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Distance MBA Course at Pondicherry University: Fees, Eligibility, Admission, Review 2024

Dec 9, 2023 16.3K Reads

Pondicherry University, one of the top central universities, offers an affordable full-time degree in MBA for students to pursue through distance/correspondence mode. This is a two-year course with specializations in the fields of marketing, finance, international business, hospital management, tourism, operations and supply chain management, and general management. The course is offered in the distance mode, so students who are unable to pursue their MBA in the regular physical mode can still complete the course without a gap in their careers. Full details of the course along with reviews and commonly asked questions have been described below.

Distance MBA Course In India from Pondicherry University 

This course is ideal for students who cannot pursue a full-time MBA course from a college in the regular mode or a professional who wants to gain a recognized qualification in the field of business administration without taking any breaks in their professional pursuits. So, Pondicherry University offers the option of a distance MBA course which can be easily completed through distance mode. 

This distance MBA programme is a two-years course at the postgraduate level in 8 areas of specialization, all of which are highly demanded today in the world of corporate. There is excellent learning support for students even in the distance education mode, with facilities like comprehensive learning materials, PPTs, questions banks, webinars, and so on.  

There are facilities for student support such as a student grievance body, counselling facilities for informed decisions by students, robust scholarship and fee concession facilities for various special cases and a placement cell. 

Overview of Distance MBA at Pondicherry University 2024

The basic details about the distance MBA course in India offered at Pondicherry University have been listed below:

Pondicherry University Distance MBA 2024– Pondicherry University
Course Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Level of Course  Post Graduation
Approvals and Accreditations
  • UGC-DEB 
  • AIU
Duration 2 Years
Mode Distance 
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • International Business Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management 
  • Tourism Management
  • Hospital Management
  • General Management 
No. of Semesters 4
Course Structure 20 Courses including Project Work (In Sem IV)
  • Having a Degree in one of the following systems 
    • 10+2+3
    • 11+2+2
    • 11+1+3
  • The Degree should have been completed from a Recognized University
  • Student can have any Discipline Background
  • Students must have either 2 years of work experience in a hospital or a degree in MBBS/Pharmacy/Nursing/Ayurveda etc. only for specialization in Hospital Management
Fee Structure
  • Total INR 24,925 for all courses except MBA (Hospital Management) for Indian Nationals
  • Total INR 25,175 for all courses except MBA (Hospital Management) for Foreign Nationals
  • Total INR 55,500 for MBA (Hospital Management) for Indian Nationals
  • Total INR 55,750 for MBA (Hospital Management) for Foreign Nationals 
Scholarships and Concessions 
  • Fee Concession is available for the following cases
    • Differently-Abled Students (100%)
    • Non-Teaching Employees of PU (50%)
    • Prisoners (50%)
    • Widows (50%)
    • Deserted Women (50%)
    • Transgender (50%)
    • Defence Personnel (Paramilitary and Armed Forces) (50%)
Learning Support Learning Materials, PPT Presentations, Question Banks, Webinars, Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs) etc. 
Placement Assistance   Available

Key Features of the Distance MBA at Pondicherry University 

Some of the main features of the MBA course from Pondicherry University are:

  • This course is of two years duration, covered through 4 semesters.
  • This is a full-time degree course.
  • This is a postgraduate level course and can only be pursued by a candidate who has completed their graduation or equivalent level course from a recognized university in India. 
  • The MBA is offered in the distance education mode. 
  • The medium of instruction for the course will be English. 
  • There is a project that students must complete in the last semester in addition to a total of 20 courses over the period of 4 semesters. 
  • There are 8 specializations offered in the course by PU. 

Does Pondicherry University offer an Online MBA Program?

  • No, till now, Pondicherry University has not offered any MBA degree in the online mode. Many websites or mediating bodies may claim to get you a confirmed seat in the online MBA course from PU, but these are most likely to be fraudulent websites and impersonators. There is no online MBA graduates course offered by Pondicherry University. 
  • Only the distance MBA course at Pondicherry University is an accredited and valid degree (by UGC-DEB, AICTE and AIU) and other bodies/institutes claiming to offer a degree from PU in online MBA are likely to be fake. 

