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Home University Reviews Is Uttaranchal Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Is Uttaranchal Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Dec 11, 2023 4.8K Reads

Uttaranchal University is a private university situated in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. After the successful period of imparting offline education services to the students, the university started its online education services through Online Uttaranchal University.

The online Uttaranchal offers various degree courses like MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, and BA. The university has been approved by UGC along with it has gotten various approvals and accreditations.

Online Uttaranchal University Dehradun

 Let’s know more about this university in detail and decide whether Online Uttaranchal is good or bad for the students.

About Uttaranchal University

  • Online Uttaranchal University is an online form of the famous private university, The Uttaranchal University.
  • Established in the year 2013, Uttaranchal started its educational services in the city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
  • The Online Uttaranchal has gotten several approvals and accreditations like UGC-DEB, AIU, AICTE, NAAC A+, QCI, and ISO.
  • Currently, the university offers courses in the field of management, computer applications, and arts through online mode.
  • The university has started its online mode of education with the help of excellent academic experts, and technologies.
  • These all things help the student to learn the concepts effectively and easily.
  • The university also focuses on the comfort and flexibility of students to learn at their own pace and time.

Want to pursue a course from this university but have doubts that whether to pursue it or not. So, let’s check out whether Online Uttaranchal is good or bad.

Factors to be Considered while choosing An Online University

In a student's mind, several doubts roam around when it comes to choosing a university or educational institution for studies. But the parameter of doubts increases when it comes to the online mode of education. This is because the major thought that strike students' mind is whether the online mode is as better as the offline mode. 

There are so many trust issues among students when it comes to the online mode of education. So in order to resolve this trust issue one needs to check all the factors that make an online university good or bad. 

What are these factors on which an online university is examined? There are a set of factors that needs to be considered while choosing an online university. These are:

Accreditations and Approvals

Affordability of Courses

Courses Offered

Academic Experts


Student Support Facilities

Online Evaluation Methods

Placement Support

Accreditations and Approvals of Uttaranchal University

When it comes to choosing an online university the first thing a student must check in a university is its accreditations and approvals. This is essential because one must know whether the online university has gotten all the necessary approvals and accreditations otherwise, the degree awarded by the respective university will not be valid. 

Several cases of invalid degrees have occurred in the past years due to the lack of awareness among students.

So, if these cases do not happen to you, then check for all the necessary accreditations and approvals in a university before taking admission. Coming to the Online Uttaranchal University has gotten several approvals and accreditations that are needed to offer courses in online mode. 

List of approvals and accreditations that Uttaranchal Online has gotten:

  • University Grant Commission-Distance Education Board (UGC-DEB).
  • AIl India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)-Got AssociationNAAC A+ grade.
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015) approved.
  • Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
  • Quality Council of India (QCI).

So, the online Uttaranchal has stepped successfully on the parameter of necessary accreditations and approvals. The student pursuing a course from this university will get a degree that is valid and recognized across the globe.

Courses Offered by Uttaranchal University In Online Mode

The thing that students actually search for while choosing an online university or any university is the course they want to pursue. Whether that particular university offers the course of their interest or not. If it doesn’t offer the course of interest then that university is particularly off from the student's list. So, it's actually an important factor that students check, and must check while finding an online university. 

So, what kind of courses does Online Uttaranchal provides, let’s check out the available courses at the university.

Online Uttaranchal offers various undergraduate and postgraduate level courses to students. The courses are offered in the field of management, computer applications, and arts. The minimum eligibility for pursuing the courses is either 10+2 or a bachelor's degree depending upon the level of the courses.

Courses offered at Online Uttaranchal are listed below:

Courses Offered at Online Uttaranchal

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Masters of Computer Applications (MCA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


So, if the student is interested in any of the above-mentioned courses, then they can take Online Uttaranchal into serious consideration for pursuing the course.

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Affordability of Courses at Uttaranchal University In Online Mode

The major concern that occurs in many students’ minds is whether they would be able to afford the course fee. As not everyone can afford the expensive course fee of universities. So, the affordability of courses is considered an important factor when choosing a university.

In the era of digitization, education in online mode has become more affordable in comparison to the regular mode. As it also cuts out the cost of additional things like transportation and lodging. 

So students must compare the online universities fee when choosing the best university for them. The student can also check out the College Vidya Portal for choosing and comparing several online universities.

So, let’s check out whether the courses offered at Uttaranchal Online are affordable or not. Here, is the list of courses along with their per-semester fees.


Per-Semester Fees

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Rs. 12,000

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Rs. 12,000

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Rs. 8,000

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Rs. 17,000

Masters of Computer Applications (MCA)

Rs. 17,000

So, we can say that courses are very affordable at Online Uttaranchal University. The courses offered by the university are quite budget-friendly.

Academic Faculties

The academic faculties play a crucial role in the field of education whether delivered by online or offline mode. So, one needs to emphasize this factor when choosing an online university. This is because if the student didn’t get proper guidance from their faculties then this causes various problems in their learning journey. 

In the case of online universities, not only the expertise and knowledge of academic experts considered but their efficiency to use technology for teaching is also taken into consideration. As online learning is purely based on virtual teaching and learning technologies.

