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Questions and Myths often puzzle students before taking admission. We have answered the 8 most frequently asked questions related to online universities, just for you.

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1Value of Online University Degree?

Before applying to online universities individuals often find themselves in a dilemma, whether their online university degree will hold the same value as a regular one in the long run? The answer that holds the key to their dilemma is simple, yes it does, but only if the online university holds the right approvals. An online university degree holds the same value as a regular one

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2Importance of Approvals & what are they?

Approvals hold a significant value when it comes to online education. A university without the proper approvals (UGC-DEB, NAAC, etc) is a fake university with no value provided as it won’t get students the quality education, valued and accepted online degree, proper skills, and benefits to achieve great heights in their careers.

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3Online university degree Valid for Government & Private Jobs?

Any individual with an online university degree can secure a good job in both Government and Private organizations. An online university degree holds the same value as a regular degree and hence makes individuals eligible for high profile jobs with handsome salaries from startups to MNCs.

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4Myths on Online education

There are certain myths that revolve around Online Universities, some state that online universities have no placement cells, and others that they are not worth the time and effort. Statements as such are nothing but myths and false information. Online universities have the same and more benefits than regular universities like dedicated placement cells, highly educated and trained professors, LMS, quality education, alumni connections, recorded lectures, libraries, value degrees, popper approvals, and much more. Online education is like regular education the only difference is the mode through which the student receives their knowledge.

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5“Online” mentioned on the Degree?

For those who are wondering if the word Online will be Mentioned on their Degrees the answer is yes it will be mentioned. The word Online being mentioned on the degree makes no difference and the value of the online degree remains the same as any other degree.

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6Approvals needed for Foreign jobs or higher education?

Individuals who wish to complete their higher education from foreign or secure a job there need not worry as there are no extra approvals needed for the same. If their university is UGC-DEB approved with AIU approval and is giving them a recommendation letter they are good to go.

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73 Major Differences Between Online Education & Distance Education

In the Era of “New Normal”, this mode of education is taking new hype So every new way comes up with a lot of confusion and misconceptions. Therefore today, we wanted to clear this one doubt about the difference between online education & distance education. Here are the 3 major differences between online & distance education.

  1. Difference of Approvals : In online education, the university requires NAAC accreditation and NIRF ranking whereas in distance education the university requires UGC-DEB approval.
  2. Examination Mode : In Online Education both studies and examinations held online and in distance examinations will be in the university center.
  3. Difference of LMS : In distance education, most of the university except some top universities does not offer live lectures and other facilities but online education inculcates all the advantages including live lectures & assignments.
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8Registration Process and how to pay?

The registration process of online universities consists of simple steps that require students to visit the official website/portal of the university, fill and submit the registration form provided with correct information, and pay the registration fee. One thing that students should keep in mind is to pay the registration fee only on the University official Website/Portal, services provided by College Vidya are absolutely free and students don't need to pay any fee or charge.

9Mode of examination?

The mode of examination is online, the same as the mode of education. Students can attend their examinations from their homes as Proctored Examinations and are not required to visit their university.


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