Is an Online MBA better than a Distance MBA?

  • According to the guidelines issued by the UGC, there is no difference in the value a distance and an online MBA degree.
  • If you pursue a degree in the distance education mode, the course completion is to be done by the student through self-study, and there are a limited number of classes which are held remotely at the college campus. The learning materials and course content is provided to the student in physical mode. The students are to appear for the examinations in person at the exam centres designated by the university. 
  • In the Online Education Mode, classes are held regularly through the virtual mode. The course materials, evaluations and practice and discussions are also held online. The examinations in the online mode of education are held digitally in the proctored mode. 
  • There is no differential preference given to an online or distance MBA over the other. Both the degrees are equally valid and credible (provided completed from a recognized and accredited university) both in terms of academic and professional value. Here is the detailed comparision!

Why Choose Distance MBA In India from Pondicherry University

Pursuing offline full-time courses may not be a viable option for many students or professionals wishing to continue their higher education due to a variety of reasons. As an initiative to extend the support of quality education in valued professional courses such as the MBA to all students, many universities and educational institutes offer a variety of online and distance education courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

However, it might be a tough choice to arrive at one appropriate university for pursuing higher education for students. Here are some factors that make Pondicherry University distinguished as compared to other universities for distance education:

  • Top Central University

An MBA distance course is now offered by numerous private universities across India, but Pondicherry University is one of the few top central government universities that offers this course in the distance mode to students and working professionals. It is a top-ranked and well-accredited central university and it can be a reliable and credible institute for pursuing your MBA in the distance mode. 

  • Accredited Course

The MBA course in the distance mode, offered by PU, is accredited and has approvals of the UGC-DEB, AICTE and AIU, all of which are top statutory bodies of the nation, making the degree accepted and credible in India and abroad. This ensures that one can complete their MBA and get a completely accredited and valid degree from PU.

  • Years of Experience in Distance Education  

The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) was started as an initiative by the Pondicherry University Distance Education in 1995 to extend the support of quality education to students across the nation in the correspondence mode, ensuring that interested candidates are not forced to stop their pursuit of higher studies due to other constraints. So, the faculty and university here have multiple years of experience in effectively delivering distance education to students while ensuring that the quality of education is not compromised. To ensure this, effective academic support is provided to enrolled students

  •  Affordability of the Course and Scholarships

Being a government university, Pondicherry University has a very affordable fee structure for the MBA distance course, at rates lower than other private universities offering the course online or distance mode. In addition to this, the university offers substantial fee concessions and scholarships, from 50% to 100% depending upon the case. This makes education and pursuing this course possible for students from all backgrounds. So, if you are searching for an affordable course in MBA, Pondicherry University’s degree course may be the right choice for you.

  • Effective Student Support Facilities

In addition to providing a well-designed curriculum for the course, the university also has active and effective student support facilities such as grievance redressal bodies, active counselling facilities for students (before and after enrollment to courses), facilities for classes with the faculty at the campus (pre-scheduled twice a year), placement support, scholarships and fee concessions etc. These provisions ensure that the educational experience at PU is engaging, smooth and hassle-free for students.   

  • Placement Support to Students

In order to ensure that the students pursuing distance education courses get the opportunity to get placed at reputed and well-established firms and organizations, the university has a separate placement cell dedicated to the DDE section, which holds career counseling sessions, career guidance and training sessions (in-person and virtually) as well as placement drives and job fairs for the students regularly. This enables students to land jobs after the immediate completion of their course. 

So, the distance MBA course at Pondicherry University can be an advantageous addition to one’s professional qualifications and can add an edge over other students and professionals in the economic world. Also Read | What is meant by distance MBA?

Specializations In Distance MBA Course at Pondicherry University 

The pondicherry university offers 8 useful specializations in their MBA distance course, all of which are either highly demanded or growing in demand in the professional domain.

