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Home University Reviews Is SVU WILP Online Good or Bad? – Facts and Reviews 2024

Is SVU WILP Online Good or Bad? – Facts and Reviews 2024

Dec 11, 2023 13.7K Reads

Shri Venkateshwara University- Work Integrated Learning Programme or SVU WILP is the division of the SVU dedicated to offering technical courses to working professionals so that they can pursue higher education without taking a break in their careers. It is a UGC and AICTE-approved university that offers B.Tech for Working Professionals and M.Tech courses for working professionals to professionals who already have some years of professional experience in the relevant area. 

So, if you are a working professional looking for a university with WILP programmes, read more to find out if SVU WILP is the right choice for you. 


Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) is an institute of higher education that was started in Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh with the aim of extending educational support to students across rural and urban backgrounds. It now has over 12 branches across Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, etc.

Today, SVU-Work Integrated Learning Programme or SVU WILP is an initiative the university started to extend the quality educational facilities to professionals who already have established their careers to some extent in technical fields and desire to further their educational journey without taking a break in their professional pursuits.

SVU WILP is approved by bodies like UGC, AICTE, etc. The university offers the courses- B.Tech Part Time and M.Tech Part Time in the blended mode with online and offline classes, lab sessions etc. Placement services are also provided by the university. Wondering if you should enroll in a course at SVU WILP? Read more to find the detailed review of the university based on a number of important factors. 

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Important Considerations to Choose a WILP University

WILP Programmes are significantly different from regular academic or professional courses in that they are designed specifically for individuals who have already furthered their careers to some degree. The WILP courses are designed so as to enable such professionals or working candidates to pursue higher education without compromising their career pursuits. So there are certain factors to consider for choosing the WILP university best suited for you. 

Key Factors for Choosing WILP University

Here is a detailed review of SVU WILP based on such factors. Read more to find out the important factors to check before choosing a WILP university. 

#1 What are the Accreditations and Approvals of the University?

As with any other university you consider for your education, it is very important to check if the WILP university you are considering has all the major accreditations and approvals necessary to impart WILP courses to students. A university needs to have the approval of authorizing bodies to provide WILP education to students, without which the degree or certificate from that university will be an invalid credential. So it is essential that you check the credentials of the university before joining a course there. 

Accreditations of SVU WILP

Since SVU WILP provides technical programmes, it needs to get the required accreditations from bodies like UGC, AICTE etc. The major accreditations and approvals that SVU WILP has have been listed below:

  • University Grants Commission – UGC
  • All India Council of Technical Education – AICTE
  • Bar Council of India – BCI
  • Pharmacy Council of India – PCI
  • Indian Nursing Council – NCI 

So, it can be seen that SVU WILP doesn’t only have the comp[ulsory accreditations from AICTE and UGC but also from prestigious bodies such as PCI, BCI etc. Hence, the courses offered here are completely credible and recognized. 

#2 What are the Offered Courses and Specializations?

Universities usually offer WILP courses in professional and technical domains such as B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA etc. It is important to check the specializations in these courses to check if there are courses in your area of specialization.

the Offered Courses and Specializations

SVU WILP offers B.Tech and M.Tech as full-time degree courses in the blended online-offline blended mode, with a number of specializations in each. The course details have been provided below:

Courses Offered at SVU WILP

Course Level Course Specializations
Undergraduate Degree Programme  B.Tech Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Postgraduate Degree Programme  M.Tech Civil Engineering: 
  • Highway Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
Electronics & Communications Engineering: 
  • Electronics & Communications Engineering
  • VLSI
Electrical Engineering: 
  • Power System
  • Power Electronics
Mechanical Engineering: 
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production Engineering

So, there are a number of useful and industry-demanded specializations offered to students in both B.tech and M.Tech and you can accordingly choose the course that suits your career goals.

#3 Are the Courses Affordable?

A key factor for many when it comes to pursuing higher education, it is a good step to check the course fee rates at the outset, to ensure that the university you are considering indeed offers courses in a fee range that is affordable for you. Being designed for working professionals and of a longer duration than their regular counterparts, the courses offered in the form of WILP generally cost a little higher than the regular courses in the same areas.

However, those that combine the online and offline modes, are still more affordable than only offline courses. Moreover, there are installment systems usually available for the professionals to pay the entire course fee in easy installments. This makes it easier to afford the courses. 

SVU WILP offers its B.Tech and M.Tech courses at reasonable rates. The fee is broken down into smaller installments that can be paid every semester. 

