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Courses after 12th Science: Job Profiles & Salary [2024]

May 29, 2024 1.2K Reads

Choosing the right course after the 12th is one of the most challenging tasks for the student. A student has invested his premium years to reach this level. From kindergarten to intermediate, a student makes a wonderful journey of learning from knowing nothing to acquiring knowledge in different domains. Students.

Students go through many ups and downs during their school journey. They make new friends and participate in many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that greatly help in shaping their personality.

CUET 2024 | What to do after 12th

After passing 12th with tremendous efforts and dedication, students come across another challenge of choosing the courses to further their career in the right direction.

Although students start planning for their graduation course right after passing high school, most of them remain confused after taking their 12th exam. Students from a science background are the ones who are more confused about the courses after intermediate as science as a science is a very broad field. Science incorporates a wide range of courses.

These courses offer extensive learning to the students and take their careers in a progressive direction. So what are the most appropriate courses that students can opt for after passing their 12th science to make a growing career in this technological world led by science? Here in this blog, we will discuss the top courses in Science that students can pursue after passing their 12th exam.

What is the best course after 12th (Science)

Students get a wide range of courses after completing their 12 in the science stream. They often remain confused in the selection of the courses for their graduation that will decide their future and career.

Students can choose from a wide range of options in science streams such as engineering, biotechnology, physics, maths, chemistry, computer science, information technology, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, architecture, nanotechnology, etc.

The range of courses in the science stream is so broad that students are unable to choose the best course for them that suits their knowledge level, interest, and aptitude. To help students choose the best courses in the science stream after the 12th, we will discuss one of the best courses that are available to them.

1) Bachelor of Technlogy (B.Tech)

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is one of the favorite courses of the students after passing their 12th in Science steam. BTech is an engineering degree that generally stretches for four years.

It is offered by one of the most prestigious engineering universities and premium institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT).

Students can enroll themselves in these premium institutes by writing JEE examination which is an eligibility exam conducted at the National level. Apart from this students can also join top universities and colleges after taking their entrance exams. Many private universities offer direct admissions also.

Students get specializations in a wide range of engineering fields such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Machinecial, Civil, etc that are highly demanded in the Industry. 

With a focus on engineering and associated fields, the curriculum of this program aims to equip students with solid theoretical understanding and practical abilities in these specializations.

Students go through interactive classroom lectures that are supported by laboratory experiments and project works to acquire theoretical and practical aspects of engineering.  

Students pursuing engineering degrees after completing their 12th get various career opportunities in an array of technological fields. Additional students can enhance their career prospects by pursuing higher studies after their BTech.

Upon completion of this program, students can join top engineering firms, technology companies, research institutions, government agencies, and other companies that are involved in innovation and inventions in technology.

Overall pursuing an engineering degree in BTech after completing 12th is a very strategic move for a bright career. Students can take their career at the peak in the technological domain after completing this engineering course.

Job Profiles 

Students can expect booming career opportunities after completing their BTech degree with these job profiles -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Software Engineer

INR 9.40 LPA 

Network Engineer

INR 5.50 LPA

Civil Engineer

INR 7.20 LPA 

Mechanical Engineer

INR 8.70 LPA 

Cloud Engineer

INR 8.00 LPA 

2) Bachelor Of Engineering (B.E)

Students passing their 12th with Science Stream can fulfill their dream of an engineering degree with another course apart from BTech which is Bachelor of Engineering (B.E). B.E. is also an extraordinary course after 12th science to dive into the field of Engineering.

The degree is designed to equip Students with a strong foundation in engineering concepts and principles that are necessary for advancing careers in various engineering fields.

Students develop an extensive understanding of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science along with the specializations this program offers. Students get a wide range of specializations in Bachelor of Engineering that significantly enhance their career prospects.

The Curriculum of this program offers a fundamental understanding of the various domains of engineering. The program focuses on the conception of scientific theory that is supported by engineering principles. Unlike BTech, this program is mostly inclined toward imparting theoretical knowledge.

Upon completion of this program, students can pursue diverse career opportunities in engineering such as research and development, design, consulting, manufacturing, and construction.

Students can also pursue master's degrees to enhance their career prospects in the multiple domains of engineering. With the solid foundation to make a progressive career this course after 12th offers open doors for exciting and rewarding opportunities in the field of engineering.

