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Is Lingaya’s BTech MTech Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Dec 11, 2023 12.4K Reads

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is a UGC and AICTE-approved university that offers a Work-Integrated Learning Programme (WILP) in the area of technical education, especially designed for working professionals. It offers B.Tech and M.Tech courses through a blended pedagogy of offline and online lectures. 

Read the detailed review given below to learn more about Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth and find out if it is the right choice for your higher education. 

About Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth started in 1998, is a reputed institution of higher education, well-known for providing courses in the area of management, technology, architecture, law, etc. The university has approvals from UGC and AICTE, and accreditation from NAAC to offer B.Tech and M.Tech courses in part-time mode. The part-time engineering courses or engineering for working professionals courses have been designed especially for career advancement of individuals who are already a part of the engineering industry. So, if you are a working professional or a fresher with a polytechnic diploma, Lingaya's Vidyapeeth has got your back. The blended mode of the engineering programs at Lingaya's provide enrolled students with a balance of offline, in-campus experience, and online learning facilities.

Is Lingaya's Vidyapeeth the Right WILP University? 

When it comes to pursuing an engineering course in a part-time mode, it becomes really important to find the right university. If you do not find the right university, then your career might get into danger. This is not to scare you but to make you aware that it is essential to find the right university because there are so many fake universities out there who are not government approved. Apart from approvals and accreditations, there are some other factors also that you need to check when selecting a university for your part-time engineering program. 

If you are a polytechnic diploma holder or a working professional who already has worked for some years in your relevant domain and are looking for educational courses to boost your skills and career further, then a work-integrated learning programme may be the right choice for you. Let us now find out if Lingaya's Vidyapeeth is the right university for you or not.  

Key Factors to Choose a WILP University

Today many universities offer WILP courses and it is important for you to choose the one that suits your career goals best as well as is a meaningful investment of your time, efforts, and money. So given below are some of the key factors you should take into account while choosing the most suitable WILP university for yourself, along with a review of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth based on these factors. 

Read the detailed review below to find out if it is indeed a good choice for you to pursue a WILP course from Lingaya's Vidyapeeth.

#1 Accreditations and Approvals of the University

The foremost factor to consider before choosing any university is to check if it is even a credible source to impart higher education to students. For it to be so, it needs to have the mandatory accreditations and approvals from authorizing bodies of India. Only then will a degree/diploma/certificate from that university be deemed valid in India or other nations. So, it is important to ensure that the university you choose is well-accredited. 

Accreditations of Lingaya’s

Started in 1998, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has received approvals and accreditations from major bodies of India, making it a valid source for providing higher education.

Lingaya's Vidyapeeth has received approvals from the following bodies:

  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)
  • National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC)

With such accreditations, over the years Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has achieved a reputation for providing higher education to students, now broadening the same avenue to blended online-offline education for working individuals. So, the degrees obtained from a WILP course at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is a valid credential and can be a good addition to your educational qualifications, which will be accepted in India and other nations. 

#2 Courses & Specializations Offered by the University

WILP courses are normally offered by universities for areas such as management, technical education, etc. So it may be useful for you to check if the university you are considering offers the course that you wish to pursue. The next step is to check the specializations offered by the university for that course, and match it with your educational and professional course. Then one can consider if they want to pursue that course from the particular university or not. 

Courses & Specializations at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has the courses B.Tech and M.Tech in the part-time format. These courses are offered as full-time degree courses. There are a number of demanded specializations also available under each course. So, you can evaluate if the course you wish to pursue is available with the specialization and if Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is the appropriate choice for your educational journey. 

The course details for Lingayas’ Vidyapeeth WILP have been listed below:

Courses Offered at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP
Course Level Course Specializations Offered 
Graduate Level Course B.Tech Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Mechanical & Automobile Engineering
Post Graduate Level Course M.Tech Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering

#3 Course Fees and Affordability

Another important factor to take into consideration is whether the course that you wish to pursue is offered by the university at an affordable and reasonable fee range. It is one of the most common factors to check when applying for any course irrespective of the level and the type of course. Designed for working professionals, WILP courses are set within reasonable fee ranges, with provisions to pay the fees in installments, which allows greater affordability to students. Moreover, being part-time courses, they are usually more cost-effective than the regular full-time courses offered in the offline mode for the same specializations.

