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online msc data science

Updated at : March 23, 2024DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

Online M.Sc in Data Science

Online M.Sc in Data Science is a postgraduate program approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This program provides a deep understanding of data engineering and analysis that can be proven helpful while handling companies' data. This interdisciplinary course imparts knowledge of different disciplines like Python Programming, Data Analysis & Visualization, Web Technologies, etc. This online program gives students real-world experience through case studies and projects taught by experienced professors and experts in the field. Graduates are well-prepared for a wide range of jobs in data science, which is needed because the world is becoming more and more data-driven.

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Course Duration

2 - 4 Years


B.Sc Pass out

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Online M.Sc in Data Science Program Overview

The Online M.Sc. in Data Science program is meant to give students the advanced information and useful skills they need to do well in data science, which is changing quickly. Through a full curriculum, students learn basic ideas in statistics, programming, and data analysis. They also learn about more specific areas like machine learning, data visualization, and big data technologies. Students can study at their own pace with an open online learning structure, which makes it easy for busy people and people who work full-time to take classes.

The MSc online course in Data Science is a two-year program that consists of four semesters which help you become a data scientist, a data engineer who handles raw data, a data scientist who handles different types of data, or a data analyst who drives insights from the data. This program imparts knowledge of SQL programming, Python Programming, etc.

During the program, students learn from the knowledge of experienced staff members studying and working in the field. Case studies, projects, and partnerships with businesses in the real world give students useful hands-on experience that lets them apply theoretical ideas to real-life situations and learn more about the obstacles and possibilities of data science in the real world.

Why choose an Online M.Sc in Data Science?

Online learning allows students to balance their studies with other obligations, like work and family. Because of this, you don't have to move or commute, which saves you time and money. Online M.Sc in data science program also has a broad group of students from all over the world, which helps students understand other cultures and make connections easier. Also, online programs usually give you access to the same level of materials and instruction as on-campus programs, plus recorded lectures and the ability to learn at your own pace. This makes it possible for students to review materials at their own pace, which helps them understand difficult ideas better. Getting an online master's degree in data science is convenient, flexible, and easy but doesn't lower the education standard or difficulty level.

Who should pursue an Online M.Sc in Data Science?

  • Working professionals who want to move up in their data science jobs while keeping their current jobs.
  • Individuals with busy schedules require the freedom of online learning to achieve further education.
  • Recent college graduates or people who want to change careers and get into the field of data science but need the right skills and diplomas first.
  • Professionals from a wide range of fields, such as math, computer science, engineering, business, and the social sciences, who want to move into jobs that involve data.

salary of data scientist in india

When Should I Pursue an Online M.Sc in Data Science?

Getting an online M.Sc in data science is best done after getting a college degree and working there for a while. So, students are sure to have a basic understanding of important ideas and are ready to move on to more complex subjects. Also, continuing with the program after graduation lets people build on their education and use the new skills and badges they've earned to move up in their data science jobs.

Key Highlights of Online M.Sc in Data Science In India

  • The Online M.Sc. in Data Science offers full coursework that includes concepts of data analysis and visualisation, machine learning, deep learning, big data technologies, statistics, and more. 
  • This online degree program has gained approval from UGC and is valuable nationwide and outside. Graduates from accredited universities with a good reputation in data science will be more credible and more likely to get jobs. 
  • Online learning lets students receive course materials and classes at their own pace, which is better for busy people and helps them find a better balance between work, life, and education.
  • Students learn best when faculty members teach them with a lot of experience who are experts in data science and bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom.
  • The program includes real-world case studies and hands-on projects that let students put what they've learned into practice and gain useful experience.
  • Students can make connections with other students, teachers, and workers in the field from all over the world. 
  • Online students can often use the same library resources, academic support services, and job guidance as walk-on students.
  • Many universities offer career services and support, such as help with resumes, practice interviews, and finding jobs. These services help students get started in fulfilling careers in data science.

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Online M.Sc in Data Science Course Subjects/Syllabus

An Online M.Sc in Data Science usually includes many topics, but here are some of the topics which are included in the program’s curriculum:

Semester I

Semester II

SQL Programming 

Calculus and Linear Algebra for Data Scientists 

Advanced Database Management Systems

Deep Learning

Communication and Soft Skills 

Data Analysis and Visualization 

Python Programming 

Machine Learning 

Applied Probability and Statistics

Advanced Machine Learning 

Semester III

Semester IV

Web Technologies 

Natural Language Processing 


Data Engineering

Java Programming 

Data Mining and warehousing 

Data Structures and Algorithms 

Applied Business Analytics

Cloud-Native Development 



Top Specialisations of Online M.Sc

MSc Online In Mathematics

MSc Online In Information Technology

MSc Online In Applied Finance

MSc Online In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

MSc Online In Data Science

Online M.Sc In Statistics

Online M.Sc in Business Analytics


Online M.Sc in Data Science Eligibility & Duration

The candidates who are willing to pursue an M.Sc in Data Science online mode after their graduation must look into the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidates must have a graduate degree, such as a B.A./BCA/B.Sc. (Statistics or Mathematics or Computer Science) /B.E/B.Tech. 
  • The candidates must also ensure they have completed their bachelor’s degree from a recognised university. 
  • This requirement is not mandatory, but having related work experience is preferable.

