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What Is Part Time M Tech, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

Dec 11, 2023 17.6K Reads

What Is Part-Time M.Tech?

​Part Time M.Tech is a postgraduate program that enables you to earn a master’s degree in 2-year consisting of 4 semesters of 6 months each. If you’re a working professional and are planning to upgrade your career then M Tech part-time is a course best suited for you as it will not affect your current career and can only take your career to the heights.

Masters of technology is a program in which you study all the technical courses. If you’re a technical graduate and want to earn a master’s degree in the same then M Tech Part-Time is one of the best courses for you. M Tech is a course that can be completed both ways part-time and full-time. You will have to choose the mode according to your preference. You may also like: MBA For Working Professionals.

Types of Masters of Technology (M.Tech) Courses Available

M.Tech For Working Professionals

Part-Time M.Tech

M.Tech Distance Education Valid?


Are you a technologist and are interested in inventing equipment to make life easier or like to work for the nation with the technical skills you have than being a professional for the same by doing a technical course will take your interest and career to the path you deserve the most?

If you’re interested in working on machinery and like to develop more equipment so as to make life easier and add more inventions in the field of technology then join M Tech Part-Time Program. Also Read: What Is M.Tech For Working Professionals?

M Tech part-time means a course that can be done while you’re doing a job as it’s a part-time course that can be attended in the evening after your job or you can even take the weekend classes it just needs a face to face classes with practical knowledge.

AICTE and UGC have not allowed distance M.Tech courses because engineering requires practical learning as well which is not possible in the case of distance education. So, for people who can not attend regular classes, they can pursue a part-time M.Tech course. The course has been specially designed for working professionals who wish to further education without leaving their jobs. 

By keeping the importance of technical courses that face to face classes are important for better understanding also it requires more practical knowledge so it can’t be done in distance mode so for the aspirants who are unable to attend regular classes and the candidates that are working professionals can now do the course M Tech part-time.

Top M.Tech After Bachelors Degree

M.Tech After BSc

M.Tech After BCA

M.Tech After MCA

M.Tech After MSc

M.Tech After B.Tech


M tech part-time course offers numerous specialized courses in which one can do the expertise. There are various fields in M Tech part-time that can be enrolled by the candidates who are working professionals or the candidates that are unable to attend regular classes can do these specialized courses with the M.Tech part-time mode.

The top specialized courses in M Tech part-time are as follows:- ​

Part Time M Tech In Energy Engineering Part Time M Tech In Power Electronics Part Time M Tech In Cyber Security
​Part Time M Tech In Robotics Part Time M Tech In Process Engineering Part Time M Tech In Constructional Engineering
Part Time M Tech In Transportation Engineering ​Part Time M Tech In Structural Engineering ​Part Time M Tech In Environmental Engineering
Part Time M Tech In Civil Engineering Part Time M Tech In Bioinformatics Engineering Part Time M Tech In Biomedical Engineering
Part Time M Tech In Biotechnology Engineering Part Time M Tech In Agriculture Informatics Part Time M Tech In Communication Engineering
Part Time M Tech In ECE Embedded System Part Time M Tech In Electronics and Communication Engineering Part Time M Tech In Mechanical Design Engineering
Part Time M Tech In Mechanical Production Engineering Part Time M Tech In Mechanical Production Engineering Part Time M Tech In Computer Science
Part Time M Tech In Mechanical Engineering

Eligibility Criteria for Part Time M Tech

Different universities have different eligibility criteria for M Tech part-time courses. To get admission into the M Tech course the aspirant must possess a BTech or BE degree from a recognized university. Some universities conduct entrance exams for the M Tech part-time admission or some will allow direct admission to the university.

The most popular entrance exam for M Tech is GATE. GATE examination is valid all over India for all technical colleges. Ranking in GATE will help the student to get admission to any technical university for the M Tech part-time course. MCA degree holders are also eligible to apply for computer designing related specializations of the engineering course.

However, if you are going for a part-time M.Tech, then most likely you will not have to give an entrance exam. If you have a B.Tech/BE degree, then you will directly get admission. The only difference can be that a few universities require candidates to have work experience in a related field.  

