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How to Prepare for the CUET 2024 Exam?: A Complete Guide

Apr 3, 2024 1.6K Reads

Every student wishes to pursue higher studies at their dream university and CUET is the key to their dream university. Every student is aware of the process and right path to their dream university but the main problem lies with the preparation part, students are puzzled when they are asked about their preparation strategy for the exam. To qualify for the exam in their first attempt this blog contains all the required preparation strategies and important tips and tricks for CUET Exam preparation. Every candidate must understand first that hard work with consistency and a correct plan always leads to success. 

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CUET Exam Alternative

CUET Examination 2024

CUET stands for Common Universities Entrance Test held at the national level and is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency) to allow students to get enrolled at top-ranked institutes and universities for their UG, PG, diploma, and Certification program, the main objective behind the CUET exam is to introduce the concept of ”One India, One Exam”. There are 32 deemed, 37 state, 45 central, 133 private, and 3 other universities that accept CUET including Bananas Hindu University, Central University of Haryana, Central University of Gujarat, Central University of Himachal Pradesh, and so on. The exam is conducted through a computer-based mode and conducted once a year, The upcoming exam is conducted in a window of 15 days i.e. 15 May- 31 May 2024. 

CUET 2024 Pattern and Details



Exam name 


CUET Full Form

Common Universities Entrance Test

Exam Conducted by

NTA (National Testing Agency)

Exam Level

UG and PG

Exam Mode

Online (Computer-based mode) 

Registration starts

Mid-January 2024

Registration last date

Last week of March 2024

Exam dates

May 15 to May 31, 2024

Official Website


Accepting Colleges

250+ Well reputed universities 

Marking Scheme

Right answer: +5 marks

Wrong answer: -1 mark 

Unattempted question: 0 mark

Exam Language

The exam is conducted in 13+ languages 

Strategies and Preparation Tips for CUET 2024

Students who have decided to attempt the May 2024 CUET exam still have plenty of time to prepare well for the exam and with the preparation tips mentioned in the blog students can score good marks in the exam without facing constraints. The first students must ensure that they start early, the student must start at least 3-4 months before the exam in order to get familiar with the syllabus, understand the various sections of the exam, prepare well, and work on the weak topics. There are different tips including time management, practicing mock question papers, going through the previous year's question paper, preparing over panic, and so on. 

Strategies can be prepared by any student but to make them effective and successful at the same time students have to prepare their strategies by keeping sufficient time to execute and accomplish them, as these strategies and preparation tips directly affect the score of the students and these tricks are among the hidden or underrated techniques that every topper use before appearing for an exam. Let us glimpse some preparation tips and tricks for CUET 2024 to enhance your preparation. 

  • Get familiar with the complete syllabus

The first step in the preparation process for CUET or any other exam includes in-depth knowledge and every minute detail of the syllabus that will help the individual analyze and distinguish the topics and subjects that require more time and practice. The syllabus of CUET is not that easy, for a student to understand in one go, it requires time and gradually becomes familiar. The syllabus includes different language subjects like English, French, Hindi, and Tamil which are optional, and other than that numerical aptitude, Accounting, Anthropology, General Tests, Analytical skills, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge. 

  • Self-analyze the Exam pattern

After distinguishing the syllabus students must divide the subjects and topics according to the examination pattern which will help the student to prepare for the topics with more weight rather than investing excessive time on other topics. Analyzing the examination pattern gives an overview of the structure of the exam. It guides a student to attempt the required question in each section, as Section IA and Section IB are language sections, and students have to attempt 45 questions out of 50 questions. Section II is the Domain section under which students have to attempt only 40 questions out of 50 and simultaneously under the last, Section III 50 questions have to be attempted out of 60. 

  • Create a plan and stick to it

When you have gone through the syllabus and pattern of CUET, the further step in preparation for the exam includes a plan with strategies that are created by self-analyzing the topics and understanding the student's grasp on the different subjects. The subject with strong areas must be revised and mastered to get good marks in those areas. 

  • Execute the plan with a timetable

Students preparing for the CUET 2024 must understand that even great plans fail if they are not executed well. Candidates must prepare a timetable according to their weak subjects and topics to strengthen them before the exam and have enough time to revise them. The students must strictly follow their timetable and they have to make sure that they don’t have to study for 10-12 hours instead study for 5-6 hours but with their whole concentration and there is no need to make such a timetable which is not achievable, the timetable us to be made according to the ability of their own. 

