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Courses after 12th Arts: Job Profiles & Salary [2024]

Jun 12, 2024 1K Reads

In times, when students are more inclined towards subjects like science, Commerce, and Mathematics, choosing Arts in 10+2 is a courageous and commendable step. Most parents also motivate their children to take science and mathematics for their 12th grade because they think these are the subjects that will provide their child with better career opportunities.

Students who beg to differ from this predetermined perception should be applauded. Instead of participating in the rat race of Science, Mathematics, and Commerce subjects, Students who choose Art make a strategic and decision decision. 

Students who take Arts in 12th have a highly rewarding and enriching experience. Students get a unique blend of creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness in Arts.

What to do after 12th? & Detailed Guide on Best Career Options

Students get a wide range of subjects in Arts such as literature, history, sociology, psychology, political science, and fine arts which greatly influence their personalities. These subjects in Arts help students develop strong analytical and communication skills. These skills are invaluable in both academic and professional settings.

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing Arts in 12th is that it gives significant opportunities to the students for self-expression and development of personal Voice. Students develop creativity and uniqueness by learning the ways of expressing their ideas and feelings with the help of various mediums.

Additionally, arts as a subject put great emphasis on interdisciplinary learning which encourages students to draw connections between different fields and think holistically.

Studying arts provides a deeper understanding of human experiences and societal issues which fosters empathy and cultural awareness in the students. This is very important in the current globalized industry and business setting where the ability to navigate and appreciate diverse viewpoints plays a crucial role. 

Students might get confused in the selection of their graduation course as the range of courses after the 12th is very broad. Studnts can pursue courses that are not from an art background.

This wide range of courses creates confusion in students. Here in this blog, we will discuss what are the best courses from different disciplines that students can consider after completing their 12th with arts stream. 

1) Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences (B.A)

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the most popular options for graduation after completing 12th with Arts. It is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on the study of human society, culture, and behavior.

It covers a broad range of subjects literature, history, sociology, psychology, political science, and philosophy that are interdisciplinary. This program helps students in developing critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills that prepare them for diverse career opportunities.

The Curriculum of BA in Humanities and Social Sciences incorporates a wide range of specializations. Specialized subjects like literature (English, regional, world), history (ancient to modern), sociology, psychology, political science, economics, geography, etc are some of the highly preferred specializations in this program.

An Online BA program in humanities and Social Sciences is also offered to the students which offers them flexible and affordable options of learning. Pursuing this program in Online mode enables students for time management to focus on other obligations. 

Top Specializations 

The BA in Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide range of Specialization to the students. These specializations are the same for the online BA and Distance BA Students. The specializations are - 

B.A Specializations

Online BA English

Online BA Geography 

Online BA Political Science 

Online BA Economics 

Online BA Psychology

Online BA Philosophy

Online BA History 

Online BA Sociology

Online BA Public Policy and Development

Online BA Archeology 

All these are top specializations in BA Humanities and Social Sciences, also available online and in distance modes.

This program offers a great understanding of diverse social and cultural contexts while equipping students with strong research and problem-solving skills.

This allows students to address complex social issues and contribute meaningfully to various professional fields. A BA in Humanities and Social Sciences provides a solid foundation for personal and professional growth. 

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the most popular job profiles after BA Humanities and Social Sciences - 

Job Profiles 

Average Salary


INR 3.30 LPA 

Business Executive

INR 3.60 LPA 

Tax Consultant

INR 6.64 LPA 

Financial Analyst

INR 6.60 LPA 

2) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Transitioning into the commerce stream with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) after completing 12th with Arts is a strategic decision for the enhancement of knowledge and career progression. Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate program that provides a comprehensive understanding of commerce and finance. 

Students cultivate strong analytical and critical thinking skills that are very essential for understanding market trends and financial analysis in commerce. An Arts background in 12th enhances the communication skills of the students which is necessary for business communication and report writing.

Students can pursue this program in online mode through Online BCom.  Students get the opportunity to pursue this degree from some of the highly esteemed and accredited universities. 

The curriculum of B.com is designed to offer a solid foundation in business, finance, accounting, economics, and taxation. This course equips students with analytical thinking, numerical proficiency, and problem-solving abilities.

The curriculum of B.com is divided into 6 semesters that are offered in 3 academic years.  In the first year of B.com, students study Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Business Organization and Management, and Business Mathematics and Statistics.

