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IGNOU MA 2024: Syllabus, Fees, Eligibility, Admission

Apr 10, 2024 20.2K Reads

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is India’s one of the most famous universities in the distance domain which offers more than 227 distance learning courses. Indira Gandhi National Open University offers undergraduate, doctoral, postgraduate, postgraduate diploma, diploma, and certificate programs all over the country with 21 schools and 67 regional centers.

IGNOU closed its registration window for the Jan 2024 admission on 31st March 2024. IGNOU will soon re-open the registration window for the July 2024 session however, there are some alternatives of IGNOU you can look at. For more details click here.

About IGNOU Overview

The university offers approximately 227 programs and also offers education on islands like Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. IGNOU has a decentralized system of providing education as it has divided its functioning into five different zones, such as North, East, West, South, and North-East.

IGNOU is a central university that is run and controlled by the centre and it was established under the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act 1985.

IGNOU was the second university in India to provide distance learning courses after Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University. All the courses of IGNOU have gained prominence because the university has been approved by UGC-DEB and accredited by NAAC with an A++ Grade.

What Are the Benefits of Doing MA from IGNOU through Distance Education Mode?

Master’s in Arts or MA is a postgraduate course offered to students who have completed their graduation from a UGC-recognized university with a minimum percentile.

Distance MA of IGNOU has its own importance because the university offers different specializations to pursue this course. Students will get certain benefits from pursuing a distance MA from IGNOU and these benefits are:

  • Distance MA of IGNOU is a recognized program and hence valued by all employers.
  • IGNOU offers distance MA in both Hindi and English language.
  • Students can pursue a distance MA in any discipline.
  • There are options of online learning platforms like the IGNOU e-content app or the eGyanKosh portal.
  • The program is affordable and provides comprehensive learning.

What is the Eligibility for IGNOU Distance MA Courses?

Every university sets different admission criteria to admit students in different courses. IGNOU has its criteria to decide whether a candidate is fit for the distance MA program or not. Here are the eligibility criteria for distance MA in IGNOU to certain the eligibility of a candidate:-

  • The candidate must have a graduate degree or a higher degree.
  • The graduation degree must have been issued from a UGC-recognized university.

How to Apply for Distance MA in IGNOU? – Admission Procedure 2024

IGNOU’s distance MA admissions process is quite conventional and based on a set of requirements. Students must apply to the relevant regional center, along with the required fees and documentation.

Students can look up the eligibility requirements for any distance learning course on the website’s prospectus. Students enrolled in the distance MA program must have earned their bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution or their application will be rejected by the university. Also Read: IGNOU MA Admission Process Step by Step

Students may apply for admissions in the online mode as well, which is one of the most convenient options since it eliminates the need to visit any IGNOU centre. Students simply need to go to IGNOU’s official website and fill out the application form.

Students must use any digital payment method to send their information, required documents, and academic fees. In the end, students will receive a confirmation mail after the verification process of the university.

IGNOU Distance MA Fees Structure 2024

The fee structure of distance MA is as per the program structure which means students need to submit their academic fees before every year.

The aggregate academic fee of distance MA courses is dependent on the specialization you have chosen.

  • The aggregate fee of MA History is Rs. 12,600 which is to be paid as Rs.6,300 per year.
  • The aggregate fee of MA Sociology is Rs. 12,600 which is to be paid as Rs.6,300 per year.
  • The aggregate fee of MA Psychology is Rs. 18,600 which is to be paid as Rs.9,300 per year.
  • The aggregate fee of MA Public Administration is Rs. 12,600 which is to be paid as Rs. 6,300 per year.
  • The aggregate fee of MA Anthropology is Rs. 17,200 which is to be paid as Rs. 8,600 per year.
  • The aggregate fee of MA Gandhi and Peace Studies is Rs. 9,600 which is to be paid as Rs. 4,800 per year.

IGNOU Distance MA Prospectus 2024

IGNOU has different prospectuses for the different schools of studies in order to get detailed information about the courses. Students can also find the option of the common prospectus of 2024 on the official site of the IGNOU.