The details of the course fees have been given below:

Fee Range of Courses Offered at SVU WILP

Course Course Fee Semester-Wise Payment Details
B.Tech INR 2,67,400
  • Tuition Fee: INR 36,000 per Semester
  • Exam Fee: INR 1200 per Semester
  • Registration Fee: INR 2000 One Time
  • Project & Viva Fee: INR 5000 in Last Semester
M.Tech INR 1,93,000
  • Tuition Fee: INR 36,000 per Semester
  • Exam Fee: INR 1200 per Semester
  • Registration Fee: INR 2000 One Time
  • Project & Viva Fee: INR 5000 in Last Semester

So the courses at SVU WILP are offered at quite reasonable rates that can be easily paid off in a semester-wise mode while continuing to work, which adds value for your investment considering the valuable addition to one’s educational profile.

#4 What is the Course Eligibility and Duration?

WILP courses are designed specifically for working professionals who have a few years of experience in the relevant profession. Different universities that offer WILP courses have varying eligibility criteria for applying to these courses. Generally, it is a good practice to confirm the eligibility criteria of the university for the WILP to ensure that you have the needed qualifications/experience for applying to the course of your choice. 

Another important consideration is the duration of the course you wish to pursue. This is so because as per the rules and specifications proposed by the AICTE, technical courses when offered in the part-time or work-integrated mode must be at least one to two semesters longer than the same course when offered in the regular mode. So it is important to consider how long the course is to ensure that it fits with your career and personal goals’ timeline. This is helpful to ensure that the course offered by that university fits your plans of time investment.

SVU WILP has a simple and basic eligibility criteria for working professionals to apply to their WILP courses:

  1. The candidate should have qualified a bachelor’s level degree course or diploma in the field they want to pursue at present. 
  2. The candidate should have at least 2 years of full-time professional experience in an organization/firm etc in the relevant field     

So as can be seen, any graduate or diploma holder with just 2 years of professional experience can apply to the WILP courses at SVU. This is also convenient because freshers who have started out in their careers can also pursue these courses to enhance their knowledge and understanding in their field while also continuing to gain years of experience simultaneously. 

The courses at SVU WILP are one semester longer than the regular courses. So the B.Tech course is of a duration of 3.5 years (i.e. 7 semesters) and the M.Tech course is of a duration of 2.5 years (i.e. 5 semesters). So the courses are not much longer than the regular courses and you can pursue them accordingly.

#5 What is the Mode of Learning and Learning Methodology?

WILP Courses are designed for students who pursue professional pursuits simultaneously, as the name suggests. So, it is important to check the learning mode and the way of course delivery to ensure that it can be managed by you while continuing your job simultaneously. For this, the universities usually hold classes on weekends or after business hours and also provide the students with recorded lectures to refer to later. 

SVU WILP is conducted in a blended mode. So, the classes are held offline on weekends or holidays or after business hours. Some live classes are also held via the online mode. In addition, there are facilities to attend lab classes at the campus on Saturdays or through virtual mode. All the lecture recordings are also provided to students via the university’s LMS. 

So it can be seen that the course delivery structure and mechanism has been devised in a way that allows students to gain both an online and on-campus learning experience, all while still continuing to work. However, this course is more suitable for professionals who reside near the university campus since they are required to visit the college campus on a regular basis for offline classes and practical classes. But even if a student is not able to visit the campus physically, there are facilities for them to attend the lectures and have practical sessions through the LMS of the university. 

All such facilities make the WILP courses at SVU very convenient to pursue.

#6 What are the LMS Support and Academic Pedagogy Offered by the University?

The LMS facilities and academic pedagogy are also important considerations to make while choosing a university where online delivery of courses is involved. A good LMS is needed to ensure that the learners have all the essential resources and academic support needed for effective learning to occur. This is even more relevant in case learning occurs virtually. 

Mode of Learning and Learning Methodology

SVU WILP has a good LMS framework in addition to the on-campus learning facilities. The WILP courses are offered to students in the blended mode, with classes occurring in the offline mode during the weekends/holidays/after business hours and some limited number of virtual live lectures. There are also practical classes conducted on Saturdays. Along with these, all the learning materials, recorded lectures, simulation facilities are also available on the university’s LMS for self-paced learning. 

The major pedagogical and LMS features of SVU WILP have been mentioned below:

Pedagogy and LMS Features of SVU WILP

Offline Classes on Weekends/After Business hours  Lab Classes on Saturdays
Online Live Lectures Virtual Lab 
Simulation Facilities  Recorded Lectures 
Quizzes Online Examination Facilities

So it can be said that the learning support and LMS offered by the university is good and efficient and allows the student to have both the on-campus and online learning experience. 

