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Courses after 12th Commerce: Job Profiles & Salary [2024]

Jun 12, 2024 1.1K Reads

Students cover a long journey to reach the 10+2`(Intermediate). They can choose their subject stream at this level of their schooling. This decision is critical as it will decide the course and pathway of their career and professional journey. Among the numerous streams, Commerce is one such stream in 10+2 which navigates the career path of the students in the industry.

Students make a strategic decision to pursue their 10+2 with commerce to make a career in the diverse field of commerce. Pursuing their 12th with commerce stream equips students with competence in various commerce components such as marketing, economics, business principles, accounting, etc.

These components solidify their basic knowledge of commerce. After completing their 12th, it becomes very important for the students to choose the most appropriate courses that will decide their course or career in the future.

What to do after 12th? & Detailed Guide on Best Career Options

A majority of students are unaware of the courses after the 12th, which can help in their career progression.  Here in this blog, we will go through the best courses after the 12th in the Commerce Stream that students can pursue to thrive in their careers. 

What are the best courses after the 12th Commerce?

Once Students have completed their 12th in Commerce Stream, they start looking for the best courses that they are eligible to pursue. The range of courses after 12th in the commerce stream is so broad that students often get confused in choosing them.

Before choosing the courses, they must first introspect and try to find out their interest area. Instead of choosing courses on someone’s suggestion or going with the majority, students should choose courses according to their interest area.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the courses after the 12th in commerce in detail and students can select these courses as per their interest area after going through this blog. 

1) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) is one of the most popular programs that students choose after completing their 12th from Science Stream. It is generally a 3-year undergraduate program that is offered by some of the highly accredited universities that are approved by UGC. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of aspects of commerce.

The Curriculum of this program covers accounting principles, business law, economics, financial management, and taxation and equips studnts with the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in the field of commerce that prepares them for career opportunities in the diverse industry. 

One of the primary advantages of pursuing a B.Com after completing 12 in Commerce Stream is its versatility. It offers a wide range of career options in diverse industries. These industries may range from banking, finance, and accounting to consulting and retail.

Students who have completed their 12th in Commerce stream with Mathematics as one of the subjects can pursue BCom(Hons) online. This program slightly differs from the general B.Com as it offers specialization in various facets of commerce.

Students can opt for specialization in areas like Human Resource Management, Banking, and Insurance, International Business, etc that are highly demanded in the industry.

Students who are occupied with fixed schedules and have other obligations that are hindering them from pursuing this program in a regular mode can pursue this program in Online Mode. Online BCom offers flexibility to the students in learning without disturbing their fixed schedules. 

Top Specializations B.Com 

Some of the top specializations of B.Com is mentioned below. These specializations are the same for Online B.Com and Distance BCom -

B.Com Specializations

Online BCom General 

Online Bcom In Marketing Management 

Online BCom In Accounting and Finance 

Online Bcom In International Business 

Online Bcom In Banking and Finance 

Online Bcom In Law 

Online Bcom In Auditing and Taxation

Online Bcom In Corporate Accounting

Online Bcom In Banking and Insurance 

Online Bcom In International Finance and Accounting with ACCA

Overall pursuing a B.Com degree after completing 12th with commerce offers a strong foundation in business and commerce. Students can choose diverse career paths in this evolving industry.

Moreover, a B.Com degree acts as a stepping stone for various courses and higher studies. They can pursue those courses to enhance their expertise and career opportunities.

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the most popular job profiles that students can choose after completing their Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) -

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Accountant INR 3.30 LPA 
Business Executive INR 3.60 LPA 
Tax Consultant INR 6.64 LPA 
Financial Analyst INR 6.60 LPA 

2) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) after completing the 12th in Commerce stream is an excellent decision to steer their career in the field of business management.

It is a 3-year undergraduate program that offers a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business such as management, finance, human resources, marketing, etc that prepares students for the industry. 

The curriculum of the BBA extensively covers accountancy, economics, and business studies that are built upon the fundamental knowledge that students have acquired in their 10+2.

It develops analytical, decision-making, and leadership abilities in the students. The Curriculum also equips students with a holistic understanding of how business organizations operate in modern times by offering courses in organizational behavior, business law, operations management, and strategic management.

