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dba in digital leadership

Updated at : May 30, 2024DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

Online DBA In Digital Leadership

An online DBA in digital leadership is a high-level degree program designed to equip working professionals with the newly launched digital advances in different fields. This program is a perfect mix of business strategies and digital innovation which prepares you for this technical-driven industry in just 3 years. The best part is this doctoral program adds the “Dr.” title to your name which has always been a part of your achievement list. Moreover, you will become a part of one of the prestigious foreign universities by enrolling in this online DBA specialization.

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3 Years


Master’s Degree

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Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership Program Overview

The Doctor of Business Administration, or online DBA, is one of the most esteemed degrees in the business world. To assist highly experienced professionals in learning the entrepreneurial skills with which they can start their own businesses, universities have expanded this degree category to include a new major that is focused on digital leadership. To add to the benefits of this DBA major, an online version of this curriculum has been made available by several foreign colleges at affordable prices and for a shorter period.

An online DBA program in digital leadership is offered for 36 months which is shorter than traditional Ph.D. courses because it has been launched with the goal to prepare tomorrow's leaders at a faster pace. In just three years, technical areas relevant to the business sector will be covered thanks to the thorough selection of course material by experts. Moreover, you will have an in-depth understanding of the creative skills needed to keep up with this rapidly changing tech-driven corporate environment after completing this course.

dba vs phd

If you have just finished your master’s course, you can enroll in this program but for employed business professionals, this flexible doctorate program is quite beneficial. With this program, you can increase your productivity as it will help you gain knowledge of the technical tools and software that have been deployed in the business field lately. 

Another reason that will make you opt for this program is the alumni tag of an international university as the online DBA in digital leadership program is not offered by Indian universities as of now. This way you can accomplish another dream of yours of studying abroad without paying a high price for flight and accommodation in addition to the course cost. 

Key Highlights of Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership In India

  • Enroll in an online DBA to obtain a doctorate in digital leadership with great study flexibility and learn technicalities relevant to the corporate world and digital advancements.
  • Get access to a highly accessible LMS interface to browse the online learning materials to study from anywhere at any time at your convenience.
  • Take part in live webinars and workshops given by highly qualified professors and successful business executives.
  • Enroll in this online DBA program without interrupting your work schedule with weekend online lectures.
  • After just three years of online DBA courses, you can add the title "Dr." to your name.
  • Take personalized sessions from renowned business consultants and entrepreneurs to improve your understanding of business in technical domains.
  • Avail the opportunity for a one-week in-person immersion in the global hubs of Dubai/Singapore and San Francisco.
  • Start your program with an ice-breaking orientation program in the heart of Mumbai.
  • Grab the opportunity to enroll at an international university to pursue a high-level degree course and expand your professional networking.
  • Get in touch with the Student Support Team, who is available around the clock to support your online learning.
  • Publish a Doctoral Dissertation and become a published author after completion of the program.
  • Enhance your entrepreneurial skills with this online DBA program and navigate a variety of job options to select the one that best suits your needs.

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Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership Course Subjects/Syllabus

The curriculum of this online DBA major equips you with the technicalities of the business world by making you learn all the new advances in the field. Here are some of the topic names that you will be taught in this program. 

Navigating the Basics of Tomorrow

  • Blockchain Fundamentals and Applications
  • CyberSecurity and its Applications
  • AI/ML in Business
  • Exploring the Internet/ Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Contemporary and Future Technologies
  • Cloud Computing Concepts and Applications
  • Ethical Implications of Technology Adoption

Innovate and Thrive

  • Critical Thinking for Innovation
  • Fundamentals of Design Thinking
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Exploratory and Exploitative Innovation
  • Developing Innovation Pipelines and Methodologies
  • Sustainable Innovation Strategies

Digital Strategy Architect

  • Introduction to Digital Strategy
  • Conducting a Digital Transformation Audit
  • Digital Transformation Frameworks
  • Benchmarking against Industry Standards
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
  • Selecting a Domain for Transformation
  • Evaluating and Selecting Digital Technologies
  • Talent Management for Digital Transformation

Leadership 4.0

  • Digital-First Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence and Digital Leadership
  • Building High-Performing Teams
  • Adaptive Organizational Culture
  • Leading Diverse Digital Workforces
  • Leadership Styles and Adaptability
  • Crisis Management and Resilience
  • Leading Through Change and Disruption
  • Complex Adaptive Systems and Change
  • Framework to Become a 4.0 Leader

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Evidence-Driven Decision Making
  • Evaluating Risks and Market Analysis Models
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Decisions
  • Stakeholder Engagement Using Data
  • Biases and Bias-Mitigation Strategies in Decision Making
  • Integrating Storytelling for Data-Backed Decisions
  • Building a Culture of Objective Decision-Making
  • Ethical Decision making in the Digital Age

Building a CXO Brand

  • Crafting Your Executive Value Proposition
  • Strategic Storytelling in Leadership
  • Building a Robust Digital Persona
  • Personal Branding and Digital Presence
  • Empathetic Communication in the Digital Age
  • Developing Digital Thought Leadership Content
  • Negotiation Mastery for CXOs
  • Building and Evaluating Digital Thought Leadership
  • Ethical Considerations of Personal Branding and Executive Presence in the Digital Age

Doctoral Research Methods and Analysis

  • Introduction to Research
  • Identifying a Research Problem
  • Conducting a Literature Review
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Formulating a Research Design
  • Articulating Results and Conclusions

Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership Eligibility & Duration

To apply for this online DBA major, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • A master’s degree from a recognized university, or
  • A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 10 years of work experience
  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA in the recently passed degree program
  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP) detailing your motivation to pursue the DBA program and how you think the program will benefit your career.

