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10 Best Courses After M.Com with Placement & High Salary 2024

Jun 12, 2024 1.1K Reads

Are you someone who is wondering what courses can be pursued after M.Com?  Generally, students completing their B.Com degree pursue this program. M.Com is a well-known post-graduate program offered in some of the most prestigious universities in India.

Students who are looking to deepen their understanding of accounting, banking, taxation, insurance, and finance opt for this master's program. This program broadens the conceptual and practical conception of the subject area that was covered in the B.Com. 

Although the program offers an in-depth understanding of various components of the commerce domain, students may face difficulties in their careers if they do not consider other courses that they can pursue after this program.

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A simple master’s degree in commerce may fail to give the edge for career advancement as the industry is changing at a rapid pace. With the changing business and industrial landscape, students should be competent enough to adapt to these changes for a stable career. 

Students can pursue several professional courses that will help in their career advancement while equipping them with the latest developments in the market.

Here we will discuss some of the top courses that can be pursued after M.Com to elevate the career to new heights - 

1) Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration is one of the best courses that can be pursued after M.Com. The program is offered by some of the top universities and business schools. It is a two-year master's program providing in-depth comprehension of business management and administration. 

With global recognition, it provides access to the top managerial positions in the business organizations. Students have deeply conceptualized accounting, economics, marketing, advertising, taxation, etc while studying M.Com that can be utilized to supplement the learning in MBA. 

The curriculum of this program incorporates numerous industry-oriented specializations that equip students with the latest and upgraded management practices that are followed in the industry. Students pursuing an MBA after completing an M.Com develop the proficiency to comprehend complex managerial situations arising in the organization efficiently.

This prepares them as a balanced professional who can undertake and manage significant workloads in the organization. Students who are clueless about their future after M.Com should go for an MBA as it gives new dimensions to the fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape.

Students who want the flexibility to manage their time while pursuing this program can opt for an Online MBA. Students will be able to balance their academic learning while keeping pace with their other obligations. 

Upon completion of this program, students can join top managerial positions in the organizations. MBA degree ensures fast career progression with frequent promotions with better packages. With an MBA degree after M.Com, they progress in their career while contributing to the growth of their business organization. 

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the best career opportunities that students can explore after completing their MBA -

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Marketing Manager INR 14.20 LPA 
Business Development Manager INR 8.00 LPA 
HR Manager INR 10.50 LPA
Product Manager INR 12.50 LPA  

2) Chartered Accountancy (CA)

If you are willing to make steep professional growth and advancement in your career in the field of finance and accounting after M.Com, pursuing CA should be your top priority. This program is offered by the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

The CA program has three stages that are CPA, IPCC, and finals. A degree in commerce exempts studnts from the CPA exam which is also known as the CA foundation.

The syllabus of M.Com aligns with the syllabus of the CA program. This program extensively covers financial management, auditing, taxation, and business laws preparing students for the dynamic business environment.

With a degree in M.Com, students have a strong foundation in accounting principles and financial analysis. This strong foundation acts as an asset while pursuing a CA. After qualifying for all the stages of the CA program, students are open to diverse career opportunities in both public practice and corporate sectors.

Students can serve people and companies in a variety of roles, such as auditing, taxation, financial advising, and management consulting as a Chartered Accountant. While Showcasing the technical proficiency of students in Accounting, taxation, and business laws, the CA designation also reflects professionalism, ethics, and integrity. These qualities are highly valued in the financial sector.

Students can keep up with changing industry trends and regulatory frameworks by becoming chartered accountants, which offers opportunities for professional growth in their careers.

Overall, pursuing a CA program after an M.Com boosts the career prospects of the students and allows them to make impactful contributions in the field of finance and accounting.

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the best opportunities for career development after Chartered Accountancy -

Job Roles  Average Salary 
CA  INR 10.00 LPA 
Auditor  INR 7.00 LPA 
Investment Banker INR 17.00 LPA 
Tax Advisor  INR 15.00 LPA 

3) Company Secretary (CS)

Pursuing the Company Secretary program is a strategic move after M.Com. Students have a significant understanding of accounting methods, company structures, business laws and regulations, corporate taxation, and finances from their M.Com degree which will play a crucial role in becoming Company Secretary. 

A career as a Company Secretary is a great option after M.Com as it holds a significant position in the business organization by ensuring legal and regulatory requirements. A CS is also responsible for effective communication between different stakeholders of the company making him the most important part of its smooth functioning. 

There is a huge demand for qualified Company Secretaries in a wide range of sectors that offer remarkable opportunities for professional development. Through the use of their M.Com degree and CS qualification, Students can establish themselves as significant assets in corporate environments.

They can help companies to ensure the smooth operation and long-term expansion of businesses. This will lead to an enjoyable and rewarding career in the industry.

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the top career prospects for students completing CS qualification -

Job Profiles  Average Salary
Company Registrar  INR 12.90 LPA 
Legal Adviser  INR 6.70 LPA
Chief Administrative Officer INR 11.71 LPA
Corporate Policymaker INR 7.50 LPA

4) Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Pursuing the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Certification after M.Com will enhance the career prospects of students in accounting and finance.

