade their previous understanding of the business landscape and makes them more competent in the industry. 

Upon completion of the program, working professionals can get frequent promotions in their previous company or switch to a new organization with a higher managerial role and better compensation. 

Job Profiles

Job Profiles 

Average Salary 

Marketing Director 


Chief Finance Officer 


HR Director


Product Development Manager 


Chief Operating Officer 


2) Doctorate in Business Administration 

Doctorate in Business Administration is a one-of-a-kind program dedicated to offering advanced knowledge and expertise in business management. This doctorate-level program is offered to working professionals working at executive and senior levels in organizations.

The program is intended for experienced professionals who want to expand their understanding of business theory, research methodologies, and strategic business management practices that can be applied to real-world challenges.

Unlike a regular PhD in Management which offers insights into academic and theoretical research in management, Doctor of Business Administration online focuses on practical knowledge and its application to complex business problems and challenges.

This program seeks to enhance the managerial skills of experienced professionals and contribute to the applied business knowledge.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics such as organizational behavior, strategic management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Students develop abilities to critically analyze complex business problems which helps them formulate innovative solutions and they make informed strategic decisions. 

Upon completion of this program, students are eligible to add the “Dr” prefix to their name which is considered as one of the highest designations. This increases the reputation of the experienced professionals in the industry.

This depicts the symbol of intelligence and professional competency of a working professional making them most eligible for the top roles in the organization in the diverse business landscape. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the top job roles available to the students upon completion of this Doctorate of Business Administration are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Business Consultant 

INR 15.47 LPA 

C-Suite Executive 

INR 20.81 LPA 

Organizational Development Manager 

INR 17.32 LPA 

Strategic Planner 

INR 11.00 LPA 

Project Manager 

INR 17.25 LPA 

3) PhD in Management 

Students can dive into academic research in business management by enrolling themselves in the PhD program in Management after completing their Master of Business Administration. This is a doctorate-level program that spans 3 to 5 years offering extensive research insights in business management to the students.

This program extends the foundational knowledge that the students have acquired while pursuing their MBA degree. Students pursuing this program explore advanced theories, methodologies, and empirical research in numerous management disciplines.

Management disciplines such as organizational behavior, strategic management, and marketing are covered in this program. Also Available | Online Doctoral Degree!

The curriculum incorporates rigorous coursework including original research which involves a doctoral dissertation. This doctoral program helps in the refinement of critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills of the students which lets them contribute to the new knowledge in the management domain.

Students also engage with leading leaders, participate in conferences, and publish their research papers and journals which enriches their credibility and networking.

Upon completion of this program, students become eligible for the “Dr” designation. Students can pursue a wide range of career opportunities ranging from academics to business consulting and marketing research.

In academics, they can help in developing new methodologies and theories that can be beneficial in comprehending the complexities and challenges of business management effectively. 

Overall, this program offers all-round development of the students while enhancing their aptitude towards research in management studies. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the top career opportunities upon completion of PhD in Management are mentioned below -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Business Professor

INR 10.00 LPA 

Product Manager 

INR 17.00 LPA

Research Associate 

INR 5.40 LPA

Management Consulting 

INR 25.00 LPA 

4) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Students who are willing to broaden their career opportunities in financial management after completing their Master of Business Administration degree can pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course.

The duration of this program is 2 years which can be extended up to 4 years (the duration of the program depends on the institute). The CFA program is globally recognized and offered by the CFA Institute. 

Students can employ their learning from the MBA program while pursuing the CFA program to grasp an in-depth understanding of investment management, financial analysis, and portfolio management. 

The curriculum of the program is divided into three levels each imparting proficiency in different aspects of finance. It includes financial topics like quantitative methods, economics, corporate finance, equity and fixed-income analysis, derivatives, and alternative investments offering a broader view of financial management. 

In the finance industry, CFA is considered the symbol of excellence and one’s dedication towards outstanding performance with high ethical standards.

The commitment required in this program for all three levels enhances analytical skills, decision-making abilities, and an extensive understanding of global financial markets. Students become competent for top roles in investment banking, asset management, equity research, and risk management.

As the CFA program is globally recognized, it offers national as well as international career opportunities in financial management. Students are equipped with advanced financial concepts which signifies their competency to tackle complex financial challenges opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities for them in the diverse finance industry. 