Job Profiles 

Some of the top career prospects after completing Bachelors of Engineering are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Data Analyst

INR 7.40 LPA 

Civil Engineer

INR 7.20 LPA 

Mechanical Engineer

INR 8.70 LPA 

Software Engineer 

INR 9.40 LPA 

Software Developer 

INR 6.50 LPA 

3) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a gateway to the medical line after completing 12th. Students who chose Science with Biology in their 12th class can pursue this program. 

Students aspiring to become a medical doctor pursue this undergraduate program. This program is offered by some of the esteemed and eminent Medical Colleges in India.

Students willing to pursue this program must appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) which is conducted at the national level. Students qualifying for the NEET exam will be allotted medical colleges based on their scores after counseling. 

The curriculum of MBBS incorporates a wide range of medical subjects such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical skills. In the initial years, students are prepared with a strong foundation in medical sciences.

This involves classroom lectures and laboratory work. Students transition into clinical rotations as they advance in this program. Students now get practical training in multiple medical disciplines including psychiatry, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology.

Students pursuing MBBS go through intensive training to develop clinical reasoning, diagnostic abilities, and a sense of professionalism by taking care of patients. They also participate in practical experiences in medical college under the supervision of certified medical professionals and doctors. 

Upon completion of this program, students are awarded the title of “Doctor of Medicine ” or “Medical Doctor” depending upon the medical college. They can join reputed hospitals and medical colleges as a certified doctor to proceed with their career. Additionally, they also choose to pursue a particular specialization by enrolling in a master's degree or residency program. 

Pursuing this program not only offers great career prospects with a reputation but also provides an opportunity to serve society. 

Job Profiles

Here are some of the most popular job profiles after completing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Sciences (MBBS) -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Medical Surgeon

INR 14.5 LPA 

Medical Officer



INR 14.4 LPA 

General Physician

INR 11.4 LPA 

Medical Advisor

INR 11.5 LPA 

4) Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Students get exceptional opportunities to advance their careers in the growing field of computer and information technology through a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) after completing their 12th in science stream.

It is a 3-year undergraduate program offered by some of the UGC-approved universities and colleges. The program equips students with the foundational knowledge and practical expertise in computer science and applications. This program prepares students for the dynamic field of technology.

The curriculum of BCA combines theoretical knowledge with practical sessions and projects. This helps in preparing students for diverse subjects programming language, database management systems, computer networks, software engineering, web development, etc.

This enables students to develop proficiency in software development, system analysis, and problem-solving abilities. 

The rapid advancement of technology is boosting the demand for trained IT professionals in the industry. Pursuing a BCA degree after completing 12th  prepares students to thrive in the digital age.

They can pursue diverse career paths in computer and information technology with the knowledge and expertise they have acquired in the program. They can also opt for higher studies to pursue specializations to enhance their career progression.

Students can also pursue an Online BCA degree which is UGC-approved and is equivalent to the degree pursued in the regular mode.  Students will have flexibility in learning as they can attend classes from their homes as per their availability. With this, they can manage their time for other obligations while continuing their academic learning.

Job Roles

Here are some of the most preferred job profiles after completing the Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA) -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Web Developer

INR 5.09 LPA 

Cyber Security Expert

INR 11.45 LPA 

Blockchain Developer

INR 9.50 LPA 

Software Developer

INR 9.20 LPA 

Data Scientist

INR 13.76 LPA 

5) Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Bachelor of Science is one of the best courses students can pursue after completing their 12th with Science stream.  Students who have an interest in the various scientific disciplines.

Students can choose from a wide range of specializations that cater to scientific disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,  biology, etc that offer a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Before selecting one of these specializations, students must consider their interest area to make the right decision.

The Curriculum of this program offers a broad and in-depth understanding of the scientific understanding of scientific principles across various disciplines. It helps in improving the critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning abilities of the Students with the theoretical knowledge from the classroom lectures and practical skills from practical experiments, lab works, projects, etc. This shapes the overall personality of the students.

Students can pursue this program flexibility through the Online BSc Program which is equivalent to the regular BSc. With the help of online mode Students can pursue this program from highly prestigious universities without the requirement of attending the regular classes in the university. They can attend classes remotely while sitting at their homes only. 

Upon completion of this program, Students can navigate their careers in multiple industries such as healthcare, research and development, technology, education, and environmental science.

