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Which MBA is Better: Dual Specialization or Single Specialization?

Dec 23, 2023 1.4K Reads

MBA Dual Specialization or MBA Single Specialization both are in high demand among Indian Students, Working professionals and Entrepreneurs. Every year many students pursue an MBA to get better job opportunities in this competitive world. As per the reports, the rate of employability among Indian students holding an MBA degree is 60.1% in 2023 in India. Also, the rate is expected to grow with time. In such a scenario, more and more students are moving to pursue an MBA in regular, online or distance mode.

Nowadays working executives are moving towards the executive MBA for working professionals that are offered by the top prestigious institute in online mode. This can be pursued with a full-time job. But before looking at the mode of education, it is crucial to select the specialization. 

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Which MBA is Better: Dual Specialization or Single Specialization depends on many factors. The majority of the students choose MBA Dual Specialisation due to its wide job and career scopes, and pursuing knowledge in two fields in the same fee and duration. Despite having various benefits, some disadvantages are also there to pursue MBA dual specialization. Also Available | MBA Online Dual Specialization!

We cannot support one out of two. Both have their importance and relevance. Students have to thoroughly look at certain factors that can influence their decision like- 

  • Who wants to pursue an MBA?
  • Why an Individual wants to pursue an MBA?
  • Fee of MBA Dual Specialisation or MBA Single Specialisation
  • Availability and Flexibility to Pursue MBA 
  • Course Duration
  • Industry Exposure after course completion
  • Eligibility Criteria 
  • Loan Options
  • Job Roles
  • Availability of Mode of education(Online, Distance or Regular)
  • Institute choice

But the big question that is asked by most of the students is- Which is better: MBA Dual Specialisation or MBA Single Specialisation? Let’s compare both MBA Dual Specialisation and MBA Single Specialisation. 

Which MBA is Better: Dual Specialization or Single Specialization?

Single MBA Specialisation

Many people who are already working and understand the market through relevant job experience and want to become experts in one particular field can pursue an MBA in one specialisation in any mode - online, distance, part-time & regular. MBA Single specialisation is the thorough study of one specific field or specialisation. You can pursue a single online MBA specialisation in;

MBA Online Operations

MBA Online In Marketing

MBA Online In HR Management

MBA Online In Hospitality Management

MBA Online In IT Management

MBA Online Banking and Finance

MBA Online General Management

MBA Online Waste Management

MBA Online Business Analytics

MBA Online Healthcare

MBA Online International Business

MBA Online Project Management

MBA Online Financial Markets

MBA Online Retail Management

MBA Online Banking Financial Insurance

MBA Online Hospital Administration

MBA Online International Trade Management

MBA Online Fintech

MBA Online Investment Banking Equity Research

MBA Online International Finance

MBA Online HR Analytics

MBA Online Digital entrepreneurship

MBA Online Infrastructure Management

MBA Online Banking and Insurance

MBA Online International Marketing

MBA Online In Blockchain

MBA Online Quality Management

MBA Online Agribusiness

MBA Online Digital Marketing

MBA Online Business Management

MBA Online Power Management

MBA Online Sports Management

MBA Online In Data Science

MBA Online In Finance

MBA is a two-year program and can be pursued as per the work experience and area of interest. This helps students to get the in-depth knowledge of a particular field. This is best for the people whose future career goals are set. 

Some Pros of MBA Single Specialisation

  • Expertise in a particular domain-MBA Specialisation is the elaborate study of a particular domain like finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or many more. Nowadays MBA specialisation is getting more privileged compared to the general MBA due to the rising demands of experts in each domain. 
  • Firm Career Goals- It is seen that the individual after completing market research chooses an MBA Specialisation that passively sinks with their future career goals.
  • Better Output- Companies find it suitable to hire people with in-depth knowledge and skillsets in a specific domain, as it results in better and more efficient output. 
  • Build a strong network- Another advantage of choosing a particular field is building a strong global network of experts in the same field. This helps to get better opportunities and chances of earning a decent salary also enhance. 

What are the cons of pursuing an MBA single specialisation?

  • Narrow Network- There will be limited growth of the network due to a single specialisation, which can also impact job and career options. 
  • Limited Skills- After pursuing an MBA Specialisation, you get the chance to work in the selected field. There will be no transition among the different fields. Also, the job role will stick to limited skills. 
  • Rigid job roles- There might be no flexibility in terms of switching job roles. MBA Specialisation in one domain leads to selective job roles opening for you. 
  • Selective opportunities- There are some specific job roles that you can enrol in. For example- after an MBA in Marketing, you can only get jobs included in the marketing department, not in other departments. 

