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We have prepared a checklist especially for you to look at before applying for an online course.

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1Does Online Degree Hold Any Value?

An online degree holds the same value as any other regular degree. The only thing students should look for is the approvals the online university has. If the university lacks the right approvals then the degree provided won't be considered valid.

UGC Notice
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2Do HR of Top MNCs accept Online Degrees | Answer straight from 30+ years experienced HR

Well if you think that HR’s of top MNC’s don’t accept online degrees then let me tell you that it is a Myth! Now Online Degrees are acceptable in all job sectors, said by 30+ years of experienced HR

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What is the Importance of Approvals and What Are They?

3What is the Importance of Approvals and What Are They?

Approvals are the government’s stamp which signifies that the university is valid and the degree provided will be accepted legally. Students should look at UGC-DEB Approval, NAAC Accreditation and AICTE Ranking.

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What is the Importance of Approvals and What Are They?

4Is Online University Degree Valid for Government and Private Jobs?

Degrees offered by online universities are valid and accepted everywhere from government and private sectors to top MNCs.

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Is Online University Degree Valid for Government and Private Jobs?

5What are the Myths of Online Education?

Since the concept of online university has come into existence, many myths and questions have revolved around it. The most common ones are about its acceptance and quality offered. Online education is the same as regular education, the only difference is in the mode of education provided. Online education has more advantages as it has much more to offer like LMS, experts, recorded lectures, alumni connections, etc.

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What are the Myths of Online Education?

6Will “Online” be Mentioned on the Degree ?

Yes the word “Online” will be mentioned over the degree as it is the mode of education. However this doesn't make any difference when it comes to the value of the degree.

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7What are the Approvals Required for Foreign Jobs or Higher Education Abroad?

The University should be UGC-DEB approved with AIU approval for the candidate to be eligible to apply for jobs or higher education abroad.

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83 Major Differences Between Online & Distance Education?

Online and distance education have a lot of differences. The major differentiators are

  1. Approvals : Both online & distance university requires different approvals, online university must have NAAC accreditation and NIRF ranking whereas distance university should have UGC-DEB approvals.
  2. Mode of Education :As the name suggests, the university has a different mode of education. In Online education everything from classes to exams are done through virtual mode, in Distance the students are required to go to centres for examination.
  3. LMS : Online universities offer a strong LMS, including different tools like recorded lectures, video links, study material, etc whereas distance universities do not offer the same.
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3 Major Differences Between Online & Distance Education?

9What is the Registration Process and its procedure ?

Students can easily register to their preferred online university by visiting their official website and filling the registration form with the right information. The payment will be done there itself.

What is the Registration Process and its procedure ?

10How to find the right website for any university?

Finding the right and legit website of any university is very difficult due to hundreds of websites with similar names and urls. It is close to impossible to spot the right university which is why we have done the research for you so that you don't get scammed by a fake university.

How to find the right website for any university?

11Are there any entrance exams for admission to online degree courses?

NO! There are no entrance exams required for admission to online UG or PG courses. You just need to fill out the application form for the particular course you wish to pursue. You can find this application form on the official website of the university to where you want to get admitted. The university will offer you admission as long as you fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements.

12Which Universities are approved to provide Online Degree Programs?

It’s a great question. In India, there are 900 + universities which can offer Regular Degree Programs as per UGC but for Online Degree programs only 70 universities are allowed by UGC to offer Online Degree Programs as each university has to meet strict criteria set by UGC. So as of now only 70 universities are allowed. You can download the list.

Download List


13Verify Your University

Don't make a decision that you might regret!

Pick UGC-DEB stamped universities only!

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