They can also continue their academic learning by enrolling themselves in postgraduate programs to leverage their career to the senior levels in the industry.

Job Profiles 

Some of the highly preferred job profiles by the students after completing BSc are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 


INR 5.6 LPA 


INR 8.7 LPA 


INR 6.20 LPA 

Science writer

INR 7.4 LPA 

6) Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Pursuing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) after completing 12th is a great pathway to make a progressive career in the medical domain. This is an undergraduate program that equips students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in dentistry. This program focuses on preparing qualified dentists who can diagnose, prevent, and treat various oral health issues. 

Students willing to enroll in this program are required to attend the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET) and based on their performance in they are allocated the medical colleges. 

The curriculum of this program extensively covers various subjects such as dental anatomy, oral pathology, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, etc.

Apart from theoretical learning the curriculum primarily focuses on practical training of the students in the guidance of the most qualified doctors. Students also learn dental techniques, patient management, and ethical considerations in dentistry throughout the program. During this program Students are prepared to diagnose and treat dental conditions effectively.  

Upon completion of this program, students can pursue multiple career paths in dental surgery. They can also level up their expertise by pursuing higher education and research in dentistry.

Overall pursuing BDS after the 12th provides a solid foundation for the students passionate about oral health. They get the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by providing their services. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the top job profiles upon completion of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) are -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 


INR 8.76 LPA 


INR 6.50 LPA 

Oral Surgeon

INR 5.80 LPA 


INR 9.40 LPA 

7) Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

Science students who have recently passed the 12th exam can opt for one of the popular job-oriented courses which is Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma). This is an undergraduate degree in the field of Pharmacy. Students who are excited and interested in drugs and Medicine must pursue this program.

The program offers a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical sciences, including drug composition, synthesis, manufacturing processes, pharmacology, and therapeutic uses.

The curriculum of B.Pharnma extensively covers numerous aspects of pharmacy such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmaceutical analysis.

Students also engage in practical training which equips them in drug formulation, quality control, and regulatory affairs. Students can actively participate in the enrichment, development, and manufacturing of medicines that will help in eliminating several diseases. 

This program offers a wide range of career opportunities to Students in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare sector, research institutions, and regulatory agencies.

Students are well prepared to work as pharmaceutical researchers, clinical research associates, drug safety officers, or medical writers. Most of the students open their medical store upon receiving their license in pharmacy.

Students may also pursue postgraduate courses in pharmacy (M.Pharma) or doctoral programs to specialize in advanced areas such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, or pharmacy practice.

Overall, B.Pharma offers a strong foundation to the Students who are willing to contribute to the development, manufacturing, regulations, and dispensing of medications which plays the most important role in the advancement of public health and well-being. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the highly paid job profiles students can choose after completing their B.Pharma degree are -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 


INR 4.50 LPA 

Clinical research associate

INR 4.11 LPA 

Drug Inspector

INR 6.80 LPA 

Medical Representative

INR 3.80 LPA 


INR 5.00 LPA 

8) Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Students who have completed their 12th from the Science stream can advance their careers in the field of architecture and design by pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch).

This is a 5-year professional undergraduate program offered in highly accredited universities and institutions. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of architecture. 

The curriculum of this program extensively covers a wide range of subjects related to architecture such as architectural design, history, theory, construction technology, building materials, structural systems, environmental systems, and professional practice.

It equips students with the knowledge and skills that help plan and execute architectural projects. Students engage in preparing creative architectural designs while taking into consideration the limitations of its implementation such as b budget, sustainability, and building codes. 

Upon completion of this program, students are equipped for careers as licensed architects, architectural designers, urban planners, and construction managers. Overall this program offers a rewarding and exciting career in the field of architecture where students can excel with their creativity, innovation, and, excellence in design. 

Job Profiles 

Here are some of the most popular job profiles that students can pursue after Completing a Bachelor of Architecture  (B.Arch) - 

Job Roles 

Average Salary 


INR 24.5 LPA 

Architectural technologist

INR 18.00 LPA 

Architectural Designer

INR 14.50 LPA 

Landscape Architect

INR 6.50 LPA 

Urban planner

INR 7.60 LPA 

9) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

If you have passed your 12th in Science stream but have a keen interest in journalism, mass communication, and related fields then you must opt for a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC).

