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Power Management: Courses, Colleges, Jobs, Admission 2024

Dec 11, 2023 1.7K Reads

We must have systems that are more reliable in the digital age we live in today, where everything is based on digital devices. In addition to systems, we should have a power backup because our world could end if we are not prepared. Power management is required for all of our devices—whether we're talking about laptops, electric cars, or smartphones—to avoid such things from happening.

What is Power Management?

As the name implies, power management involves controlling the energy used by our electrical gadgets. It is merely a feature that enables us to regulate or manage how much power is consumed by our electrical appliances.

This is accomplished by switching our device between different power modes based on its current state. Additionally, power management guarantees the dependability and safety of our electronic equipment.

For instance, each of us is familiar with the many battery-saving features available on our smartphones, such as the standard and ultra modes. All of these functions are offered to us so that we can continue to use the gadget even when the battery is about to run out. These improvements increase battery life without affecting how well our smartphones work.

Today, everyone wants a product that is both high quality and high quantity, which means they want devices that not only have a good battery backup but also have performance that is unaffected by this.

For instance, as a working professional, I rely entirely on my smartphone for all of my jobs. I would therefore like a smartphone that runs for a long time without interfering with my work.

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Additionally, power management guarantees the dependability, effectiveness, and safety of our technology. It has a significant impact on the security of our devices as well as our safety by preventing electrical fires and shocks.

It's a fascinating area, thus many courses are provided in it for those who want to learn more. Below are a few of the courses that we talked about.

Courses In Power Management

The core of how many industries operate is power management. Power management is essential since every sector depends on electrical machinery to provide all of its energy needs. So, if you want to pursue a profession in power management, you can choose from several different courses.

There are courses available for this domain at the undergraduate, graduate, and certificate levels. If managing power and energy resources is something that interests you, enroll in these courses. Many colleges also offer power management courses online if you're a working professional who wants to take the course while still doing your job.

Online and Distance MBA in Power management

The online MBA and business degree programs that people most often choose is this one. A 2-year course with four semesters is the Online MBA In Power Management. An individual who enrolls in this course will get an in-depth understanding of a variety of power management-related topics, including the generation, distribution, and transmission of energy—along with other abilities, taking this course will teach you how to finance power industry initiatives and manage your power supply.

Particulars Details
Duration 2 years divided into 4 semesters
Eligibility Minimum eligibility of this program is that you should have passed graduation with a minimum of 50-55% marks from any recognized university.
Mode Online
Fee Rs. 40,000- Rs. 60,000 per semester
Approvals UGC, DEB, NAAC, NIRF

 MBA In Power Management Course Curriculum:

The Online MBA in power management course curriculum is divided into 4 semesters each of 6 months. The subjects you will study in all 4 semesters are mentioned here.

Semester I Semester II
Economics and Management Decisions Human Resource Management
Financial Management Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Management Project Management & Contract Administration
Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation
Operations and Material Management Research Methodology
Semester III Semester IV
Power Sector Economics & Planning Business Policy & Strategy
Financing Energy Sector Projects Energy Law & Policy
Power Pricing & Power Purchase Agreements Health, Safety & Environment for Power Industry
Power Trading Dissertation
Power Station Management -

Career Prospects After MBA In Power Management Programs

After completing this mba programs in power management, one has options in a range of fields including power transmission, energy-related companies, pricing in the power sector, project financing in the power sector, and regulations in the power sector, among others.

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Students pursuing this have job options outside the business sector, such as in the public sector. After finishing this, one can focus on some of the following areas:

Power Trading Power Consulting
Power Exchange Regulatory
Business Development Power Utility Operations
Energy Analytics EPC

Online Post Graduate Programme In Power management

Nowadays there is a new thing that is prevailing among working professionals that is learning while earning. So if you are a working professional who is already in the power or energy industry and wants to get a hike at the management position then pursuing this Online PGP in Power Management could prove beneficial to you.

If you don't belong to the power industry or are not a working professional, you can pursue this course as this course is meant for all graduates around the globe.

Particulars Details
Duration 10 Months divided into 2 semesters
Eligibility Graduate with minimum 50-55% marks from a recognized university
Mode Online
Fee Total fee of Rs.70,000- Rs.75,000
Approvals UGC, DEB, NAAC, NIRF

Post Graduate Programme In Power management - Course Curriculum:

The course duration of online PGP (Post Graduate Programs) is of 10 months that is divided into 2 semesters. The subjects that you will be learning during this course are mentioned here:

Semester I Semester II
Power Sector Economics and Planning Business Policy and Strategy
Power Pricing and Power Purchase Agreements Health, Safety and Environment for Power Industry
Power Trading Energy Law and Policy
Financing Energy Sector Projects -
Power Station Management -

 Career Prospects After Online PGP Course

This course is intended primarily for working professionals who may find a variety of options in both private and public sector businesses after completing it. People who take this course may find employment prospects in industries that deal with power and energy management.

