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Courses while Preparing Civil Services Exams [Backup Plan]

Apr 27, 2024 1.2K Reads

Having a backup plan has always been a wise decision especially if you are preparing for government exams like Civil Services in which the chances of getting selected are almost negligible.

Since the students preparing for the civil services examinations have limited attempts and an upper age limit to appear for the examination, they should always have a backup plan to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

The exam is exceptionally competitive and the majority of students fail to qualify despite preparing so well. Civil services exams demand the highest level of devotion and still success is not guaranteed. To be prepared for the contingencies, students may enroll in courses that may lead their careers to new paths if their attempts are exhausted and have crossed the upper age limit.

Reasons for Pursuing Courses while Preparing for Civil Services

When the aspirants start preparing for the Civil services, they keep rejecting the idea of a backup plan or Plan B as they are full of enthusiasm and confident enough that they can crack the exam very easily. Due to fierce competition and the rat race, some of the most well-prepared students could not clear the civil services exams.

There are several reasons why civil services aspirants should pursue courses while preparing for the exam. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

  • Highly Difficult- The civil services exam conducted is one of the most difficult exams. Even the smartest and most intelligent students fail to qualify for these exams due to the difficulty level of the exam. Students should always be prepared for the uncertainty of not getting selected. 
  • Backup Plan- Due to the highly competitive nature of the Civil Services exams, students should always have Plan B in case they are not selected. Enrolling in courses that provide career-oriented knowledge and skills relevant to the current industry trends they can be assured of failures. If they do not get selected, they can start a career in the specialization they chose to pursue in their course while preparing for the Civil Services Exam.
  • Prolonged Preparation Time- Since the syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services is very vast and diverse, it requires considerable time to cover the whole syllabus. Usually, it requires 2-3 years of preparation to get a grasp on the preparation. Students can enroll in online courses that provide flexibility and time management without affecting the preparation of the students. Students should pursue these courses to be prepared for other career options in case they are not selected for the civil services examinations.
  • Personal circumstances-  After giving a few attempts students may have to leave the preparation for the civil services exam due to some personal circumstances like financial problems. If they have pursued any master's program with a specialization related to industry trends they can make a career in that specialization.

Courses While Civil Services Preparation

After facing continuous failures students start to realize the importance of pursuing a course as a backup plan or Plan B if they do not qualify for the civil services exam in their last attempt.

Once they realize the importance of backing up the program, the other confusion starts with the courses that they can pursue that can help in their career without affecting their preparation.

Since the students preparing for Civil Services have already completed their graduation, they can pursue various master's programs in online mode from some of the best universities in India. These online courses offer full flexibility in UPSC preparation and Academic Learning.

Students can balance preparation and learning through time management. These courses are more affordable and cost-effective than regular mode with degrees equal to the regular mode.

Some of the most popular courses students can pursue while preparing for Civil Services are mentioned below -

1) Online Masters Programs In Arts 

Arts is one of the favorite disciplines for civil services aspirants preparing for the exam. The majority of the aspirants have pursued their bachelor's degree in Arts as it provides a foundation for their preparation and a great choice for the Optionals. 

An online master degree in Arts not only helps aspirants secure their professional career options but also helps greatly in personality development and the formation of analytical and logical understanding of the events occurring in their surroundings. 

The MA Program online also aids greatly in improving the communication skills of the aspirants which is very important considering the importance of personal interview in civil services. This program also helps enhance the creative side of the students which not only helps them in their professional career but also in answer writing. They can make their answers creative and score good marks in main examinations.

The program provides scope for great career opportunities to the students if they do not qualify for the Civil services examinations. They can join top companies or achieve great success as an academician. 

Master Program in Arts offers multiple disciplines and specializations. Some of the popular specializations are mentioned below -

This specialization helps in the all-around development of students with great career prospects. With flexibility and time management in online mode, civil services aspirants can balance their master's program without impacting their preparation.

Who Can Apply

Students interested in a Master's Program in Arts must fulfill the eligibility criteria provided by the university offering this program in online mode. The eligibility criteria are-

  • Candidates applying must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized university.
  • Generally, Percentage criteria are not in demanded in this program.
  • No entrance exam is conducted for admission to this program

2) Online Masters Program In Management

Management is one of the most promising fields to make a career in the corporate world. With the increase in the number of companies and corporate organizations, there is a huge demand for professionals with knowledge and expertise in business management.

Some of the most popular management courses are mentioned below - 

Online Master of Business Administration

 The online MBA programs fosters leadership abilities and strategic thinking in addition to offering advanced skills in a wide range of business management domains, from marketing to finance.

It serves as an opportunity for professional growth, providing access to more senior roles and lucrative prospects in addition to encouraging beneficial business relationships.

Furthermore, it stimulates personal growth by providing leadership training and improving communication skills, while simultaneously building credibility and exhibiting a solid background in business management.

The program is imparted online with the support of the highly experienced and skilled faculty of one of the best universities in India. With the flexibility to balance academic learning and civil services, aspirants can manage their time significantly.

There are several specializations available in the online MBA program. Some of the most popular specializations are mentioned below -

These are some of the top specializations that are most relevant to the current management, marketing, and finance sectors of the industry. Online MBA is one of the best back-ups while preparing for Civil Services to deal with any contingencies. 