So let’s know-how is the academic experts present at the online Uttaranchal University. Are they worth it or not?

  • The faculties that are on board at the university have qualifications and expertise equivalent to international standards.
  • For each student there is one separate mentor present there. This helps to carefully monitor the student’s performance and also supports the student during their whole journey.
  • The faculties present at Uttaranchal Online provide global exposure to the students by teaching a curriculum that is accepted worldwide.
  • Students keep up with all the latest trends in a particular field through excellent teaching methodologies of academic experts.

We can surely say the academic experts available at Online Uttaranchal is highly qualified and have the expertise to impart great online educational services.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Without the Learning Management System, the online educational system would not be able to function. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate the LMS component when looking for an online institution. This is due to the fact that only LMS allows students to access all teaching deliverables. The Learning Management System is used for everything, including the delivery of lectures and the evaluation of student achievement. It is a type of portal or software where students can access all of the services offered by the university by logging in using specific login credentials issued by the university at the time of admission.

Online Uttaranchal University has several exciting and interesting features embedded in its LMS. Talking the blend of live and recorded lectures that give benefit the student to catch up even if they had missed a class. The self-learning materials enable the student to learn at their own pace and comfort. 

Not only this, the LMS has several other features that make it better for students to learn. So, let’s check out the other features that Uttaranchal Online LMS provides.

Key features of the Online Uttaranchal University LMS:

Online Uttaranchal LMS and Learning Pedagogy


Discussion Forums

Blend of live and recorded lectures

Online Assessment and Examination

Interactive sessions

Self-learning Materials

Personalized Mentorship by academic experts

Interaction with Global Industry Experts

Online Examination and Assessment methods

Online examination and assessment methods are important criteria to check as in case of online university it is kind of different from the regular one. So, the student must check this criterion also while choosing an online university.

Generally, online examinations are conducted but sometimes universities also call students at their offline campuses for the exams. Coming to our university which is Online Uttaranchal, conducts online examinations through online proctored software. Along with online examinations, various assessments and projects are also given to the students for the evaluation process.

So, let’s check out the university conducts online examination and assessment methods:

Online Uttaranchal Assessment methods

Online examination

Assignments and Projects

Computer-Based or Pen-Paper Test

AI monitored examination to prevent any unfair malpractices.

Exam attendance through the biometric system.

A Marks Card is issued for acknowledging students’ performance.

The examination is strictly conducted in English medium only.

One can also come to the offline campus for giving exams

So, we can say that the evaluation and assessment methods of Online Uttaranchal are transparent and quite effective for evaluating student performance. These assessment techniques help to learn the overall student engagement and the grip on the core concept.

Student Support Facilities

For making the student online learning journey a smooth process, student support is present in every university. The student support facilities must be checked while choosing an online university. This is because, in online education student support plays a crucial role in resolving the doubts and queries of the student related to LMS, enrollment, exams, etc.

Online Uttaranchal University is embedded with the best student support facility that is present there always for the students. Let’s know more about the university's student support:

Online Uttaranchal Student Support

Discussion Forums for growing interaction among fellow students.

Interactive Sessions for resolving doubts and queries.

Separate Mentors are available for each student.

Placement Support

Immersion in industries to help the students learn from real-life scenarios.

Career Guidance for future career prospects.

Job fairs are conducted virtually as per student accessibility.

Excellent academic experts.

So, the university's constant student support makes it a student-centric educational institution.

Placement Assistance

The most important concern nowadays is whether the university provides placement assistance or not. And this concern increases in the case of online universities. This is because most of the students thought that they will not get any placement assistance post-completion of the course. So while choosing an online university one must know about the placement support of the concerned university.

The Online Uttaranchal University has tie-ups with various companies for providing placement assistance to students post-completion of the course. There are several industry experts on board for guiding and supporting students in their career journey. Along with that students are trained and made skilled for the possible job prospects.

Some of the placement partners associated with Uttaranchal Online are:

Placement Partners




ITC Limited

Royal Enfield


Tech Mahindra




Therefore, it is clear that Online Uttaranchal offers students excellent placement support and guidance. Students are exposed to young business people who mentor and motivate them in terms of their careers. These characteristics make the university distinct from other online institutions.

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After comparing all the aspects and parameters of the university here, comes our main question that is whether the university is good or bad for the students. So, after considering all the factors we can conclude that Uttaranchal Online is a great university to move forward with your education. As it has gotten all the necessary accreditations and approvals along with integrated LMS and placement support.

Reasons, to pursue a course from this university:

  • UGC-accredited Online University
  • NAAC A+ accredited
  • AICTE-approved 
  • Globally Accepted Course Curriculum
  • Personalized Mentors for each student
  • Affordable Course fees
  • Well-qualified academic experts
  • LMS embedded with several features
  • Excellent Student Support Facilities
  • Placement Support 
  • Career Guidance by Industry Experts

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the degree awarded by Uttaranchal online degree is valid and recognized.

Yes, Online Uttaranchal is a UGC-approved university.

Yes, the university is also AICTE-approved for providing technical education.

Until and unless the online university has UGC and other necessary approvals, the online degree awarded by the university is valid.

Yes, the university provides placement assistance to various companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

No, the online Uttaranchal university is a private university, not a government university.

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