Skills Required To Pursue M Tech Part-Time

The aspirants that are keen to pursue the program M Tech part-time are required to have few skills inside to give it the best and also to have better career opportunities. There are a few special skills and tricks that are helpful to pursue M Tech part-time. Some of the required skills are as follows:-

  • Creativity – One needs to have a creative mind for a technical course like m tech programAll the technical course requires new technologies and creativity to invent equipment for improved results and to make life easier.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – For the course, M Tech Part-time as a technical course critical thinking is a must skill to have as all the technical courses require deep thinking for new ideas and inventions in the field of technicality. As much as you think critically as much as you get the solution to any problem.
  • Communication – To share your views one required better communication both verbal and written. Every problem has one solution that is communication. Communication fills every gap and also helps in developing creativity by listening to the views of others and making your own. So it is also a foremost part of the M Tech part-time course.
  • Teamwork – Teamwork is a very crucial part of any field of education or in the work field or in every aspect of life. With teamwork, you can make anything easier and more creative. If you’re trying to make a new machine or any other technical equipment then with teamwork you make it simpler and more creative by inculcating more ideas in the same. MTech part-time both course and job after that, teamwork will play a vital role in any of these.
  • Leadership skills – In M Tech part-time leadership quality is one of the vital parts to run any firm, industry, organization, or team you always need a leader to follow or to show you the right path and the correct steps to be taken. A leader that will look into all the management of the running project the same as the teacher is the one who will lead you towards the correct topics to study and show you the path for a successful career.
  • Knowledge of the subject – For the program M Tech part-time there has to be some previous knowledge about the subject as one has to have the technical knowledge and its subjects study from the basics for better performance in the specialized master course.
  • Exposure – Industry exposure and education exposure is what you need to understand the technicality of the program. Exposure is a very crucial part to understand the change in the industry and learning new techniques.
  • Presence of Mind – For any kind of work, the most important thing you need is the presence of mind without which you cannot concentrate on one thing and there would not be any learning. To work or succeed, we need learning and for learning, we need concentration by putting all our minds at one point. Being patient and presenting at a moment is something that must have credentials in one life.

M Tech Part-Time Admission

M Tech Part-time course is a course that has a significant role in the job industry. As it’s a technical program with a master’s degree so there are numerous universities offering the course.

The admission procedure for the M.Tech Part-Time course may be different for different universities. However, for most cases, there is no need for an entrance examination. If a candidate fulfils the eligibility criteria, then they can get direct admission to the course. Also Read: What Is a Dual Degree (B Tech/M Tech) Program?

Following are the basic steps of admission procedure for a part-time M.Tech course applicable for all universities: 

Step 1- On the official website of the university, register yourself. 

Step 2- Fill up the application form for your chosen specialisation.

Step 3- Upload all the necessary documents mentioned on the form. These documents are for your eligibility verification.

Step 4- Pay the registration fees and then submit the form. 

All of these steps can be easily completed online. For admission in M Tech Part-time, the person should have fulfilled a minimum of eligibility criteria that is must be having a bachelor’s degree. In the bachelor’s degree there you must have a minimum of 45% to 50% to get admission to M Tech Part-time. Also Read: M Tech Admission In 2021 : The Definitive Guide.

M Tech Part-Time Fees Structure

  • The fee structure for the course M.tech Part-time a 2-year postgraduate program differs from university to university as there are numerous numbers of universities that are offering M Tech part-time programs. Also, you will find the differences between the fee structure of government colleges and private colleges.
  • The fee structure of M.Tech Part-time is approximately Rs 1-2 lakh for the complete.

Part-Time M.Tech Course and Syllabus

M Tech Part-time offers various specialized courses for the aspirants to seek the course. Here mentioning some of the specialized course syllabus and course details for your reference.

The whole structure is divided into 4 semesters of the program that are based on a basic level to the advanced including all the seminars and workshops over the project. M Tech part-time also includes elective subjects and projects during the course of the program. Practicality has been a crucial part of the technical programs and industrial exposures.