Students can seamlessly transition into the both challenging and enriching curriculum of the BBA to enhance their knowledge and expertise. 

Students can pursue this program with much flexibility and affordability through the Online BBA Program. Some of the highly accredited universities offer this program through their well-developed Learning Management System. 

Top Specializations In BBA

Students get a wide range of Specializations in BBA. All these specializations are equivalent to Online BBA and Distance BBA  -

BBA Specializations 

Online BBA In General 

Online BBA In IT and System Management 

Online BBA In Marketing 

Online BBA In International Finance 

Online BBA In Operations 

Online BBA In Family Business Management 

Online BBA In Finance 

Online BBA In Retail and Sales Management 

Online BBA In Digital Marketing 

Online BBA In BBA with ACCA

Online BBA In Banking and Finance 

Online BBA In Data Science and Analytics 

Online BBA In Business Analytics 

Online BBA In Fintech 

Online BBA In Advertising and Marketing

Online BBA In Event Management 

Online BBA In Engineering and Project Management

Online BBA In Hospital Management

Online BBA In Logistics 

Online BBA In Investment Banking

Online BBA In IT and System Management 

Online BBA In Data Analytics

Online BBA In International Finance 

Online BBA In HRM 

Upon completion of the BBA program, students are open to a wide range of career opportunities in the diverse fields of business management and administration.

They can join the management, finance, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship sectors to advance their career. The program offers a strong foundation for a successful career in the corporate world.

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the top career opportunities after completing a BBA -

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Digital Marketer INR 9.20 LPA 
Human Resources Officer INR 3.90 LPA 
Business Analyst INR 6.04 LPA 
Business Advisor INR 11.52 LPA

3) Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Students completing their 12th from a commerce stream have an exceptional career opportunity to build a wonderful career in the fields of finance, auditing, taxation, and consultancy.

CA is the most prestigious and rewarding career path for commerce students. The program is offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The CA is conducted in three phases that are CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Finals. 

To embark on the journey of CA, students first need to clear the CA Foundation exam. It covers fundamental accounting principles, business laws, economics, and quantitative aptitude in detail. 

Students proceed to the CA Intermediate level after passing the Foundation Level. Once they have cleared their CA Intermediate they have to join articleship under certified CA firm for 3 years.

After qualifying CA foundation and Intermediate levels and completing the articleship they can appear for CA Final Exam.  If they clear CA Final exam they will become a Certified CA. 

CA course focuses on both theoretical and practical learning. Along with the theoretical learning at the foundation and intermediate levels, students also go through rigorous practical training during their Articleship.

While pursuing this course students are equipped with financial reporting, taxation, auditing, and strategic management. Students pursuing CA acquire extensive knowledge and practical skills that are essential to excel in the accounting profession. 

Qualifying CA program requires dedication, discipline, and perseverance from the students. Students are rewarded with excellent career prospects, high earning potential, and recognition to work in a global industry.

CA contributes to the decision-making process, enforces regulatory compliance, and offers strategic financial guidance to business organizations, government agencies, consulting firms, and financial institutions which is very important for their proper functioning.

Overall students pursuing CA after 12th Commerce get a pathway to navigate their career in the diverse industries. Their proficiency in finance and accounting fields makes them competent for the current competitive business environment with great career opportunities. 

Job Profiles 

Students Qualifying for Chartered Accountancy are open to diverse career opportunities with one of the top job profiles. Some of the job profiles are mentioned below -

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Auditor  INR 7.20 LPA 
Investment Banker INR 11.40 LPA 
Chartered accountant INR 10.60 LPA 
Forensic accountant INR 10.20 LPA 

4) Company Secretary (CS)

Students who have a keen interest in corporate governance and compliance and are willing to make a rewarding career can opt for the Company Secretary program after completing 12th in the commerce stream.

Company Secretary is a professional course that is offered by the Institute of Companies Secretaries in India(ICSI).  The position of a Company Secretary is crucial in ensuring that an organization adheres to legal and regulatory frameworks.  It also promotes efficient communication among the company, its shareholders, and regulatory bodies.