Job Profiles 

CFA offers a wide range of career opportunities to the students upon completion. Some of them are mentioned below - 

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Portfolio Manager 

INR 17.33 LPA 

Risk Manager 

INR 13.71 LPA 

Investment Banker 

INR 17.00 LPA 

Private Wealth Manager 

INR 7.40 LPA

5) Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Students who have completed their Master of Business Administration and are interested in management accounting can pursue a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) program.

The program is globally recognized and offered by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA). The duration of this program is 3 years offering an extensive understanding of management accounting.

A background in MBA offers an in-depth understanding of business management concepts which can be very useful while pursuing this program.

The CMA program exclusively focuses on Management accounting, strategic management, performance management, and risk management which are most desirable from a professional in this competitive industry.

An MBA degree with CMA certification demonstrates the prominence and intellect of the student in financial decision-making and strategic management of accounts. 

They analyze financial data and help business organizations in optimizing their performance. This helps in reducing costs and maximizing profits. CMAs are responsible for budgeting, forecasting, and risk management which helps in strategic planning and execution.

Upon completion of the program, students can leverage their careers in the top leadership roles within the finance and accounting industry. With global recognition of this program, students can make a prosperous career in Indian as well as global business organizations.

Job Profiles 

Some of the top career opportunities upon completion of this program are - 

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Chief Financial Officer

INR 20.50 LPA 

Corporate Controller

INR 9.50 LPA 

Finance Manager

INR 17.00 LPA 

Internal Auditor

INR 10.20 LPA 

6) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

Pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) after completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a strategic move to combine business management knowledge with expertise in computer knowledge.

It is a 12-month program offering an extensive overview of computer applications. Students acquire an in-depth understanding of programming, software development, database management, and information technology.

With the wide adoption of technology in business organizations, this combination of MBA and PGDCA offers versatile skill sets that are highly demanded in the industry to perform managerial operations.

Pursuing this program after MBA helps bridge the gap between technology and business objectives within the organization.  This not only prepares students to excel in managerial roles in normal businesses but also in tech-centric industries. Students can also lead tech industries such as IT consulting, fintech, e-commerce, and Software development in various managerial roles. 

Upon completion of the program, students can position themselves in diverse job roles in the diverse tech-led business landscape. This program helps students to excel in their careers with top managerial roles in the technological industry. 

Job Roles 

Some of the most preferred job roles by the students after completing Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications are -

Job Roles 

Average Salary

IT Project Manager 

INR 17.00 LPA 

Database Administrator 

INR 8.50 LPA 

System Analyst 

INR 8.75 LPA 

IT Consultant

INR 11.00 LPA 

7) Project Management Professional (PMP)

Pursuing Project Management Professional certification after completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an advanced move to enhance career progression and credibility in the field of project management.

The duration of the program is 3 months to 6 months. The PMP certification demonstrates the specialized proficiency of the student in project management, which enhances the strong foundation of business management acquired during the MBA. 

In today's competitive job environment, having both a PMP certification and an MBA exhibits a broad skill set that is highly valued. On one hand, an MBA equips students with the ability to lead effectively with strategic business knowledge which accompanies the numerous functional areas within a business organization.

PMP certification, on the other hand, highlights the comprehension of students in project management approaches, instruments, and strategies, as well as their capacity to successfully begin, plan, carry out, oversee, manage, and close down projects.

Numerous employment options in a variety of areas, such as IT, construction, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, are unlocked by this dual qualification.

This program gives an edge to the professional journey of an MBA graduate by preparing them to excel in their career.

Job Profiles 

Some of the most preferred job roles by MBA graduates after completing the Project Management Professional program are -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Project Manager

INR 17.25 LPA 

Project Coordinator

INR 5.50 LPA 

Process consultant

INR 7.85 LPA 

Project Scheduler

INR 8.50 LPA 

8) Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing Management

Pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management after completing a Master of Business Administration can prove to be a beneficial step for students who are willing to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in Marketing.

This is 2 2-year PG diploma program extensively covering Marketing management principles and practices to enhance the competitiveness of the students who seek a career transition in the field of marketing roles and grow within the field. 

The field of marketing is dynamic and ever-evolving, with new trends and technology emerging frequently. By keeping up with the most recent advancements in fields like analytics, consumer behavior, and digital marketing, a postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management helps students to maintain the relevance and demand in the industry.

Market research, consumer behavior, branding, advertising, digital marketing, strategic marketing management, and international marketing are some of the most industry-relevant topics covered by the curriculum of this program.

Additionally, students can explore topics including marketing communications, social media marketing, and data analytics while pursuing this program.