The common prospectus includes all the nitty-gritty regarding all the courses offered by IGNOU. The prospectus includes the information related to the eligibility criteria, admission procedure, study material, and fee structure of all the programs. Also Read: LPU Online MA Program

IGNOU Distance MA Syllabus

IGNOU offers a distance MA in different disciplines like History, Public Administration, Anthropology, and others. The MA syllabus of IGNOU varies as per the specialization of MA and students need to mention their MA specialization while taking admission and then they will get to study their subjects only.

The program structure of MA IGNOU is in the yearly mode which means students have to give exams once a year to clear the program. Students can check the prospectus of IGNOU to get the syllabus of MA in any specialization.

IGNOU Distance MA study Material

IGNOU generally provides study material for every single course in both printed and online mode and students can either get both or go for the online material only.

Students have to mention if they want the printed study material at the time of admission and have to pay some extra charges for this but it is optional. Also Read: Manipal Online MA JMC Program

However, students get the option of downloading the study material of any course from the mobile application of IGNOU which is IGNOU e-content, or can visit the portal eGyank Kosh where students can find the learning material of more than 2500 courses.

IGNOU Distance MA Placement

In 2005, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) formed a Campus Placement Cell. The placement cell is in charge of all placement-related activities and supports students in finding suitable jobs.

The cell was founded to provide on-campus placements for all students in all courses, including distance MA students, as well as to resolve placement-related issues.

Students who are pursuing a distance MA in any specialization can take placement assistance from the Campus Placement Cell of IGNOU. At the regional centers, IGNOU’s campus placement cells conduct placement campaigns, career fairs, and other events to improve employable skills. Also Read | Online MA Courses In India

As a result, these job fairs or placement drives encourage students who are unable to attend traditional colleges to pursue their higher education through distance learning. IGNOU, for example, is a well-known distance university that assists students in getting jobs in large corporations.

MA Specialization Courses Offered by IGNOU Distance Education

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers the program MA in different disciplines and all these courses are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Here is the list of all the MA specialization courses available in IGNOU:

MA in History MA in Economics
MA in English MA in Public Administration
MA in Political Science MA in Anthropology
MA in Sociology MA in Gandhi and Peace Studies
MA in Psychology MA in Rural Development

IGNOU MA Psychology

MA in Psychology is a program that makes students scholars in the area of human psychology. This program will make you analyze all sorts of human behaviour which can help you understand the anomalous situations of life.

This is a 2-year PG program offered to students who have completed their graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.

This program is in English mode and students will get a comprehensive learning of psychology. IGNOU offers MA Psychology in the yearly mode and students have to follow the same curriculum:-

Subjects of 1st Year

Subjects of 2nd year (Choose any one group from 3 groups)

Cognitive Psychology, Learning, and Memory Group A: Clinical Psychology
Lifespan Psychology Psychopathology
Personality: Theories and Assessment Psychodiagnostics
Advanced Social Psychology Psychotherapeutic methods
Research Methods in Psychology Practicum in Clinical Psychology
Statistics in Psychology Group B: Counselling Psychology
Practicum in Experimental Psychology & Psychological Testing Counseling Psychology
Assessment in Counselling and Guidance
Interventions in Counselling
Practicum in Counselling Psychology
Group C: Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Organizational Behaviour
Human Resource Development
Organisational Development
Practicum in Industrial and Organisational Psychology

IGNOU MA English

MA in English is a 2-year PG program offered to students who have completed their graduation from a recognized university. The program aims to provide deep learning of Literature of different cultures and backgrounds.

In this course, students learn about the history of literature and will get a sound knowledge of books and authors. IGNOU offers the MA English program in the yearly mode and hence the syllabus is also in accordance with this mode.

Subjects of 1st year

Subjects of 2nd year

British Poetry Compulsory Subjects
British Drama Literary Criticism and Theory
British Novel Optional Course
Aspects of Language American Literature
Indian English Literature
New Literatures in English
Australian Literature
English Studies in India
American Novel
A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature
Writing from the Margins
Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation
Comparative Literature: Theory and Practice
Indian Folk Literature

IGNOU MA Economics

MA with a specialization in Economics is one of the popular courses in India because it makes you aware of the inherent concepts of economics and all the emerging areas of economics. This is a 2-year postgraduate program that includes mathematical applications at a certain level. Students can pursue MA in English from IGNOU right after completing their graduation from any recognized university.