There are 3 levels in the Company Secretary (CS) program. The three levels are the foundation Level (replaced by CSEET), Executive Level, and Professional Level. Students expand their knowledge in company law, corporate governance, secretarial practice, etc which are highly demanded in the industry.

They also go through internships and training while pursuing this program. Students learn to overcome real-world problems with the knowledge and expertise they acquired in this course. 

Upon qualifying all three levels in the CS program, students become eligible to apply for Associate Membership of ICSI which allows them to legally work as Company Secretary.

A CS can work in both private and public sectors such as including corporations, law firms, regulatory bodies, and consultancy firms to handle their regulatory framework and ensure adherence to corporate policy. The position of Company Secretary provides tremendous opportunities for career advancement and professional development in the industry.

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the most popular job profiles that students can pursue after completing their Company Secretary program - 

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Company Registrar INR 7.80 LPA
Corporate Governance INR 20.40 LPA 
Corporate Secretary INR 6.50 LPA 
Corporate Law INR 8.40 LPA 

5) Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

Pursuing a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) soon after passing the 12th in the commerce stream is a strategic choice for career advancement. The Program is offered by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI). The program focuses on financial management, decision-making, and implementation of strategy in business organizations. 

During the course period, Students are trained to learn skills in numerous industries. They are well-trained in manufacturing, consultancy, finance, and government sectors.Their Proficiency in cost analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and performance evaluation helps make them valuable assets for business organizations.

They help business organizations in their sustainable growth and profitability. Additionally, they also hold managerial positions in business organizations. They assist in their strategic decision-making. 

Pursuing Cost and Management Accounting not only enhances the expertise of the students but also opens career opportunities for them globally. A qualified CMA enjoys competitive salaries with top job profiles in business organizations. 

In Conclusion, pursuing Cost and Management Accounting (CMA) after completing 12th from the commerce stream offers a strategic pathway for rewarding career opportunities for students with a global perspective.

Job Profiles

Some of the top career opportunities after completing the Cost and Management Accountant(CMA) course are mentioned below  -

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Cost Accountant INR 8 LPA 
Management Accountant INR 10 LPA 
Senior Financial Analyst INR 12 LPA 
Cost Accounting Manager INR 15 LPA 

6) BA Economics 

Students pursuing a BA in Economics after completing their 12th from Commerce Stream can unlock strategic and rewarding career opportunities. Students pursuing this program develop a comprehensive understanding of economic theories, principles, and their applications which provides them with a strong foundation for careers in various industries.

BA Economics is a 3- 3-year undergraduate program that is offered by esteemed universities and institutions that are approved by the University Grants Commission. 

The curriculum of this program generally covers subjects such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, international economics, and public finance. These subjects enable students to analyze economic problems, interpret data, and help them to understand market dynamics.

Students also get a wide range of electives while pursuing this program such as development economics, financial economics, and environmental economics which are very relevant in contemporary times.

Students pursuing this program acquire mathematical, analytical, and critical thinking skills. These skills help them to analyze and evaluate economic policies, conduct research, and interpret data using statistical methods.

Upon Completion of BA Economics students can pursue diverse career opportunities in multiple sectors. They can make their career in banking, insurance, government agencies, international organizations, and non-profit organizations.

They can work as economists, financial analysts, policy advisors, market researchers, and consultants in several industries. Additionally, they can enhance their knowledge and career prospects by enrolling in higher studies.

Online BA Economics can also be considered by the students. This program offers the same level of knowledge and skills as compared to the regular mode. The program is flexible and affordable and students can attend live and recorded classes remotely. The Online BA Economics degree is equivalent to the regular degree. 

Overall, a bachelor's degree in economics after 12th commerce provides students with important knowledge and skills that open up a wide range of career options. It also improves their analytical skills for a multitude of professional roles or higher studies. 

Job Profiles  

Students are open to career opportunities in a wide range of industries through various job profiles. Some of them are mentioned below -

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Economist INR 16.4 LPA 
Financial analyst INR 6.60 LPA 
Policy advisor INR 7.5 LPA 
Market Researcher INR 6.60 LPA 

7) Bachelors of Hotel Management (BHM)

Students who have just passed their 12th in commerce stream and are confused in selecting their graduation course can opt for a Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM).