Here we are highlighting the subjects of study covered in the M.Tech Computer Science Engineering program for your easy & simple reference. The topics covered are subject to change or modification as prescribed by various universities and colleges. Also Read – Part Time B Tech : The Ultimate Guide 2020-21

Course Scheme & Syllabus
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Research Methodology Numerical Analysis Parallel Computing & Architecture
Advance Computer Networks & Simulation Data Mining & Warehousing Digital Image Processing
Advance Computer Networks & Simulation – Lab Data Mining & Warehousing – Lab Information Security and Risk Management
Software Metrics and Quality Engineering
Pattern Recognition and Analysis
Distributed Databases
Artificial Intelligence
Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6
Wireless Data Networks Network Security Network Intrusion Detection
Agile Software Development Approaches Unified Software configuration management Software Project Management
Bioinformatics Machine Learning Medical Image Analysis and Visualization
Distributed Computing Systems Cloud Computing Grid Computing
Advanced-Data Structure & Algorithms Natural Language and processing Evolutionary Methods
Wireless Data Networks Lab
Agile Software Development Lab
Bioinformatics Lab
Distributed Computing Systems —​​

Job and Career Scope in M.Tech Part-Time

M Tech Part-time is a program that allows you to have a specialized course degree with a deep knowledge of a particular technical course. One will get great career exposure in the field of technical industries and MNCs. M Tech Part-time allows you to have even upgraded your current career as while doing the course you can even continue your current job. Also Read: What is Correspondence M Tech?

It enables you to have a career in top-notch industries both government and private. One can even look for a career abroad with a higher position.

Some of the job titles with the top industries are here for you to clear all doubts:-

Quality Controller
Research Biochemist
Regional Manager
Project Manager
Research Associate
Senior Engineers
Embedded Design Engineer
System firmware Engineer
Robotics Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Automation Engineer
Cyber Security Architect
Security Analyst
Production Manager
Programmer Analyst
Factory Head
Design Engineer Manager
Safety Officer
Service Maintenance Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Data Science
Data Analyst
Software Engineer
Network Specialist
System Designer
Web Developer

The Top Recruiting Companies For M.Tech Graduates

Microsoft DELL Wipro Nationstar Mortgage
HP Google Samsung Zuti Engineering
BEL DMRC Siemens Hyundai
Intel Philips Electronics Motorola Tech Mahindra
Conexant and Flextronics DRDO ISRO HCL Technologies
Infosys TCS Wipro Accenture

​​Part-Time M Tech in India

Over 1.5 million students every year get their engineering degrees. Part-time Mtech in India has taken a boon all over as to get a better position you need to upgrade your skills and upskill your knowledge.

A part-time Mtech allows you to do the course without leaving your current job as the classes of part-time Mtech are held on weekends or evening classes. In India, numerous students are now taking the program and upgrading their skills at the same time.

There are some courses that are been opted for by most of the students in India such as Mtech in Computer Science Engineering, Civil, Automobile engineering, Information technology, Electrical engineering, etc. Also Read: What Is M Tech Online?

Difference Between Part-Time and Full Time M.Tech

M Tech Part-Time Regular M Tech Full-Time
M Tech part-time is a program of 2-years. It is a postgraduate program in which you will study for 4 semesters of 6 months each. M Tech Full-time is a 2-year postgraduate program consisting of 4 semesters.
It is a course that can be done while you’re doing a job. In full time M Tech you will have to be a regular student and attend daily 9:00-5:00classes.
It is a program especially designed for working professionals In M Tech Full-time one will have to do either the course or the job.
The subjects of M Tech part-time are similar to the subjects of M Tech Full-time. Subjects are similar in both modes of M Tech courses.
M Tech Part-time enables you to have work experience and the more chances of getting appraisal in your current job. M Tech full-time puts a halt in your current as it can only be done by regular mode. Yes it also offers many top job opportunities later.
M Tech Part-time gives specialization in various courses such as M Tech part-time construction, embedded engineering, structural, civil, robotics, Computer Science, etc. M Tech Full-time gives specialization in various courses such as M Tech part-time construction, embedded engineering, structural, civil, robotics, Computer Science, etc.