Those who have scored less than 3.0 GPA in their last degree are also required to possess some professional experience in the business field.

Course Duration of Online DBA in Digital Leadership

The duration of this online doctorate program in digital leadership lasts 3 years or 36 months at most foreign universities. This period is quite favorable to working professionals as it allows them to earn their “Dr.” title in a shorter time than a regular Ph.D. course.

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  • Get placement support via webinars & networking sessions
  • Dedicated CV Buddy for your queries
  • One-on-One career mentorship sessions
  • Ensures timely delivery of LMS & degree
  • A career advisor for life

Program Fees for Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹29,09,693 - ₹29,09,693

Low Cost EMI Available


The fee package of this online DBA specialization is around INR 30 Lakhs. However, as this program is offered by foreign universities, it is most likely that you will encounter the fee package of the course in USD. The total fee for this course is USD 35,000 which might get lower based on the scholarships or other discounts offered by the university. To block your seat in the program, you will be required to deposit around USD 600 at the time of admission application submission. 


Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership Admission Procedure

Completing the admissions process for this online DBA program is easy once you meet the requirements for eligibility. Once the university for the program has been selected, register for the course on the official website. After that, fill out the application by adding your academic, professional, and personal details. 

Please send in your statement of purpose (SOP), recommendation letters, resume, and cover letter justifying your professional expertise. After reviewing submissions, an admissions panel of the university will suggest candidates for approval of admission to the DBA program. The university will send you an offer letter if you are approved for the program. After you finish the final fee payment process, your program enrollment will be confirmed and you will receive your unique student credentials.

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership

To help you pay the course fee of this program, universities offering it have introduced the EMI facility as one of their fee payment options. This option is of great use for applicants as it will allow them to pay the fee in easy monthly installments. This EMI facility has even been a great contributor to encouraging professionals to continue their higher education. 

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Is Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership Worth it?

A research-focused online DBA program in digital leadership provides access to a variety of business domains. With the help of this program, you can complete your PhD remotely and carry on with your current obligations while attending international universities.

The curriculum of this online doctorate program combines highly technological tools with fundamental principles from the business area. The application-based learning of tools facilitates a deeper understanding of the process, while the theoretical concepts included in the syllabus serve to strengthen the business concepts that you already know.

In addition to the learning outcomes, the “Dr.” title and the alumni status of a prestigious foreign university will make your resume impactful. This will widen your career opportunities in the global job market and help you stand out in the crowd of business professionals.

Thus, it is one of the best ways to become a valued resource and progress your career in the cutthroat business environment of today. You can change the course of your career if you possess exceptional leadership abilities and a firm understanding of cutting-edge technological fields.

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Job Opportunity after Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership

Completing an online DBA in digital leadership not only makes you explore a wide range of career opportunities in the business field but also makes you serve as a full-time or guest lecturer in management institutions. The learnings of this doctorate course give you the confidence to start your entrepreneurship journey with sound business knowledge. There are multiple job titles mentioned below at which you can get hired upon completion of this DBA course.


Investment Analyst

Development Officer 

Startup Founder

Business Development Manager

Corporate Innovator

Research Analyst

Business Consultant

Customer Relationship Manager 

Business Analyst

Top Recruiters for Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in tech-driven entrepreneurship across various areas, such as banking and finance, autos, insurance, and communications. Obtaining an online DBA in digital leadership might facilitate employment with major organizations such as MANG, Big 4 firms, and others. These businesses value the leadership abilities, entrepreneurial energy, and strategic thinking that this DBA program imparts. Moreover, the DBA program enlightens candidates with entrepreneurial abilities that enhance their work efficiency and help them start their entrepreneurial ventures.

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Let's clear up some doubts about Doctor of Business Administration [DBA Online] in Digital Leadership

An online DBA in digital leadership program makes you learn both business strategies and technical advancements that are used to improve those strategies. It prepares you for the challenges of the tech-driven business world.

Anyone with a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of work experience can apply for an online DBA in digital leadership course. 

To get good results, you will need to spend a minimum of 12-15+ hrs/week. Since the classes will be delivered online and scheduled in the IST Time Zone over the weekends, you can easily manage this time commitment.

No, you can directly apply for this online doctorate program after fulfilling the eligibility requirements set for it.

In 3 years, you will complete your online DBA in digital leadership program, and on getting that you will be allowed to add the “Dr.” title to your name.

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