In the second year, students explore subjects like Corporate Accounting, Business Law, Income Tax, and Marketing Management. In the final year, apart from core subjects such as Auditing and Financial Management, students also get the option of various elective subjects such as international business and entrepreneurship and project works.

Top Specializations 

Students get a wide range of specialization options in B.Com. These B.Com specializations are similar in Online B.Com and Distance BCom. The specializations are mentioned below -

B.Com Specializations

Online BCom General

Online Bcom In Marketing Management 

Online BCom In Accounting and Finance 

Online Bcom In International Business 

Online Bcom In Banking and Finance 

Online Bcom In Law 

Online Bcom In Auditing and Taxation

Online Bcom In Corporate Accounting

Online Bcom In Banking and Insurance 

Online Bcom In International Finance and Accounting with ACCA

Upon Completion of this program, students are equipped with the relevant knowledge and expertise that is highly demanded in the finance and commerce industry. This program provides a wide range of opportunities for students to excel in their careers. 

Job Profiles in B.Com 

Here are some of the most popular job profiles in Bachelor of Commerce -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary 


INR 3.30 LPA 

Business Executive

INR 3.60 LPA 

Tax Consultant

INR 6.64 LPA 

Financial Analyst

INR 6.60 LPA 

3) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) after completing 12th with Arts could prove to be a strategic blend of creative and analytical skills with business acumen. BBA is an undergraduate course that comprehensively covers business, management, and entrepreneurship.

In this program, students learn various aspects of business operations such as finance, marketing, human resources, and strategic management.

Students pursuing this program with an Arts background in their 12th class have valuable insights into the business environment and economic policies.

They get this with a broad understanding of socio-economic contexts from arts subjects. The emphasis on ethics, research skills, and soft skills in arts helps students in teamwork and leadership. 

Students get an opportunity to pursue this program with much more flexibility and affordability through Online BBA Programs. This program in online mode enables students to efficiently manage their time for other commitments.

The curriculum of BBA is very versatile. It fosters essential skills in leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving. The curriculum of this program is divided into 6 semesters that stretch for 3 years.

It combines theoretical knowledge with practical expertise to offer subjects like principles of management, economics, marketing, finance, and human resource management. 

Top Specializations

BBA offers a wide range of specializations in business management and administration. All the specializations in regular BBA are the same in Online BBA  and Distance BBA. The Specializations are - 

BBA Specializations 

Online BBA In General 

Online BBA In IT and System Management 

Online BBA In Marketing 

Online BBA In International Finance 

Online BBA In Operations 

Online BBA In Family Business Management 

Online BBA In Finance 

Online BBA In Retail and Sales Management 

Online BBA In Digital Marketing 

Online BBA In BBA with ACCA

Online BBA In Banking and Finance 

Online BBA In Data Science and Analytics 

Online BBA In Business Analytics 

Online BBA In Fintech 

Online BBA In Advertising and Marketing

Online BBA In Event Management 

Online BBA In Engineering and Project Management

Online BBA In Hospital Management

Online BBA In Logistics 

Online BBA In Investment Banking

Online BBA In IT and System Management 

Online BBA In Data Analytics

Online BBA In International Finance 

Online BBA In HRM 

Job Profiles in BBA 

Students get a wide range of career opportunities after completing this program. Some of them are mentioned below -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary 

Digital Marketer

INR 9.20 LPA 

Human Resources Officer

INR 3.90 LPA 

Business Analyst

INR 6.04 LPA 

Business Advisor

INR 11.52 LPA

4) Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

The range of courses after 12th arts is so broad that students can even pursue a computer science program as their undergraduate degree. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is one such program that students can pursue after completing their 12th in arts.

Students who are curious to explore the domain of computer science and Information technology can pursue this program. With a strong foundation in computing principles and practices, this course is meticulously structured to offer theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the students. 

An Arts background in the 12th class may prove to be a milestone for the BCA program. As we know creativity is the hallmark of an arts background which promotes problem-solving and innovative thinking. 

This plays a crucial role in software development and user interface design. Arts background in literature and history fosters critical and analytical skills that greatly help in debugging and optimizing the codes. These skills also help in solving complex problems by breaking them down into small bits to develop effective solutions.

The curriculum of the BCA program incorporates a wide range of subjects in computer applications such as software development, web development, software engineering, networking, etc.