Upon Completion of this program, students are prepared for leadership roles in numerous industries such as advertising, public relations, sales, retail, and digital marketing agencies while giving them opportunities to transform their career in the marketing field from other fields. 

Job Roles 

Some of the highly preferred job roles upon completion of the PG Diploma in Marketing Management are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary

Brand Manager 

INR 15.84 LPA

Marketing Manager 

INR 14.45 LPA

Marketing Specialist

INR 7.60 LPA 

Social Media Manager

INR 8.50 LPA 

9) PG Diploma in Digital Marketing 

Pursuing a PG Diploma in Digital Marketing after completing the Master of Business Administration is a strategic decision to strengthen their relevance in the digital marketplace.

Currently, a majority of business organizations are hugely dependent on their digital marketing team for their growth. Digital marketing is considered as the wheels of a car without which it cannot move. 

With the importance of digital marketing in business organizations, pursuing a PG Diploma in Digital Marketing after an MBA will strengthen the resume of the students.

Students will be able to enhance their capabilities. This will open doors for a wide range of career opportunities, more specifically for students who have completed their specialization in Marketing. With profound knowledge and expertise in marketing with digital aptitude, they can excel in their careers.

MBA graduates who are unable to join this program in regular mode can join the Online PG Diploma in Digital Marketing to grasp the same level of expertise in the domain with much more flexibility and time management.

Job Roles 

Some of the top job opportunities in digital marketing are mentioned below - 

Job Profiles 

Average Salary

Digital Marketing Manager

INR 9.00 LPA 

Social Media Manager 

INR 8.50 LPA 

Content Manager

INR 7.50 LPA 

Analytics Manager 

INR 20.50 LPA 

10) Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Finance is an important component of the business organization. It is crucial for the continuous functioning of the operations of the organizations. There are numerous risks and uncertainties attached to the finance.

Due to this, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals who can navigate these financial risks. The Financial Risk Management (FRM) program after the MBA program is the best program equipping students with a comprehensive knowledge of financial instruments, market dynamics, and strategic analysis of business finance.

This is a certificate program that focuses on identifying, assessing, and mitigating various financial risks.

While pursuing this program, students develop abilities to formulate risk management strategies primarily designed for particular industries, organizations, and market conditions.

This ensures the optimum allocation of resources and protects them from potential losses. With the use of their quantitative and qualitative knowledge and expertise in financial risk management, they can design well well-structured models to predict market trends that help them evaluate credit risks and manage investment portfolios.

With a background in business management with an MBA, this program offers a wide range of career opportunities to the students that will shape their future in the finance industry.

With communication and leadership abilities from an MBA, Students pursuing a Financial Risk Management program can collaborate with various leaders of industries to develop risk management strategies. Upon Completion of this program, students will achieve new dimensions in their careers. 

Job Role 

Some of the highly preferred job profiles in Financial  Risk Management are -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Financial Risk Manager 

INR 9.2 LPA 

Financial Risk Analyst 


Portfolio Manager 

INR 15.00 LPA

Financial Adviser 

INR 7.10 LPA


In conclusion, Pursuing these courses after completion of their Master of Business Administration will give a new edge to their professional careers. They can upgrade their skills and expertise to remain relevant in the industry with promotions and appraisals.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The need for additional programs arises due to the frequently changing business landscape. To cope with the latest developments in the industry, you should possess relevant and updated knowledge and expertise in the domain. If do not pursue courses to upgrade your understanding, you might become irrelevant to the industry.

Students with a master's degree in any discipline with work experience of 2 to 5 years are eligible for this Doctorate of Business Administration Program. Generally, senior executives and CEOs of business organizations pursue this program. Students can enroll themselves in regular as well as online mode in this pro.

Both programs are best for doctoral degrees in Management. They differentiate on the nature of the knowledge they offer. While a PhD in Management focuses on the theoretical knowledge that applies to academic research, DBA focuses on the practical aspects of management that can be applied to comprehend challenges and difficulties faced by the business organization.

No, you do not have to leave your job to pursue the Executive MBA program. Executive MBA program is designed for working professionals who have significant work experience and are willing to upgrade their expertise in business management and administration. You can enroll in an Online Executive MBA program that offers enough flexibility to manage your academic learning and professional obligations.

There is a wide range of courses that you can pursue after completing your Master of Business Administration (MBA). You can enroll for advanced programs like Executive MBA, Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), PhD in Management, CMA, CFA, etc. These programs will help you to upgrade your knowledge and skills to maintain your relevance in the industry. 

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