M.Tech for Working Professionals B.Tech for Working Professionals

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, the B.Tech and M.Tech courses are offered to students within a fee range affordable by various working professionals, and to make this payment easier on the students, semester-wise payment options are also made available so that students can pay the fee in small, easy amounts. When paired with the advantage students get to continue working alongside, it confers easy access to higher education to students from diverse backgrounds. 

The fee details for the courses at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth have been given below:

Course Fees at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth
Course Total Course Fee Installment Details
B.Tech INR 2,82,500
  • Tuition Fee: INR 44,000 per Semester
  • Exam Fee: INR 2500 per Semester 
  • Admission Fee: INR 3500 One-Time Payment
M.Tech INR 1,89,500
  • Tuition Fee: INR 44,000 per Semester
  • Exam Fee: INR 2500 per Semester 
  • Admission Fee: INR 3500 One-Time Payment

So, the courses offered at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth are in a reasonable fee range, and in comparison with other WILP universities, it can indeed be a good choice for continuing education alongside your career. 

#4 Course Eligibility & Duration

This is important in the case of a WILP course because different universities may have different requirements in terms of the educational qualifications and years of experience required for being eligible to apply to the course. So, before applying, it is important to check if one is eligible to apply to the courses.  

Another related concern is the course duration, which is important to check because a student in a WILP course attends a course alongside their professional endeavours. For this, it is important to check that the course duration is in-sync with one’s future career goals, since it is an irreversible investment of time. So make sure that you enquire about the eligibility criteria and the course duration too along with other details while choosing your WILP university.

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, the criteria to apply to a WILP course are minimalistic.

The criteria for being eligible for the B.Tech course are given below:

  • The applicant should have completed their HSC-level education
  • The applicant should possess either a polytechnic diploma/ B.E./ B.Sc/B.Tech/BCA in the relevant specialization 
  • The applicant should have qualified for the above-mentioned courses with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks/grade. 

The eligibility criteria for the M.Tech courses are given below:

  • The candidate should have either a B.E or B.Tech OR
  • The candidate should have either of the following:
    • B.Sc+M.Sc  (Computer Science)
    • BCA+MCA
  • Lastly, the candidate should have scored a minimum of 50% marks or an equivalent grade point in these qualifications.

So, the eligibility criteria of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is quite inclusive, allowing applicants with or without work experience to apply to the programmes. To make the courses more accessible to a variety of working professionals, the university has removed any age barrier for application to the courses. 

The B.Tech course is of a duration of 3 years (i.e. 6 Semesters), and the M.Tech course is of a duration of 2 years (4 Semesters), both of which are similar to the regular courses’ durations. So students can evaluate if this meets their future career plans and choose the relevant course accordingly.  

#5 Learning Methodology and Mode of Teaching

The mode of teaching offered for a WILP course can be online, offline, or a blended mode of both. The mode decides whether it is actually convenient for you to pursue the course from that university. Universities usually offer the courses in the blended or online mode to ensure that students can pursue the courses irrespective of location. So, it is important for you to check the mode of delivery of education for the course while considering the university.  

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, the WILP courses are offered through an online-offline blended mode. The main features of the teaching methodology have been summarized below:

  • Offline, In-campus are held for students on the weekends and on holidays
  • Lab Sessions are arranged offline every Saturday.
  • All the learning materials and the lectures (recorded) are also available for the students through an LMS, which allows remote students to get access to all the course content. 

So, it can be seen that students can access the course details from any location through online means, which have been designed carefully to ensure that all the main features of the course and of all-round learning are accessible to the students. Those residing near the campus also have the added leverage of being able to gain a holistic learning experience through both offline, in-campus and online learning means. 

Teaching occurs through offline classes conducted over the weekend and through recorded online lectures available on the LMS of the university. The faculty at Lingaya's includes professors both from academia and industry. So, you get to learn from academic experts as well as industry practitioners with years of experience. Learning directly from industry experts is a great exposure to hands-on practices of your relevant industry. 

So the WILP courses at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth have been designed to extend an all-round educational experience to students so that they can pursue the course in an engaging manner while continuing their professional endeavours simultaneously. There are measures that help foster a more application-based orientation of thought through lab sessions and projects and develop important skills and competencies in students. 

#6 LMS Features

Checking the features of the Learning Management System provided by the university is important because it is needed for self-paced learning (an important area for working professionals) and later reference in addition to offline lectures. An efficient LMS means the student has access to all resources for learning at a single stop-application. 