Specializations In Distance MBA Course at Pondicherry University

These specializations have been selected taking in mind the needs of the industry and business domains as well as the effectiveness of delivery of the curriculum for them through the distance mode. These are listed below:

Distance MBA Specialization 2024– Pondicherry University

MBA-Marketing Management MBA-Hospital Management
MBA-Finance Management MBA- Tourism Management
MBA- International Business Management MBA-Operations and Supply Chain Management
MBA-Human Resource Management MBA-General Management 

All 8 specialization distance MBA courses are covered in 4 semesters through 2 years duration.

Pondicherry University Distance MBA Syllabus/Subjects

The syllabus for the distance MBA degree at pondicherry university is completed as a full-time 2 years course, which is divided into 4 semesters. The course is delivered in the distance education mode.

There are 8 specializations offered in MBA. The curriculum for semesters I and II are the same across all specializations, and the specialization-specific courses are offered to students in the third and fourth semesters. 

The detailed curriculum/syllabus for the course has been described below:  

1. Semester I

The semester I course has been designed to introduce all the students to the foundational basics of the field of business administration. 

Management Concepts & Organisational Behaviour Managerial Economics
Accounting for Managers Business Environment and Law
Research Methodology  

 2. Semester II

  The syllabus for semester II includes the general and most common areas of focus in business administration, which students must have a basic understanding about, irrespective of their specialization. 

Financial Management Marketing Management
Human Resources Management Operations Research and Management
Strategic Management  

3. Semester III

The different courses begin from the third semester and these are specific to each specialization. The details for the same have been provided below:

a. Marketing Management

Consumer Behaviour  Marketing Research
Industrial Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
Retail Marketing  

b. Finance Management

Strategic Financial Management Banking and Indian Financial System
Merchant Banking and Financial Services Project Management
Management Accounting  

c. International Business Management 

International Business Environment Management of Multinational Corporation
International Business Law Global Marketing Management
EXIM Financing and Documentation  

d. Human Resource Management 

Human Resource Development Performance Management
Knowledge Management Industrial Relations Management
Employee Legislation  

e. Hospital Management

Healthcare Environment & Management Hospital Architecture, Planning and Maintenance
Health care Laws, Ethics and Medical Terminology  Hospital Operations Management 
Patient care Management  

f. Tourism Management

Tourism Principles, Policies & Practices Global Tourism Geography
Tourism Products of India Destination Planning and Development

g. Operations and Supply Chain Management

Production and Operations Management Logistics Management 
Supply Chain Management Materials and Stores Management
Information System in Supply Chain Management  

h. General Management

Consumer Behaviour Performance Management 
Merchant Banking and Financial Services Management Control Systems
Entrepreneurship Management  

4. Semester IV

The specialization-specific courses for the fourth semester have been listed below:

a. Marketing Management

Rural Marketing  Services Marketing
Advertising & Sales Promotion Customer Relationship Management
Global Marketing Project Work

b. Finance Management

Investment and Portfolio Management Global Financial Management 
International Trade and Finance Security Market Operations
Financial Derivatives  

c. International Business Management

Global Financial Markets & Instruments Foreign Trade Policy
Cross Cultural Business Management International Logistics Management
Forex Management & Currency Derivatives  Project Work 

d. Human Resource Management

Organizational Development and Change Human Resource Accounting
Compensation Management  Human Resource Information System
Global HR Practices Project Work 

e. Hospital Management

Purchase Management & Inventory Control for Hospitals Hospital Facilities Management
Hospital Information System Total Quality Management 
Public Health System & Outreach Programmes Project Work

f. Tourism Management

Air Fares & Airline Management Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management
Event Management Customer Relationship & Service Management
E-Tourism Management Project Work

g. Operations and Supply Chain Management

Project Management in Supply Chain Operations Innovations and R&D Management 
Procurement and Quality Management Customer Relationship Management
Global Supply Chain Management Project Work

h. General Management

Investment and Portfolio Management Services Marketing
Information Technology and E-Business International Business
Training and Development Project Work

One can get access to detailed information about the course and curriculum on the website: https://dde.pondiuni.edu.in/ 