It also includes programming subjects such as Python, Java, C++, Database Management System, etc. Students get theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in these subjects which enables them to apply their learning in real-world situations.

An Online BCA program which is much flexible and affordable as compared to the regular is offered in some of the esteemed universities in India. With the support of exceptionally experienced faculty, these universities offer this online program through their highly sophisticated Learning Management System. 

Upon completion of this program, students are prepared for the diverse career opportunities in the field of Computer science and Information Technology.

The program enables students to excel in their careers with higher salaries and top positions in organizations. Student can also opt for higher education to complete their MCA degree which is a postgraduate degree in computer applications. 

Top Specializations 

BCA offers a wide range of specializations to students in computer science and information technology. These specializations apply to regular BCA, Online BCA, and Distance BCA. The specializations are - 

BCA Specializations

Online BCA in Information Technology 

Online BCA in Data Analytics 

Online BCA in Cyber Security 

Online BCA in Cloud Computing 

Online BCA in Digital Marketing 

Online BCA in Software Engineering

Online BCA in Web Development and Design 

Online BCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the top career opportunities that students can consider after completing their graduation in BCA -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary 

Software Developer 

INR 8.40 LPA 

Web Designer 

INR 6.50 LPA 

Database Administrator 

INR 8.50 LPA 

Network Administrator 

INR 7.50 LPA 

5) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) could be a natural progression for graduation after completing 12th with arts. BJMC is a 3-year undergraduate program that offers a comprehensive understanding of Journalism, Public Relations, advertising, media laws, media economics, etc.

This program focuses on equipping students with an extensive skill set in the dynamic field of mass communication to pursue a successful career in media and communications. 

Students pursuing BJMC significantly benefitted from their arts background in the 12th class. They already possess a strong foundation in critical thinking, and writing, and a great understanding of societal contexts that helps them to analyze news and present balanced viewpoints.

Creative thinking acquired from the art background can remarkably assist in content creation and innovative storytelling in mass communication. Understanding societal and cultural dynamics enables students to produce informed and relevant journalistic content. 

The curriculum of the BJMC covers a wide range of subjects in media and related fields. These are designed to enhance critical thinking and communication.

The curriculum of BJMC hugely relies on practical training in various media tools and equipment through internships and projects to equip students with hands-on experience to operate in real-world situations.

An Online BJMC program that incorporates the features of a regular BJMC program with flexibility is also offered by some of the top and esteemed universities in India. Students can now pursue this highly demanded degree while sitting at their homes with flexibility in learning.

Students get promising career options upon completion of the BJMC program. They can join various professional avenues with diverse and promising opportunities. Apart from a booming career, this course also enables students to influence public opinion and advocate for social change. Their role in the dissemination of information is very crucial for society.

Job Profiles  in BJMC

Here are some of the most promising job profiles that students can pursue upon completion of their BJMC program -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Social media manager

INR 4.50 LPA 

PR Executive 

INR 3.50 LPA 


INR 4.20 LPA 


INR 3.40 LPA 

6) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts is one of the most popular choices of students after completing their 12th in Arts. Students who are passionate about various creative disciplines such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, animation, photography, etc must choose this program. This is an undergraduate program that lasts for 4 academic years. 

The curriculum of this program is very extensive and gives equal focus on theoretical as well as practical learning. It blends theoretical subjects such as history, aesthetics, and contemporary art practices with practical studio works.

Geometry, perspective, calligraphy, printmaking, painting, graphic design, art history, appreciation, and the foundations of the visual arts are some of the most important components of the BFA Curriculum. 

Students with an Arts background have a solid background in the BFA program. They have a great understanding of artistic skills and theoretical knowledge which helps in this program.

An interdisciplinary approach in the arts stream encourages experimentation with various mediums and techniques and prepares students for the diverse and dynamic nature of fine arts studies.

Upon completion of this undergraduate program, students have a significant creative and technical proficiency that enables them to develop a robust portfolio for various career opportunities.

  Students can make a successful career as professional artists, art directors, graphic designers, animators, or pursuing roles in galleries, museums, and advertising agencies. This course also provides a strong foundation for the MFA course which is a master’s course. 