With global recognition in professional accountancy qualification, ACCA equips students with the skills and expertise that are desirable to excel in the field of the accounting profession. This qualification demonstrates the competence of students in various domains of accountancy and financial management. 

ACCA offers the opportunity to specialize in the knowledge of accounting principles and practices that are followed in the industry. The curriculum of this program covers a wide range of topics that provide theoretical concepts and practical applications.

The global recognition of ACCA makes students eligible for diverse industries and geographic locations which allows them to pursue a rewarding career on a global scale.  Professionals having ACCA are known for their high ethical standards which enhances their credibility and reputation in the eyes of their employers. 

Overall, qualifying for ACCA after M.Com will eventually boost the career of the students. They can join global companies and business organizations and enjoy a rewarding and successful career.

Job Profiles 

Students can consider these job roles after completing ACCA for a rewarding career ahead. - 

Job Roles  Average Salary
Financial Accountant INR 6.7 LPA
Management Accountant INR 7.5 LPA
Financial Controller INR 12.50 LPA
Corporate Treasurer INR 9.07 LPA
Finance Manager INR 9.50 LPA

5) Doctorate of Business Administration

Pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) after M.Com would lead you to new heights in your career. DBA is a Doctoral program in business administration and management which can also be considered after M.Com.

This program is specifically designed for working professionals who are at the executive levels or senior levels in the organization with experience of 2 to 5 years. This enables them to advance their business management skills with career development.

Students will acquire a higher degree of proficiency in business administration through this program which emphasizes leadership, research, and strategic decision-making.

The learning and subjects in M.Com can be used as the foundation for this doctoral program to advance one’s understanding of various aspects of business. Students can have an in-depth conception of the theoretical framework of efficient business practices with their practical applications. 

Doctoral Programs Online offer advanced research skills to the students. These skills enable them to address day-to-day corporate challenges. This program also enables students to contribute to various academic discourses.

Students completing this program can use “Dr” before their names. This brings them respect and recognition in the industry enabling them to top senior roles in various business organizations. 

Online Doctorate of Business Administration is also available for students who want flexibility in learning as they cannot leave their jobs. This program in online mode enables them to manage their time efficiently and balance academic learning and professional obligations. 

Upon completion of this doctoral degree, students can choose the most lucrative career opportunities in the diverse business landscape. They can join most senior roles in consulting, and executive leadership and if they are entrepreneur they can take their business to new dimensions.

Job Profiles 

Some of the top job roles after completing Doctorate of Business Administration are -

Job Roles  Average Salary
Executive Administrator INR 6.50 LPA 
Organizational Manager INR 17.32 LPA 
Chief Executive INR 20.35 LPA 
Business Manager INR 13.20 LPA

6) PhD

Once the students have completed their master's degree in commerce through M.Com, they become eligible for PhD programs in various disciplines of commerce. They can further their academic knowledge of commerce by enrolling themselves in PhD. A PhD after M.Com offers a dynamic path for academic and professional growth in the field of commerce and business studies.

During the PhD students go through religious coursework and genuine research in the commerce domain that is followed by a dissertation.

This intensive academic research enables students to investigate various complexities and challenges in the field of commerce such as finance, marketing, accounting, and management which involves theoretical and practical methods. 

Students are eligible to pursue PhD in the following specializations after completing their M.Com -

  • PhD in Marketing
  • PhD in Management 
  • PhD in Accounting 
  • PhD in Finance and Banking 

Throughout the PhD, students engage with various peers, professors, and experts. They also attend seminars and conferences to present their research papers building their credibility that enhances their academic experience.

This establishes their credibility as experts helping them in building connections with notable academicians and industry leaders. 

PhD Online Programs? PhD for Working Professionals

Upon the completion of the PhD students can join diverse career opportunities in different disciplines of commerce. They can further their career in academics by becoming professors in the top universities and colleges.

Apart from this, they can join the corporate sector at the top levels which involves analysis of consumer behavior, marketing research, consultancy, etc. 

Job Profiles  

Job Roles  Average Salary
Assistant Professor  INR 8.50 LPA
Associate Professor INR 12.50 LPA
Professor  INR 18.50 LPA 
Author  INR 5.50 LPA 

7) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

One of the best programs that students can pursue after M.Com is CFA. This program enables students to become a certified Chartered Financial Analyst. Offered by the USA-based CFA institute, this program is globally recognized. 

With a strong foundation in finance and accounting, students can acquire specialized knowledge of investment management and financial management through this program. Supplementing the M.Com degree with CFA equips students with comprehensive skills that are highly valued in the finance industry.

The CFA program extensively covers equity investments, fixed income, derivatives management, and portfolio management. This offers a practical understanding of the finance industry and the tools required for identifying investment opportunities which helps in managing the risks efficiently.