  • Prepare instead panic

Most of the students become anxious and start panicking after reading the syllabus and they waste a lot of time just procrastinating about their preparation and the time they have to invest in preparation they are wasting it by panicking and worrying about the exam. The students must stick to their plan or strategy wholeheartedly, which will surely work for them. 

  • Solving mock and sample papers

For students who are worrying about how to figure out their actual strengths and weaknesses in different topics and subjects, the best way to find them out is by solving the sample papers and mock tests that are available online or students can buy their books from the market. These sample papers will provide a brief example of the actual understanding of the topics in a student and with the help of it, the student can add these topics to their timetable and focus on these subjects as well as the others. 

  • Go through the Previous year's question paper

Going through the previous year’s question paper will give the actual reflection on the preparation done by a student. The students have to closely monitor their mistakes look where they are lacking and prepare well on those topics. After solving the previous year’s question paper student can figure out whether their strategy is doing well or not and they can make the required changes in their plan to make it more effective before appearing for the CUET exam. 

  • Time management

Time management is the most crucial while preparing for any exam. Planning, executing, sample papers everything can be done but revising these things on time is crucial as working hard is not a big deal but consistently working hard is a big deal. The students must ensure to revise regularly to keep the engine running of their preparation. 

  • Go through preparation guides or books

Students can buy preparation guides and books available in the market for the preparation of CUET. There are various books available for different topics and subjects and students are advised to buy 2-3 guides for preparation of their opted subject. 

Tips for the Language Section of CUET

The language section of the exam consists of two sub-sections section 1A and Section 1B Students have to opt for any one among them and Section 1A has thirteen languages and students have to opt for any of them simultaneously, Section 1B has nineteen languages and student is allowed to opt any from them. Each section has 50 questions and students are required to attempt any 40 out of them section 1 is further divided into several parts mentioned below with tips to enhance their skills and abilities to score well under this section:

  • Synonyms and antonyms - Under this section the ability to understand and interpret the written passages and phrases is tested on a student and to prepare well for this section students are required to read the question thoroughly and understand what the question is trying to convey through the main words and opt the most appropriate answer quickly. The students have to master their vocabulary to minimize the time and students can use the break-the-sentence technique for figuring out the answer quickly. 
  • Vocabulary - This section is for the vocab part of the student and students must read consistently, at least learn one word per day, listen to podcasts, and understand what they are saying if find any new word learn it immediately with its meaning.
  • Reading comprehension - Students must go through the passage thoroughly mark the important phrases as per their understanding and preview the important texts while figuring out the main context of the given question and practicing through different gudies and mock tests students can easily secure their marks under this section.
  • Verbal ability - Students have to detect the errors in the sentences and correct the English grammar of the sentences under this section. For this section, first students are required to understand and have a keen understanding of the fundamentals of English Grammar, and the easiest way to enhance this skill is to read books, novels, newspapers, and online blogs consistently. 
  • Choose the correction option - Students have to opt for the correct word under this section and the tips for this section include, students are required to read the question given passage carefully and while being patient but the time is clicking make sure you don’t exceed the time limit. Make sure you understand the word and mark the appropriate and correct answer but don’t leave the answer blank. 
  • Rearranging the sentences - This section depends upon the basic language understanding of an individual and enhances the skills to efficiently attempt this part students must practice the mock test. Read the sentences carefully and try to connect them, once you understand the meaning of the sentence half of the task is done just you have to place the sentences in the correct order.

Tips for Domain-specific section of CUET

The second section of the CUET examination is Domain-specific which is considered to be the hardest part of the exam. Students under this section are required to attempt 35/40 or 45/50 questions. There are 27  specific domain subjects under this section the questions are offered in the MCQ pattern and the syllabus is based on the 12th standard curriculum. There are 27 total CUET domain-specific subjects and students can opt for up to 6 specific domains. A few tips for this section are: 

  • Students must be very cautious while selecting their domains and before opting for them students are advised to visit the official website or university they are taking admission to and the program they are going for.
  • Students can opt for any domain as per their desire but they must go through the university’s requirements for a smooth and one-go application procedure for their CUET and admission.
  • Start from the easier subject, initially focusing on the subject with less syllabus and easy curriculum and after mastering them jump on the difficult and lengthy parts of other subjects.
  • Students are advised to take assistance from guides, books, and standard NCERT books to revise from the core and build a better command of the subjects from the roots. 