Top Colleges For M.Tech Part-Time

The top colleges of M Tech Part-time are many in India as it’s a course in demand and many of the aspirants who are working professionals or entrepreneurs opting for M Tech for Part-time so to the high demand many of the universities are offering the course. A few of the top universities are as follows:-

Part-Time M Tech from IIT:- Indian Institute of Technology has been the world’s most famous institute for technical programs. Candidates dream of doing engineering from IIT as it’s always been tough to get admission to the university. IIT has its center in various places in India such as in Roorkee, Pune, Delhi, Bombay, etc. the part-time Mtech from IIT university is best of all as the university is best for offering technical courses since 1951. Part-time Mtech is specially designed for the professionals that are unable to attend regular classes can opt for part-tine by taking evening or weekend classes. For admission in IIT in the program, a part-time Mtech candidate must need to fulfill a few norms and conditions. Let’s have a look at the various institutions in the cities and their admission procedure. Also Read: M.Tech Vs MBA – Which is a Better Option After B.Tech?

Part-Time M Tech from IIT, Delhi:- Part-time Mtech from IIT, Delhi has a great infrastructure with extremely good quality of education from years. It has been established in the year 1961 and offering part-time Mtech for working professionals. The admission process of Mtech in IIT Delhi is that you need to have a least 2 years of experience with the GATE score is much needed as it’s the top-notch institute in India in terms of technical education.

Part-Time M Tech in Bangalore:- Part-Time Mtech in Bangalore is one of the most demanded courses. As we know that Bangalore is the Cybercity in India and so MTech in Computer Science is the most sought after course in Banglore. There are various engineering colleges in Banglore that provide Part-Time Mtech and the classes are organized on Saturdays and Sundays. The duration of the Part-Time MTech is of 3 years and the working professionals are mostly benefited as they can get a degree while they continue to work.

Part-Time M Tech in IIT Bombay:- In IIT Bombay, the senate of Engineering college has authorized to allow the short the Master of Engineering or Part-time MTech programs. The duration of the Part-Time MTech or Short Term ME programs is 12-14 months. The program has aimed to provide a postgraduate degree in engineering who are unable to go through the regular mode. Every department of IIT Bombay including Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, and Electronics has designed the syllabus and curriculum of the Part-Time MTech and some of the components of the program are taught through distance and online mode. The course is similar to Regular MTech and has the same level of knowledge and practical aspects. Also Read:  Is Distance M.Tech Education Valid?

Part-Time M Tech in Kerala:- Part-Time M Tech in Kerala are offered by various colleges in Trivandrum and Kochin. Students who are working and employed in jobs have the option to get higher education in the engineering domain. Students are not required to qualify for the GATE exam. The duration of the part-time MTech is 3 years. Students with a Btech degree in Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, and Electronics Engineering can pursue the Part-Time MTech in Kerela.

Part-Time M Tech Program for Working Professionals

M Tech Part-time is the course specially designed for the working professionals as it’s a program in which you can do both the current job and the course together. M Tech Part-time is a course that can be done as a part-time course in which the candidate has the liability to take the classes after its job or can even take the weekend classes.

M Tech part-time enables you to upgrade your career with the deeper study of the subject in a master’s degree so that you can upskill and can even gain a higher position in your job profile. After a long wait, AICTE finally came up with the guidelines for the working professionals and diploma holders that know they can go part-time, weekend, eveningetc technical degree as far as the classes are being held face to face.

Know More – What Is M.Tech For Working Professionals? – Pursue M.Tech While Working


Here in this blog, we tried to give you a gist of knowledge about the course M Tech Part-time and its specification. In this blog, you will get to know the details about various courses, fee structure, eligibility criteria, differences, top job profiles, and recruiting companies, etc. after having a complete study of the blog you will get all the answers to your question. We hope that we managed to clear all your doubts and queries.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The entrance exam syllabus for M Tech part-time varies from university to university and also it depends on the course in which you’ve done Btech.

The aspirants holding the degree of M Tech Part-time are eligible to apply for the post of anywhere and for all kinds of jobs. Even you can apply for the post of teaching by doing the course M Tech Part-time.

M Tech part-time is different and distance education is different. M Tech part-time is a course that will enable you to take face to face classes and M Tech distance education is not valid.

For M Tech part-time one has to be a graduate with a technical degree that is Btech with minimum required percentile.

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