#7 What is the Evaluation and Examination Procedure of the University? 

While choosing a WILP course, you should also check the process of conduction of exams and evaluation of performance, since the mode in which these are conducted can affect one’s professional schedule in case of clashes or inflexibility inherent in the process. But if there are student-focused provisions, the process of assessment becomes much more convenient for both the students and the university. 

At SVU WILP, the aim is to give a smooth experience of examinations and assessment which fits well with the professional life of working individuals pursuing the course. The main features of the evaluation and examinations at SVU WILP are:

  • Online Quizzes
  • Online Assignments 
  • Mid-Semester Examinations
  • End-Term Examinations Held on Weekends

Evaluation Features of SVU WILP

The student may have to occasionally visit the university campus for some of their exams, apart from which the other procedures for student assessment are mainly conducted through remote means.   

#8 Is there Placement Support given by the University?

While WILP Courses are for candidates who are already working or have at least 2 years of professional experience, a placement support is still important because it helps the enrolled students to expand their professional horizons further. So, a university placement service can be helpful to enable the students to find better professional outlets after their upskilling. 

Placement partners of svu WILP

SVU WILP has a placement assistance framework in place with reputed corporate firms and organizations. Some of the hiring partners of SVU WILP have been listed below: 

Hiring Partners of SVU WILP

HCL Indian Oil Corporation Limited Fairmont
Microsoft  Siemens Karvy
PayTM Reliance Radisson
Reliance  Tata Motors ITC

So if you are considering pursuing a WILP course from SVU, you can also get the opportunity to explore professional opportunities in a large number of well-reputed firms owing to the placement assistance services offered at SVU WILP. 

Similar WILP Universities

Some other accredited universities that offer WILP courses for working professionals are:

Other Accredited Universities Offering WILP Courses

University Location Accreditations 
Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth Nacholi, Haryana UGC, AICTE, NAAC
BITS Pilani WILP Pilani, Rajasthan UGC
Mewar University Gangarar, Rajasthan UGC, AICTE, AIU
Mangalayatan University Aligarh Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh  UGC, AICTE, AIU, BCI, PCI, NCTE

Conclusion: Is SVU WILP a Good or a Bad Choice?

Making an overall consideration of various factors, it can be said that SVU WILP is a good opportunity for working professionals to further pursue their educational journey without pausing their career pursuits. Being a well-accredited and recognized university, it offers credible and valid degrees to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A number of useful specializations in the degrees are also offered to students.

Why Choose SVU WILP

With the offline-online blended approach to course delivery, it helps students experience learning at par with regular full-time courses. The LMS also enables easy self-paced learning. All these features, along with the placement assistance facility indeed make it a good choice for WILP courses. 

The key features of SVU WILP that make it a good choice for your higher education have been listed below: 

  • UGC-Approved University 
  • AICTE-recognized Technical Courses
  • Offers Useful Specializations 
  • Affordable Courses with Easy Installment Options
  • Carefully Designed Courses for Professionals
  • Convenience of Learning with Blended Educational Support  
  • Placement Support Available

So, the courses offered by SVU WILP are provided with an all-round focus. This can make it a great alternative for you. 

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⭐What is a WILP Programme?

A WILP programme is a Work-Integrated Learning Programme, i.e. a higher educational course (degree/diploma/certificate) designed specifically for working professionals so that they can continue to work while also pursuing their education. WILP courses are usually technical or professional courses.

⭐Does SVU offer WILP Courses?

Yes, SVU offers WILP courses in the online-blended mode. 

⭐What are the WILP courses offered at SVU?

SVU WILP offers B.Tech and M.Tech courses. B.tech is offered over a duration of 3.5 years and M.Tech is offered over a period of 2.5 years.

⭐Does SVU WILP have placement support?

Yes, there is a placement support facility offered by SVU WILP.

⭐Is the SVU WILP approved by UGC?

Yes, SVU WILP has been approved by UGC in addition to other accreditations and recognitions such as from AICTE, PCI, BCI etc.

⭐Are the courses at SVU WILP approved by AICTE?

Yes, both the B.Tech and M.Tech courses offered by SVU WILP are approved by AICTE. 

⭐Does SVU offer WILP courses in distance mode?

No, SVU WILP courses are offered to students in the online-offline blended mode and not the distance mode. Offline lectures and lab classes are held on weekends and live online classes are also held occasionally. All the learning materials and recorded lectures are also made available to the students through the LMS of the University.  

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