Tips for General Test section of CUET

The General Test section in the CUET exam is designed in such a way to examine and analyze the general knowledge, general awareness, English Language, Mathematical skills, and Logical/Analytical reasoning skills of an individual a few tips for clearing this section with ease are mentioned below:

  • This part is a little bit tricky and the question under this section appear to be confusing and time but if the student is revising consistently and have covered the whole syllabus and trick of solving question then the section is the most beneficial part of CUET to secure a maximum of marks from this section.
  • A student must have a strong grasp of the foundation programs and subject to score well in the exam, most of the questions are from the base level of the subject but as discussed above in a tricky way.
  • Develop a habit of reading newspapers daily to keep up with the general knowledge and awareness about what is happening around the world meanwhile reading newspapers along with novels and books is good for other sections of the exam as well.
  • Do not get stuck on a question for too long as the more time you spend on a question will waste your time and attempting fewer questions is comparatively more harmful than wasting time on a single question. The questions are tricky, so if you are stuck on a question then it is better to skip that question. 

list of specific domains


Blunders to avoid prior appearing for CUET 2024

There are various types of students, some get anxious before the exam day whereas some students remain calm and chill. However, the category of chill students is comparatively low and it is because of their self-esteem and confidence, these students follow a few tricks and they know they have prepared well during their preparation period, some of these tips and tricks are discussed above in the blog and for the first category students here we are sharing some mistake to avoid before your CUET 2024 exam:

  • Keep calm and trust the process, do not get anxious or worried about what you have not prepared or the topics you didn’t prepare well instead make sure that the topics you have covered are revised well and you remember them from the core.
  • Do not panic and study overnight before the exam, proper sleep is mandatory to relax your brain and proper sleep leads to proper functioning of your brain as well as body during the exam day with concentration.
  • Do not get stuck on a topic, if you find any subject complex then skip it for a while and give a break to your brain and start a new topic or other subject and look for a tutor’s assistance or a helping guide to understand that topic later on.
  • Keep a proper and healthy diet during your preparation time as falling sick will not only eat your time the body needs to recover too and it will consume most of your time, stay fit and healthy during your preparation, and don’t skip meals. 

When it comes to CUET (Common Universities Entrance Test) there is nothing to worry about if you have prepared well for the exam, as discussed above 3-4 months are sufficient for preparation of the exam. If the student has opted for the correct domain-specific subjects as per their needs and course/university eligibility then the major hindrance to the CUET has been covered and there are no such constraints for the preparation. Keep a healthy diet, study consistently, revise regularly, and avoid being panicked or anxious follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and definitely you will score well in the exam. 

What are the alternatives to CUET 2024?

If Candidates fail in CUET 2024, there are still various universities students can get in. CUET is extremely competitive and only a few get selected and the rest students give a year drop for the next attempt. 

Get admission to an Online Program

The students can enroll themselves in some of the top-ranked universities in online programs. You can get admission in any subject field, be it Science, Arts & Humanities, Commerce and many more. These programs give flexibility to the students to study from their homes. The universities also offer amazing support and guidance to the students and provide a user-friendly LMS that makes education much more accessible. Here are some universities that you can opt for your online degree.

Admission to Open and Distance Education

You can also enroll in some online and distance education programs. There are various universities spread all across India that offer numerous programs in various disciplines. The students are not required to go to the university every day. They can get study materials at home. Students have to submit assignments and other project work on time. The exams are conducted at specific examination centres or online mode. Here is the list of some popular online courses;

Admission to universities without CUET

Some universities and institutes do not require CUET marks. However, these Universities have their entrance examinations that candidates have to pass in addition to some basic eligibility criteria. 

Enrol in Skill or Vocational Course

If students do not appear in the CUET 2024 examination or fail it, they can work on their skill set. Admission to these courses does not require any CUET examination score. All they require is to meet some basic eligibility criteria. You can pursue these courses that can help you in the future.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

CUET (Common Universities Entrance Exam) helps students to enroll at top-ranked institutes and universities for their UG, PG, diploma, and Certification program and it is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency.

The majority of valid and recognized universities and colleges accept CUET and students get enrolled in Jamia Millia Islamia, Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, University of Delhi (DU), Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), and many other universities with CUET.

Clearing CUET helps a student to get enrolled in their university and pursue their desired program.

Yes, CUET 2024 is scheduled to be conducted in a 15-day window from May 15 to May 31, 2024.

The last date to apply for CUET 2024 is the Last week of March 2024 and students must keep an eye on the notification related to the exam. 

Yes, there are multiple options available. Even without a CUET Score, a candidate can enroll in UG and PG Programs. 

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Our team of experts, or experienced individuals, will answer it within 24 hours.

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