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Convert Gallons to Liters (gal to L) - Online Calculator

Convert Gallons to Liters (gal to L) - Online Calculator

Convert Gallon Into Liter
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What is a Gallon (gal) ?

Gallon is a unit of measurement used for measurement of the volume of liquids. The gallon system of liquid measurement was originally used in England as a unit of measuring liquor like wine and beer. Gradually, it was taken up as one of the regular units of measurement of liquids across various countries.

A gallon is abbreviated as gal

A gallon also has some other related units:

UnitRelation with Gallon
Quart (qt)1 gal= 4 qt
Pint (pt)1 gal= 4 qt = 8 pt (i.e. 1 qt= 2 pt)
Cup (c.)1 gal= 4 qt = 8 pt = 16 c. (i.e. 1 pt = 2 c.)
Gills (gi)1 gal= 4 qt = 8 pt = 16 c = 32 gi (i.e. 1 c.= 2 gi)
Is the US Gallon and UK Gallon the same?

The use of gallon as a unit of volume measurement started in England for measuring wine and beers. However, becoming a popular unit of measurement over time, variants were created. There are mainly two variants of the gallon: the US Gallon (gal) and the Imperial Gallon (imp gal)

1 US gal= 3.785 Liters
1 imp gal= 4.546 Liters

The former is used in the USA, some Latin American nations and Caribbean nations while the latter is used in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand etc.

Which one is used: Gallon (US) or Gallon (UK)?

While the Imperial gallon is still used in some of the states of Britain, the US gallon is more commonly used as a standard unit of volume measurement.

What is Liter?

The liter is a unit of volume measurement in the metric system of measurement which originated in France. The word ’litre‘ as is used in international circles was derived from the French word litron and was defined as one cubic decimetre , i.e 1 litre = 1 dm3.

Liter (l) is the SI unit of measurement of volume that is used as a standard unit of measurement in most countries across the world. A liter is related to various other units of measurement of volume as follows:

  • 1 Liter = 0.001 m3 or 1 m3 = 1000 Liters
  • 1 Liter = 1 dm3 (decimetre)
  • 1 Liter = 0.0353 ft3
  • 1 Liter = 61.023 cubic inches
Gallon (gal) to Liter (l) Conversion

The gallon to liter conversion depends on which variant of the gallon you are using, as both have different relationships with liters as a standard unit of measurement. For example:

1 US gal= 3.785 Liters

1 imp gal= 4.546 Liters

Since the US gallon is commonly used in India, from here on, we shall use gal for the US gal and all conversions will be based on the US gallon conversion units.

To convert a gallon to a liter, multiply the figure in gallons with 3.785. So ’x‘ gallon to liters calculation will be as:

x x 3.875

So for example if you have to convert 3.98 gal to liters, it will be calculated as follows:

3.98 x 3.875

= 15.065 liters

How to Convert Liter to Gallon

To convert a given figure in liters to US gallon, multiply the figure by 0.0264 because
1 liter= 0.0264 US gal

So if you have to calculate how many US gallons will be ’x‘ liters, the calculation will be as follows:
x liters = ’x‘ x 0.0264 gals

For instance, if you want to know how many gallons is 2.5 liters, then it will be calculated as follows:
2.5 liters = 2.5 x 0.0264 gals
= 0.066 gals
Gallon to Liter (gal to L) Table

For your easy and quick reference, we have listed down some of the common conversions of gallon to liters.

Gallon (gal)Liter (L)
Liters to Gallon Conversion Table

For your reference here we have provided a quick reference table for conversion of liters to gallons.

Gallon (gal)Liter (L)
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What FAQs on Gallons to Liters

0.264 gallons comprise 1 liter, or 1 liter = 0.264 gal

1 (US) gallon comprises 3.785 liters, i.e. 1 gal = 3.785 liters

Half gallon has approximately 1.89 liters or 0.5 gallon = 1.89 liters

A gallon converter changes a given figure in gallons to liters. This is done by simply multiplying the given figure in gallons with 3.785, as 1 gal = 3.785 l. These figures are based on the measurements of 1 US gallon and not the imperial gallon.

One-fourth of a gallon, i.e. 0.25 gallons will have 0.94 liters, i.e 0.25 gal = 0.94 liters

Three-fourth of a gallon, i.e. 0.75 of a gallon will have 2.83 liters, i.e 0.75 gallon = 2.83 liters.

1 gallon consists of 3785.41 milliliters, i.e. 1 gal = 3785.41 milliliters.

In the imperial gallon unit of measurement, one imperial gallon is approximately equal to 4.55 liters. However, 1 US gallon is not the same as 4 liters.

To convert ‘x’ gallons to liters, use the formula:
‘x’ gals = (‘x’ x 3.785) liters

Yes, a gallon is a bigger unit of measurement than liters, because 1 US gal = 3.785 liters and 1 imp gal

= 4.546 liters.

UK gallon is not very commonly used anymore except for a few provinces in the UK but the US gallon is used on a more widespread basis.

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