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online cloud computing bootcamp

Updated at : February 20, 2024

Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp

The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a 70-hour or more intensive training program led by top experts in the field. Its goal is to turn people who take it into skilled cloud programmers. The boot camp is on CloudLabs, a live platform that gives students hands-on experience through coding tasks and individual reports on their tech skills. With an emphasis on developing useful skills, members work on 11 mini-projects and 2 case studies, learning to use more than 20 tools and technologies.

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No. of Universities


Course Duration

6 - 7 Months


Master's Degree in any field with working experience at least one year.

Learning Mode


EMI Facility


Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing Program Overview

With over 70 hours of hands-on instruction led by well-known experts, the Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a complete and life-changing training program. The main goal of the boot camp is to turn people who attend into skilled cloud engineers. It teaches various topics, from basic ideas to advanced tools and technologies. This bootcamp course is hosted on the interactive CloudLabs platform. It gives users a hands-on experience by letting them code and giving them individualized reports on their technical skills and flaws.

One thing that makes this online boot camp stand out is that it focuses on real-world applications. The participants are working on 11 mini-projects and 2 case studies, allowing them to use what they have learned in the classroom in real life. Participants work on over 20 projects that use popular tools and technologies in the field. This ensures that they learn a wide range of useful skills in the ever-changing world of cloud computing. You May Interested | Job Guarantee Courses!


The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp has a strong program and a hands-on approach. It also goes one step further by helping participants find jobs by giving 100% job assistance. Because the program knows how important it is to shift from learning to working quickly and easily, it offers much help with the job search. The boot camp also includes four industry-approved final projects. The goals of these projects are to be like problems that people face in the real world. Trending Programs | Pay After Placement!

They allow people to use their skills to solve problems important to their business. When these projects are finished, not only does the training end, but people also have a better understanding of how to deal with difficult problems in cloud computing.

The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp goes beyond the usual way of teaching by providing a lively and relevant learning experience for the business world. The bootcamp gives people the information and skills they need to succeed as cloud engineers in today's technology-driven world through hands-on training, real-world projects, and full-on job coaching. In addition to giving people theoretical knowledge, it also gives them a chance to get hands-on experience with the fast-changing world of cloud computing.

Key Highlights of Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing In India

  • The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp is taught by professionals who bring real-world experience and knowledge to the class. 
  • The program provides 100% job assistance to ensure you move smoothly into the job market, including help building your resume, preparing for interviews, and active job placement programs. 
  • Engage with CloudLabs, a cutting-edge and engaging learning tool that gives you hands-on experience through coding tasks and individual reports on your technical skills.
  • Learn about a strong curriculum that lasts over 70 hours and covers basic and advanced cloud computing ideas. This makes sure that participants get a complete understanding of the subject.
  • Through 11 mini-projects and 2 case studies, you'll be able to put your theoretical knowledge to use in the real world and learn about over 20 tools and technologies widely used in the field.
  • As you finish each task and case study in the workshops, actively add it to your portfolio. 
  • You can deal with real-world problems by working on 4 industry-graded capstone projects. These projects will give you the knowledge you need to enter the job market.
  • The online nature of the program means that you can get a top-notch education from anywhere, not just in one place. You can join a diverse learning group of people from all over the world.

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Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing Course Subjects/Syllabus

The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp has a full curriculum to give students the information and skills they need to succeed in the fast-paced field of cloud computing. Below are some of the topics which are usually discussed in this program:

Cloud Fundamentals

  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux – Permissions, Processes, and Networking
  • Python Foundation
  • Cloud Computing Introduction

AWS Expert

  • AWS Networking and Content Delivery
  • AWS Databases
  • AWS Cloud Compute Provisioning and Deployment
  • AWS Storage Services Deep Dive
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Security and Compliance of AWS
  • Monitoring, Logging, and Remediation
  • AWS Data Management and Protection
  • AWS Serverless Computing and Automation

Azure Expert

  • Azure Networking and Traffic Management
  • Deploy and Manage Azure Compute and Storage Resources
  • Azure Administration
  • Azure Network and Databases Management
  • Azure Monitoring and Backup
  • Serverless Computing and Automation

Multi-Cloud Expert (AWS and Azure)

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery of AWS and Azure
  • Azure Architecture Deployment
  • Cost Optimization in AWS and Azure
  • Migration between AWS and Azure

AI, SaaS Build and Cloud Security

  • Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing
  • Build SaaS application in Cloud
  • Deep dive into Cloud Security

Becoming GCP Expert

  • Introduction to Google Cloud
  • GCP Foundation
  • Multi-Cloud with GCP
  • Career and Certification Preparation and Activities

Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing Eligibility & Duration

People who want to join the Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must have a master's degree in any field. 
  • Candidates must have worked professionally for at least one year. This requirement ensures that individuals bring useful information and background to the program, improving the learning experience.
  • Knowledge of programming is preferred but optional.
  • A basic understanding of the Linux operating system is helpful. However, it's not necessary. 