This course offers a pathway to students in the fast-paced hospitality industry. BHM is a 4-year undergraduate program that offers a comprehensive understanding of hotel and hospitality management. 

The curriculum of the BHM incorporates a wide range of subjects that equip students with the knowledge and expertise in the Hospitality industry. Subjects such as hospitality management, food and beverage service, front office operations, housekeeping, and culinary arts are covered in the curriculum of Bachelor of Hotel Management.

The program incorporates modules on human resources, marketing, accounting, and business administration, offering an all-around development for the students through the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. 

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is more beneficial for students who have a commerce background in their 12th. They already have significant knowledge in business, management, and economics which can be utilized in this program.

Apart from theoretical learning, students also experience the environment of the hospitality industry through internships and hands-on experience during the program. 

There are a plethora of career opportunities in the hospitality industry upon completion of this program. They can join this industry in diverse and top roles with competitive salaries.

The knowledge and expertise imparted in this program can be utilized for other sectors also. Students can also transition their careers in the travel and tourism industry and corporate hospitality. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the top job profiles upon completion of Bachelor of Hotel Management are mentioned below -

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Food and Beverage Manager INR 5.50 LPA
Front Office Manager INR 5.90 LPA 
Hotel Manager  INR 8. 50 LPA 
Housekeeping Manager INR 6.50 LPA 

8) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication 

Students can make a bright career in the mass media and journalism after completing their 12th in Commerce by pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication.

This is a 3-year undergraduate program that offers excellent career opportunities to students who have a keen interest in media, communication, and storytelling. Students can access diverse roles in journalism, public relations, advertising, and digital media. 

The Curriculum of this program covers a wide range of subjects in news reporting, media law and ethics, public relations, advertising, digital media, broadcast journalism, and photography. Students also learn about media research, communication theories, and content creation.

Students with a commerce background in 12th are adaptable to this program as they have basic knowledge of business studies and economics. This helps them in media management, advertising strategies, and market analysis.

Students who have certain commitments and obligations can pursue the Online BJMC program. This program offers significant flexibility to manage their time for academic learning while fulfilling those commitments.

Upon Completion of this program, students have vast and varied career prospects. They can pursue their career as journalists, news anchors, editors, public relations officers, social media managers, content creators, and advertising executives.

Students are competent to work in newspapers, television channels, radio stations, digital media platforms, PR agencies, and advertising firms after completing this program. A BJMC program also helps students advance their careers in corporate communication and event management.

Overall, students choosing BJMC after 12 commerce are prepared for the dynamic and evolving media landscape. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the best job profiles that students can choose after completing a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication are mentioned below -

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Journalist  INR 4.40 LPA 
Social Media Manager  INR 6.60 LPA
PR Executive  INR 6.20 LPA 
Advertising Executives  INR 3.80 LPA 

9) Digital Marketing 

Pursuing a course in Digital Marketing after completing 12th with Commerce Stream could be an excellent decision for students who are interested in the dynamic world of online business and marketing strategies. Students learn to combine creativity and data-driven decision-making in the field of digital marketing. 

 A standard digital marketing program covers search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics, and digital advertising.

In addition to learning how to evaluate customer behavior, students also learn how to design and oversee internet campaigns. Students gain knowledge on how to effectively promote goods and services through the creation and management of online campaigns, consumer behavior analysis, and the use of digital tools and platforms.

Students who studied commerce in their 12th have a special advantage when it comes to digital marketing. They have an understanding of economic issues, market dynamics, and business principles.

It makes it easier for them to understand marketing concepts and techniques because of their background in business studies, accounting, and economics. A commerce background offers proficiency in data analysis and interpretation. This plays an important role in digital marketing to evaluate efficiency and formulate sound decisions. 

Students can pursue an Online PG Diploma in Digital Marketing to make their academic learning flexible. This program is affordable also. Live and recorded classes are available to the students without requiring them to visit the college personally.