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the most popular job profiles that students can join after completing their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Professional Artist

INR 3.90 LPA 

Art Director

INR 8.55 LPA

Graphic Designer 

INR 3.80 LPA 


INR 4.50 LPA 

7) BA LLB 

Students completing their 12th in Arts stream can transition into the field of Law by pursuing a BA LLB program. It is a five-year integrated program that combines humanities with legal studies.

This program offers a holistic understanding of both humanities and legal education. BA LLB is considered a dual degree as it includes a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law. 

The curriculum of BA LLB is very broad. As the duration of this program is 5 years, it extensively covers the subjects of both BA and LLB. BA subjects such as Political Science, Sociology, History, and Economics along with core law subjects like Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law, and Property Law.

Practical training through moot courts is also an important part of its curriculum. Students can extend their knowledge and expertise in the legal field by joining internships and various workshops. 

Admission into this program is a bit of a challenging task. Admission to some of the top law colleges is made through the Common Law Admission Test(CLAT). This exam is very difficult and competitive. Apart from this, numerous universities conduct their own entrance exams for admission to BA LLB. 

An Arts background in 12th makes a great contribution to BA LLB. Students have a deep understanding of societal structures, governance, and historical contexts, all of which are crucial for legal studies.

Students have critical thinking, analytical abilities, and an awareness of social issues that play an essential role in interpreting laws and understanding their impact on society. 

Upon completion of this program, students can become a licensed lawyer by joining the bar council. They can also explore highly rewarding career opportunities in corporate law. The BA LLB course offers a robust legal career while offering broad-based learning in law and arts.  

Job Profiles in BA LLB

Here are some of the most popular job profiles that students can prefer after the BA LLB program -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Litigation lawyer

INR 5.00 LPA

Legal Advisor

INR 5.90 LPA 

Legal Secretary

INR 6.10 LPA

Legal Compliance Officer

INR 6.60 LPA 

8) Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is a dynamic program in the hospitality industry that can be pursued after completing 12th with arts stream. BHM is an undergraduate program with a duration of 4 years. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the hospitality industry with theoretical knowledge and practical training. 

The Curriculum of this BHM program extensively covers hotel and hospitality management. It focuses on front office operations, housekeeping, food and beverage management, and hospitality marketing.

Practical training through internships in reputed hotels is an integral part of the BHM curriculum. This internship provides industry exposure to the students which is very helpful for job and placement opportunities.

A background in the arts stream is very helpful for BHM. Students have excellent communication and interpersonal skills which is very crucial for the hospitality industry.

The arts stream offers a great understanding of human behaviour which helps in managing the guests. Students have a cultural awareness that helps them to enhance their interactions with the guests. An Arts background equips students with the valuable skills for success in the hospitality industry. 

Upon completion of a Bachelor of Hotel Management, Students are open to a wide range of careethe the rs in the hospitality industry. Career opportunities in the hospitality industry are very vibrant and highly rewarding offering rapid career progression with competitive compensation. Students can leverage their skills and expertise developed in BHM to reach extraordinary levels in the hospitality industry.

Job Profiles 

Some of the most popular and highly rewarding job profiles in the hospitality industry after completing a Bachelor of Hotel Management are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 


INR 5.50 LPA

Accounting Manager 

INR 8.70 LPA 

Executive Housekeeper 

INR 4.60 LPA 

Catering Officer 

INR 9.10 LPA 

9) Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD)

A Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) after completing  12th grade in Arts Steam provides a vibrant pathway to the fashion industry and fashion world. Spanning for 4 academic years, BFD is an undergraduate program. The program cultivates creativity, technical skills, and industry knowledge that is essential for a successful career in fashion design. 

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) is diverse and very broad. Design fundamentals, garment construction, textile science, fashion illustration, and computer-aided design (CAD) are some of the most important subjects in the BFD curriculum.

It also includes practical workshops and studio sessions that allow students to translate their conceptual ideas into tangible garments. Students enhance their craftsmanship under the guidance of experienced faculty and industry professionals.

The BFD program nurtures a deep understanding of fashion history, trends, and market dynamics apart from focusing on technical proficiency. Students explore various dimensions of design, from haute couture to sustainable fashion. Students gain insights into global fashion markets and consumer behavior with this program. 

Upon completion of this program, students are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to excel in diverse fashion design careers. The interdisciplinary nature of the Arts background enriches their creative perspectives.