Subjects of 1st year

Subjects of 2nd year

Microeconomic Analysis Compulsory subjects 
Macroeconomic Analysis Public Economics
Quantitative Methods International Trade and Finance
Economics of Growth and Development Economics of Social Sector and Environment
Indian Economic Policy Research Methods in Economics
Optional Subjects
Econometric Methods
Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice
Financial Institutions and Markets
Women in the Economy
Gender Issues in Work Employment and Productivity
Development Issues and Perspectives

IGNOU MA Political Science

MA Political Science is a complete study of political aspects at the national, regional, and international levels. This 2-year PG program provides an in-depth understanding of concepts like Political Theory, Comparative Politics, Theory of International Relations, and more.

MA Political Science is a course of 2 years and students will get the maximum time of 4 years to complete this and it is available in both English and Hindi language.

Subjects of 1st year

Subjects of 2nd year

Political Theory India and the World
International Relations: Theory and Problems State and Society in Latin America
India: Democracy and Development Western Political Thought
Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends Social and Political Thought in Modern India
State and Society in Africa
Peace and Conflict Studies
Social Movements and Politics in India
State Politics in India
Canada: Politics and Society
The European Union in World Affairs
State and Society in Australia
Australia’s Foreign Policy
Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges
Globalization and Environment
Gandhi’s Political Thought
Non-Violent Movements after Gandhi
Gandhian Approach to Peace and Conflict Resolution
Conflict Management, Transformation & Peace Building
Human Security
Civil Society, Political Regimes and Conflict

IGNOU MA Sociology

MA Sociology is a program that is deeply rooted in the knowledge of society and provides different perspectives related to societal problems and development.

IGNOU offers a comprehensive curriculum of distance MA Sociology that a student will get varied insights about the topics like urbanization, migration, communities, and other significant concerns of the society.

Subjects of 1st year

Subjects of 2nd year

Sociological Theories and Concepts Sociology of Education
Research Methods and Methodologies Diaspora and Transnational Communities
Sociology of Development Sociology of Religion
Sociology in India Urban Sociology
Decentralization and Local Governance
India: Democracy and Development

IGNOU MA Geography

MA in Geography is a 2-year PG course that provides in-depth knowledge of the physical features of the earth. Students can get admission in MA Geography right after their graduation from a recognized university.

As of now, IGNOU doesn’t offer you any particular course of MA in Geography but it offers B.Sc in Geography.

IGNOU MA History

MA in History is a 2-year PG program that has been developed to provide advanced knowledge of the transitions of history, also includes Indian history.

Students will not only learn about ancient and medieval history but also about modern history that can help teachers, and scholars to do research in a better way.

Anyone can take admission in MA History of IGNOU if they have a graduation degree from a recognized university.

Subjects of 1st year

Subjects of 2nd year

Ancient and Medieval Societies Compulsory subjects
Modern World Historiography
Political Structures in India Optional Courses 
History of Indian Economy Western Political Thought
Social and Political Thought in Modern India
Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages
History of Ecology and Environment: India
Indian National Movement
Urbanization in India


IGNOU offers MA in Hindi program to all the graduates who are willing to gain knowledge in the area of Hindi literature. This is a 2-year PG program for students who have completed their graduation in any discipline from a recognized university. You can get the entire syllabus of IGNOU MA in Hindi on the official website of IGNOU.


IGNOU MA degree is a valid and recognized program offered to graduates. This program comes with specialization in different subjects so that students can get the expertise in whichever subject they wish for.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

IGNOU is a reputed distance and open learning university which has gained NAAC accreditation with A++ Grade and approved by UGC-DEB. Hence, distance MA in any discipline from IGNOU is a valuable degree course.

Yes, you can complete the distance MA of IGNOU in 2 years and you also get the maximum time limit to clear the exams which is 4 years.

IGNOU provides study material both in the printed and online mode and the printed study material of any course gets delivered at the address of the student.

Yes, IGNOU has its own campus placement cell which organizes placement-related activities like job fairs, placement drives, and more at the regional centers of IGNOU.

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