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online business intelligence certification program

Updated at : February 20, 2024

Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

Businesses increasingly depend on sophisticated analytics to make educated decisions and gain a competitive advantage in today's data-driven environment. As a result, there is an increased demand for qualified people in the field of Business Intelligence (BI). An Online Business Intelligence Certification Course has evolved as a viable way to address this need and educate ambitious professionals with the essential abilities.

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3 - 12 Months

Eligibility info

10+2 Pass out/ Diploma/ Graduation

The Business Intelligence Masters Program is a 3 to 12 months specialized curriculum that provides participants with extensive training on the tools and systems used by BI experts, allowing them to become adept in many facets of data analytics. This certification course covers a wide range of subjects, including Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DWBI), Power BI, Informatica, and Tableau, ensuring that students receive practical knowledge and hands-on experience with industry-leading technologies.

This Business Intelligence certification course's curriculum was precisely constructed based on thorough research of over 5000 job descriptions worldwide. This ensures that the program meets current industry needs and provides participants with the skills and information that employers value.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in business intelligence can open up a world of possibilities by enrolling in the Business Intelligence Masters Program. The training teaches them how to efficiently mine and analyse data, allowing them to improve decision-making processes within their businesses. Participants who complete this program can handle complicated data sets, detect trends and patterns, and extract actionable insights that drive corporate progress.

Data Warehousing and BI is a significant component of this certification course that focuses on the fundamental ideas of data management and analysis. Participants will learn how to design and operate data warehouses, combine data from diverse sources, and construct effective BI solutions that give stakeholders valuable insights. This knowledge is the bedrock upon which effective business intelligence projects are built.

The training looks into specific tools and technologies often used in business intelligence. Power BI, a prominent business analytics application, will be taught. Informatica, a strong data integration and management platform, and Tableau, a popular data visualization tool.

Key Highlights of the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

The Online Business Intelligence Certification Course has several major features that distinguish it as a thorough and beneficial curriculum for anyone looking to improve their business intelligence abilities. Here are some of the main points:

  • The Online Business Intelligence Certification Course provides a thorough curriculum, ensuring learners obtain a well-rounded grasp of business intelligence tools and processes.
  • The course includes industry-relevant information, equipping learners with the skills and expertise that companies actively seek in business intelligence experts, based on extensive study of over 5000 job descriptions internationally.
  • This certification course emphasizes practical learning by allowing participants to gain hands-on experience through real-world case studies and interactive projects. 
  • The program focuses on providing participants with training in industry-standard technologies like Power BI, Informatica, and Tableau.
  • Because of the flexibility of online learning, participants may access course materials, video lectures, and assignments whenever they choose.
  • The Online Business Intelligence Certification Course is guided by professional faculty members who provide their knowledge and skills to the curriculum. 
  • The certification course frequently includes career support services such as resume writing, interview prep, and job placement aid, assisting participants in transitioning into satisfying employment in business intelligence. 
  • The program also provides networking opportunities with industry leaders and fellow participants can help individuals improve their professional networks.
  • The certificate verifies your abilities and expertise in business intelligence, increasing your credibility and marketability in a competitive employment market.
  • The curriculum emphasizes data analysis and decision-making processes, enabling participants to harness data to promote corporate development, spot trends, and make educated strategic decisions.

Syllabus of the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

The Online Business Intelligence Certification Course course includes a wide range of subjects critical for establishing competence in business intelligence. The following is an outline of the syllabus:

  • Introduction to Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Warehouse Dimension & Fact Tables
  • Data Modeling
  • Building Data Warehouse with ERwin
  • Introduction to Open Source ETL Tool Talend DI Open Studio 5.x
  • Building ETL Project With Talend DI Open Studio 5.x
  • Introduction to Data Visualization BI Tool Tableau 9.x
  • Building Data Visualization BI Project With Tableau 9.x
  • An Integrated Data Warehousing & BI Project
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop and Data Transformation
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Data Visualization
  • Power BI Service
  • Connectivity Modes
  • Power BI Report Server
  • R & Python in Power BI
  • Advanced Analytics In Power BI
  • Informatica PowerCenter 10 - An Overview
  • Data Integration and Data Warehousing Fundamentals
  • Informatica PowerCenter Transformations
  • Informatica PowerCenter Tasks & Workflows
  • Advanced Transformations, Techniques & Reusability Features
  • ETL Scenarios using Informatica
  • Service & Support of Informatica PowerCenter Environment
  • Performance Tuning, Design Principles & Caches
  • Informatica PowerCenter Repository Management
  • Informatica Administration & Security 
  • Command Line Utilities
  • Data Preparation using Tableau Prep
  • Data Connection with Tableau Desktop
  • Basic Visual Analytics
  • Calculations in Tableau
  • Advanced Visual Analytics
  • Level Of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau
  • Geographic Visualizations in Tableau
  • Advanced Charts in Tableau
  • Dashboards and Stories
  • Get Industry Ready
  • Exploring Tableau Online

Eligibility of Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

The qualifying requirements for the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course may differ based on the program and institution that offers the course. However, there are no rigorous prerequisites or educational requirements to participate in the course. It is intended to accommodate people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

  • Candidates must have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examinations from a recognized board or institution.
  • While prior job experience is optional, knowledge of data analysis, database administration, or business operations might be beneficial. 
  • Computer proficiency, including an understanding of operating systems, spreadsheets, and database administration, is required. Knowledge of software applications such as Microsoft Excel and SQL is frequently beneficial.

It should be noted that the particular qualifying requirements may differ based on the school or training provider providing the certification course. Before applying, it is recommended that you study the course specifics and eligibility criteria supplied by the individual program you are interested in to confirm that you satisfy the prerequisites.

Duration of the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

The Online Business Intelligence Certification Course length varies by curriculum and institution. However, the course might last 3 to 12 months on average. The adaptable online structure enables participants to learn quickly, balancing personal and professional obligations while finishing the program effectively.

Admission Process of the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

The following steps are commonly included in the admission process for the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course:

Step 1: Fill out the online application form with your personal information, educational history, and relevant job experience, if appropriate.

Step 2: As defined by the program, provide any needed papers such as academic transcripts, CV/resume, and identity verification.

Step 3: The institution assesses the application and determines the candidate's eligibility based on the information given.

Step 4: Following a successful examination, the candidate receives an admission confirmation, as well as information about course fees, payment options, and registration procedures.

Step 5: Pay the needed course fees using the specified payment methods listed in the admission confirmation.

Step 6: Once the money is received, the applicant will have access to the online learning platform, where they can view course materials, complete assignments, and engage with instructors and other participants.

Step 7: Depending on the program structure, the candidate can begin the course on the given start date or join a current session.

Career Opportunities After Online Business Intelligence Certification Course

The certification verifies their abilities and understanding of data analysis, data warehousing, and data visualisation technologies, including Power BI, Informatica, and Tableau. Employers across sectors respect business intelligence experts who can successfully evaluate data and drive informed decision-making. There are many big companies and organisations where individuals can work after the competition if certification.

Individuals who complete the Online Business Intelligence Certification Course can pursue various business intelligence job options. Here are some of the job prospects you can expect after this certification:

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Analyst

Business Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Data Architect

Data Visualization Specialist

BI Project Manager

Data Governance Analyst

Analytics Consultant

Let's clear up some doubts about Data Visualization in Business Intelligence Certification

Business intelligence is the process of obtaining, evaluating, and presenting data to help organisational decision-making.

The training can assist workers from various backgrounds, including data analysts, business analysts, IT professionals, and aspiring data-driven decision-makers.

The length of the program varies. However, it can vary from 3 to 12  months, with flexible learning alternatives.

Because most Business Intelligence certification courses do not have specific educational prerequisites, they are open to those with a wide range of academic backgrounds.

Many companies respect Business Intelligence certificates since they reflect an individual's knowledge and dedication to professional growth.

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