Duration:The length of the Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp is meant to work for workers and students with busy lives and different plans. With a flexible learning method, it usually lasts 6 to 7 months. However, people can go through the program at their own pace, ensuring that many can receive the material. This allows participants to balance their present obligations while still participating in the boot camp's life-changing learning experience.

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Program Fees for Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹63,000 - ₹63,000

Low Cost EMI Available


You can pay anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 INR for the Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp. You can access the whole program at this price, including a world-class curriculum, hands-on projects, and job growth opportunities. The range of fees shown here is meant to be flexible so that a wide range of people with different budgets can use the training. Because students can pick a price plan that works for them, people who want to become cloud engineers can start this life-changing learning journey without sacrificing the quality of the education or the job support the bootcamp offers.

Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing Admission Procedure

The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp has a simple and easy-to-understand application process for people who want to become cloud programmers. People who want to join can start the process by sending an application through an online portal. This is where they provide important personal and professional information. During the application review, the requirements for qualifying are looked at. These include having a college degree and at least one year of work experience.

This makes sure that everyone can participate. After being accepted, you must pay the fees to reserve your seat. The admissions process is meant to make revolutionary cloud computing education available to many people because the school wants to create a diverse learning community. 

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing

For extra ease, the Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp offers EMI options that help users keep track of their money. This flexible payment option lets people who want to become cloud engineers spread the program's cost out over several months, making it easier for them to get the life-changing education they need.

The program offers EMI options to help people with various financial situations. This way, people can start their journey into cloud computing without worrying about big startup costs. This method fits with the boot camp's goal of welcoming everyone and giving everyone access to high-quality education.


Is Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing Worth it?

People who want to do well in the fast-changing world of cloud technology should sign up for an online cloud computing bootcamp. The intensive curriculum, which lasts more than 70 hours, covers basic ideas and advanced tools in great detail, ensuring participants learn a wide range of skills. The hands-on method, made possible by the live CloudLabs platform, lets students put what they've learned into practice, which is very important in the tech industry. The focus on real-world projects, with 11 mini-projects and 2 case studies, also gives trainees access to over 20 useful tools and technologies in the industry.

In addition to teaching technical skills, the program uses outcome-driven teaching methods such as job advice, mock interviews, and portfolio building. This all-around method ensures that people have the technical skills and business sense they need to do well in the job market.

The program's adaptability makes it useful for a wide range of students, from tech fans to seasoned workers, and its availability around the world creates an active and shared learning space. The Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a smart investment because it helps people get jobs and stay on top of industry trends. It gives people the tools they need to build a great career in the fast-paced field of cloud computing.

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Job Opportunity after Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing

The boot camp uses a method of teaching that is outcome-driven and goes beyond standard ways of learning. Career advice is an important part that includes mock interviews, making a CV, optimizing LinkedIn, learning best practices for GitHub, and training in soft skills. This method ensures trainees learn the technical skills and business sense needed to succeed in the tough tech industry. This online boot camp program opens the door to a wide range of job possibilities in cloud computing. Here are some of the possible job prospects after this program:

Cloud Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Security Specialist

Data Engineer/Cloud Data Analyst

Serverless Developer

Cloud Consultant

IoT Cloud Engineer

Cloud Sales Specialist

AI/Machine Learning Engineer in the Cloud

Top Recruiters for Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing

Companies are constantly looking for workers with experience in cloud computing. Completing an online cloud computing bootcamp puts people at the top of the recruiting pipelines. Tech giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform always seek skilled cloud engineers to work on various projects. People who go to bootcamp learn a wide range of skills that make them very appealing to top employers in a wide range of industries. 

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Let's clear up some doubts about Bootcamp Programs in Cloud Computing

To take the Multi-Cloud Engineer Bootcamp online, you should have a desktop or laptop with at least 8GB of RAM and an internet connection at the very least.

Yes, going to a Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a good idea. These programs provide in-depth training, hands-on experience, and projects that are important to the industry, which help people get ready to fulfill jobs in cloud technology.

Yes, many companies are okay with cloud computing online boot camps. Because they work on real-world projects and learn useful skills, bootcamp graduates are good options for many jobs in the tech business.

Yes, people who aren't tech-savvy can sign up for the Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp. The program is made to work for a wide range of students by giving them basic skills and information they can use right away.

After finishing the program, people can get jobs in many fields, such as Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, Data Engineer, Cloud Security Specialist, and more.

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