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Ever Enthusiastic and Supercharged team at College Vidya

  • “An SEO girl with an aim to be top-ranked one day.”

    Pooja Patel
    SEO Analyst
  • "Bubbly and Bibliophile, " said my manager.

    Mahi Chauhan
    Content Strategist
  • Kalam se Kranti, Bolne ki Azadi

    Manish Pandey
    Content Visualizer
  • Voice that Sail you towards the Shore

    Education Influencer
  • Marketer and Reimaginer

    Raushan Kumar Singh
  • I am an animator.

    Rahul Kumar Jain
    Motion Graphics Designer
  • “I Put Motion in Emotions.”

    Sujeet Kumar
    Motion Graphic Designer
  • SEO Executive

    Anshul Dhiman
    SEO Executive
  • I know when, why and how to invest money!

    Kavita Singh
    Paid Media Specialist
  • Diligent and goal oriented person.

    Shifali Haldar
    SEO Executive
  • I am a SEO Specialist.

    Harmeet Singh
    SEO Executive
  • My strength is that I can Learn New Things Fastly.

    Gaurav Yadav
    Digital Marketing
  • Animating the Unanimated

    Ashutosh Kumar
    Motion Graphics Designer
  • Nothing Can Stop me, I’m all the way Up.

    Devender Chilwal
    Assistant Manager
  • Preeti is a qualified Life Coach, Image Consultant, and Soft Skills Trainer who has served as the Director at Lingayas University (Distance Education) for over 20+ years. She is now coaching and mentoring college students to attain the profile that schools seek. She has an unrivalled drive to succeed, which she instils in her mentees.

    Preeti Gupta
    Sr. Academicians
  • He has over 20 years of experience in the education and skill development sector. He has served at Top Executive levels in various corporations and is passionate about aiding young Indian students. He is known for generating unique and innovative ideas to blend classroom learning with management and job oriented learning. In his leisure time, he likes listening to old Bollywood music!

    Ashok Joshi
    Sr. Academicians
  • SK Pillai holds a postgraduate diploma in personal counselling and mentoring. He has decades of expertise in education consulting and job counselling. He has spent more than 15 years at BERF and has also served as a career expert for non-profit organizations around the country.

    SK Pillai
    Sr. Academicians
  • Neeta is an application consultant who is youthful, enthusiastic, and diligent. She holds a postgraduate diploma in counselling from IGNOU. She offers a comfortable attitude of assisting students with their application(s) and provides constant assistance . Neeta feels that education is a never-ending process, therefore she is constantly on the lookout for new learning possibilities.

  • Shubham is a Delhi University graduate. He is currently assisting students by sharing his experience of complicated online university applications. He enjoys watching sports and being active in his spare time. He enjoys mentoring learners via counselling and is eager and driven to assist them in discovering possibilities and achieving their goals.

    Shubham Rajput
  • Pallavi has extensive expertise in student service and student management. This, along with her great interpersonal skills, makes her an invaluable asset to our Counselling team!

  • Tabassum Kausar is a Senior Counseling Professional with over 15 years of career development experience. She graduated with honours from Lucknow University with a master's degree in psychology. She is a research professional who has assisted students with their questions and guided them in terms of professions and admissions.

    Tabassum Kausar
    Sr. Academicians
  • Isha has extensive knowledge of professional development and training. With her infectious enthusiasm, she contributes to her team's success. She enjoys cooking and believes in the virtues of charity and kindness. Isha also feels that assisting colorful personalities and young brains adds worth, purpose, and a once-in-a-lifetime learning and growing experience!

    Isha Sharma
    Sr. Academicians
  • Mukul bhardwaj
  • Shani Kumar
    Team Leader
  • Sumit Haldar


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