Students get diverse and a wide range of career opportunities after pursuing Digital Marketing Courses. This program allows them, to work as a digital marketing manager, SEO specialists, content marketers, social media managers, PPC (pay-per-click) specialists, and email marketing strategists which are some of the most paid job profiles in the industry.

They can work in digital marketing agencies, corporate marketing departments, and e-commerce companies, which are some of the rapidly growing sectors. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the most popular job profiles available to students in digital marketing are mentioned below -

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Digital Marketing Manager  INR 9.00 LPA
PPC Specialist  INR 8.00 LPA 
Email Marketer  INR 4.30 LPA 
SEO Specialists  INR 8.5 LPA 

10) BSc Fashion Designing 

Students completing 12th in commerce and have a keen interest in the fashion industry can pursue a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Fashion Designing. It is a 3-year undergraduate program that offers a comprehensive understanding of fashion design, blending technical skills with artistic expression to students who have a flair for creativity.

The curriculum of this program equips students with the latest trends in the fashion industry by offering subjects such as fashion illustration, textile science, garment construction, pattern making, and computer-aided design (CAD) that are very essential for the present market.

Moreover, students also learn about fashion history, trend analysis, fashion merchandising, and marketing which helps them in the development of a holistic understanding of the fashion industry. 

Students with a commerce background in 12th are well suited for this program as they are skilled in business, studies, and marketing. These skills play a vital role in managing fashion enterprises and understanding market dynamics. This leads to the effective promotion of fashion products. 

Practical training constitutes an important part of this fashion design program. Students acquire practical knowledge by participating in internships, workshops, fashion displays, and hands-on projects. This practical experience is very essential for building a professional portfolio and exposure to the industry.

Upon completion of this program, students can join the vast and varied fashion industry. They can work as fashion designers, textile designers, fashion merchandisers, costume designers, fashion stylists, and fashion consultants in the diverse industry. Overall, pursuing a BSc in Fashion design program after 12th in commerce is a strategic move for career advancement.

Job Profiles  Average Salary 
Fashion Designer INR 8.50 LPA 
Fashion Illustrator INR 6.20 LPA 
Merchandiser INR 4.60 LPA 
Fashion Marketer INR 5.50 LPA 


In Conclusion, Pursuing the courses mentioned above after completing 12th in Commerce can significantly shape the career dynamics of the students. They can pursue diverse career paths or continue their academic learning by enrolling themselves for higher studies.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Opting for Commerce stream in 10+2 is the right and strategic decision. Commerce is a stream that offers access to a wide range of courses in multiple disciplines. The knowledge acquired in 10+2 in commerce can be utilized to shape the direction of one’s career toward growth and prosperity. Students can pursue a wide range of business management courses after completing 12th with Commerce. This allows students to navigate their careers in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Yes, a Bachelor of Commerce is one of the best undergraduate programs to pursue while preparing for the Chartered Accountancy(CA) exam. The CA program is an extensive program and the success rate is very low. Apart from offering a curriculum that is relevant to CA, BCom also acts as the Backup for the students. There is another benefit to pursuing a BCom while preparing for CA is that students are exempted from the CA foundation, they have a B.Com  degree. Students can directly apply for the CA Intermediate exam.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) after 12th in Commerce is a great choice for students who have a great interest in hospitality. Your commerce background in 12th acts as a strong foundation for hotel management. Your knowledge of business principles, accounting, and economics is very beneficial for this program. You will easily navigate your career in the diverse field of the hospitality industry through jobs in top Hotels event management, tourism, etc. You will be getting dynamic career opportunities after completing the BHM program.

 You can choose a wide range of courses from different disciplines after completing 12th with Commerce stream. These courses are top in their category providing diverse career opportunities to the students. Students can opt for management courses like Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA), and Cost and Management Accountant, and Professional courses like Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretay after completing 12th with commerce. Students can also explore other areas through courses like BA in Economics, Bachelor of Journalism, Mass Communication (BJMC), Digital Marketing, etc. All these courses are excellent for a successful career in the industry. Students should choose a course after the 12th as per their interest in the subject. 

Yes, you should. Master's courses after graduation will help you to enhance your knowledge and expertise significantly. These courses will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the market and industry which will make you more suitable for career opportunities.

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