After completing this online pgp course, one may pursue a variety of employment options, including

Power Plant Manager Research Analyst of the Power Market
Techno-Managerial Consultant Efficiency Manager
Power Trader Power Analyst
Project Manager  Operations Manager
EPC Manager Commercial Manager

Diploma In Power Management

You can enroll in this six-month short diploma course to prepare for an entry-level profession in power management. If the topic of power management attracts you and you are a recent graduate, a student in your last year, or you recently completed your 10+2, you can enter this field by enrolling in this course.

Particulars Details
Duration 6 months
Eligibility 10+2 or ITI or Diploma holders or Fresh graduates or Individuals in their final year are eligible for this course.
Mode Online/Distance
Fee Total fee of Rs.30,000-Rs.40,000 
Approvals UGC, DEB, NAAC, NIRF

Diploma In Power management Course Curriculum: 

The diploma in power management course duration is 6 months and you can pursue it online or through distance education mode. The subjects that you will learn during this course are mentioned here:

Power Station Management Power Trading
Financing Energy Sector Projects Power Sector Economics and Planning
Power Pricing and Power Purchase Agreements

Career Prospects After Diploma In Power Management Course

After the successful completion of this diploma course in power management, one can crack an entry-level job in power management industries and energy resource management industries.

You can seek numerous entry-level work chances in various power and energy distribution companies if you're a first-year or final-year graduate student. And if you're an experienced graduate then you can make your way to the managerial positions available in varied power and energy sectors.

Commodity Trader EPC Manager
Business Analyst Strategy and Consulting
Technical Consultants Power Planning
Commercial Manager  Project Management

Top Universities offering Power Management Courses

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Centre of Continuing Education(CCE) offers Power Management courses of all kinds like Online MBA, PGP, and Diploma programs. It provides all these courses via online and distance modes. 

UPES Online is an accredited and UGC-recognised university that offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and certification courses in varied streams. UPES's main campus is located in Dehradun.

It offers education in online and distance mode through its Learning Management System(LMS). Here, learning is through e-content, e-books, and live classes and practically applying them to varied assignments and projects. Students are assessed on the basis of various assignments, projects, and term-end examinations.

Approvals: UGC-DEB, NAAC A, NIRF

Education Mode: This university offers courses in a blended mode of online and distance.

LMS:  UPES CCE Learning Management Systems called ‘Blackboard Learn’ comprises features like 

Live Classes E-content and all other e-learning materials are provided through LMS.
Online Library facility is also provided by them. Webinars of Industry experts for providing global exposure to the students.
Discussion Forums for interaction and doubt resolving. Dedicated Programme mentors are available.
For gaining practical hands-on experience real-world projects and case studies are provided to work on. 24x7 help support is available to support and help students during their learning.

Examination Process: Students are evaluated on the basis of assignments and term-end examinations.

Evaluation Criteria  Details
Assignments  Two assignments are given for evaluation each of 15% weightage.
Term End Examination One term-end exam is conducted that accounts for 70% of weightage.
Grading System Grade Point system is used for evaluation.

Placement Assistance: The majority of students doubt in their mind that if they will pursue a course online then whether they will get placement assistance or not. Well, this is not true nowadays placement assistance is provided for all modes of learning whether online or distance, or regular.

UPES CCE provides placement assistance for their students with around a 77% placement ratio. They assist students in getting placed in various known private and government firms.

Some well-known firms that they provide assistance for are mentioned here-

Accenture  Bureau of Energy Efficiency 
Deloitte Flipkart
Tech Mahindra GAIL
Infosys Powergrid

Courses Offered in Power Management Domain: It offers various courses via online/distance mode in the Power Management domain-like-

Courses Offered Duration Fee
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Power Management 2 years 60,500 per semester 
Post graduate program (PGP) in Power Management 10 months 75,000 (Full course fee)
Diploma in Power Management 6 months 40,000 (Full course fee)

Latest Trends prevailing in Power Management 

A change in our device circuits and its technologies is required for the next era of digitalization and technology. We are always competing to improve the precision, design, and power-driven circuits of the current technology. By revamping our devices and addressing the long-term issues we face, experts and businesses are attempting to make our lives easier. Among the issues we encounter are:

Installations of several systems in constrained places Battery backup without any system performance interference
Preserving the safety and load shedding while voltage fluctuates Sustainability of resources

Recent developments that the power and energy management industries are focusing on to address upcoming issues -

1) Power density changes to improve power in confined places - A number of professionals are attempting to find a solution to this issue in order to achieve more power in confined and small spaces. This might be accomplished by changing or adjusting the circuits' power density, which could lead to the management of more powerful systems in a smaller amount of space while also lowering system costs.