Eligibility Criteria for the Distance MBA Course from Pondicherry University

There are no entrance exams held for admission to the MBA distance course at PU (Pondicherry University). The minimum eligibility that a candidate must fulfill for applying to the distance MBA course (except Hospital Management) at PU are:

  1. The candidate should have completed graduation level education or equivalent education in any of the following three systems/ patterns of education:
    1. 10+2+3 
    2. 11+1+3
    3. 11+2+2 
  2. Candidates qualified in any stream background are eligible to apply for the course.
  3. The graduation or equivalent education should have been obtained from a UGC-Recognized University in India. 
  4. Students awaiting their results of graduation courses may also apply to the course and provide documentation for their mark sheets within one month of application.

(For Hospital Management Specialization)

For the hospital management specialization, the candidate should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The candidate should have completed graduation or equivalent degree from a UGC-recognized university (in 10+2+3 or 11+2+2 or 11+1+3 format) ALONG WITH minimum 2 years of work experience in a hospital OR
  2. The candidate should have a degree in the fields of medicine or healthcare such as MBBS, Pharmacy, Nursing,  Biosciences, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda etc

Pondicherry University Distance MBA Fee Structure 2024

Being a central university, the course fee for the MBA distance degree is substantially less at Pondicherry University, making it accessible and affordable for students with diverse needs. 

The university charges an amount of 

  • INR 200 for registration and processing charges 
  • INR 200 (450 for foreign nationals) for Recognition of Degree

The total fee for the distance MBA course for all specializations is INR 24,925 and INR 55,500 for Hospital Management. 

The details for the fee structure are listed below:

Course Fee Details
MBA (All Course except Hospital Management) 
  • INR 24,925 for Indian Students
  • INR 25,175 for Foreign Nationals
MBA (Hospital Management)
  • INR 55,500 for Indian Students
  • INR 55,750 for Foreign Nationals

The university allows semester-wise payment of the course fee to students, the details for which are listed below:

Semester MBA (All Specializations except Hospital Management)  MBA (Hospital Management)
I INR 9925 INR 18,000
II INR 5000 INR 12,500
III INR 5000 INR 12,500
IV INR 5000 INR 12,500

Scholarship & Fee Concession Facilities for Distance MBA PU  

The university provides fee concessions to students in a number of cases. 

  • There is a facility for 100% fee concession for differently-abled students.
  • There is a 50% fee concession for students from the following backgrounds:
    • Transgender Students
    • Widows
    • Deserted Women
    • Students from Defence Background (Military or Paramilitary Personnels)
    • Prisoners
    • Non-Teaching Professionals of Pondicherry University and their Wards (For Groups B, C and D)
  • Students from SC/ST Categories can also seek government-aids or government-approved scholarships to get financial support for their education.

Admission Procedure for Pondicherry University Distance MBA Course

The admission procedure at PU DDE gets conducted either in the online mode or at On-The-Spot admission centres, based on the convenience of the student. 

Admission Procedure for Pondicherry University Distance MBA Course

Online Admission

For admission to the MBA distance course through the online mode, students need to follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Initial Registration: The very first step for the applicant is to fill the online admission form on the official website of PU, and become a registered candidate with the university after paying the registration and processing fee INR 200 through online payment. 
  • Filling Application Form: the student is required to fill the main application form carefully, avoiding any errors in the details. 
  • Attaching Document Copies: The next step to follow is to upload one’s passport-sized photo and signature, along with copies of the required documents as mandated by the university admission guidelines. 
  • Online Certificate Verification:  apart from the application, a student is also required to verify their submitted documents with the originals through online mode. The university will schedule an online session with the candidate for the same. 
  • Payment of Admission Fee: once an applicant verifies their documents with the university, they can confirm their admissions through payment of the admission fee for the course. 

Admission at Spot-Admission Centres    

The admission can be conducted on the spot at the various spot admission centres of the university across numerous cities in the nation. 