LMS & Pedagogy at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, in addition to the offline support through lectures and lab sessions, there is an LMS support facility. This is to ensure that a student can efficiently continue to pursue their course through remote means irrespective of location and at their own pace and convenience. 

LMS Unboxing of Lingaya BTech

The main features of the LMS at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth have been listed below:

LMS Support at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP
Recorded Video Lectures Audio Resources
Digital Learning Materials  Textual Learning Content

So, students are given access to all the important materials for learning including the recorded lectures as well as multimedia learning content that enhances understanding through many channels or senses. The aim is to make the learning experience an all-round one for the students so that they are better prepared for their further growth and progress in their careers.

#7 Student Support Features

A good student support framework ensures that the students can seek easy resolution and prompt redressal for their queries and concerns. This is important to ensure that the experience of course completion and learning is not marred by unnecessary hassles. So, you can also check for the student support services in place at the university. 

Student Support at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP division, there are a number of initiatives taken up to ensure effective redressal and support to students during course completion. Some of the main student support features of the university have been listed below:

Student Support Features at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP
Placement Support Industry Mentorship
Counselling & Support Facility Live & Recorded Educational Support 

These are some of the few features of student support that are offered by Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth to ensure a pleasant and insightful learning experience for the enrolled students.

#8 Placement Assistance and Professional Support

When working professionals pursue further education, they also look to upskill themselves and give a boost to their career so as to climb up the professional ladder. In such a case, the placement support from the university is very important to ensure that they find the right outlets to reach out to for further professional pursuits. Professional assistance and placement drives are useful for this. So you should also take into account if the university you are considering for pursuing a WILP course offers any form of professional and placement support. 

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP, there is a professional assistance service provided to students which includes the following features:

  • Career Assistance in the form of Individual Guidance from an Industry Mentor
  • CV Building Guidance to enhance your Chances of Placement 
  • Practice Job Interviews to Boost the Students’ Skills and Confidence
  • Placement Drives to connect Students with Recruiters from Various Important Firms and Organizations

Hiring Partners of lingyas vidyapeth

Some of the major hiring partners of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP have been described below:

Hiring Partners of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP
NIIT Technologies Reliance
Tata Consultancy Services Mahindra
Larsen & Toubro Hughes

So, if you are looking for a WILP university that also extends placement support to the students, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth CAN be well-suited for you.

Conclusion: Is Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP Good or Bad?

Upon taking all the important factors into account, it can be said that Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is a good option to pursue a WILP course from, with all its major accreditations, innovative learning measures, all-around approach to education and skill development of already working professionals.

Why Choose Lingyas vidya peth

Some of the key factors that make this university a viable alternative include:

  • UGC & AICTE-Approved Courses
  • Carefully Designed Courses for Convenient Learning by Professionals  
  • Affordable Fee Range with Easy Installments
  • Both Offline & Online Learning Support 
  • Efficient Student Support Facilities Available
  • Placement Support Available 

So taking all such factors into account, taking up a WILP course from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth can prove to be a good step in your career. 

Similar WILP Universities

Some other universities that also provide WILP courses in India that you can consider are listed below: 

Universities in India Offering WILP Courses
University  Location Accreditations
BITS Pilani WILP Pilani, Rajasthan UGC
Shri Venkateshwara University WILP Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh UGC, AICTE, PCI, BCI
Mangalayatan University Aligarh Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh  UGC, AICTE, AIU, BCI, PCI, NCTE
Mewar University Gangarar, Rajasthan UGC, AICTE, AIU

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP Courses have approvals from both UGC and AICTE.

Yes, the WILP courses offered at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth have been accredited and approved by both UGC and AICTE and are completely valid and recognized nationally as well as in other nations.

Yes, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth offers B.Tech and M.Tech for working professionals in the form of Work-Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP).

Yes, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP courses also have the professional assistance facilities (CV Building and Industrial Mentorship) and placement drives to offer career development opportunities to students.

Yes, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth offers B.Tech and M.Tech as WILP courses.

The total course fee for the B.Tech course at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth WILP is INR 2,57,500 while the total course fee for M.Tech is INR 1,72,500. Financing options are available for both courses.

Yes, according to guidelines by bodies such as UGC, AICTE, etc. WILP is a completely valid and recognized degree course, with no major differences from a regular course. If the WILP degree has been obtained from a well-accredited university, then it is valid.

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