This enables them to innovate and contribute uniquely to the ever-evolving fashion industry. Students are prepared for a fulfilling and influential career in the global fashion landscape.

Job Profiles in BFD

Some of the top and most preferred job profiles upon completion of Bachelor of Fashion Design are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Fashion Designer 

INR 4.60 LPA 

Fashion Merchandiser

INR 3.60 LPA 

Accessories Designer

INR 4.80 LPA 

Design Director

INR 23.00 LPA 

Fashion Journalist

INR 4.00 LPA 

10) Bachelor of Event Management (BEM)

Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) is an exciting course in event management that students can pursue after completing their 12th in arts stream. This is a 3-year undergraduate program that offers comprehensive knowledge and expertise in event management to plan, organize, and manage various types of events.

Studnts acquire skills and expertise to manage events ranging from corporate conferences and weddings to cultural festivals and sports gatherings.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Event Management is extensive and delves into subjects such as event planning, budgeting, marketing, logistics, and risk management. Students learn about the importance of creativity, teamwork, and effective communication for the proper execution of events. 

Upon Completion of this program, students can excel in the diverse and expanding field of event management. With the growing popularity of event management, there is a huge demand for professional event managers in various industries worldwide.

Students can pursue careers in event management companies, hotels, resorts, convention centers, corporate firms, and non-profit organizations. Apart from a dynamic and fulfilling career, this program also empowers students to contribute creatively and strategically to the vibrant and fast-paced world of event management.

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the highly demanded and rewarding job profiles that students can pursue after completing a Bachelor of Event Management -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Exhibition Manager 

INR 14.20 LPA

Wedding Planner

INR 6.50 LPA 

Event Coordinator 

INR 6.20 LPA 

Conference Planner 

INR 4.50 LPA 


In conclusion, Students with Arts stream in their 12th can navigate their careers in multiple disciplines through the diverse courses mentioned. All the courses mentioned above are highly recommended for rapid career progression after completing 12th with Arts. These courses provide extensive knowledge and expertise in their specific domains which is essential for a rewarding career.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, arts are one best option for 10+2(12th). You will get a wide range of subjects and courses from multiple disciplines to pursue after completing your 12th. The arts stream in 12th helps in enhancing your critical thinking and analytical abilities which can be utilized to pursue numerous career-oriented courses and make a rewarding career. These days employers in the industry demand more than theoretical and practical competencies. They expect creative and good communication skills from their potential employees while conducting their interviews. The arts stream in 12th offers composite skills and abilities that are applicable to pursue diverse courses and make a successful career.

Yes, you can. Students who have completed their 12th in arts stream are also eligible for the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course. The BCA program offers subjects in computer science and information technology which require foundational knowledge of computers and mathematics. This foundation is provided by the bridge courses by universities. Students who do have a background in computer and mathematics have to compulsorily join these bridge courses in their first semesters of their BCA. With the help of bridge courses, art students develop a solid foundation in computer and mathematics.

Yes, you can pursue a Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) after completing your 12th in arts stream. The basic eligibility for admission in B.Com is a 12th pass in any discipline in any discipline from a recognized school board. You may required to appear for the entrance test conducted by the university for admission to B.Com. The analytical abilities and critical thinking developed from arts steam in 12th is very crucial for solving accounting problems and taking calculated marketing decisions. 

Yes, you can pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) after completing 12th in Arts Steam. Admission to BBA requires students to have passed their 12th in any stream.  Students from arts backgrounds can also pursue BBA without any difficulty. All universities and colleges offering BBA programs allow students to take admission in this course irrespective of their stream in their 12th class.

No, the Common Law Admission Test is not mandatory for admission to BA LLB in all colleges and universities. Premier Law institutes such as National Law University (NLU) offer admission to BBA LLB based on CLAT. There are numerous central universities and private universities that offer admission based on their entrance test and internal evaluation.  Although, premier institutes such as NLUs are considered as one of the best for pursuing Law. BA LLB is a 5-year integrated law degree that combines humanities and law. 

There are a wide range of courses that are available to the students after completing their 12th in arts stream. These courses are interdisciplinary and are from different fields. Here is the list of top courses that students can pursue after completing their 12th in arts stream -

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Science (BA)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
  4. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  5. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)
  6. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  7. BA LLB
  8. Bachelor of Hotel Mangement (BHM)
  9. Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD)
  10. Bachelor of Event Mangement (BEM)

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