2) Reducing the quiescent current will improve battery performance and lengthen battery life. In the digital age, we all desire long-lasting devices that perform well. Professionals are therefore attempting to decrease quiescent current without affecting system or device performance in order to lengthen the battery life of our devices.

3) To cut system costs, modify the electromagnetic induction (EMI)- Maintaining electromagnetic induction (EMI) will help us stay up to date with modern standards and will lessen the need to change or update our systems, which will help us to cut down on the costs associated with this periodic updation.

4) System safety will increase if the high voltage isolation barrier is maintained- Sustaining the high voltage isolation barrier is essential for keeping our system and our safety, as well as maintaining load shedding. Due to signal sharing between high voltage isolation barriers and high power voltage equipment, this is all possible. As a result, efforts and projects are being made to address this problem.

Skill Set Required for Making a Profession In This Field

A certain set of skills is always necessary for any job to perform better in any field. If somebody succeeds in these, their chances of landing a job grow significantly. Here are the skills that people most frequently possess:

1) Learning Attitude: Every industry requires adaptability, thus having a learning mindset is essential for adjusting to new changes. Therefore, in order to pursue a career in power management, a person needs to have the ability to learn and adapt to new developments in the industry.

2) Strong Decision-Making: A person with good decision-making abilities is also required because we frequently need to make decisions quickly while working. Therefore, in order to handle the situation as it arises, we must possess good decision-making skills.

3) Problem-Solving: Problem-solving skills are mandatory for managing any project or work in any field. Several times in any organization we come across various difficulties during which these problem-solving skills are required to handle these kinds of hurdles.

4) Professionalism: Professionalism plays a crucial role in working in any profession since, without it, a person will not display perfection in their work and may perhaps not take it seriously. Furthermore, a person cannot function effectively in any industry or subject if they lack this quality.

5) Teamwork and management: If you work for any company, you must collaborate with others as a team. In light of this, teamwork and team management are essential skills that everyone seeking to work effectively in any firm should acquire.

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Scope After Pursuing A Course In Power Management

Graduates of power management programs might find employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors. In this globalized era, managers are needed more and more as the Indian power sector grows. A graduate in power management may find employment in the following fields:

Power Auditing Power Resource Management
Power Sector Policies Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Power security Clean Energy Development Mechanism
Power Trading Economics of Power Demand and Supply, and Policy Aspects
Power Tariffs Power Project Planning and Financing
Power Efficient Systems Environment Impact Assessment

Top Companies Hiring in this field

As mentioned above various private and public sector companies offer various job roles in this field. The top private and public sector companies that are hiring in this field are

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited Vertiv
Siemens Schneider Electric
IBM Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
Boeing Power Finance Corporation
Ford Motor Company Damodar Valley Corporation

Advantages of Learning A Course Online 

1) Learn from the comfort of your home: In online learning curriculum the best thing that happens to us is that we can learn from anywhere and everywhere from the comfort of your home. The problem of shifting from one place to another is solved by online education. We can learn from anywhere we want whether it is far or nearer to our place through online education.

2) Budget Friendly as compared to Offline learning: Most problems that various individuals face during their education period is financial support. As not everyone can afford expensive fees. But through online education, this has become possible because as compared to offline learning fee system is feasible in the online mode. It is more budget-friendly and we can even pay in installments or in EMI forms. So it is more pocket friendly as compared to offline mode.

3) Best Learning Management System that offers 24x7 Student Support: Most of us have a thought process that if we learn online our problems cannot be solved as compared to offline learning. But that is not true as due to the effective Learning Management System it has become possible and also the 24x7 student helpdesk support connects us with mentors when we are in dire need of them.

4) Offers you a degree that is equivalent to the offline course degree: The most important doubt that comes into every student's mind is whether the online learning degree is valid or not. The answer is yes it is valid and also equivalent to the offline degree that we get. The only thing that you have to verify while choosing an online university is whether it is UGC-DEB approved or not and all the other necessary accreditations the university must have like NAAC and AICTE approval. 

5) Get all the things in one place: In online education, we get all the things in one place from our ease of comfort like exposure to industry experts through webinars, all the learning materials at one place, best mentors from top institutes like IIT, IIM, etc. If online learning has so many benefits, why don't you choose it and shape your career further ahead.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are various online courses offered in the power management field like Online MBA in Power Management, Online PGP in Power Management, and Diploma in Power Management.

Various private and public sector career opportunities are available in this field, like Power analysis, Power Auditing, Power management systems, etc.

The duration for this course is a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 years which is usually divided into 4 semesters.

Yes, it is worth doing the course online as it offers various benefits that are equivalent even far better to offline learning. This online learning degree is also valid and equivalent to the offline degree. 

Yes, if you are a working professional and want to pursue this course for upskilling or promotion or due to interest or any other reason, there are courses available that are suitable for working professionals like the Online PGP in Power Management. You can pursue this short-term course of about 10 to 12 months while working.

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