The documents that the candidate must present at the time of admission are:

Certificate for Senior School Examination (Grade 10) Certificate for Higher Secondary Education (Grade 12)
Copy of Aadhar Card as ID Proof Degree of Graduation
Marksheet for Graduation Document for Application for Fee Concession from the Competent Authority  

Learning and Student Support for Distance MBA Course at Pondicherry University

The course for MBA is completed in the distance mode at Pondicherry University, and the learning materials are provided to the students by the university. 

Learning and Student Support for Distance MBA Course at Pondicherry University

Some of the major academic support and student support features at PU DDE are:

    • Offline and Online Admission Support: The university offers both online and offline admission support to students, in which the students can choose whether to complete their admission procedure through the online modes or by visiting a spot admission centre of the university, present across numerous cities in India. 
    • Provision of Learning Materials: the university provides the students with the learning materials (including study materials, question banks etc) for the course in the physical form before the course starts. 
  • Library Facility: the university has a separate library just for DDE students. 
  • Personal Contact Problem (PCP): The students are also given the facility of attending a fixed number of offline classes at the campus to ensure that they have direct communication with the faculty. This ensures that students get both the convenience of distance learning as well as the important classroom exposure needed for clarifications, peer conversations and discussions, as well as formation of points of contact and network of students.   
  • Pre- and Post-Admission Counselling Services: there are provisions for providing counselling sessions to the students before enrollment to programmes as well as orientation sessions for students after enrollment to ensure that they are well-informed about the various choices of subjects, evaluation and other policies of the university as well as to induct them to their courses before the formal beginning of classes. 
  • Student Support Committees and Bodies: the university also has a student support facility in the form of a grievance redressal body that is dedicated exclusively to address the concerns and grievances of the students pursuing distance education courses from the university.  
  • Placement Support to Students: the university also provides placement support to students and was one of the first universities to conduct job fairs for distance education students. There are professional training sessions, career counseling, career guidance workshops and the job fairs for students to be well-prepared for professional endeavours as well as find their dream job. PU was one of the first universities and continues to be one of the few that offers students with placement support in addition to the academic support for a distance course.        

So, one can conclude that the university has an efficient support framework for the students as well as academic facilities for course completion, which ensure that there is smooth conduction of course classes, easy and engaged learning for students as well as a hassle-free association with the university. 

Evaluation and Examination Procedure for Distance MBA at PU

The mode of evaluation for the distance MBA course is in the form of Term-End Examinations. These exams are held by the university at designated examination centres in the physical mode. 

Students need to carry their examination application form, their admit cards, exam timetable etc by downloading them from the website of the university. 

In order to be eligible to qualify the course, the student should have a minimum of 50% marks in each course. 

You can get detailed information about the examinations and evaluation procedures on the official website of the university. 

Placement Support and Professional Support to Distance MBA Students

Unlike many other online or distance universities, one of the key distinguishing features of Pondicherry University is that it provides quality professional assistance to its students to ensure that they get an immediate opportunity  to explore their professional scope after completion of their distance MBA course.

The focus isn’t only on providing opportunities to students after the course is completed, but also to train and inform them so that they are better equipped for professional roles as well as well-trained for such ventures. 

For this, the university has an active and functional placement cell that is dedicated to extending professional support and training to students wishing to excel in business administration and management domains. 

The main support features of the placement cell are:

  • Soft Skills Training: The university provides training sessions to students about various soft skills related to placement and professional roles such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, self-presentation etc.
  • Training Workshops: there are a number of training workshops and guidance sessions held by the cell to enable students to get a better grip of the placement drives as well as be better groomed for interviews. 
  • Career Guidance and Counseling: the university also offers career counseling and guidance to students to help them discover their areas of aptitude and interests as well as make informed career decisions for the future. 
  • Job Fairs: the placement cell regularly conducts job fairs, twice a year, where students can interact with the representatives of the firms and get placed in reputed firms and organizations.  These job fairs are conducted in the university campus and there are possibilities of these job fairs being held in various cities of India in the future.

So, the cell strives to provide a holistic and 360-degrees placement support to students, beginning from career counseling to final placements after course completion. 