Who Can Apply

The aspirants interested in pursuing an online MBA program must fulfill the eligibility criteria of universities offering the program in online mode.

The minimum eligibility criteria are -

  • A bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline or any subject from a university recognized by the University Grants Commission.
  • Secured at least 50% marks in aggregate in graduation.
  • Majority of universities do not conduct entrance exams for online MBAs.
  • Some premium institutions like IIMs may require CAT/MAT/XAT scores or ask students for an entrance exam for admission into Online MBA.

3) Online Masters Program in Computer Sciences 

With the innovation and inventions in the field of Computer Technology or Information technology particularly in the last decade, industries have shifted their operations from traditional modes and become highly dependent on technology. This dependency on technology has formed new job roles that are highly relevant to the current market scenario with great salary packages.

To reach those job roles, students are required to gain significant skills and expertise in the field of Computer and Information technology. The online master's program that equips students with those skills and expertise is mentioned below-

 Online Master of Computer Application (Online MCA)

Through a convenient and easily available online platform, a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) online degree allows civil services aspirants to pursue advanced studies in computer science and applications.

These programs usually provide specializations in fields like artificial intelligence or cybersecurity in addition to a broad curriculum including subjects like database management, networking, programming, software development, and management.

With strong support services, such as academic advising and technical aid, which help students succeed in their studies, this accredited program guarantees high-quality learning and a degree recognized by employers. Online MCA programs address the needs of civil services aspirants by offering flexible scheduling and interactive learning through the well-developed Learning Management System.

This allows students to develop their careers in computer technology. Apart from highly skilled professors who have extensive knowledge in computer science and information technology, industry experts are also invited by the universities to provide interactive sessions to the students.

Some of the top Specializations available in Online MCA are mentioned below -

These specializations are most trending in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology with big organizations ready to offer lucrative packages for professionals who are skilled and well-trained in these fields.

Civil Services will get enough flexibility to balance their preparation while pursuing one of the highly demanded degrees in the technological field as a backup. 

Who can Apply

Civil services aspirants who are interested in a highly lucrative online MCA program must fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria to enroll. The minimum eligibility criteria for this program are mentioned below-

  • The candidate must have completed his graduation in Computer Science/ Computer Applications from a recognized University/Institution.


  • The candidates with BA/BSc/BCom degrees in graduation must have taken Mathematics as a compulsory subject.
  • Those students who do not have Mathematics as a compulsory subject in their graduation must complete the bridge course provided by the universities.

4) Online Masters Program in Commerce (Online M.Com)

An online Master’s degree in Commerce is a great option for civil services aspirants who have a commerce background in their graduation. They can extend their knowledge in accounting, taxation, management, and marketing which will act as a backup and a great career option for the civil services aspirants. 

An online master's degree supports the growth of analytical, strategic, and critical thinking skills all of which are very relevant for both civil services and current industry norms.

The online MCom program provides flexibility in learning without affecting the schedule of the Civil Services preparation. Students can easily manage their time for this program and aspirants who have commerce as an option of UPSC will greatly benefit from this program as this will extend their intellectual capability and understanding of the concepts.

This online degree not only provides solid backup but also serves as a solid backup option for civil services aspirants and also increases their earning potential by offering them relevant knowledge and expertise that will prove to be a valuable investment in their professional and personal development.

Some of the specializations available in this program are mentioned below -

These specializations are provided by highly qualified professors and teachers who have significant experience in this field in online mode. This program will greatly help in civil services preparation and provide backup for the professional journey.


The candidates interested in the Master of Commerce program provided online mode must satisfy the eligibility criteria of the universities offering this program. The minimum eligibility criteria for this program are-

  • The candidate must have pursued his graduation in B.Com/B.Com (Hons) from a University/Institution recognized by the University Grants Commission.
  • The candidate must have secured 50% marks in aggregate in their graduation.
  • Candidates with a BBA degree securing at least 60% marks in aggregate in graduation are also allowed by some universities.


In Conclusion, Civil Services aspirants should always be prepared for worst case scenario because the probability of getting selected is very low. They should enroll in the programs mentioned above as a back up plan. These courses are available in online mode that offer significant flexibility to balance academic learning with civil services preparations without changing the schedule. These courses offer the most relevant knowledge and expertise to the students so that they can opt for alternate career options in case of failure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Due to the high competition and limited number of attempts, the success rate in the Civil Services Examination is almost negligible. Less than 1 % which is one of the main reasons to pursue programs and courses that can act as a backup in the worst-case scenario.

You will get enough flexibility to manage time for online courses without affecting the schedule of Civil Services Preparation. As the classes are taken through Well developed Learning Management System (LMS) of the university, you can watch the recorded classes as per their availability. You can easily balance the online courses and your preparation. 

University Grants Commission has recognized the online, distance, and regular degrees at par. The degree obtained in online mode has the same weightage as the degree obtained in regular mode. The online degree is now equally treated by employers.

No, students are not required to physically visit the university for their examinations. Examinations in online courses are conducted through the E-Proctotred Software of the university. Also, the majority of the university's offering online courses offer On-Demand examinations where students can easily book their slots for examinations according to their availability. 

The classes in online programs are conducted by one of the best faculty of the universities who are well experienced in the particular program. Also, the university provides interaction with industry leaders where students can acquire industry-related knowledge and skills.  

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