This is an undergraduate program that dynamically and comprehensively equips students with the expertise and knowledge to thrive in the field of media and communication. Click Here | Online BJMC Course!

The curriculum of this program extensively covers a wide range of subjects such as including journalism ethics, media laws, reporting and writing, communication theories, public relations, advertising, digital media, etc that equip students with competency in media.

With the help of media platforms such as print, television, the internet, and social media, students learn how to communicate effectively. A key element of BJMC programs often includes practical training, which enables students to enhance their abilities in real-world situations and obtain first-hand experience through internships, workshops, and projects.

Upon completion of the program, students can work in corporate communications, digital media, public relations, broadcasting, journalism, and advertising which are highly demanded in the industry.

They can avail rewarding and exciting opportunities for career progression while working as  PR executives, social media managers, reporters, editors, and content writers. Students can make significant contributions to society by producing impactful narratives that enlighten, amuse, and motivate people. 

Job Profile

Some of the most popular job profiles that students can consider after completing their Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) are mentioned below -

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Social media manager

INR 4.50 LPA 

PR Executive 

INR 3.50 LPA 


INR 4.20 LPA 


INR 3.40 LPA 

10) Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) 

For students who are enthusiastic about the hospitality industry despite having a science stream in 12th, pursuing a Bachelor of Hotel Management is a strategic decision for them.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) develop a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry with the combination of management principles with in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry. The course is offered by some of the most reputed hotel management institutes in India. 

The curriculum of this program extensively covers front-office operations, food and beverage management, housekeeping, event management, and marketing which are the most important components of the hospitality industry. This program equips Students with diverse skill sets that play a crucial role in effectively handling the complexities of the hospitality sector. 

Students go through intensive classroom lectures, practical training, and industry exposure to enhance their learning. Students can apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations through internships and hands-on experiences, which are essential components of this program that develop problem-solving, teamwork, and customer service skills.

With the global reach of the hospitality industry, the career prospects of this program are very promising. The hospitality industry is famous for its global reach which makes it the most attractive field for students seeking adventure and cultural immersion.

Upon completion of this program, students can leverage their skills and knowledge to explore career prospects worldwide in the hospitality sector.

In conclusion, a Bachelor of Hotel Management degree offers a dynamic and rewarding career path to Students from a science background. It offers the ideal combination of management abilities and industry-specific aptitudes to succeed in this ever-evolving sector. 

Job Profiles 

Some of the most popular job profiles in hotel management are mentioned below -

Job Profiles 

Average Salary  

Front Office Manager

INR 5.9 LPA 

Housekeeping Manager

INR 4.50 LPA 

Banquet Manager

INR 3.60 LPA 

Food and Beverage Manager

INR 9.50 LPA 


In Conclusion, Students who have passed their 12th in Science and are confused in deciding the graduation courses must consider the courses mentioned above.  These courses are some of the most popular for students from a science background that offers a progressive career in the future.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Students get a wide range of courses in different disciplines after completing their 12th in Science. Students can pursue courses like BTech, MBBS, BCA, BSc, BDS, B.Pharma, etc which are some of the most popular in the industry. After completing these courses, they can excel in the industry with diverse roles.

Yes, a Bachelor of Technology(BTech) after completing 12th in the science stream is a strategic option to advance a career in the ever-evolving field of engineering and technology. This program offers numerous industry-oriented specializations that are highly in demand in the industry. With theoretical knowledge and practical skills, students can excel in various roles in the industry. 

No, admission to MBBS is entrained through the NEET examinations and proper counseling. Students who are interested in pursuing MBBS must attend the NEET exams which are conducted at the national level. As per the performance of the students in NEET exams, they are allotted Medical Colleges. No medical can offer direct admission without NEET.

Both Bachelor of Technology(BTech) and Bachelor of Engineering(B.E) are engineering degrees. Both offer extensive knowledge in the field of technology and engineering. They both differ based on their focus of study. While BTech is more focused on practical training in technology and its application, B.E focuses on the theoretical conception and its academic perspective. 

Yes, opting for the science stream in 12th is a smart move for career progression in the diverse field of technology. As the industry is inclining towards technology and Science, the demand for skilled professionals has significantly increased. Opting for science makes the Students eligible for numerous courses that equip them with the competence and expertise to make a wonderful career in the tech-led industry.

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