Career Prospects and Salaries in India After Distance MBA

Career Prospects and Salaries in After Distance MBA

Some of the career domains and jobs that students can explore after completion of their course are listed below: 

Career After MBA Job Oppourtinities 2023
MBA Specialization  Job Average Salary in India (INR) 
Marketing Management  Marketing Research Analyst 4,60,000 PA
Digital Marketing Manager 7,00,000 PA
Media Planner 5,00,000 PA
Finance Management  Investment Banker 12,00,000 PA
Equity Researcher  6,00,000 PA
Finance Analyst 4,50,000 PA
International Business  Export-Import Manager 6,00,000 PA
Foreign Exchange Manager 7,00,000 PA
Human Resource Management  HR Analyst 5,00,000 PA
  Recruiter 5,00,000 PA
General Management  Management Analyst 10,00,000 PA
Customer Relations and Consultancy 4,00,000 PA
Tourism Management Hotel Manager 4,00,000 PA
Tour Manager 3,90,000 PA
Hospital Management  Hospital Administrator 5,00,000 PA
Medical Director 33,00,000 PA
Operations and Supply Chain Management  Operations Manager 10,00,000 PA
Project Manager 14,30,000 PA

 About Pondicherry University

Pondicherry University is one of the up-and-coming top central universities of India, and it has major accreditation and approvals, such as from bodies like the University Grants Commission-Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

PU started the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) in 1995-96 as an initiative to provide higher education to students through the distance mode to ensure that all students and aspirants interested in enhancing their educational qualifications and careers, can get access to quality educational services. The university provides distance courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students, along with placement assistance. 

Distance MBA at Pondicherry University Review 2024

Course Review: the course is well-structured and delivered across 4 semesters (through a duration of 2 years). There are 8 specializations offered to students and the course is delivered in distance mode. The course fee is affordable for students from different backgrounds and there are additional facilities for scholarships and fee concessions for students in special cases. 

Student Support Facilities: There are a number of student support facilities available for students pursuing the MBA course from Pondicherry University such as prompt grievance redressal, career counseling, general counseling related to course and admission, scholarships, in-campus interaction with faculty, placement assistance, etc. 

   Pondicherry University Distance MBA Prospectus

The detailed prospectus of the university has all major details of the course, the eligibility, fee, syllabi, examination and evaluation criteria and other related details pertaining to the course and university. 

To access the university prospectus, please visit: https://dde.pondiuni.edu.in/prospectus/ 

Similar Online & Distance MBA Universities In India

Some other universities that offer an MBA in the distance and online mode are:

Top 5 Online distance MBA Colleges 2024 In India

University Course Location 
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning Institute (SCDLI) PGDM (Distance) Pune
Hindustan University-Centre for Open and Digital Education (CODE)  Distance MBA


IGNOU Distance and Online  New Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.
D. Y. Patil-Centre for Online Learning  Online MBA Pune
NMIMS Distance University Distance MBA (Blended) Mumbai
List of All MBA Degree Colleges In India 2024 for Working Professionals
All 38 Distance MBA Colleges In India All 36 Online MBA Colleges In India

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Pondicherry University offers a full-time postgraduate level MBA course to students in the distance mode.

No, Pondicherry University does not offer an online degree in MBA, but it offers a full-time two years course in MBA in the distance mode.

Yes, the distance MBA degree from Pondicherry University has recognitions and approvals from UGC-DEB, AICTE, and AIU and is valid and accredited.

No, there are no entrance examinations for the distance MBA course from Pondicherry University. The student is only required to meet the general eligibility criteria of the university for the course.

The total fee for the entire course is INR 24,925 for Indian students and INR 25,175 for foreign nationals.  The fee for MBA in Hospital Administration is INR 55,500 for Indian nationals and INR 55,750 for foreign nationals.

Pondicherry University offers 8 specializations in the MBA distance Course- Marketing Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management (HRM), International Business Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Tourism Management, General Management, and Hospital Management.

Yes, Pondicherry University has a placement cell for Distance Education students and offers career counselling, career guidance workshops, and seminars as well as twice-a-year job fairs for the students.

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