With the global recognition of CFA, pursuing it after M.Com opens doors for career opportunities at national as well as international levels. Students can join a wide range of industries such as investment banking, asset management, corporate finance, etc. Students can join these industries as portfolio managers, financial analysts,  investment strategists, etc. 

Job Profiles 

Here is a list of top career opportunities one can join after becoming a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst - 

Job Roles  Average Salary
Banking Relationship Manager INR 10 LPA 
Associate Financial Analyst INR 12 LPA 
Risk Manager INR 9 LPA 
Private Banker INR 8 LPA 

8) Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing program is an excellent choice after M.Com. This program enhances the skill sets and career prospects of the students in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Students can pursue numerous certifications, diplomas, and PG Diplomas in Digital Marketing from top institutions.

This program covers various aspects of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital Advertising that are highly damaged in the industry. The program focuses on theoretical knowledge and practical skills in digital marketing.

The demand for skilled digital marketing professionals is increasing rapidly across various industries.  Pursuing this program would eventually boost the career prospects of the students. It will open doors to various career opportunities in this tech-lead business landscape. 

An online PG Diploma in Digital Marketing is also offered to students who are unable to pursue this program in Digital Marketing in regular mode. Students will get flexibility and time management to balance their academic learning. 

Job Profiles

Some of the most popular job profiles in Digital Marketing are mentioned below - 

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Social Media Manager INR 8.50 LPA 
SEO Specialist INR 7.90 LPA 
PPC Specialist INR 8.00 LPA 
Digital Strategist INR 7.50 LPA 

9) Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Studnts willing to enhance their expertise in accounting and finance after M.Com can undertake Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification to avail top career opportunities in the industry. This is also a globally recognized certification. 

Students can extend their advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills in accounting, marketing, and finance from M.Com with a globally recognized professional qualification of CPA.

  Having this certification signifies the expertise of the students in financial reporting, taxation, auditing, and business advisory services that align with the demands of the current business environment.

This program after M.Com allows students to deepen their understanding of complex accounting principles and helps them stay updated with industry regulations. 

Students can enhance their career prospects by pursuing this program after M.Com. Students are open to joining lucrative career options with leadership roles in multinational corporations consulting firms and government agencies. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the best career opportunities for a Certified Public Accountant are - 

Job Profiles  Average Salary
Associate Financial Analyst INR 12 LPA 
Risk Manager INR 9 LPA 
Private Banker INR 8 LPA 
Policy Associates INR 7 LPA 

10) Preparing for UGC NET

Studnts completing their M.Com degree can start preparing for the UGC NET exam in Commerce. The minimum eligibility criteria for preparing this is a master's degree in Commerce from a recognized university/institution. This exam is held twice every year in June and December.

Students qualifying for UGC-NET exams are qualified for Assistant Professor. Apart from starting their career as  Assistant Professor, they can join Doctoral programs in some of the most prestigious universities in India.

A student who qualified for UGC-NET is offered a decent amount as a fellowship if they join a PhD. Students can proceed with the research in the various disciplines of commerce.  This research could be used to solve the complexities of commerce while developing new theories and models. 

Qualifying for the UGC-NET also brings respect and dignity to the students in the society. Qualifying for UGC-NET after M.Com will tremendously help students in navigating their careers in academics and research. 

Job  Profiles 

Some of the top career opportunities after qualifying for UGC-NET are mentioned below -

Job Roles  Average Salary
Assistant Professor INR 8.50 LPA
Author  INR 5.60 LPA
Guest Faculty  INR 4.50 LPA
Government Job INR 6.50 LPA 


Overall, Pursuing courses after Completing an M.Com is a smart and strategic decision. The courses mentioned above keep students in line with the latest developments in the rapidly changing industry. To keep pace with the industry these courses are most appropriate to maintain your relevance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You should pursue courses after completing your Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree.  As the industry changes rapidly, you must keep upgrading your knowledge and expertise to survive in this cut-throat competition. 

Yes, Pursuing an MBA after completing an M.Com is a strategic option to navigate your career in the field of business management and administration. With the combination of accounting, finance, taxation, and marketing from M.Com and management expertise from MBA, you can leverage your career dynamically in this evolving business landscape. It will open lots of career opportunities for you to thrive in Industry.

Yes, pursuing a CA after an M.Com is a good option for career progression. You have a strong foundation in accounting, taxation, economics, and finance from M.Com which is very helpful in CA preparation. Students willing to pursue CA after M.Com are exempted from the CA Foundation exam and they can directly apply for CA Intermediate. 

You can pursue a wide range of courses after completing M.Com. Courses such as MBA, CA, CS, DBA, PhD, CFA, CPA, and ACCA can be pursued after M.Com. These courses help in career enhancement and progression.

The basic difference between PhD in Commerce and a Doctorate of Business Administration focus on learning. While PhD in Commerce is mostly focused on theoretical knowledge in various disciplines of commerce such as Management, Accounting, Marketing, and finance which is inclined towards academics, the DBA is focused on imparting practical expertise to the students that helps them to comprehend real-world complexities in business management.

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