MBA Dual Specialisation

MBA Dual Specialisation refers to studying two domains at the same time. This helps students to get in-depth knowledge about two domains and gives them an extra edge to get a better job and career opportunities. Here we have listed some Dual MBA specialisations-

MBA Online In Finance and Marketing

MBA Online Finance and Accounting

MBA Online In Logistics And Supply Chain

MBA Online In Marketing and HR

MBA Online In Finance and HR

MBA Online In Finance and Leadership

MBA Online Entrepreneurship and Leadership

MBA Online In Business Intelligence And Analytics

MBA Online In Digital Marketing E-commerce

MBA Online In System And Operations

MBA Online In Business Intelligence and AI

MBA Online In Oil and Gas Management

MBA Online In Hospital Administration and Healthcare

MBA Online In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

MBA Online In IT and Fintech 

MBA Online In Marketing and Sales

MBA Online In Production and Operations

Online MBA In Advertising and Branding

The students can pursue an MBA Dual specialisation for the nearly same fee and duration as they can pursue an MBA Single specialisation. Also, the students can pursue the dual MBA Specialisation in online mode as well. 

Some Pros of MBA Dual Specialisation

  • Flexibility- Being an MBA dual specialisation degree holder, with expertise in two domains, you get the chance to explore and find more career options for you. There will be open ends in your career to get the transition as and when required. 
  • Better Managerial Skills- With skills in different domains, you will always have the upper hand to get better cross-functional competence which is highly required in managerial posts, with a holistic idea about the functioning of various departments. 
  • High Employability- The course completion results in a high chance of getting employability due to the knowledge in two domains and industry-relevant skills. The companies also prefer to hire candidates with versatile skill sets.
  • Global Network in 2 Fields- Talking about building a network, the dual MBA specialisation results in creating a wide network of experts in two fields, which results in much more success and better-earning potential.
  • Adaptable - The candidates with MBA dual specialisation are much more adaptable in terms of work switching of the industry industries resulting in the higher hiring of such candidates.
  • High Earning Options - With expertise in two fields, students can get a better job and high earning, compared to a single MBA specialisation. 

Top Dual MBA specialisations

What are the cons of pursuing an MBA Dual Specialisation?

  • More Workload- There can be a lot of workload after being hired by the company. Also, companies tend to hire people with multiple skill sets and later overload them with various duties, and the employee can feel tiresome in such cases.
  • Skill can Overalp- There is a high chance that after pursuing an MBA Dual Specialisation, one skill overlaps another. Balancing both skills is necessary along with polishing the existing skills.
  • Hussle in Balancing- It is a big challenge to handle two specialisations and work to get better opportunities in both. Students also face the challenge of taking both specialisations hand-in-hand.

Difference between MBA Dual Specialisation and Single Specialisation


MBA Dual Specialisation

MBA Single Specialisation

Why to pursue it?

Get in-depth knowledge in two study domains.

Get in-depth knowledge in one specific domain.


Fee may range between INR 20,000 to INR 80,000 per semester. However, the estimated fee range may vary depending on the university selected and the domain opted for.

The fee ranges between Rs 20,000 to 40 lakhs depending on the university and the specialisation opted.

Course Duration

2 Years

2 Years


The course is often considered flexible which gives the students to explore opportunities in other fields. 

Limited flexibility

Industry Exposure

Can get wide industry exposure.

Limited to a particular domain.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution.
  • Work Experience
  • Entrance Examination like CAT, XAT, CMAT etc.
  • Interview
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution.
  • Work Experience is required
  • Entrance Examination like CAT, XAT, CMAT etc.
  • Interview

Job Roles

Better opportunities 


Now after considering all the points listed above we can conclude that both MBA Specialisation and MBA Dual specialisation have their advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on aligning it with your future career plans. Do not hustle and before enrolling in any of these, make sure to do thorough research.

Other Types of MBA 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The students find it extremely challenging to take the two career fields together which results in overload and excessive work pressure.

There are many benefits of pursuing an MBA Dual Specialisation. Some benefits are-

  • In-depth knowledge of two fields 
  • Better jobs and career opportunities
  • Getting more skills in the same fee and time frame
  • Wide global network in two domains

It completely depends on your area of interest and future career goals, but here we have mentioned some best and most opted combinations of MBA Dual specialisation. 

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Analytics and Accounting 
  • Cybersecurity and Logistics
  • Analytics and Marketing 
  • Marketing and Operations Management
  • HR Management and Organisational Leadership

MBA in HR Management is the most demanded specialisation followed by MBA in finance and MBA in Marketing.

Some of the highest-paying MBA Specialisations are Banking and Financial Services, Business Analytics, Human Resource Management, and Financial management.

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