Duration of the Online M.Sc in Data Science

The duration of an online M.Sc in Data Science is two years, and the curriculum is divided into 4 semesters, each covering different aspects of data science. However, this depends on how the course is structured and how fast the student studies. Some programs let students finish the requirements for their degree faster by letting them enrol part-time, while others let students enrol full-time if they need to balance their studies with work or other obligations. 

Skills Required for Online M.Sc in Data Science

  • To work with data, analyse it, build models, and code well in languages like Python, R, and SQL.
  • You must understand statistical methods and techniques to analyse data, test theories, and extract useful insights from datasets.
  • Knowing how to use the right tools and methods for data visualisation makes it easier to share results and ideas with the right people by using graphs, charts, and dashboards.
  • You must know a lot about machine learning methods and techniques to create predictive models and perform classification, regression, and clustering tasks well.
  • People who work in data science need to be able to find business problems, develop theories, and develop data-driven answers that work in the real world.

Is any Entrance Exam Required for an Online M.Sc in Data Science?

Usually, you don’t need any entrance exam for an online M.Sc. However, some of the exams conducted for a regular M.Sc are

Common University Entrance Test (CUET) PG

National Entrance Screening Test (NEST)

IIT Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM)

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) GS

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT)

GITAM Science Admission Test (GSAT)

Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) Entrance Exam

Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Common Entrance Test (IGKV CET)

Note: Some universities offering online M.Sc programs may also require a good score in the abovementioned exams. So, check your university's eligibility requirements carefully.

Recommended Books

Below is a list of the popular books in the Online M.Sc in Data Science curriculum. 



"Python for Data Analysis"

Wes McKinney

"The Data Science Handbook"

Field Cady

"Machine Learning Yearning"

Andrew Ng

"Data Science for Business"

Foster Provost

"Deep Learning"

Ian Goodfellow

Other Types of M.Sc Available

MSc Online

MSc Distance Learning

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Program Fees for Online M.Sc in Data Science

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹90,000 - ₹2,80,000

Low Cost EMI Available


In India, the tuition for an online M.Sc in Data Science generally ranges between Rs. INR 1,00,000 and Rs. 3,00,000, but this depends on the university, the length of the program, and how the classes are set up. Students should also consider extra costs like textbooks, software rights, and the tech they need for online programs. With College Vidya Compare, you may compare the academic fees of most institutions that offer your program of study. 

Online M.Sc in Data Science Admission Procedure

  • To begin, you should go to the university's official website.
  • Fill out the application form with your information.
  • Then, upload the required documents.
  • The university's faculty will then shortlist your application.
  • Then, once your admission has been confirmed, you must pay the academic charge. 
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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Online M.Sc in Data Science

Many universities that provide online M.Sc. in Data Science programs make it easy for students to pay for their education by offering EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) plans. Students can pay their tuition in monthly payments, which are easier to handle with EMI choices. This spreads the cost out over a longer period. Giving people this option makes going to college easier for those who cannot pay the full fee simultaneously. 

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Is Online M.Sc in Data Science Worth it?

Getting an online MSc in data science is worth the time and money in this digital age. There is a huge need for skilled data scientists because data is growing quickly in all fields. People who get their M.Sc. in Data Science online get the advanced information and useful skills they need to do well in this fast-paced area. The program has a lot of great perks. It offers a thorough curriculum that includes important subjects like statistics, machine learning, and big data technologies, which ensures that grads are ready to face difficulties in the real world. Also, because online learning is flexible, students can balance their studies with family and work obligations. This means that a lot of people can use it.

The program also helps students develop skills like speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which are useful in many fields and necessary for long-term job success. Getting an online MSc in data science is a great way to invest in your future because it can lead to work growth, job happiness, and financial gain.

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Job Opportunity after Online M.Sc in Data Science

Online M.Sc in data science prepares you for a data science profile and plenty of others. So check out the job profiles that are available for you after completion of this online course:

Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Developer

Data Science Teacher

Data mining Engineer

Database Administrator 


Top Recruiters for Online M.Sc in Data Science

Top employers are constantly looking for people who have graduated with an Online M.Sc. in Data Science and are skilled in statistical modelling, machine learning, and data analysis. Companies in many fields, such as technology, banking, healthcare, and e-commerce, value the skills and ideas that data scientists bring to the table, making them very desirable job candidates.

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Let's clear up some doubts about Online M.Sc in Data Science

The duration of online MSc data science in India is 2 years and includes 4 semesters and the curriculum is like the regular program only.

Yes, it is a valid course as it has been approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Online M.Sc in Data Science offers you both theoretical and practical knowledge with the help of live sessions, assignments, projects, and case studies. It is like the regular M.Sc in Data Science program and is recognized by UGC-DEB and so holds the same value as a regular degree. 

You just have to fill the application form online and then your application will be reviewed by the university. When you get the confirmation from the university, then you have to pay the academic fee to the university to reserve your seat.

The average academic fee of an online M Sc in Data Science is Rs. 1-3 Lakhs.

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